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There’s a massive art installation dedicated to sweets in Dallas

Sweet tooth hotel in Dallas
(Picture: Kathy Tran)

Remember how we dreamed of diving into a pool of sprinkles in New York’s Ice Cream Museum?

Well it turns out they have all the sweet-themed fun across the pond. Poor us.

Right now in Dallas there’s a popup called the Sweet Tooth Hotel.

It’s an art installation intended to immerse people in a magical hotel themed entirely around sugary treats.

Think doughnut shaped windows, giant walk-in fridges, walls decorated with sweets, candy floss clouds, and giant gummy bears, across five interactive rooms each with their own sweet theme.

How early should you arrive for a job interview?

(Picture: Getty)

As if there isn’t enough to worry about in a job interview, on top of what to wear, what to say, and how to come across.

You do need to think about when you turn up, though, as it’s an important market of how you’re going to act as an employee.

Late, and you seem lazy and bad at timekeeping. Too early, and it’s over-eager.

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R-bombing is the new dating term you’ve likely already put up with

Mobile phone dating apps in love with each other
(Picture: Erin Aniker for Metro.co.uk)

Oh, hooray, there’s another super fun dating ‘trend’ to make us all despair.

The good news? This isn’t a hugely new phenomenon – it’s just that now it’s got a catchy name: R-bombing.

Strangely, it’s not clear who came up with the term. The earliest instance of ‘R-bombing’ we can find is a press release from ONE Condoms, who surveyed a bunch of people and found out that ‘many young singles feel depressed, lonely, and anxious about their love lives.’ Fun.

That press release definers R-bombing as ‘someone reading messages you have sent, but deliberately ignoring them (deriving originally from… Read the full story

Take a look at the best engagement photos of 2018 so far

(Picture: Cody Harris of Cody and Allison Photo)
(Picture: Cody Harris of Cody and Allison Photo)

There’s quite a bit of pressure for a proposal to be picture perfect.

You want to remember this moment forever, right? It helps to have a great picture to look back on… and share on Instagram to rake in all the likes.

While most of us just make do with a rubbish phone picture taken by our mum, the fancier types among us follow up their proposals with full-on photoshoots to announce their engagement.

The photos tend to be pretty special; very often involving fields of wheat, forests, and beaches.

To celebrate the best of the best, each year… Read the full story

Seven parents reveal their most embarrassing school run moments

*illustration request* Xx parents reveal their most embarrassing school run moments
Whoops (Picture: mmuffn for metro.co.uk)

The school run is normally the most mundane part of the day.

The routine is pretty standard – walk or find a parking space, make small talk, avoid playground politics, collect your kid and then disappear off.

However, on the odd occasion the sh*t really does hit the fan and everything goes haywire.

woman lying downWhat is hyposexuality and how does it affect you?

Maybe your child has the mother of all tantrums on the playground or you leave your skirt tucked into your knickers and what about… Read the full story

You can travel to Detroit super cheap, but not if I book before you


Do you love music? Then you’ll love Detroit.

Sunset in KeralaWhy Kerala in India is the dream detox holiday you’ve been craving

This is the birthplace or home town of Motown, The White Stripes, Eminem, Kid Rock and, er, techno.

It’s also like an American version of Dalston, so take that as you will – gentrification arguments and all.

Some of the architecture is stunning – classic American brownstones and art deco friezes.

There’s overpriced artisan cocktails, intimidatingly fashionable young people and more street art than you can spit at.

In terms of getting to Motor City there’s a new route run by Wow Air which is pretty darn cheap – about £300 return.

But before I go into that, here’s why you should visit Detroit in the first place.

Visit The Motown Museum

80% of weight-loss shakes in the UK make ‘untrue’ claims

(Picture: Getty)

Almost 80% of weight-loss shakes sold here in the UK make ‘clearly exaggerated or simply untrue’ claims, a new study has found.

Loads of us turn to meal-replacement drinks in a bid to lose weight rapidly but new research has revealed that more than 75% of these shakes are unauthorised and don’t comply with EU Nutritional and Health Claims Regulation.

The research looked at 50 brands of ‘meal replacement for weight control’ shakes sold in the UK last year.

It studied labelling, composition, nutrition and health claims in line with EU regulation.

Just 10 of the brands provided enough information to meet all the requirements; the vast majority failed to… Read the full story

Why you should try a smaller, independent festival this summer

Boutique festivals can be just as fun as the big hitters (Picture: Flashpop / Getty)

Summer is just about here, which can only mean one thing – it’s festival time.

That’s the sort of statement that inspires joy in some people and revulsion in others.

Think of festivals, and the chances are you’ll picture Glastonbury or Reading and Leeds – one of the big ones.

But there are plenty of smaller gatherings, many part of the Association of Independent Festivals, which seeks to promote and empower them.

And, whatever your circumstances, chances are you’ll find something to suit your needs.

But why are small festivals so great? And why should you spend… Read the full story

Kids who drink fruit juice with breakfast at 50% more likely to be overweight

(Picture: Getty)

Back in the day, before caffeine was a necessity, there was nothing quite like an ice-cold glass of OJ to get the morning day off to a good start.

But those halcyon days are over.

Because a new study claims that children who have fruit juice with their breakfast are 50% more likely to be overweight.

Scientists from the Medical University of Vienne questioned 652 13-year-olds on their breakfast habits and while most types of food had no correlation with their weight, those who drank fruit juice more than three times a week were 50% more likely to be overweight or obese.

Children who drank water, on the other hand,… Read the full story

6 quick countryside escapes for when you’ve had enough of London

Leith Hill Tower
King of the castle: Leith Hill Tower in the Surrey Hills (Picture: Getty)

I know: when you’re sick of London, you’re sick of life and all that – and while the capital is exhilarating, sometimes you just need a break.

Venture just a little way beyond the Zone 6 boundary and you’ll find swathes of green and pleasant land, perfect for some head-clearing, soul-cleansing downtime.

These are places where you can immerse yourself in nature, explore quaint, chocolate-box villages and, crucially, hang out in country pubs.

If the thought of being more than 20ft from a Starbucks/craft brewery/Tube station brings on a cold sweat, be assured that most are a short train… Read the full story

Guy turns old farm shed into a luxury home worth almost £1 million

(Picture: Rightmove)

Ever dreamed of living in a shed? No?

Well, you might reconsider after you’ve seen just how much potential an old farm shed can have.

Developer Rob Lond-Caulk has renovated an old barn in Norfolk and turned it into the swankiest pad imaginable.

The Old Grain store is now a four en-suite bedroom home, complete with three reception rooms, an ultra-modern kitchen, underfloor heating and a balcony with views across the surrounding greenery.

There’s also a cinema room, and outside, the ‘generous gardens’ include a wild terrace and fire pit.

You can get free New York Bakery bagels and coffee today until 2pm

(Picture: New York Bakery)

If you’re waking up in need of a caffeine and carb hit, head over to Shoreditch.

The New York Bakery Co are hosting the Big Breakfast Breakout today, and are offering hungry east Londoners free deep-filled bagels and coffee.

Yep, your hungover eyes read that right: free coffee and bagels.

The bagel pop-up will be open until 2pm as is just a stones-throw away from Brick Lane.

You’ll be able to choose from five classic NYC recipes, including smoked salmon and cream cheese, crispy American bacon and poached egg and avo, and pastrami, gherkin and mustard.

As well as a free on-menu bagel, you’ll also have the option to ‘build-your-own’ with… Read the full story

The UK’s biggest ‘free-from’ festival is coming to east London tomorrow

(Picture: freefromevents/Instagram)

When you don’t eat dairy, gluten or some other ubiquitous substance, life can turn into a food-finding mission.

You seek out free-from bakeries and restaurants like a truffle pig – travelling miles just to get your hands on a vegan doughnut.

But tomorrow, you won’t have to embark on an epic mission to find a load of stuff you can eat.

Because the Free From Festival is hitting Old Spitalfields Market in east London, and it’ll be jam-packed with all things dairy/gluten/refined sugar-free.

Free From Festival claims to be the UK’s first Food Festival that focuses on people that are living their life free from gluten, refined sugar or dairy.

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7 things to know before you go to Guatemala

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala (Picture: Getty)

Guatemala is, for many people, the highlight of their Central America trip.

With the draw of adventurous activities such as caving, volcano hiking and tubing, as well as the intrigue of spectacular Mayan ruins and culture, and enough of a backpacker trail to merit a lot of great hostels to stay in, it’s unsurprising that the tourist numbers drawn in each year are increasing.

7 things you have to know before you visit Belize

It’s got gorgeous natural scenery in its jungle and mountains, as well as cute colonial towns and a famously pristine lake.

Here are seven things you need… Read the full story

Mums capture the immense bond between two toddlers with Down’s syndrome

Toddlers with Down Syndrome are best friends
(Pictures: SWNS)

This is Clara and Cutler.

They’ve been inseparable since their mums began arranging play dates for them when they were just a few months old.

Amy Sanders (Cutler’s mum) and Lana Beaton (Clara’s) knew each other growing up but didn’t become close friends until they both gave birth to children with Down’s syndrome within months of each other.

And now, best friends Clara and Culter do everything together – even sharing their physical, occupational and speech therapy sessions.

Lana sent Amy a Facebook message after she heard that her son had the same condition as her daughter, and they arranged to meet at a local Starbucks.

Their… Read the full story

Service dog goes into labour at the airport just minutes before her flight


Ellie was all set to board her flight to Philadelphia when she got waylaid with a more pressing matter.

The golden retriever service dog (whose full name is Eleanor Rigby) went into labour at Tampa International Airport.

Fortunately, Tampa Fire & Rescue’s Aircraft Rescue Firefighters paramedics were close by to help out with the canine delivery.

Paramedics Larry Glanton and lt Natalie Brown delivered seven male pups and a little girl, with proud dad Nugget (also a service dog) by Ellie’s side… Read the full story

9 reasons why Bath is the best place to live

The open air rooftop pool at Thermae Bath Spa (Picture: Thermae Bath Spa)
The open air rooftop pool at Thermae Bath Spa (Picture: Thermae Bath Spa)

It is not difficult to see why Bath is a hot spot for tourists visiting the UK.

Coaches continuously arrive in the city offloading visitors who make a beeline for the Roman Baths, visit one of the quaint tea rooms and then wander around the streets of Bath where the honey-stoned Georgian buildings positively scream out to be put on Instagram.

But Bath is so much more than this.

And while some Bathonians may point out its flaws (students, rent prices and lack of parking seem to get… Read the full story

It’s time to ban phones from gym changing rooms once and for all

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

The changing room is a hallowed place.

It doesn’t matter what you look like, how bad your day has been, what level of fitness you are – it should be like entering an anonymous confessional.

Get changed and get into gym. Come back and shower, get changed, check hair/makeup, leave. That’s all you should be able to do in that space.

It isn’t a space for impromptu selfie shoots, checking Instagram, Whatsapping your mates or FaceTiming people. Alas, that is what the gym changing room and in fact, gyms in general, are becoming.

Despite there being two breakout areas at my gym, the changing room is clogged up with… Read the full story

How to deal with low self-esteem when you suffer with anxiety

metro illustrations
Anxiety can often do real damage to your self-esteem (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

I have suffered with anxiety and depression for over seven years.

For all of these years, my self-esteem has been at an all-time low.

woman on laptopA letter to my parents: Thank you for being my rock through my struggles with OCD and depression

It is unbelievably hard to feel positive and good about myself when I spend most of my time plagued with worry that I am not good enough, that I’m doing everything wrong, that I’ll never achieve the things I want to.

While low self-esteem… Read the full story

How to build your own terrarium

(Picture: Getty)

Gardening seems to be having something of a millennial renaissance right now.

Everyone wants a slice of the green-fingered pie, but many of us can’t afford it because we just don’t have the space. Show me someone under 30 who has a back garden and I’ll show you someone living in zone 5 or beyond.

Which is why loads of us have committed to turning our crusty flats into miniature greenhouses, with huge yuccas and succulents taking pride of place in our living rooms and on balconies.

But if you have neither the space for a stand-alone plant or a balcony/window box, then perhaps a terrarium is your best bet.

A terrarium is… Read the full story

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