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Lush tackles ocean plastic dumping with new campaign

(Picture: Lush)

Friday 8 June marks World Oceans Day. To honour the day, ethical soap and beauty brand Lush is launching a brand new campaign to raise awareness of the effect of plastics on ocean life.

Plastic debris is currently killing marine wildlife at an alarming rate. Marine plastic pollution is responsible for affecting at least 267 species worldwide.

A staggering 86% of all sea turtle species, 44% of all sea bird species and 43% of all marine mammal species have been impacted by plastic debris.

Sea birds unwittingly feed plastics to their chicks, negatively impacting on chick development and survival. Fish ingest plastic debris that causes intestinal problems and death, and as… Read the full story

Is it just us or does this beauty blender look quite rude?

penis brush
(Picture: Primark)

We’re fully willing to accept that it’s just us, but does anyone else thing that this beauty brush looks a bit rude? 

Or more specifically, quite a lot like a penis?

Maybe it’s the Caucasian flesh tones, or the shape, but scrolling past it this morning I honestly thought that Primark had made my day and decided to start selling sex toys.

It’s from Primark, it costs £3 and it’s sort of flesh coloured. It’s probably inspired by Kim Kardashian West’s very similar (considerably more expensive) version. The idea is that you use one end as a brush and the other as a blender when you’re contouring your face.

Read the full story

Are bum sequins the next big trend?

(Picture: Mumsnet/ Twitter: @MumsnetMadness)

If your summer wardrobe is looking a bit boring, we have got GREAT news for you. 

You can buy sequins to stick on your arse!

No longer will your plain swimming costume be underwhelming on the beach. No longer will your butt be boring.

Think about it. Everyone else has a normal, non glittery arse. So what better way to stand out than to bedazzle your buttocks?

Admittedly we can see a few teeny tiny problems with the plan.

Rihanna is bringing a Savage X Fenty popup to London

(Picture: Savage X Fenty, Getty)

Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty collection is coming to london.

Shoreditch Studios will host the lingerie line from 13 June to 17 June.

Rihanna told Vogue: ‘I love seeing the reaction to Savage X Fenty in person, so having a pop-up shop is really exciting for me!

‘I want women to feel great wearing lingerie. I want them to feel confident, sexy, flirty. But most of all, I want them to feel like themselves.’

The Shoreditch Studios popup will feature items from the Savage X Fenty core collection entitled ‘On the Reg’ plus three other lines called ‘U Cute’, ‘Black Widow’ and ‘Damn’.

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Meet the blogger inspiring people with disabilities to wear what makes them happy

(Picture: Instagram/fashionbellee)

It’s frustrating that this is still the case, but it’s rare to see someone with a disability in the world of fashion.

The lack of body diversity in the industry extends beyond size and skin colour, leaving many feeling excluded.

Think about it: When did you last see a fashion ad featuring a model with any form of disability?

Thankfully, while disabled representation hasn’t made its way to the mainstream, it’s out in full force on Instagram. On the internet sit pockets of online communities where those with disabilities can share a love of fashion in a space that feels genuinely inclusive.

Leading one of those body-positive pockets is Sophie Bradbury-Cox, also… Read the full story

Dogs eating watermelon is the new social media trend we never knew we needed


Bright, Instagrammable slices of watermelon coupled with cuddly pooches – what could be better?

Dogs eating watermelon is the new(ish) online trend taking over social media.

It started with @JenelleBnstr on Twitter sharing a video of her dog chowing down on a slice of watermelon, and the careful, almost human way her pet eats the fruit sent the post viral.

Now, people from all over the world are… Read the full story

Is it okay to diagnose yourself with a mental health issue?

metro illustartions
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Earlier this year, I started feeling weird. 

Worried all the time. Nervous – about to give a big presentation nervous – despite not being about to do anything scary. When it was at its worst I was having shortness of breath and struggling to go out and see people.

I mentioned this on social media.

‘Sounds like you’ve got anxiety,’ came back the replies in their dozens. So I decided that just like lots of my friends, I was experiencing anxiety. It made sense. I’ve always been a moderately obsessive worrier with a slightly unhealthy level of drive. I’ve been paranoid and stressed out 60% of the… Read the full story

How to deal with nerves before a marathon

Metro Illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Running a marathon can be a daunting experience.

Especially if, like me, you’re a total running newbie who definitely hasn’t done enough training (I’m running Race to the Tower in two days. Please send positive thoughts).

You worry that you’re not going to make it to the end. You imagine just how horrible the experience is going to be. You picture yourself in every possible awful scenario, from collapsing in the first six miles to pooing yourself as you run past cheering bystanders.

It’s natural to be scared. Doing a massive run – likely the biggest run you’ve ever done – is going to be a challenge.

But… Read the full story

20 interesting ideas for Father’s Day gifts that are definitely not socks


Another Father’s Day is nearly upon us – it’s Sunday 17 June, if you need to get it in your diary – so to help ease the annual gift-buying panic, here are 20 presents that he will actually want, need and use.

From a high-tech turntable, a VR headset and experimental whiskey to sweat-proof trainers and extreme gardening tools, this year get dad something that will knock his (father’s day 2017) socks off.

For the Gadget Guy

The Ultimate Car Vacuum

Picture: ao.com

The ultimate car vacuum. Dyson’s trigger handheld vacuum is regularly rated the best on the market. This ultra-powerful, portable cleaning machine has a maximum run time of… Read the full story

The top 10 most viewed overseas homes on Zoopla have been revealed

(Picture: Zoopla)

Spain is the most popular choice for Brits looking to move abroad.

The property website Zoopla has released the most viewed homes on their website that are currently for sale outside the UK.

Most of the featured properties are incredibly expensive, peaking at nearly £22 million for an eight-bed mansion in Ibiza, indicating that most of the people clicking on them are probably just doing it to drool and are not actually planning to buy.

If you want to imagine frolicking in a luxury villa like the cast of Love Island or simply dream about having enough money to own a home abroad, we invite you to salivate over this… Read the full story

Can a smartphone camera replace your expensive full-size SLR?

The Huawei P20 Pro was unveiled earlier this year claiming to have the best camera tech on a smartphone: (Picture: Huawei)

Most people are perfectly happy relying on smartphones for all their photo-snapping needs.

And since the cameras in mobile devices are becoming ever more capable of taking better, higher quality shots, the need to invest in a dedicated camera is dwindling, especially since they’re just not anywhere near as portable as a modern smartphone.

But would you be willing to rely on your phone’s camera when attending a once-in-a-lifetime event? Take for instance a big trip to a destination you’ll probably only ever get to go once, like the Maldives or… Read the full story

Southern-style street food market Noshville is coming to London this weekend

(Picture: Noshville)

In need of something to do this weekend?

Do you like to eat?

If the answer to both these questions is yes, it’s probably a wise idea to head down to Noshville – a southern themed street food market in London running from 8 June to 10 June.

Noshville’s run by the same people who do Kerb, so if you’re well-versed in the London food market scene you’ll know they know their stuff.

This particular food market is a little different to the usual, though, as it’s all Southern themed. That means a lot of meat, a lot of fried stuff, and a lot of hot sauce.

Think southern fried chicken sandwiches, mac… Read the full story

What is JIA and how does it affect children?

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Today in schools and workplaces all over the UK, people are wearing purple to raise money and awareness of a condition called JIA.

But lots of us won’t have heard about JIA, or won’t know much about it. So, here’s everything you need to know about JIA.

What is JIA?

JIA stands for juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA). It’s an inflammation of the joints that starts before the age of 16. They don’t yet know exactly what causes it, but it can cause joint symptoms, eye inflammation and growth problems, and sometimes it can affect puberty.

What are the symptoms?

What causes it?

Sadly it’s not known what causes JIA, only… Read the full story

34 of the best summer gins for every different occasion

Gin can create the perfect beverage for this summer (Picture: Getty)

Happy World Gin Day!

Gin has overtaken vodka to become the most popular spirit in the UK, and for good reason – it’s absolutely delicious.

But special recipe gin is no longer just for Christmas – distillers are now bringing out lighter, floral editions that are just perfect for the summer months.

If you prefer your gin straight and dry, then there are plenty here for you as well – try mixing them up with botanical tonic waters and frozen berries for a sunshiny twist.

I tested some of the newest gins on the block – as well a couple of old favourites just perfect… Read the full story

In defence of the dick pic – from a woman who hates them

Up your sexting game with this aubergine delivery service (Picture: Alamy/MylesGoode)

As a woman, online dating will involve a lot of one thing in particular.


No, not because we go out having lots of sex (although, to be honest, that’s totally cool and healthy. Not knocking that).

No, I mean…digital dicks. Dick pics. Photos of penises. On your phone screen. Right when you’re least expecting them.

You could be discussing what you’re watching on Netflix. Where you’re going out that night. And right as you smile at some cute emoji they’ve sent, BAM. Penis.

I mean, you could have asked first, right? It’s a bit much to be popping your eyeliner on, look down… Read the full story

Ikea X Lego is going to be a thing

Credit: Getty Images/IKEA
(Picture: Getty Images/IKEA)

We are so ready.

Hot on the heels of the highly-anticipated Virgil Abloh-designed MARKERAD collection, Ikea has announced a number of new collaborations.

The Swedish affordable furniture giant is teaming up with Lego, Adidas and Saint Heron and we’re absolutely here for it.

What will an Ikea X Lego collection look like? Cuboid furniture in primary colours? Special tables covered in those Lego baseboards so you can start building straight away?

Instagram Photo

The only info we have at present is a very sparse Instagram teaser so this remains to be seen.

The Ikea X Lego announcement was made at Ikea’s headquarters in… Read the full story

What it’s like to move to London after living up north

Mental health series: How to look after your mental health when you're moving house, because it's bloody stressful
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

After living in the beautiful, vibrant, creative city of Manchester for four years, I decided to move down south so I could finally work full-time for a national news site.

Understandably, I worried about leaving my established life in the north, where people speak in a way I can understand and I’m guaranteed to find a chip barm (a chip butty for all you southern folks) with gravy on my way home after a night out.

When I arrived in the capital, it was certainly a bit of a culture… Read the full story

What it’s like to go to an underground sex club

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

On a chilly night in February, Jess* stands outside an ordinary white door in Camden, waiting for her companion to press the bell. He gives an innocuous-sounding password, and is rewarded with a buzz as the door unlocks.

They climb narrow flights of stairs and enter a sparsely furnished flat, with an open-plan living room where porn is playing on a television screen and the coffee table is furnished with a box of tissues.

This is one of London’s underground sex clubs, a secret part of the capital’s sex scene that falls somewhere between swingers clubs and brothels. These venues are essentially private residences where once you’ve… Read the full story

Your definitive guide to packing restrictions on flights this summer

Airport in winter. Airplane taxiing to the runway for take off.
(Picture: Jaromir Chalabala / EyeEm)

No matter how many times you’ve hopped on a Ryanair or Easyjet flight, it’s entirely possible to get confused about what you’re allowed to bring.

Can you bring a razor? Tweezers? A cigarette lighter?

It doesn’t help that the rules are different for hand luggage and any bags you put in the hold.

We’ve decided to simplify things this summer with an up-to-date guide on packing restrictions so you don’t fall foul of airport security when you’re woozy from those 7am airport Proseccos and desperate to just get on the plane so you can have a nap in… Read the full story

The V&A is holding a Mary Quant retrospective to celebrate the iconic designer’s work

Mary Quant is getting her first exhibition in 50 years
(Picture: PA)

This will be the first international exhibition of Mary Quant’s work in nearly 50 years.

The queen of the mini skirt, credited with revolutionising clothing for young women in the 50s, 60s and 70s, will be celebrated in the Victoria and Albert Museum’s retrospective in April 2019.

The exhibition will showcase more than 200 objects from Mary Quant’s fashion archive, many of which have never before been seen by the public.

Mary Quant is one of the most influential fashion designers ever to come from Britain, and for a number of years in the late 50s and early 60s, was one of… Read the full story

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