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Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty lingerie line is finally here

(Picture: Savage X Fenty, Getty)

The wait is over, the wait is overrrrrrrrrrr.

After teasing us a couple of weeks ago with a sneak peek of her new lingerie range, Savage x Fenty, Rihanna has finally given us the goods.

Yes, today is Savage x Fenty’s launch day, and what a day it is.

We waited an hour to get into the site (LOL, it’s like the Lush boxing day sale up in here), but when the doors finally creaked open, we found ourselves wading in a sea of inclusive underwear bliss.

Our girl Ri has created a line for many shapes, colours and sizes – and crucially, is modelled… Read the full story

Should men be in the delivery room? And will it be a positive or negative experience?

Should fathers be in the delivery room (Davina Gordon) Baby birth child childbirth pregnancy mother father mum dad pain hospital Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk
‘Listen to what each other’s fears are’ (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

Prince William was by Kate’s side when she give birth to Prince Louis at the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s in Paddington last month.

However, there was a time when a man’s presence would have been unusual, or even frowned upon.

38 things no one tells you about giving birth

In the 1950s, birthing was seen as the domain of the mother and nervous fathers-to-be were… Read the full story

Abandoned skeletal Husky is unrecognisable 10 months later

(Picture: Rico Soegiarto/Facebook)

Bali has an issue with stray dogs.

Go to many of the towns and villages, and you’ll see loads of hungry, abandoned dogs roaming the streets.

Stray dogs like Hope.

She was discovered as a puppy on the streets of Denpasar by Rico Soegiarto. She was so thin that you could see her bones through her diseased skin and she had bald spots. And straight away, Rico knew he had to give her a second chance.

The government seems to be unable to keep things under control to prevent rabies outbreaks, with shelters and citizens having to take matters into their own hands; adopting dogs is often seen as a key tenement… Read the full story

Your honeymoon might not be the most amazing holiday of your life – that’s okay

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Almost a year ago, I got married. 

You can read (a lot) about it, here.

And, as is traditional, after our wedding my husband and I went on our honeymoon. At the time, I thought it seemed a little illogical that you’re supposed to follow the most expensive party of your life with the most amazing holiday you’ll ever go on.

So, initially my husband and I decided that we’d go to Cornwall.

We love Cornwall. We’ve had a lot of very happy holidays there together and it’s a very special, very beautiful place. But we didn’t end up going to Cornwall? Why?

Because I’m pathetic,… Read the full story

Where can you find authentic Sri Lankan food in London? Here are 5 restaurants to check out

Sri Lankan rice and curry with fish
There are good Sri Lankan spots all over the city (Picture: Getty)

Sri Lankans in London, we’re a pretty diverse bunch.

We have a collective heritage tracing back to nomadic tribes, south Indian, Dutch, Portuguese, Persian, British, Arab and African and we’ve been living together on a tropical paradise island ever since we all got there.

Our ancestors may have come from all over the world but we’re united in our food.

Over centuries of living together, we’ve perfected (we think) a form of spicy, coconut cuisine to die for.

So what do we do when we find ourselves living on a different island, with bigger cities and brighter lights? We… Read the full story

Missguided is celebrating female ‘flaws’ in their latest campaign

(Picture: Misguided)

Diversity and body positivity has never been so on trend as it is right now.

But Missguided seems to be a brand which is more committed than most to championing positive body image.

In its latest campaign, the brand is championing female ‘flaws’ and ‘imperfections’ by featuring a number of models with unique features.

#InYourOwnSkin is full of crop tops, bandeaus and body-cons (class Missguided), worn by Joanne, a plus-size model with albinism, and Isabella with scars across her arm and back which she got after being caught in a house fire.

Mariana, who was born with a large birthmark on her face, also features in the campaign as… Read the full story

Images of beautiful redheads that are tackling the stigma of having ginger hair

(Picture: Bianca Duimel) Bullied for being beautiful: Amazing images of redheads captured in all their crowning glory used to tackle stigma of having flame-coloured hair
(Picture: Bianca Duimel)

Redhair is one of nature’s most magnificent feats.

It’s nothing sort of a miracle that people can grow such vibrant hues of Auburn, and it’s bizarre that being able to do so has ended in years of bullying for many.

Which is why one photographer has been dedicating her art to combating the stigma of having red hair.

‘I was looking for children for an art project and there was a girl Brodie-Lee at our local gym with the longest most amazing red hair,’ photographer Bianca Duimel tells… Read the full story

Ivy League student strips down to her underwear in protest of being told her shorts were too short

Student Strips Down To Underwear During Thesis Presentation At Cornell Credit: Letitia Chai
(Picture: Letitia Chai)

When Letitia Chai turned up to present her thesis in front of teachers and fellow students at Cornell University earlier this week, few could have anticipated that they’d be getting a dressing down.

Or at least, one tutor would be.

Letitia stripped down to her underwear in protest to a remark that her Acting in Public professor had made about her attire earlier in the week.

She says that Rebekah Maggor had told her that the shorts she was wearing were too short, during a trial run of her presentation the previous Wednesday.

‘The first thing that the professor said to… Read the full story

Why aren’t boys being the HPV jab to protect from cervical cancer?

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

If you were at school in the mid to late noughties, you might well have had the HPV jab. 

It’s a jab given to girls between the ages of twelve and eighteen, which protect you against the HPV (human papillioma virus) which can cause cervical cancer.

Of course because it’s given to teenagers, loads of false information runs rampant about schools (no, you don’t have to be a virgin to get one) but the reality about the HPV jab is that while it doesn’t protect you from every single strain of cervical cancer, it’s a good defense and worth having.

So why is it only given to girls?

Well,… Read the full story

Easy vegan recipe: Pea and potato cakes with rocket pesto dip

Pea & potato cakes 1
You probably already have the ingredients in your freezer (Picture: Niki Webster)

These lovely pea and potato cakes are super easy to make and can be made from leftover roast potatoes and frozen peas, which most of us have lurking in the freezer. 

All you need to do is add all the the ingredients to a food processor, blitz, roll into balls and fry in a little oil.

The result are gorgeous little crispy balls that are delicious with salad and/or dipped into rocket pesto.

Or super tasty stuffed into a pitta with salad and hummus.

To make the cakes:


340g cold roast potatoes – I used leftovers

340g peas, defrosted)

1 tsp… Read the full story

Masturbation Month: Two masturbation positions that you need to try

(backgrounds have been changed) Credit: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk
Caption: (backgrounds have been changed)
Credit: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk

We love Ann Summers. 

Mostly because they championed the rabbit vibrator – the UK’s favourite sex toy. And because they’re committed to improving the sexual pleasure of the nation. And now, we’ve got another reason to love them. In honour of Masturbation Month (yes, that’s a thing) they’ve come up with some exciting new masturbatory adventures for you to try.

As you know, we’re big on masturbation around here. As I’ve said a million times, it’s free, it’s not bad for you and it feels amazing. How many activities can you… Read the full story

Beauty update: 8 new beauty products to add to your makeup bag this spring

Beauty update: 8 new beauty products to add to your makeup bag this Spring
Spring beauty update (Picture: Beautybay, IT Cosmetics, Cult Beauty, Glossier)

There’s no better time to update your makeup bag than with the changing of the seasons.

And as the spring weather gets more and more summery, we’ve already started swapping heavier winter foundations and moisturisers for lighter formulas.

As brands bring out a slew of new, there’s a tonne of beauty products to consider for your seasonal swap over.

We have rounded up the best of the bunch that are worthy of a place in your spring beauty line-up.

Huda Beauty Coral Obsessions Palette

Parents are changing bedtime stories to make them more politically correct

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

According to research by musicMagpie.com, millions of parents are changing the endings of classic bedtime stories, because they are politically incorrect. 

The study spoke to 2,000 parents, and more than one in four of them said that they admit to altering parts of a traditional story when reading to their children over fears it’s inappropriate or too scary for their offspring.

16 % of parents said that they avoid certain stories altogether.

Little Red Riding Hood is the story parents are most likely to change, followed by The Three Little Pigs and The Gingerbread Man. So basically all the ones where the main character gets eaten… Read the full story

Petty TripAdvisor reviewer gets brutal response from restaurant owner

(Picture: Hispi/Instagram)

If you’re going to write a negative TripAdvisor review, you’ve got to make sure that your own behaviour has been exemplary.

Or else, you run the risk of being called out online by the owners – like ‘Helen E’.

She went to Hispi, a restaurant in Manchester, and complained online that she walked out after staff were unable to provide her and her friends with a lemonade mixed.

According to Helen, her party ordered a £90 bottle of champagne and a bottle of red wine for £120 but were outraged that Hispi only had cloudy lemonade on offer.

As one of her mates enjoys his wine with normal lemonade (what?!), the group asked… Read the full story

Feeding your dog the wrong sort of food can also make you sick

Cropped Hand Of Person Giving Food To Dog At Home
‘You sure you wanna give me that, Brenda?’ (Picture: Getty)

Lots of pet owners are shunning cheap, processed dog food for more natural, raw alternatives.

However, concerns have been raised over whether they’re actually all that good for your pooch, as they can be contaminated with bacteria and parasites.

A recent study published in Veterinary Record found bacteria in a high percentage of foods after testing 35 commercial frozen raw meat-based diet dog foods. Worryingly, extended-spectrum beta-lactamases-producing E coli was found in 80% of products.

Parasites were present, although in a much smaller percentage, with four products (11%) containing Sarcocystis cruzi and another four containing S tenella.

However, the main problem isn’t that… Read the full story

You could charge up to £100 an hour to be a professional bridesmaid

www.neridamcmurray.com.au 0411 087 040
(Picture: Nerida McMurray Photography)

If you love weddings and you’re insanely organised, we’ve found the perfect job for you.

Bark.com has just launched a professional bridesmaids and groomsmen service on their online marketplace, for people who want to advertise their services for up to £100 an hour.

The service isn’t just for people who need extra people in their wedding either, but is also designed to be used for those who can live up to a bride or groom’s wedding planning expectations.

Duties include things like running errands, joining wedding parties and organising the hen and stag dos.

20-year-old identical twins fell pregnant at the same time

(Picture: Mercury Press)

Identical twins who do everything together fell pregnant at the same time – and they’re both having girls.

Alisha Haines and Shauna Haines, both 20, share that special twin bond and have done absolutely everything together since birth, even falling pregnant within weeks of each other.

The identical twins are expecting to give birth to their daughters just seven weeks apart, in June and July respectively.

Without discussing the idea of starting a family with her sister at all, receptionist Alisha and her partner Jimmy Price, a 31-year-old road worker, decided to start trying for a baby last summer.

Two days later, Shauna and her fiance Shane Lethbridge, 23, made exactly… Read the full story

Aldi launches the UK’s first supermarket halloumi fries

Plate it up, sunshine (Picture: Aldi, Nando’s)

Remember when Nando’s launched halloumi fries back in February?

The squeaky cheese loving world lost it.

The only annoying thing was that you have to actually go to Nando’s and get it. Sometimes you’ve had too much fun the night before to leave your house, and more to the point, some of us don’t live near a Nando’s.

If only you could just have halloumi fries to hand, nestled in your freezer, tucked next to your Linda McCartney sausages and your hash browns.

Guess what? No, don’t guess, ‘cos you’ve read the headline and you know why you’re here.

Aldi are now selling bags of… Read the full story

How to deal with work when you’re struggling with depression

People tell us what it?s like to work in mental health while suffering from a mental health issue (1,000 word) Picture: Ph?be Lou Morson Phebe
You should be able to talk to your employer without fear of repurcussions (Picture: Phébe Lou Morson)

Holding down a job can be inestimably difficult when you’re suffering from depression.

Frightened RabbitScott Hutchison's Frightened Rabbit bandmates 'overwhelmed by sadness and pain'

Whether you’re in a professional field, have a customer-facing role or are simply required to clock on at a set time, many of the symptoms of depression – including fatigue, irritability, poor concentration and… Read the full story

If nobody in your house wears nappies then you really should give up baby wipes – and here’s what you should use instead

Wipe out (Picture: Getty)

I love baby wipes.

They have been by my side for many a ‘poonami’ and saved my sanity during countless sick and snot bugs.

90s VS 00s - xx ways life has changed (Emily Jane) picture: GettyThe 1990s v the 2010s: which is the best decade to grow up in?

They were there when I was a new mum too tired to take a shower or wash my face.

They’ve helped me clean my house, my clothes, my shoes and, occasionally, my car.

There is nothing a wipe can’t do.

Baby vomit on your jeans? Scrub it with a wipe.

Paint… Read the full story

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