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Oblivious gardener accidentally photobombs proposal in hilarious pictures

(Picture: SWNS)

Pictures show the moment a loved-up couple’s perfect proposal was interrupted by a photobombing gardener.

Easha and Loveraj Rai recently visited historic 12-century Sudeley Castle in Winchcombe, Glos., where Loveraj popped the question.

The 26-year-olds, from Canada, were pictured surrounded by greenery on top of a set of stone steps, with a passing gardener being an unwitting third wheel in the centre of the shot.

He was photographed walking by the foot of the stairs wearing ear protectors and pushing a lawnmower between two large bushes framing the proposal.

Little girl writes letter to Fat Face asking for bigger pockets on girls’ clothes

(Picture: Mercury Press, Fat Face)

An eight-year-old girl wrote a letter to Fat Face telling them that ‘girls need pockets too’ after being forced to wear boys’ shorts when collecting eggs – and she’s now been invited to help design a new pair.

Eleanor Hanson was angry when she realised a pair of shorts from the girls’ range had smaller pockets than the ones in the boys’ range, and would be useless when she collected eggs at her family’s farm.

Eleanor and her mum Jenny Hanson were forced to put the girls’ shorts back on the rail and pick up an £18 pair of longer cargo shorts with roomier pockets from the… Read the full story

Seriously ill man reunites with his favourite horse at his hospice

HAY THERE - A wish came true for a seriously ill dad-of-three who was treated to a uplifting visit from his beloved horse
(Picture: The Smith Family / SWNS.com)

A wish came true for a seriously ill dad-of-three who was treated to an uplifting visit from his beloved horse at a hospice.

Ian Smith, an inpatient at Pendleside hospice, was stunned when he came face-to-face with his horse of four years, Pepper, in the hospice grounds.

The visit was organised for the 65-year-old who has motor neurone disease by his wife Sheila, 65, and staff at Moorview Equestrian Centre, Lancs., where Pepper lives.

Ian has been an inpatient at the hospice since January, after… Read the full story

A rosé and gin cruise is happening this summer

This Rosé And Gin Summer Boat Cruise Sounds Incredible
(Picture: Metro.co.uk)

You can now enjoy a Rosie & Jim-themed cruise where you drink nothing but gin and rosé in Bristol.

In collaboration with Bristol Dry Gin and Corks or Cargo, Foozie is hosting a series of Rosé & Gin summer boat cruises.

The cruises pay tribute to 90s children’s programme Rosie & Jim, who lived in a narrow boat.

The summer cruise will set sail from the centre of Bristol, and will last over two hours.

Maltesers Buttons are finally coming to the UK

Credit: instagram Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BiuwbrQF2H4/?hl=en&taken-by=productsinstore
(Picture: Instagram)

Back in March, Mars accidentally let it slip that a new version of Maltesers were going to be flattened to make them more like Minstrels.

Details of the changing shape of the malt chocolate balls were leaked during preparations for a new advert.

And now, we’ve been given a glimpse of the new button-shaped chocolates, thanks to Instagram account @productsinstore.

Alongside a photo of the Maltesers, they wrote: ‘Apparently these are out in the uk (June)’

Instagram Photo

The new Maltesers feature the signature Mars chocolate and come with tiny malt balls inside.

The chocolates come in a red and black packaging, and… Read the full story

Photo series celebrates the glorious world of drag queens and kings

(Picture: Gregory Kramer / mediadrumworld.com)

We’re all a little obsessed with drag culture.

The performance, the contour, the names – it’s all fascinating.

Giving us a glimpse inside this world is new book Drags, by Gregory Kramer.

Kramer asked 50 drag artists to pose for portraits for the photo series, getting together some of the most iconic performers from around the US.

A few of the artists featured in the book include Suga Pie Koko, Sultana, Crimson Kitty, Dusty Ray Bottoms, and Peppermint, and every drag king or queen was responsible for their look during the photoshoot.

The project took a year to put together.

Gregory said: ‘A year of emailing, Facebooking, calling, scheduling, re-scheduling, networking,… Read the full story

Why skiing in Japan could beat the Alps this winter


Why would anyone spend 19 hours flying almost 6,000 miles and arriving dizzy with jet lag, just to go skiing?

It’s not like there isn’t a mountain range in France or anything, where you don’t have to spend the first day getting used to a new timezone.

7 reasons to dream of a trip to Sardinia this summer

Okay, maybe it’s a bit crazy to go all the way to Japan just to get on the slopes.

But should you do it?

If you want world-famous powder, a distinctive culture, and delicious sushi, then it’s definitely worth considering as a bucket list destination.

Look at… Read the full story

4 places to find the best budget buys for coeliacs


It’s Coeliac Awareness Week and there’s no better time to raise awareness of gluten-free life.

Although there’s a wider range of products than ever before, gluten-free doesn’t come cheap.

The 5 best gluten free sandwiches on the high street

Coeliac UK reports that gluten-free bread is, on average, five times more expensive gramme for gramme than regular bread.

And that’s without taking into consideration other products such as gluten-free pasta, snacks and treats.

If you’re on a budget or a bit of a bargain hunter, then don’t despair.

Instead, here’s some budget buys for coeliacs and gluten intolerance.

B&M bargains

B&M bargains don’t have their own dedicated gluten-free range, so what you find will often vary store to store.

In my local store, I picked up gluten-free Sotelli pasta for only 69p – the cheapest I’ve seen yet – and a range of Gullon… Read the full story

Mental Health Awareness Week: Gaby Dunn opens up about the stress of being bad with money on Mentally Yours


‘There’s this thing where everybody assumes that everyone else knows, so nobody talks about it because we’re all ashamed,’ says Gaby Dunn, the actress, comedian, YouTuber, and the creator of podcast Bad With Money.

‘You don’t want to be the first person to go: “well, I never actually learned to fill out a cheque”, or “actually, I never learned to negotiate my salary”.

‘You don’t want to be the first person to say you don’t know these things, but then nobody knows these things and nobody talks about it.’

Gaby’s dedicated to talking about it – even when it’s uncomfortable.

On her podcast Bad With Money, she’s shared her own struggles with money along with advice she’s learned along the way, all to break down the silence and awkwardness around money.

She spoke to Mentally Yours, Metro.co.uk’s mental health podcast, as part of our stress and money focus for Mental Health Awareness Week.

Like many of us, Gaby felt a lot of… Read the full story

How social media affects mental health in young people

XX people reveal the embarrassing messages they've sent by mistake picture: MMUFFIN
Social media should be used in moderation (Picture: MMUFFIN)

Jeremy Hunt has recently warned companies like Facebook and Google that they face new laws relating to social media and young people, because social media exposes children to ‘harm’.

But is it really as simple as that?

If there’s one person who knows about young people’s mental health its campaigner and TES columnist Natasha Devon MBE.

Ms Devon spends much of her time visiting schools and talking to young people about her experience

In her new book, A Beginner’s Guide to Being Mental, An A-Z From Anxiety To Zero F**ks Given, there are… Read the full story

Couples getting married this year can win free ice cream for all their guests

(Picture: Instagram/HaloTopUK)

The Royal Wedding is coming up, and it’s going to be a spectacular one.

Most of us don’t have a 300k dress budget and world famous performers lining up to sing during the first dance, but don’t let that put a dampener on everything.

The average wedding in the UK costs about £27,000, with over £3,000 of that going on food.

If you’re getting married this year in the UK, there’s a company that wants to lighten that load a little bit, by giving free ice-cream to all your guests.

8 things you should know before you go to Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls are pretty spectacula
Victoria Falls are pretty spectacular (Picture: Kevin Chen/EyeEm/Getty)

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know there have been political changes afoot in Zimbabwe.

Robert Mugabe is out and there’s a new president – Emmerson Mnangagwa – which has brought a more upbeat attitude to the country.

And there’s no shortage of things to do as a visitor.

So, if you’re planning to take a trip to Zimbabwe, here are eight things you should know before you go.

1. Communicating is pretty easy

For lazy language learners, it’s always helpful if locals speak the same language as you.

English is widely spoken in Zimbabwe making it that much easier to… Read the full story

What I Rent: James, £1,000 a month for a flat in Crystal Palace

What I rent. James in Crystal Palace Alexander Crawley
(Picture: Alexander Crawley/Metro.co.uk)

Renting in London can be miserable and confusing.

Have a trawl through RightMove and you’ll find £1,500 studios with the shower next to the fridge. Go on a few viewings and you’re bound to discover that the living room you saw online is in fact just a sofa wedged awkwardly into one of the bedrooms.

It’s hard to know what’s normal; what we can expect for what we can afford to pay.

To make things a little clearer we launched What I Rent, a weekly series that takes you inside the homes of people renting in London.

This week we’re… Read the full story

Why do you put on weight during Ramadan?

(Picture: Getty)

Ramadan is the month-long period of fasting before Eid.

Muslims across the world can go for upwards of 10 hours without food or drink. Think about that, next time you start to get hangry at 11am.

Many of us who aren’t practicing Muslims might wonder how so many manage to go for so long without wasting away. Surely this must be the most effective diet plan on earth?

But you know what? Many people actually find themselves putting on weight during the fasting season.

Unlike Lent which often seeks to get believers to give up indulgent treats (the traditional purpose of Shrove Tuesday was to use up all your dairy and luxury items before… Read the full story

For anyone who’s ever been depressed, anxious, or suicidal: You will heal


Hello you.

If you’ve ever been depressed, anxious, suicidal, or know someone that has or is, please read this. It’ll only take a minute or so. Even if it’s just so you’ve done something today.

I know it’s hard but please read it. I wrote it for you.

I was a drug addict. I don’t do drugs now.

I was an alcoholic. I don’t drink now.

I was suicidal. I’m alive.

If you are, or have been, any of those things, know now that I am proof that, even if it’s only for a limited period of time, change is possible. I’m writing this to tell you about those things, and some of my experience of them.

Things I think and feel, thought and felt, have done and am doing, in the hope the somebody might read it and feel slightly better about themselves if they’ve thought or felt or done them too.

Also it’s a bit of a commitment to my own mental health management. Hopefully, by… Read the full story

When I was in the closet I would get drunk and kiss girls – Rita Ora’s single would have helped me

(Picture: Erin Aniker/metro.co.uk)

When I was in high school, I used to get drunk at parties and kiss girls.

It happened so frequently it became a running joke among my friends – I would show up and the playful ribbing would start, asking who I was going to hook up with tonight, or if I had seen that Jackie was coming.

There was even one incident on New Year’s Eve involving myself, a regular female party hookup, a Polaroid camera, and a shower, which has become some kind of folklore among my high school group of friends.

At the time I wasn’t out, even to myself, as bisexual.

I thought I was straight, and… Read the full story

Mental Health Awareness Week: What I wish I’d known about my mum’s depression

(Picture: Ella Byworth)

Like many, many people, my family has had its fair share of mental illness.

And like the vast majority of folk, I grew up with little-to-no knowledge of how to deal with it.

The way I dealt with various crises was to dismiss behaviour as selfish and cruel – not realising that it was actually a cry for help or a symptom of a genuine illness.

I felt embarrassed about having friends over because their parents didn’t lock themselves in their rooms for eight hour periods. I was ashamed that other families seemed to be able to get through dinner without someone walking out… Read the full story

KFC launches limited edition commemorative buckets for the Royal Wedding

(Picture: KFC)

To mark the Royal Wedding, KFC is launching a limited edition Commemorative Bucket.

Just 50 of the specially designed buckets are being created and will be available exclusively from KFC’s Windsor restaurant on the wedding day itself, 19 May.

According to KFC, the Royal Wedding Bucket is ‘lavish and regal in its design’, featuring a bespoke crest inspired by timeless commemorative memorabilia, but with a modern KFC twist.

Featuring resplendent gold flourishes, the bucket is embellished with a classic regal crest, adorned with both British and American flags.

How exercise is helping my mental health after a breakdown


For the past six months, my lifestyle has been incredibly unhealthy.

My mental health has been so bad that it’s had an impact on my physical health. I live with OCD, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder and health anxiety, so 70% of the time, my head’s a bit of a mess.

Some months are better than others. In fact, last summer was great. I was working out, eating right and my head felt clear. I even lost a stone in the process.

But from December onward, I gained all of the weight right back.

At the end of December, I found myself seriously struggling with health anxiety.

December 2017 and January 2018 saw me have a chronic headache for two weeks due to stress. I wasn’t sleeping, I was having panic attacks, I had a constant knot in my stomach, felt sick and like I couldn’t breathe. I was checking my body every hour for new symptoms – swelling, rashes, cuts and bruises, I was checking my… Read the full story

US holidays – why you should head to Cincinnati for fun, food and a vital American history lesson

The Cincinnati skyline, including the beautiful John A Roebling suspension bridge on which the Brooklyn Bridge was modelled (Picture: Getty)

‘Why would you come to Cincinnati?’ the incredulous US border guard demanded as I handed over my passport.

He may have a point.

When it comes to US holidays Brits are usually so bewitched by sunny Cali, glam LA and cool NYC the lesser-known cities tend to fall by the wayside.

But during my trip to Cincinnati I discovered a welcoming spirit, fine food and drink, and a truly outstanding museum.

Here’s why you should make Cincinnati your next US break.

1. The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

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