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Hold onto your stomach: photos from the Freerunning and Parkour World Cup Series 2018


This weekend saw the Freerunning and Parkour World Cup Series take place in Turkey.

Parkour and freerunning are very similar; they both involve moving around your environment in a range of ways, from vaulting to climbing and jumping.

Developed from military obstacle course training, parkour involves getting from A to B in the quickest way possible, while freerunning focuses on the more fancy elements of the practice. With parkour, you’re looking for speed and efficiency; freerunning involves fancy flips and stylistic acrobatics – the art of movement rather than the practicalities of 360′ movement.

According to the World Freerunning and Parkour Federation (WFPF), more than 50 athletes took part in this weekends’… Read the full story

New Look accused of ‘fat tax’ after charging up to 30% more for larger clothes

(Picture: New Look)

New Look has been called out for imposing a ‘fat tax’ on plus size clothing.

It comes after a shopper discovered a pair of trousers from its Curve range were being sold for 15% more than the standard size version in the main collection.

Maria Wassell, a retail supervisor, is now calling on people to boycott the chain.

She’s worked in retail for 26 years and says that she was disgusted to discover that a pair of green striped trousers were £22.99 in the larger sizes, compared to £19.99 in the standard range.

Maria then went online and found that the price disparity continued there too; she found that the 18 t-shirt she’d… Read the full story

Mental Health Awareness Week: What it’s like to not want to live anymore but be too afraid to die

woman lying down
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

‘I don’t want to live anymore but I’m scared to die’ is one of the most-searched mental illness confessions on Google.

How do I know this? Because I’ve searched it myself.

For many months, I felt suicidal. I really didn’t want to continue to live the way I was living anymore. But I didn’t want to die.

I was afraid of dying. The fear of the unknown of what happens after death was too overwhelming, and I panicked that I might make an attempt and regret it and then it’d be too late.

Also, deep down, I didn’t really want to die. I just wanted to stop… Read the full story

Homeless pets form choir to record ‘Here Comes the Bride’ for Harry and Meghan’s Royal wedding

A Beagle looking at a photo of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
(Picture: Blue Cross)

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again.

Tenuous Royal wedding links are only allowed when it comes to animals.

Last week we had some kittens who were dumped in a box and named Harry and Meghan after they got rescued.

This week, it’s the turn of a group of homeless pets from Blue Cross, who have started a choir (yes, really) so they can sing ‘Here Comes the Bride’ for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s upcoming nuptials this Saturday (19 May).

The melodic mammals have named themselves the Blue Cross… Read the full story

What will Prince Harry wear on his wedding day to Meghan Markle?

There has been much speculation about Meghan’s outfit – but what will Harry wear? (Picture: AFP/Daniel LEAL-OLIVAS/Getty)

Royal Wedding fever is high and the speculation on Ms Markle’s wedding dress – what will it look like? Who will design it? – has reached fever pitch.

Not only the dress, the cake, food, the invites, the wedding party, the venues and even what guests will be wearing has been dissected and discussed on every news channel across the globe.

But as with so many a groom that has gone before Harry, all speculation around the outfits has centred on the bride.

So what about our Prince Henry of Wales?

As with Meghan’s… Read the full story

As a Brighton resident I welcome visitors to our beach, but please take your rubbish home with you

Brighton beach can get incredibly busy on a sunny day (Picture: Getty)

I love living by the beach.

Mohamed Salah reveals his THREE favourite players of all time

Most mornings I walk down to watch the sun rise and when the timing is right I head back for sunset.

My new year’s resolution this year was to pick up three bits of litter every time I visit the beach.

I think of it like a beach tax, a small price to pay for the happiness it brings me to be here.

But the level of littering evident after a particularly sunny bank holiday becomes disheartening, especially considering it… Read the full story

Legendary couple tie knot with extravagant macaroni cheese themed wedding

Macaroni cheese themed wedding
The happy couple (Picture: Christina Riley / SWNS)

A pasta-mad couple tied the knot by turning a lavish macaroni cheese themed festival into their wedding.

44-year-old Emma Mykytyn, 44 donned macaroni-themed accessories as she wed now-husband, 38-year-old Mark Murphy, 38 – who wore a special pair of pasta cufflinks.

Instead of making the difficult decision of which of his mates he’d choose to accompany him at the altar, Mark went for the main man in his life – Mr Macaroni, the mascot for famous pasta specialists McIntosh of Strathmore.

The pair from Glasgow have been together for 11 years, and started food blog Foodie Explorers together in 2007, showcasing their love of… Read the full story

Korean man’s Twitter thread shows what life was like as a young immigrant in America

(Picture: AskAKorean/Twitter)

Moving to a new country, at any age, is difficult.

One Korean blogger who moved to Los Angeles as a young kid quickly realised his intelligence and merits achieved in Korea were not going to apply in America.

He recalls a time in 1997 where he had his first Amerian school test, about photosynthesis (a topic he knew like the back of his hand), but with one limitation: he only knew the answers in Korean.

Thankfully, a teacher he had at the time went above and beyond to make sure he was graded equally as his peers.

He shared the sweet memory on his Twitter, with thousands commending the teacher’s hospitality and… Read the full story

Woman sent creepy stalker diary from ex colleague who jerked off to her and named their children

(Picture: imgur)

When she left her job of three years, one woman was startled and then disgusted after receiving a three-volume journal from her male colleague who stalked her every move.

Perhaps thinking it a romantic gesture, her stalker openly gave her the diary which detailed excessive and inappropriate information about her while the two sat near each other at work.

There were 221 entries in the diaries, some more chilling than others, which obsessed over her actions, clothes, and behaviour towards other men.

At one point he talked in detail about masturbation and how he was ‘saving’ his ‘seed’ for her.

Sharing the pictures online, she explained how the two had talked in the… Read the full story

If you think you’d be a good wedding planner, prepare for a life of penury

Happy wedding guests throwing confetti on newlywed couple after wedding ceremony in garden. Horizontal shot.
(Picture: Getty)

Go to enough weddings and you soon get to know what makes a great do…and what doesn’t.

By your fifth of the season, you start to wonder why your mates keep hiring people with dire taste to design their big day and not you. After all, how hard can it be?

The answer is: probably quite stressful and poorly paid.

In the run up to this weekend’s royal wedding, job site Indeed has been analysing the salaries of thousands of wedding sector jobs.

And the results are pretty depressing.

For all the thousands that couples spend on and around… Read the full story

‘Never kiss someone who’s eaten a bready dinner’: 22 things you only know if you have coeliac disease

Always avoid the pick ‘n’ mix (Picture: Getty/Shutterstock)

It’s Coeliac Awareness Week – but what do we actually know about this illness which means a totally gluten-free diet?

Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disease, which means consuming gluten causes an autoimmune reaction. That means the body attacks itself.

5 best gluten free doughnuts to celebrate National Doughnut Week

1 in 100 people in the UK have the condition, so the chances are you know someone who has it, or at least know of someone who does.

Symptoms include diarrhoea, constipation, vomiting, stomach cramps, fatigue, mouth ulcers and anaemia.

So what it’s like to live with… Read the full story

H&M’s full-coverage clothing line is great, but the term ‘modest’ really isn’t

(Picture: H&M)

I hate the expression modesty. 

It’s probably because I spent most of my teenage years being told to wear a jumper over my school blouse in the pursuit of ‘modesty’ – as if having boobs was some kind of crime.

Just last week I gave my blood pressure a beasting when I saw that a Catholic school in the US had brought a so called ‘modesty poncho’ to Prom, so that any girl who had dared to bare her shoulders could be humiliated on the most exciting night of her school career.

You can hire ‘unicorns’ to attend your birthday party

(Picture: Peter Goddard / Caters News)

Emily Woolley spends hours each day grooming unicorns.

She runs Pampered Ponies in Worcester and spends several hours a day grooming and dressing horses to look like unicorns.

With the help of head unicorn groomer, Louise Wickens, she uses special non-toxic ‘pony paint’ to dye their manes and tails all the colours of the rainbow and even uses animal-friendly glittery nail varnish to paint their hooves to perfection.

Lidl releases £29.99 hammock perfect for summer in the garden

(Picture: Getty)

Lidl has just launched a hammock perfect for sunbathing in the back garden throughout the summer.

Lidl’s Florabest Hammock has just gone on sale for £29.99.

The product description reads: ‘Nothing beats the feeling of warm summer days where you can gently doze off in the sun.

‘Ideal for your garden, the beach or for camping, the Florabest Hammock is made from a durable cotton-polyester blend and comes with easy tool-free assembly.

Fashion Nova is selling some 2-in-1 jeans with garters

(Picture: Fashion Nova)

If lace-up jeans weren’t enough for you, Fashion Nova is now selling jeans that come with actual garters.

The denim jeans are essentially a pair of shorts and some trouser legs joined together with strapped garters – which is pretty handy, given they’re basically a 2-in-1 fashion item.

The trouser legs come with zips and are made with stretch denim, and the straps attached to them are adjustable.

While we’re not really fans of the look, we’ve got to give it to Fashion Nova for essentially giving us two pieces of clothing for the price of one.

Happy Not Perfect is the mindfulness app to help with your mental health

(Picture Poppy Jamie/Monclarity, LLC)

We still need to do more to open the conversation about mental health.

And that means talking about the support that’s out there for those dealing with different conditions.

Happy Not Perfect is one such app aiming to bring a bit of mindfulness to the daily hectic lives of individuals.

Created by former TV personality Poppy Jamie, it is dedicated to helping people feel happier, less stressed and more emotionally balanced.

Poppy told Metro.co.uk why she created the app and why it’s necessary in the age of social media’s dominance, which can be overwhelming.

Easyjet’s royal wedding lookalike competition just crowned its winners

(Picture: Joe Pepler/ PinPep)

One regal looking couple has just been crowned the winners of a Meghan Markle and Prince Harry lookalike competition, beating 3,000 entrants.

Budget airline easyJet set up the competition to look all over Europe for a couple who resembled the engaged royals ahead of the wedding.

Rhys Whittock and Inmaculada Santisteban Serrano were named the winners after impressing the panel with their regal wave, romantic wedding proposal and bridal bouquet throw.

They’ll be living a pretty royal life too now, winning a year’s worth of flights. Well, as royal as easyJet flights can be.

Mental health week: It’s okay to struggle to be a good friend to someone with mental health issues

(Illustration: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

I’m lucky to have pretty robust mental health. 

I get anxious, but I think it would be a push to call it anxiety. And otherwise, unlike a lot of the people I know, I live a life with is pretty uninhibited by mental health issues.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for lots of the people in my life. And because I haven’t experienced what they have, sometimes I find myself  confused about how to help.

I’ve written before about how it can be difficult to support a partner who suffers with mental health issues – how it can force you to put them first, and can… Read the full story

Designer Azzedine Alaïa’s exhibition comes to the UK for the first time

(Picture: The Design Museum)

Michelle Obama, Rihanna, and Naomi Campbell have worn the regal creations of designer Azzedine Alaïa.

Before he passed away in November last year, he set up an exhibition of his iconic works at London’s Design Museum.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t around to see its opening this month.

Azzedine Alaïa: The Cotourier presents 60 of the Tunis designer’s rare and signature garments, spanning his career from the late 70s to his very last creations.

Why running is the best way to explore a city


A couple of weeks ago, I signed up last minute to a half marathon and realised I needed to get my skates on with training.

I don’t often run, but when I do I tend to do the same old route, which involves going round and round Stoke Newington’s Clissold Park, checking out dogs, watching the skaters and saying hi to the deer.

However, this gets boring on a long run, so I decided to head down to the River Lea via Springfield Park, somewhere I’d never been despite having lived in nearby Clapton when I first moved to London.

As soon as I left the main road and hit the park, I was amazed – it’s so beautiful, how have I never come here before? – and that feeling continued as I meandered for miles along the river, feeling like I was back home in the countryside and not in the middle of a polluted city.

I’d never have come down to the river… Read the full story

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