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It’s Mental Health Awareness Week: How are charities fighting the stigma surrounding the subject?

Scott Hutchison’s death made me feel guilty for still being here

woman lying down
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Content warning: This article discusses suicide and depression.

Last Friday was a hard day for music fans.

We lost one of the greats in Scott Hutchison, and the fact that someone with such talent and warmth is gone from this world has really hit people.

I spent the morning crying in the toilets after hearing the news that his body had been found.

Did I know him personally? No. But, like many others, I felt a personal connection to Frightened Rabbit’s music, and the frankness with which Scott spoke about depression and suicide brought me out of some very dark places.

One thing I’ve struggled with since learning… Read the full story

Pinot grigio doughnuts are the classiest way to stuff your face

The Donut Project, Cavit Wines, Eleven Six PR, New York, NY, Nathaniel Johnston, photography, NJohnston Photography, www.njohnstonphotography.com
(Picture: N Johnston Photography)

If you thought wine was just for drinking, you’re wrong. Now it comes in sweet dessert form.

The guys who bought out prosecco doughnuts have further dabbled in boozy baked goods, introducing Pinot Grigio doughnuts to the world.

The go-to summer drink will be baked with the doughy stuff in celebration of national Pinot grigio day on 17 May, in partnership with wine brand Cavit.

New York’s The Doughnut Project is selling the Pinot Grigio Donut for $4.75 (£3.50), each made with cheesecake filling, Cavit Pinot Grigio glazes and topped with a meringue and gold… Read the full story

Becca releases a highlighter just for the royal wedding

(Picture: Becca/Getty)

There’s plenty of unhelpful and useless royal wedding merch that’ll probably stop being relevant after the event.

But Becca’s new regal highlighter, inspired by Prince Harry and Meghan’s big day, could become a summertime favourite.

The cosmetic brand’s golden honey and pink pearl highlighter is designed to create a warm glow on the skin, promising to make you ‘shine like a princess’.

The regal highlighter is inspired by the ‘mystique and beauty of the United Kingdom’s Crown Jewels’.

Instagram Photo

And in case you’re wondering how it has anything to do with the royal wedding, then just know it has a pretty cute crown… Read the full story

Teacher takes her rabbit best friend everywhere she goes


Tarryn McKay and her best bud, Nibbles, are the truest definition of friendship goals.

They don’t let their differences – their size, their species, one of them having long ears – tear them apart, instead bonding over what makes them special.

Just to be clear, Nibbles is a rabbit. Tarryn is not a rabbit.

They’re such good pals that Tarryn takes Nibbles with her everywhere she goes, bringing the bunny to work, on holiday, and even letting her share… Read the full story

Gemma Collins releases size-inclusive swimwear with Boohoo

GC x Boohoo
(Picture: Boohoo)

Due to popular demand the GC (aka Gemma Collins) is back and collaborating once more with online retailer Boohoo.com to release swim and beachwear.

The meme Queen’s first collab with Boohoo, GC x Boohoo.com, proved to be a sell-out with fans. And as an advocate for curvy girls, it’s no surprise she’s created a line of size-inclusive beach and swimwear just in time for summer.

The collection will will be available from 23 May and includes a selection of slogan swimsuits, glamorous maxi kaftans and relaxed knot tie shirts aimed to ‘take you from pool to party’.

And we’re ready to snap up a piece… Read the full story

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Palette release date and where to buy

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered Palette release date and where to buy 2018
(Picture: Huda Beauty)

After discontinuing her Textured Eyeshadows Palette Rose Gold Edition just ten months ago, Huda Kattan took to social media this week to announce that the cult fave eyeshadow palette from Huda Beauty is making a comeback.

That’s right, the Huda Beauty Textured Eyeshadows Palette Rose Gold Edition has been remastered, with all new shades and formulas.

The new Rose Gold Palette will drop on Tuesday, 22 May.

Instagram Photo

Huda Kattan explained product feedback and lack of finance as a startup beauty brand, were two… Read the full story

An all you can eat chicken wing festival is happening in Brighton

An overhead close up shot of a cardboard bucket full of golden brown fried chicken pieces. Shot on an old weathered wooden picnic table.
(Picture: Getty)

If you live near Brighton and you’re a fan of chicken, you should definitely make sure you’re free on 9 June, as a chicken wing festival is coming to the seaside city.

Brighton’s chicken wing competition is going to be taking place at Proud Country House in Stanmere Place.

While essentially it is a competition, it’s also a chance to eat as much chicken as you can possibly stomach.

Brighton Wing Fest will host six of the best chicken wing purveyors from across the UK to battle it… Read the full story

M&S took a year to create these £14 burger patties that contain bone marrow

Shoppers go crazy for M&S burgers M&S
(Picture: M&S)

We know M&S is one of the posher supermarkets.

Now they’ve gone and outdone themselves, spending a year to create the ‘best’ ever burger which is gluten-free and comes in a pack of eight.

But of course, it’s not just any old burger, it contains a hint of bone marrow.

And in typical M&S fashion, it’ll cost more than an average pack of patties, at £14.

Shoppers are loving it too, commenting in their droves about the ‘phenomenal’ new taste.

Kylie Jenner’s approach to motherhood can help us all: Having a break from the kids makes me a better mum

Why being able to go out without my children makes me a better parent
See ya (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

New mum Kylie Jenner has come in for criticism for leaving her tiny baby Stormi at home to go out to dinner and attend Coachella.

Some internet critics have even branded her a ‘part-time mum’ who doesn’t have her priorities in place.

But I reckon all us parents could learn from Kylie’s example, because having a break from my kids definitely makes me a better mum.

I’ve got two boys and, right from the off, I grabbed the offers of babysitters with both hands.

After I’d covered every eventuality with lists of… Read the full story

Man trolls catfish by pretending to be Ant McPartlin

(Picture: SWNS; ITV)

A man got his own back on a catfishing online dater by convincing the ‘Russian stunner’ he was Ant McPartlin.

26-year-old Will Burton hoped he had met the love of his life when 29-year-old woman named Ekaterina ‘winked’ at him on Match.com.

The pair were talking for a while but Will soon caught on that his match was a fake, and sent her a photo of Ant McPartlin with Declan Donnelly – claiming it was him and his friend Joe.

The Russian girl told him she worked in ‘The World of Children’ toy shop in the city of Vladimir and even discussed marriage as she lamented Russian men were ‘lazy’.

Read the full story

Intermittent fasting: Is cramming all your food into an eight hour window the key to easy fat loss?


The saying goes that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’.

Tell any PT or fitness instructor that you want to lose weight and they’ll tell you to first make sure that you’re starting the day with a decent meal.

Or at least…they used to.

More and more fitness folk seem to be jumping on the intermittent fasting bandwagon, claiming that it’s revolutionary in reducing their weight and fat percentage, maintaining lean muscle mass and in making them more productive.

But what does it involve and just how practical is it to do?

What is intermittent fasting?

All the term means is going without food for a period of time. Most us fast through the night – that’s why our first meal is called break-fast. Intermittent fasting tends to extend the period of time that we’re not eating to upwards of 12 hours.

Some people go for 14 hours between eating, others go longer. And some people do it every day while others use it as a… Read the full story

A derelict former windmill is set to be turned into a dream house

(Picture: SWNS)

A derelict former windmill is set to be turned into a dream house.

The unique, brick-built, Grade II listed structure was constructed near York around 200 years ago.

It functioned as a working mill, grinding corn for over a century until its sails were removed in the 1930s and its mechanism dismantled during the second world war.

Fans of George Clarke and Kevin… <a href=Read the full story

Here’s everything that goes down at an elite cat show

(Picture: Jessica Lindsay/Metro.co.uk)

To say I’m obsessed with cats is a bit of an understatement.

I have whole friendships dedicated to the sending and receiving of cat pictures, and look at rehoming centre websites almost daily to scope out a potential feline baby (as soon as my landlord relents on his pet policy).

So, when I was asked to come and check out the LondonCats International Show at the weekend, I smashed that reply button almost instantly.

We all know about Crufts, but the world of cat shows is a lot more understated and niche – much like cats themselves.

Steal Kate Middleton’s wedding hair and beauty secrets to be the ultimate royal bride on your own wedding day

Steal Kate Middleton’s wedding hair and beauty secrets to be the ultimate royal bride on your own wedding day (Picture: Getty)

If you loved Kate Middleton’s wedding style, why not emulate it and be your very own royal bride?

With Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding just around the corner, excitement is at fever-pitch over how her hair will be styled, what make up she’ll be wearing and what scent she chooses.

So we’ve decided to look back at Kate’s wedding day beauty secrets to tide us over until Meghan emerges on Saturday – and also to show you how easy it is to be an actual princess on… Read the full story

Anyone fancy a Branston Pickle doughnut for National Doughnut Week?

(Picture: Branston)

Not much beats a hot doughnut filled with sweet jam or custard.

Since it’s National Doughnut Week, it’s the perfect time to treat yourself.

But what about if you want a savoury option? How about a ploughman’s doughnut?

We can’t tell if Branston Smooth Pickle are trolling us or this is a recipe you can prank your mates with, but allegedly it’s the real deal and they taste good.

Here’s the recipe to make them yourself. This’ll make 32 mini doughnuts so you can confuse the tastebuds of everyone you know.

What is hyposexuality and how does it affect you?

woman lying down
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

If you have a low sex drive – or no sex drive – you might feel like you’re alone.

Sex is everywhere, from raunchy song lyrics to sexy advertising campaigns, everyone’s doing it, right?

Well, not quite.

You’re not on your own if your desire for sex is pretty much non-existent.

In fact, most men and women will experience a low sex drive at some point in their lives.

Hyposexuality, explains sex and relationship therapist Lianne Young, is a recognised condition where a person has no interest in engaging in sexual intercourse and sexual play.

28 things I wish I… Read the full story

Doughnut Time launches limited edition royal wedding doughnuts

Credit: Doughnut Time
(Picture: Doughnut Time)

Doughnut Week doesn’t always coincide with royal affairs but seeing as it does this month, Doughnut Time has decided to get into the royal spirit.

They’ve come with a two limited edition doughnuts inspired by the soon-to-be newlyweds Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

You might’ve seen Pinot Grigio doughnuts and wanted to stuff your face with the boozy baked goods but unfortunately, they’re only available in New York this week.

So luckily Doughnut Time’s alternative comes at a good time, and they offer it in a bunch of locations around London.

Woman spends £7,000 on pampering dog and giving her manicures

(Picture: Caters News)

A mother spends over £7,000 a year pampering her dog with puppy manicures and custom made outfits.

48-year-old Anna Foster has spent the past year splashing out on her Boxer dog, Lexie Boo.

The stay-at-home ‘dog mum’, who has two dogs and a daughter, supplies the 20-month-old white boxer with weekly manicures and a different daily outfit.

And despite Lexie already having over 1,000 different outfits to choose from, including pyjamas and bikinis, Anna insists she will still carry on spoiling her pooch.

A 90s themed bottomless boozy brunch is coming to London

90s bottomless cocktail party
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

If you’re after a bit of 90s nostalgia and you love cocktails, you’re in luck, because one London bar is hosting a 90s bottomless boozy brunch all throughout May, June and July.

Little Nan’s Fitzrovia Kitchen & Bar is hosting the brunch for anyone who wants to get tipsy to 90s tunes.

It’s available every day over the next few months, with two hour time slots from 11am – 12pm available for £35.

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