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This new mum developed allergy to water after giving birth

A young mum who became allergic to water after giving birth to her daughter has described how the rare condition has turned her life in to a ?nightmare?. Cherelle Farrugia, from Cardiff , gave birth to baby Willow in November 2017 but six weeks on she developed a painful rash every time she had a shower. It took doctors three months to diagnose her with aquagenic urticaria, a rare condition which leads to hives developing rapidly after the skin comes into contact with water. As a result the Cardiff and Vale College student is unable to take her daughter swimming and even has to cover up her body when it rains. Cherelle… <a href=Read the full story

Take out a bank loan, Cadbury is charging £1.50 for Freddo biscuits

Freddo biscuits
(Picture: Cadburys/Getty)

Only 90s kids will remember the good old days when Freddos were 10p.

Those that love chomping on the frog-shaped treat were livid when it was revealed that the price of Freddos had gone up to 30p, and in some abominable shops, 99p.

After 18 years of being everyone’s childhood sugar fix, Cadbury has given the milk chocolate a rebranding, introducing a biscuit flavour.

But the folks have got the price wrong, yet again, charging £1.50 for the same sized stuff.

Olive’s 8-year-old daughter was raped; her rapist is now serving life thanks to ActionAid


When Olive’s* eight-year-old daughter Grace* was out playing, she was raped by a 65-year-old man.

Grace has learning difficulties and can’t speak or hear – it was only when neighbours heard noises that they broke into her rapist’s house to rescue her.

Olive, a single mum of three, says that she was breastfeeding her youngest at home when she was told about Grace.

‘One day while I was breastfeeding my youngest at home, Grace went out to play with her friends,’ she says.

‘It started getting dark, so I called for her to come home. That’s when I heard neighbours saying a girl had been raped – and saying that it was Grace.

‘I was so scared I couldn’t move. I felt a horrible pain in my stomach when I heard them say Grace’s name. Saying it had happened to her.’

Thankfully, one of the neighbours who found Grace was Alice, a local ‘gender defender’ who works… Read the full story

Summer’s top luggage trends to make the airport your runway



Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 13.17.47
Picture: Juno II

The ultimate trunks, totes, cases and carryalls for summer 2018

An edit of the best holiday luggage that will see you jet-setting in style.

Head to your dream destination with luggage that’s worthy of the trip. Whether stylish and classic, bold and bright or classic and chic, these bags will allow you to rock the airport runway.

A Case for Colour

The Juno 2

The return of the one piece: Summer 2018’s hottest holiday swimwear


Summer is mere minutes away which means it’s time to ditch the ancient, ratchet swimwear with the saggy elastic and that bikini that hasn’t been white since Ibiza 2016.

While the bikini will never go out of fashion, one pieces are the headline trend for summer 2018 and there is no shortage of key features that are making waves.

This isn’t another article telling you which suit will suit your body – opt for whatever catches your eye.

Here’s our pick of the best swimsuit trends to boss the beach this summer 2018.

Scalloped edges

Green Scalloped Bandeau Swimsuit by Accessorize

Green Scalloped Bandeau Swimsuit £29 www.swimwear365.co.uk.jpg
Picture: Swimwear 365

Stay chic on the shore with this… Read the full story

CrossFit just fired its spokesperson for calling gay pride a ‘sin’

(Picture: Russell Berger/Instagram)

June is pride month.

Loads of companies are doing their bit to ensure that the LGBTQ community feels comfortable and included in their narratives. Kobox, for example, has launched a campaign to get more gay men into boxing. The streets of San Francisco are currently adorned with rainbow flags.

But one of CrossFit’s executives seems to be celebrating gay pride a little differently.

Russell Berger, now former ‘Chief Knowledge Officer’, took to Twitter yesterday to congratulate an Indianan branch of CrossFit for refusing to host a pride workout this month.

‘As someone who personally believes celebrating “pride” is a sin, I’d like to personally encourage (a box in Indianapolis)… Read the full story

Crayola x ASOS launch colourful 58-piece vegan makeup collection

We want it all (Picture: ASOS)

ASOS has made all your wildest, childish dreams come true by teaming up with Crayola for a brand new makeup collection.

The 58-piece collection features highlighters, eye palettes, bold-coloured mascaras, colour-change lipsticks (!) and a super cool brush kit.

There are 95 vividly colourful shades, meaning there’s something for everyone.

The products come in the cute, retro packaging you know and love from your childhood, and from the looks of things, the makeup is highly pigmented, meaning you can be you bad, bold self at festivals, parties and beyond.

The best bit? It’s all vegan, baby.

Unleash your creativity on your face this summer

Is it safer to be a cow or a woman in India?

(Picture: Instagram/Sujatroghosh)

Cows are sacred in parts of India for religious reasons. Hindus believe they have godly properties and refrain from eating them.

In some parts, vigilante groups go to great lengths to protect them and it’s illegal to kill them in several states.

The strict cow protection rules have got some women asking whether the animal has more rights than they do.

Sujatro Ghosh has been taking pictures of women wearing cow masks to shed light on the problem and call an end to violence against women.

How ActionAid is beating period poverty and shaming in order to keep girls in school


Period shaming is still rife across the globe.

In the UK, more than a third of women have experienced period shaming and almost half say that it’s come from their partner.

According to a recent YouGov poll, 77% of UK women say that they felt isolated at school while on their period and 46% say that they felt embarrassed when they first got their period.

So imagine how that might translate in somewhere like Kenya, where many girls are too poor to afford any kind of period product.

When that kind of hostility is coupled with period poverty – not being able to afford proper sanitary products – that can have an even more damaging effect on women and girls.

Many girls in Kenya stay way from school during their period and many eventually drop out. That keeps women and girls locked in poverty, unable to claim their rights.

The new iPhone feature is about to ruin d*ck pics forever

(Picture: Getty)

The humble dick pic is a part of the fabric of modern life.

But, it’s about to be torn asunder thanks to a new feature on iOS 12.

At Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference, the firm unveiled a new feature called Measure that’s going to change everything.

Craig Federighi showed off the feature and told attendees:

Measure is a new app in iOS 12, which uses AR to quickly gauge the size of real-world objects similar to a tape measure. The new app automatically provides the dimensions of objects like picture frames, posters and signs, and can also show diagonal measurements, compute area and allow users to take a photo and share… Read the full story

We all need the confidence of the viral Indian ‘dancing uncle’

(Picture: Twitter/DabbutheDancer)

Sometimes the strangest things go viral.

But you’ll be glad that Sanjeev Shrivastava has blown up all over the internet, because his dance moves are epic.

The economics professor really let loose at a wedding while his wife could only watch on and attempt to keep up.

Sanjeev, 46, didn’t have a care in the world as he showed young ‘uns how it’s done, and they all loved it, dubbing him the Dancing Uncle.

His Twitter, which is only a week old, already has 3,000 followers. Meanwhile, some of us can’t even hit a thousand.

Gloucester Road station installs huge breakfast art gallery and it’s making us hungry

Gloucester Road tube art installation
(Pictures: @TFL/London News)

Mind your step, someone’s spilled breakfast all over Gloucester Road.

No, not a croissant or cereal bar. It’s eggs, and they’re in every form you can imagine them in. Oh, and they’re not real.

If you alighted at or passed the station on your commute this morning, you might’ve noticed the massive new art installation.

You can see large fried eggs, cut boiled eggs, and eggs still in their shells splattered all over the 80m platform at the London station.

Pride month: Remembering Marsha P. Johnson

(Picture:More Color More Pride – Netflix)

Marsha P. Johnson remains one of the bravest people in the fight for LGBTQ rights.

Sometimes – particularly during pride month – we become complacent about where we are. We have same-sex marriage and homophobia is no longer considered socially acceptable in most circles.

However, Marsha’s memory should galvanise us into supporting marginalised members of our community, rather than assuming that because some of us are fine all of us are.

If you don’t know about Marsha P. Johnson, it’s worth getting to know all about her.

The P in her name stands for ‘pay it no mind’. When people would ask about her gender, that’s what she’d… Read the full story

Meet the feminist artist whose work you’ve probably shared on Instagram


I first came across photographer and artist Sarah Bahbah in 2015 when pics from her debut photo series ‘Summer Without A Pool’ were doing the rounds on Instagram.

While many of her photos were reproduced without credit, I did manage to trace them back to her account, where Sarah was posting daily pictures from ‘Summer Without A Pool’.

Her drip-feeding of the story created suspense and meant you were forced to savour – rather than devour – each image, which is something we’re not used to, thanks to our Netflix bingeing culture.

The stills feature models acting out the sultry coming of age narrative, with subtitles, creating Bahbah’s now widely recognised aesthetic.

Subsequent series include ‘For Arabella’, featuring a trouble, self sabotaging protagonist, and ‘This Is Not For You’, starring actor Dylan Sprouse as her first ever male lead.

Her series have dark narratives, featuring troubled, vulnerable souls, who often seem tough on the outside, but are hurting internally.

This reflects the artist herself, whose… Read the full story

Morrisons launches a monster portion of fish and chips for £8.50

(Picture: Morrisons)

The supermarket now offers a massive battered haddock that weighs in at a staggering 350g – that’s over double the portion of fish on the standard £5.50 meal.

The classic British dish also comes with a double portion of chips and peas, and will be served in 420 store cafes around the country until 24 June.

Morrisons spokesperson Helen Tordoff said: ‘Our customers love fish and chips but some a-fish-ionados with big appetites wanted a bigger plate of their favourite dish.

‘The meal is also great value for money and hand-battered to order.’

It certainly is good value, but how many people who order it are actually clearing their plates and how… Read the full story

Muslims Who Fast: The Rouf family play Come Ramadine With Me

(Picture: Faima Bakar)

Welcome back to Muslims Who Fast, our mini-series where we ask people if we can join them for iftar, the fast-breaking ritual that happens every night during Ramadan.

Just to refresh your memory, Ramadan happens every year for a month, when Muslims around the world don’t eat, drink, or smoke during daylight hours.

Last week we spoke to Quddus, an imam in the Ahmadiyya Muslim community and now we’re speaking to the Rouf family who have Bangaldeshi, Spanish, and Puerto Rican members.

This year, each family is taking turns to host their own version of Come Dine With Me, and with points to be scored, the stakes were high.

This… Read the full story

Lifelike sex robots might not be a very good idea

(Picture: SWNS)

Sex dolls are becoming more and more lifelike, the most advanced ones can remember birthdays and even quote Shakespeare (if you’re into that) – but they’ll never replace human companionship.

That’s according to researchers at least. Certain sex dolls may do more harm than good, say experts.

Some say that sexbots actually help those likely to deviate from sexual norms and help to curb violence against women and men.

But there’s no evidence to suggest this is true, say Dr Chantal Cox-George, from St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and Professor Susan Bewley, from King’s College London.

The two researched the health benefits of using sex dolls but came up with… Read the full story

Clear your house: A Solange and Ikea collaboration is coming

(Picture: Getty)

Clear out your house and scrap your interiors Pinterest board. You’re going to want to make way for this.

Solange Knowles (you know, the musician, the artist, the icon, the person who reinvented mirror selfies) has announced an upcoming collaboration with Ikea.

Well, technically, it’s a collaboration between Solange’s creative project, Saint Heron, and Ikea. But that’s pretty much the same thing.

We don’t know much about the collection itself. The news was announced with a cool – but extremely vague – video showing a hypnotising spinning shape with the words: ‘Ikea x Saint Heron: Objects, Space, Architecture.’

On the Saint Heron website it’s been declared that the collaboration will explore ‘architectural… Read the full story

‘I tried trimming it, but couldn’t get to the tricky parts’: People reveal secrets from their teenage diaries

reading book
(Picture: Ella Byworth for metro.co.uk)

Given my current profession, it probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that I used to keep a diary when I was young.

It was filled with angsty stories such as how upset I was that my mum wouldn’t let me buy the sky-high Baby Spice boots that all the girls wore – she thought they were too provocative.

And of course, gossip about boys, teenage crushes and friendship drama galore.

I especially enjoyed re-reading the four pages that I wrote about my first kiss, which I had with a strange boy on a school trip and described as ‘sloppy, but nice’.

He actually ended up becoming… Read the full story

Ikea commits to getting rid of single-use plastic products by 2020

(Picture: IKEA)

As the war on plastic rages on, a major step has come from Ikea, your favourite place for flat-pack furniture and generic artwork to hang in your flat.

The retail giant has announced that it will stop selling all single-use plastic products by 2020, with plans to design products that are able to be repaired, resold, or recycled.

That means that by 2020, you’ll no longer find plastic straws, plates, cups, freezer bags, paper plates, cups, and bin bags in Ikea. Instead you’ll find alternatives that won’t clog up our world. Lovely.

In addition to that declaration, Ikea has already committed to getting rid of oil-based plastic products, and has invested… Read the full story

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