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Waitrose is going to start stocking mature cheddar vegan cheese

(Picture: the_vegan_cottage/Instagram)

Vegan cheese is very hit and miss.

Sometimes it tastes incredible and melts just like the good old dairy stuff you used to love other times it tastes like death.

But whatever flavour, we’ve not seen any plant-based cheese purporting to be mature cheddar.

Until now.

Mature cheddar is the best cheese for making things like macaroni cheese and shepherd’s pie because it’s so strong – it cuts through cream and potato like nothing else.

And now, finally, Waitrose is going to be selling a dairy-free mature cheddar-style cheese.

Koko will be launching its mature cheddar and soft cheese spread in store on 4 June as part of Waitrose’s range of… Read the full story

You can now sip on alcohol Coca-Cola in Japan when you go to ‘find’ yourself

(Picture: Coca-Cola)

You can get some pretty rad regional exclusives in Japan.

We’re not talking about green tea flavoured Kit Kat or Poco sticks in every flavour under the sun, we mean alcoholic fizzy drinks.

Coca-Cola is now launching its take on chu-hai beverages, low alcohol level drinks, with it’s very first alcoholic Coke.

We’re not sure if there was generally a huge demand for it but the soft drink company thinks it’s a good time to part from its 132-year tradition of supplying just the carbonated stuff.

Transgender man’s friends throw him a gender reveal ‘it’s a boy’ party

(Picture: cdubya18/Twitter)

Gender reveal parties for babies are pretty outdated.

Do we really need balloons filled with pink or blue confetti to signify the sex of new arrivals?

But transgender reveal parties, we can get on board with.

Corey Walker’s amazing friends did exactly that for him when he started taking testosterone, throwing him a surprise ‘it’s a boy’ party.

And it looked pretty lit.

Transgender gender reveal party… <a href=Read the full story

What I Rent: Kara, £590 a month for a room in Balham

What i rent - Kara - Clapham Common
Kara pays £590 a month for a room in Balham. (Picture: Alexander Crawley 2018)

Trying to find a decent place to rent in London is stressful.

You’ll trawl through endless listings advertising tiny studio rooms for much more than you can reasonably afford, photos that clearly haven’t been updated in quite some time, or your dream place… that’s gone before you can even book a viewing.

A big part of the stress comes from the ~mystery~ of it all.

Should we really be spending a third of our salary on rent? Or is that an outdated rule entirely irrelevant to living in London?

How much space should… Read the full story

This child’s account of her imaginary friend is straight up terrifying

This child's account of her imaginary friend is straight-up terrifying
(Pictures: Twitter/@nataliemorales/Getty)

Kids are weird, no two ways about it.

Sometimes they say things that make no sense, and you’re not entirely sure how or where their ideas came about. From the mouths of babes, and all that.

Then, sometimes they’ll say something so creepy you’ll wonder if you just gave birth to the Antichrist.

Actress Natalie Morales (of Girls, Santa Clarita Diet, and Parks and Recreation) shared this absolutely horrifying picture on Twitter yesterday.

In what appears… Read the full story

Kat Von D has a new range of rainbow brow products that will be your makeup saviour this festival season

(Credit: Marni Banks/Kat Von D/Getty)

Given the wealth of brow trends (from sexy Shrek brows to Yanny and Laurel ones) there are out there, it’s weird that there are very few products dedicated to actually creating more unique looks.

Ever the innovator, Kat Von D has now released a range of rainbow eyebrow pomades that do what we’ve been unsuccessfully been using eyeshadow for for ages.

It’s all vegan and cruelty-free, and waterproof so you can get as sweaty as you want dancing at festivals or in the pool in Ibiza.

I spoke to Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick from Kat Von D’s artist collective about how to achieve the bright and bold look.

Read the full story

Morrisons launches a supersized fry-up for £6

(Picture: Morrisons)

Morrisons has launched the Big Daddy Breakfast – the largest cooked breakfast available in a supermarket cafe.

The huge 19 piece breakfast includes three rashers of British bacon, three British pork sausages, three hash browns, two half slices of fried bread, two fried eggs, two half tomatoes, two black puddings, baked beans and sliced mushrooms.

The fry-up, which has 8 items more than the Morrisons’ standard big breakfast, is just £6 – and is double the size of some of the other supermarket cafe offerings.

It was created after customers complained that the big breakfast just wasn’t big enough – and asked for something larger.

UberEats is doing a buy one get one free meal deal so that’s lunch and dinner sorted

(Picture: UberEats)

UberEats is celebrating its second birthday by giving people what they want; free food.

Gosh, time flies when you’re ordering takeaway every week instead of, you know, just cooking.

The celebrations will start with a bang tomorrow as the food delivery service has partnered with 1,200 restaurants to give away £1 million worth of the UK’s favourite food.

It’s set to be their biggest buy one get one free offer yet.

So, which lucky folks can get their hands on the stuff and how?

People with depression may be more likely to develop dementia

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Depression can have different psychological and physiological effects, like erratic sleeping habits, loss of appetite, and constant fatigue.

These mental and physical symptoms can cause brain aging.

In turn, people with depression may end up with a higher chance of developing dementia in later life, claims a new study.

After studying memory loss, information processing, and ­decision making, scientists looked at 71,000 people –  some who were clinically depressed while others showed symptoms – and published their claims in the Psychological Medicine journal.

So, what does it all mean?

Although experts have previously found that those with depression and anxiety are at a higher risk of dementia, the study is the… Read the full story

Why you really shouldn’t bother exercising after a night of boozing

woman exercising
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Waking up hangover free after a night out is nothing short of a miracle.

It’s like God has given you a second chance, a golden ticket to live out your best life.

What do you do with that precious get-out-of-jail-free card?

Many of us head to the gym. After all, you feel like you owe it to your wonderful body for metabolising those three bottles of cava so well. The very least you can do after forcing it through a night in Oceana is to give it a good old muscle blast.

Right? Wrong.

Stunning photo series shows the beauty of pregnant and postpartum women

PIC BY HOBBS PHOTOGRAPHY / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: A mum poses in her underwear with her daughter for the Mothers Beauty photo series.) - Two sisters have captured the beauty of pregnant and postpartum women in a body positivity photo series.Aimee and Jenna Hobbs of Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada, started the project during the summer of 2012 after noticing that a lot of mums were insecure about being photographed during and after pregnancy.The photographers have since been spreading a positive message by photographing 15 mothers with their children each summer - SEE CATERS COPY
(Picture: Hobbs Photography/Caters News)

Two sisters have captured the beauty of pregnant and postpartum women in… Read the full story

You’re less productive when you have a meeting coming up

**ILLUSTRATION REQUEST** Working whilst being in a bad place with your mental health - how I am doing it (Liam Baines) - new blogger
(Picture: Phebe Lou Morson for Metro.co.uk)

Pointless meetings can be maddening.

They can also be a pleasant break in the day, neatly placing your to-do list into manageable chunks.

Except meetings don’t quite work out like that, do they? Despite having the deadline of a meeting, we don’t find ourselves speeding through our work with invigorated productivity.

Instead we p*ss about for twenty minutes beforehand, because there’s ‘no point’ starting something new if we’ll have to run off to a meeting at any moment.

That reality is backed up by a… Read the full story

Is it reasonable to expect your parents to get rid of their dog because you’re pregnant?

(Picture: Getty)

The internet may be awash with sweet photos of dogs and babies hanging out but when you’re faced with having a child of your own, the idea of dogs and small children might not seem so sweet.

One soon-to-mum has taken to Netmums with a dilemma she faces between protecting her as yet unborn child and the family dog.

Aimee’s pregnancy wasn’t planned and she currently lives with her parents because she can’t afford to a rent a place on her own. While that might be a pretty privileged position to be in, the problem is that she’s scared of their dog who has a history of being… Read the full story

Woman speaks out about finding body confidence with vitiligo

(Picture: Anna Nass / mediadrumworld.com)

A woman with vitiligo has turned finally has body confidence despite feeling alienated by strangers who ask whether the skin condition is ‘contagious’.

23-year-old Anna Nass, a hairdresser from Umea, Sweden, was eight years old when she first discovered a vitiligo spot behind her knee while she was on the beach.

As it was hidden, she didn’t think much about it, but by the time she started high school it had began to spread across her body.

Anna has a rare condition called non-segmental vitiligo, which is a long-term condition where white patches develop on both sides of the body in symmetrical patterns.

Lip gloss is back and we blame Fenty Beauty

(Picture: Getty Images/Tetra images RF)

Rihanna’s cult makeup line has brought the sticky pout back out of retirement.

As every 00s girl will know, lip gloss can be difficult to master. It looks deceptively simple, with that convenient little wand and smooth consistency, but keeping your pout glossy was never easy.

Lip gloss is so STICKY. Your hair sticks to it, the crumbs of anything you’re eating stick to it, it slimes up the rims of mugs and water bottles and if it’s windy, you’re likely to spend the day with a wad of hair gummed up with gloss.

Instagram Photo

When lip gloss was phased… Read the full story

This new place in London promises a sound system that touches all five senses


The new space claims to engage all five senses (Picture: Jukebox PR)

There is a new space in London that boasts a sound system able to affect all five of the human senses.

And even though that seems unlikely, a new club called Aures, in Waterloo, with its specifically designed room called the Sensorium, claims to do exactly that.

Located in the graffiti laden tunnel of Leake Street, the space aims ‘to enhance all aspects of human sensory memory’, according to its creator Sam Davis.

The space also has an instillation by artist Cristina Reyes called Memory Light’ which was supposedly meant to pay homage to ‘music and sound from a visual perspective’, as well as a graffiti based installation called ‘Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants’, by street artist Marc Craig.

The Sensorium itself is a purple lit tunnel with a curved roof, decked out on either side with two walls of Pioneer Pro Audio sound… Read the full story

You can now buy the infamous Cadbury’s Dream bar again

Caption: You can now by the infamous Cadbury’s Dream bar again (Picture: Cadbury’s)

Dream bars have been missing from UK supermarkets since the mid-noughties.

They were launched in 2002, but didn’t stick around for long, as they didn’t make enough sales.

The white chocolate bars were discontinued, and we haven’t seen them on our shelves since.

The Aussie packaging (Picture: Sanza)

There have been… Read the full story

How about a glass of ‘superfood’ cockroach milk to wash down your supper?

(Picture: Getty)

So you’ve gone off dairy because you think it’s full of weird hormones and inflammatories.

But you still want to drink milk derived from animals rather than, you know, nuts and plants.

Enter: cockroach milk.

Yep, cockroach secretion is being hailed as the latest ‘superfood’ to emerge in the wellness market, with scientists claiming that it’ll be appearing on menus everywhere in the near future.

It might sound absolutely disgusting but according to researchers from the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in India, the milk boasts loads of nutritional benefits.

‘The crystals are like a complete food – they have proteins, fats and sugars,’ Sanchari Banerjee, one of… Read the full story

Therapy cats can be life-changing for people with mental illness

(Picture: Nura Meow / EyeEm)

My cats save me every day.

I’m curled in a ball on my bed, staring into space. I’ve spent the day trying to fend off a mental health episode, to be productive and keep myself distracted, but a depressed exhaustion has descended on me. All my limbs are heavy and I feel like I can’t move.

My brain is replaying an argument with a friend earlier in the week and linking it to other disagreements, mistakes and past experiences of trauma until I’m very deep down the self-hatred rabbit hole.

One of my cats, a black and white tom called Purrnest Hemingway (don’t @ me, I didn’t name… Read the full story

Performance issues in the bedroom are not just an old man’s problem


A study has revealed that 36% of young men between the ages of 16 and 24 have experienced sexual performance problems in the last year.

The figures are higher for men between 25 and 34, with nearly 40% of those surveyed admitting to having issues in bedroom.

Sexual dysfunction is often linked to older men and Viagra use in the public consciousness, but it’s not just the over 50s who can have problems with sexual function.

The Sexual Function in Britain study shows that men of all ages are experiencing a range of sexual issues, including lack of interest in sex, lack of enjoyment in sex, feeling no arousal in sex, experiencing physical pain, difficulty getting or maintaining an erection and difficulty climaxing or climaxing too early.

Between 36% and 40% of men under 35 are experiencing one or more of these problems.

An honest conversation around these issues is long overdue.

The lead author of the study, Dr Kirstin Mitchell from the University of Glasgow,… Read the full story

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