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Watermelon is the must-have ingredient in your beauty essentials


Watermelon is the beauty ingredient we need

Watermelon, as delicious as it may be, is not just for eating.

It’s now having a moment in the cosmetic world, with Korean beauty brands like Glow Recipe raving about its skincare qualities.

The super fruit is pretty much all water but has plenty of health-boosting phytonutrients so you can smother it all over your face to tackle dull, wintry complexions.

young female holding a slice of watermelon
Don’t eat it love, save it for your face (Picture: Getty)

One of the most important components is citrulline, which is an amino acid that boosts blood circulation and doubles as a mild… Read the full story

The most ridiculous royal wedding product launches

(Picture: Crown Jewels Condoms, SquirrelPigeonFish, Heck)

It’s nearly the royal wedding, and even though we don’t get a day off work, it seems like people are still excited to see Hazza tie the knot.

And, like every big occasion, companies are going to find a way to make some cash. You probably still have some memorabilia (tat) from the last royal wedding lying around somewhere.

Ever the fans of the weird and wonderful, we’ve compiled the strange and fun things that have been released this time around.


New skincare brand to provide free hand care to NHS nurses and midwives

Nursem hand cream
Soothing stuff (Picture: Nursem)

As well as working long hours to look after us, nurses are often left with dry hands, thanks to the excessive hand washing that’s involved in keeping hospitals germ-free.

The Nursing Times’ research indicates that 87% of NHS nurses and midwives suffer with hand issues, costing the NHS an estimated £9million in sickness absence.

Nurses in the UK wash their hands on average 55 times per day, with over-washing hands potentially causing problems like contact dermatitis, causing skin to crack and bleed.

However, only 56% of the survey’s respondents said they had regular access to hand cream.

With this in mind, a paediatric nurse’s husband created Nursem, a therapeutic… Read the full story

Meet the girls clubbing together to say ‘no’ to sexual abuse in Kenya


One in three girls in Kenya experiences sexual violence.

But at one school in the southern town of Kilifi, women are clubbing together to create a safe space in which girls can report incidents.

Girls meet up regularly to discuss sexual violence and early marriage, and to learn about their rights as young women.

Rape and child marriage are common in Kilifi.

Girls’ bodies are often seen as men’s property and many find themselves having to drop out of school due to early marriage and motherhood, or because they’re forced to stay at home to keep house.

So these kinds of girls clubs – supported by ActionAid – are vital in giving these girls a chance at a better life.

During the meetings, which are run by local women and teachers, girls are asked to draw maps of their local areas. They then overlay them with ‘hotspots’ of harassment and areas where the risk of sexual attacks are high. Some of the girls walk a long distance from home to… Read the full story

Meet Euphrates, the world’s biggest puppy who weighs a hefty 13 stones

(Picture: Marcus Curtis/Caters News)

You might be a dog lover but you can’t love them as much as Marcus Curtis, who spends his time bringing extinct dog breeds to life.

The breeder creates some of the world’s biggest puppies and sells them for $5,000 (£3,500) each.

Among his litter of huge dogs is Euphrates, dubbed the world’s largest puppy, at almost 13 stones and six feet tall when on hind legs.

The ancient molossus (a  mixed breed derived from Europe from 5,000BC) was named after the river near their home in Riverside, California.

Through selective breeding of the Neapolitan mastiff and English bull mastiff, the first litter of molossus was born last year.

Now at… Read the full story

Cat lovers assemble: 200 cats will be taking the stage in Surrey this weekend

(Picture: LondonCats)

Most of us will never get to experience the true joy of meeting an Instagram cat.

Fancy cat breeds like the Bengal or Scottish Fold are usually only owned by hardcore breeders. However, now you can witness the cuteness for yourself at the LondonCats International Show this weekend.

(Picture: LondonCats)

On Saturday and Sunday in Leatherhead, Surrey, 50 different breeds… Read the full story

Of course you can now get Harry and Meghan swimsuits

(Picture: Bags of Love)

With the royal wedding just days away, every Tom, Dick and Harry (not that one) is busy bringing out merch.

We’ve seen all kinds of dubious Harry and Meghan-themed paraphernalia, from Crown Jewels condoms to ‘Ginger & Sparkle’ crisps.

But really, the only bit of royal wedding clobber you really need is a swimsuit with Harry/Meghan’s face on it.

Yep, if you’ve always dreamed of having the prince’s face nestling deep into your bosom, then now’s your chance.

Bags of Love, an online printing service, say that its customers are Royal Wedding mad and are getting the faces of the royals printed on a… Read the full story

‘Have you got any STDs?’: The worst ever things said to people on a date

Royal wedding bunting, party food, masks, decorations and other party supplies and ideas

Are you ready for your royal wedding party? (Picture: Getty)

With the royal wedding just days away, it’s time to finalise those party plans and make sure you’ve got your bunting, flags and food at the ready.

Whether you’re heading to a street party, organising a royal celebration in your back garden or you’re planning to have a quiet one in front of the TV with your loved ones, you’ll need to make sure you have the essential party supplies to cheer on the happy couple on Saturday 19 May.

There are a host of royal wedding themed items on the market so we’ve rounded up the cream of the crop so… Read the full story

Could you take home this INSANE prize in a Space Raiders eating competition?

(Credit: Getty)

Sometimes, the glory of winning is enough to make you play the game.

Other times, it’s all about the spoils of victory you’ll receive after.

One lucky winner can bag both of these, in an epic Space Raiders eating competition.

On July 4 (Independence Day in the US, henceforth Space Raiders Day here in Britain) an amateur eating competition has been set up in Birmingham to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Hotel launches UK’s first bottomless brunch that’s delivered to your bed

Andaz bottomless brunch in bed
Dream situation. Just need a dog (Picture: Andaz)

Every basic worth his or her salt loves a bottomless brunch.

What could be better than eating breakfast foods while mainlining as much Prosecco as possible in the middle of the day?

Nothing, my friends. Nothing.

The only issue I have with bottomless brunch is that I have to shower, get dressed and get there. Across the wild terrain of London. It’s exhausting.

Imagine if you could have it delivered to your bed.

Well, now you can – if you’re staying at Andaz London Liverpool Street hotel.

The hotel has just launched their Bottomless Brunch in Bed package and it sounds like an absolute… Read the full story

Expert claims parents should ask babies for permission before changing their nappies

Baby boy looks at camera while millennial parents change his diaper.
(Picture: Getty)

Consent is an important thing to get the hang of in many different situations.

One situation that many of us never thought we’d need consent in, though, is when changing a baby’s nappy.

However, a sexuality expert has claimed that we should be asking babies for their permission when changing them, in order to forge good communication habits in later life.

Read the full story

Asking a baby’s permission before changing its nappy may not be completely mad

Baby boy looks at camera while millennial parents change his diaper.
Nappy change? No thanks (Picture: Byba Sepit/Getty Images)

Changing a baby’s nappy – it seems we’ve been doing it all wrong.

You may have an organised changing bag and a fail safe ‘code brown’ changing routine (as well as an encyclopaedic knowledge of all the baby changing rooms in your town centre) but there is one step you’re probably missing out.

Well, that’s according to one expert who believes mums and dads should be asking the baby’s permission before they change its nappy.

Sexuality educator, author, and speaker Deanne Carson told ABC News that requesting permission would forge good communication in later life.

Read the full story

A 2-year-old’s scribbles have been turned into beer bottle packaging

Wow (Picture: @studiodbd/Twitter)

When children draw you things, it’s generally a case of feigning amazement and awe while trying desperately to hide your horror.

‘Wow Lucy that really is a beautiful dog!’ you exclaim, as you stare down, one eyebrow raised, at the cock and balls on the paper.

However, one child’s random scribbles made the cut – when they were turned into the design of a beer bottle label.

Two-year-old Aoife Sedgwick’s dad, Dave is a graphic designer who has been working on Track Brewing Co’s brand identity for a few years now, via his Manchester-based design agency, Studio DBD.

He was working on a project for Track’s beer bottle packaging when he noticed… Read the full story

‘Admitting it was shameful and embarrassing’– what it’s really like to have kleptomania

Would you allow your baby to be swung by the neck in the name of ‘healing’?


The first rule when dealing with babies tends to be: support their heads.

But one masseur who performs ‘baby massage’ has a unique approach to that maxim.

Larissa Orynbasarvna from Kazakhstan has been a certified masseur for 11 years and she’s developed an unconventional massage method during which she alternates between hanging a baby from its legs, arms and neck – and vigorously swinging it around.

She claims that this can help ‘heal’ infants with disabilities.

‘I help children,’ she says.

Read the full story

10 of the best places to eat in Leeds

(Picture: Matt Healy x The Foundry)

If you’re heading to Leeds, you should definitely check out out the city’s food scene.

In this great metropolitan city, you can sample flavours from all around the globe.

Perhaps Thai curries are your thing? Or maybe you’re partial to a little French Bistro? Either way, Leeds has it sorted.

Your dining options range from glamorous restaurants to gourmet food vans with the latest dining launches thrown in.

And if you crave the freshest flavours, you’ll be pleased to know plenty of spots use seasonal produce.

Here are some of the very best places to eat:

Matt Healey x The Foundry

Instagram PhotoRead the full story

Hundreds of swingers are attempting the ‘largest orgy in human history’

Strangest things to happen at our christmas sex parties (Miranda Kane)
(Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

Swingers are going to attempt to break the world record for the ‘largest orgy in human history’.

Menage Life, an organisation for ‘sexually free people’ are organising the mammoth feat, inviting ‘you all to cum’ down to their Sin City event in Las Vegas on Saturday 2 June.

They’re expecting more than a thousand swingers to come down and get stuck in.

If that many turn up, they’ll be well on their way to the record; as it stands, Japan holds the record for the ‘biggest orgy ever’, which took place in 2007 and… Read the full story

Brilliantly clever dog invents his own currency to pay for cookies

(Picture: A Pe?a J David) This Clever Dog Invents His Own Currency And It?s Truly Remarkable
(Picture: A Pena J David)

This sweet dog is called Negro.

He lives at the Diversified Technical Education Institute of Monterrey Casanare (what a mouthful!), where he’s managed to secure himself a never-ending supply of treats.

Negro was adopted by the staff and freely roams around the grounds. The students used to buy him cookies at a local store, but one day, Negro decided that it was time to stop sponging off kids and start paying his way.

So, after watching his benefactors carefully, he came up with a way of paying.

‘One day, spontaneously, he appeared with a… Read the full story

Paralysed Manchester Arena bomb attack survivor is going to race at a 10k event

Martin Hibbert at his home in Heath Charnock, near Chorley. See Ross Parry story RPYTERROR; A manchester arena bomb attack survivor is to race at a 10K event in a wheelchair after being paralysed following the blast - which he described as like 'being shot 22 times at point blank range'. Martin Hibbert, 41, had bought VIP tickets to see US pop star Ariana Grande on May 22 last year as a surprise Christmas present for his teenage daughter. He was just 10 metres away from the suicide bomber when the device detonated as he was leaving the venue with his daughter. He suffered what is described as the equivalent of "being… <a href=Read the full story
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