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Machine du Vin is a boutique music, wine and food festival at a chateau in the South of France

The ultimate festival location? (Picture: Machine du Vin)

If you love music festivals but have started to feel a bit too old for them, then listen up.

Machine du Vin is a new, boutique music, wine and food festival taking place in the South of France between 31 August – 2 September, 2018.

The festival is taking place at the ridiculously swanky Abbaye Château de Camon, about 100km from Toulouse, and the grounds are a hefty upgrade from your bog standard field.

The festival has an ace musical line-up, but what sets it apart from the crowds – aside from the location, of course – is the food and wine aspect. Don’t let things… Read the full story

What it’s really like to date with herpes

Dead vagina syndrome
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Dating is hard. Dating with an incurable STI is even harder.

The herpes virus is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the world. According to the World Health Organisation, two out of three people under the age of 50 are infected. Oh, and once you have it, you have it for life.

This sounds genuinely scary, but what’s it like if you know you have herpes but you still want to date and find love?

Alexandra Harbushka knows the answer.

The 35-year-old manages a blog called Life With Herpes and is also the spokesperson for MPWH (Meet People With Herpes), the world’s biggest online dating community for… Read the full story

The red carpet reports are the dark alley of the web where sexism thrives

Nicola Thorp at the British Soap Awards 2018
Nicola Thorp at the Soap Awards. (Photo by Mike Marsland/Mike Marsland/WireImage)

Here’s a fun game. Let’s play ‘Red Carpet Bingo’.

If we want better films we need more female directors and more diversity in general

Google any coverage of a red carpet event and look out for the following phrases. Winner gets to hit their head against a brick wall.

‘Flashed the flesh’, ‘leggy’, ‘busty display’, ‘flaunts cleavage’, ‘revealing number’, ‘ample chest’, ‘frumpy’, ‘totally inappropriate’, ‘too tight’, ‘too baggy’, ‘left little to the imagination’.

And as a bonus, if you see a man’s appearance being described in… Read the full story

Get ready for ‘chouxnuts’: M&S launches the high street’s first éclair-doughnut hybrid

(Picture: M&S)

First there was the cronut.

And now, we’ve got the chouxnut – a delicious éclair-doughnut hybrid that is about to hit the UK.

The chouxnut is a doughnut-shaped choux pastry bun filled with creme patisserie which apparently originated in San Francisco.

M&S is now going to start selling them in two flavours: Rhubarb & Custard filled with British rhubarb crème patisserie, topped with a rhubarb fondant glaze; and Salted Caramel filled with salted caramel cream and topped with chocolate ganache.

Eclairs are M&S’ best-selling dessert, with over 30 being sold every minute. So it makes sense that the store would be the home of an eclair mashup.

Instagram PhotoRead the full story

This Instagram account Photoshops unimpressed dogs into food and it’s frighteningly realistic

(Picture: Dogs in food)

Instagram can be quite annoying because sometimes our feed is full of selfies and carefully curated shots of food, and we wish it was just dogs.

Luckily, someone has come to our rescue by combining two of these things – food and dogs.

Instagram account Dogs in Food has Photoshopped dogs into food, and it looks scarily realistic.

The best thing about it though is probably how royally pissed off all the dogs look.

Here are some of our faves.

Doge meringue pie, anyone?

Quorn is ditching its non-recyclable black plastic trays for an eco-friendly version

Quorn's new recyclable and old non-recyclable packaging
Bad vs good (Picture: Quorn)

Quorn has announced that it’s getting rid of it current non-recyclable black trays and replacing them with white or clear recyclable alternatives.

The company will have removed 90% of black trays from its products by the end of June, with the rest – products in the chilled Deli range – phased out by the end of 2018.

They say this will eliminate 297 tonnes of black plastic from their supply chain annually.

The trouble with black and brown plastic trays is that they’re not recyclable. However, the majority of us assume that they are and chuck them in the recycling bin.

Unfortunately, they’ll… Read the full story

Narcissists have thicker, more well-groomed eyebrows apparently

(Picture: Cara Delevigne/Instagram)

Thick, well-preened eyebrows might be the beauty accessory right now but apparently, they signify something more.

According to new research, maintaining distinctively thick, neat eyebrows is a trait common to narcissists.

In fact, scientists from the University of Toronto say that they’re synonymous with those who rate highly on the scale of ‘grandiose narcissism’, a form of narcissism that’s characterised often with having a flamboyant and assertive personality…as well as an unrealistic sense of superiority.

Miranda Giacomin and Nicholas Rule from the university took facial photographs of participants who later completed the Narcissistic Personality Inventory – a widely used measure of subclinical grandiose narcissism.

They then cropped the photos so that… Read the full story

Good Sex Bad Sex podcast – Naked cleaning and power fantasies with Ethan Mechare


Last week we chatted fat sex with the brilliant ‘Fat Sex Goddess’ Athena Mae.

Good Sex Bad Sex podcast: How to be comfortable with your naked body

Athena talked about how to love yo’self, ‘squashing’ – and got all whiptastic on our asses. Sort of. Have a listen to this wonderful empowering woman here.

In this week’s podcast, our guest is actor, presenter and Naked Cleaner, Ethan Mechare.

Ethan’s one-man show Coming Clean: Life As A Naked House Cleaner talks about voyeurism, sexual fantasy and nude housework – and in our podcast, Ethan also talks Oprah and tells us everything about his two years as a naked house cleaner.

(No feather dusters were harmed during this recording.)

Good Sex Bad Sex: Do you think anyone saw this as a submissive thing?

Ethan Mechare: Submissive to me or submissive to them?

GSBS: Both.

Ethan: Absolutely, yes. I think the guy I just… Read the full story

Dying dad makes it to his son’s wedding on time thanks to ambulance crew

A dying dad made it to his son's wedding on time thanks to a kind-hearted ambulance crew
(Pictures: BPM MEDIA)

A dying dad made it to his son’s wedding on time, thanks to a kind-hearted ambulance crew.

When Derick Andrews, 84, was transferred to a new hospice, he was worried that he’d miss his son Simon tying the knot.

He told the ambulance crew that the couple was getting married at a registry office in Cambridge and they pulled out all the stops to make sure that Derick made it.

Using a non-emergency patient transport vehicle, Pete Amies and Ali Amps dropped Derick off to surprise the happy couple.

‘We were in the ambulance and… Read the full story

Argos is calling 2018 the ‘year of the unicorn’ as it reveals must-have Christmas toys

christmas presents list
Pictures: Getty/PA

It may only be June but Argos has already revealed this year’s must-have toys for Christmas.

And according to the retailer, 2018 is going to be the ‘year of the unicorn’.

You might think that unicorn-related stuff has been around for months already but it seems that the trend is now trickling down from millennials to actual children, with four toys based on the mythical beast included on this year’s list – including a ‘Poopsie’ unicorn which poos glitter.

Argos puts the surge in unicorn-themed gifts down to social media.

‘Social media trends are influencing toys more than ever before, such as the unicorn craze which has inspired great products… Read the full story

Coffee helps people work better as a team

(Picture: Getty)

For many of us, the promise of coffee is the only thing that gets us out of bed.

A second cafetiere is needed before we talk to anyone in the office and a third cup just about keeps us civil towards our colleagues until lunchtime.

So it’s no surprise that coffee makes us work better in a team.

Researchers from Ohio State University conducted two experiments with groups of undergraduates and found that those who drank caffeinated coffee were able to stay more on task.

The first study looked at 72 coffee drinkers, half of whom were told to drink a cup of coffee and rate its flavour at the very beginning of… Read the full story

Instagram influencer Loki the Sphynx cat dies after routine dental procedure

(Picture: Instagram.com/loki_the_sphynx)

We’ve got some really sad news this morning, guys.

Feline Instagram influencer Loki the Sphynx has died.

Loki was an eight year old male Sphynx cat – a breed of cat known for its lack of coat – who shot to fame on Instagram thanks to his incredibly grumpy face, which was even grumpier than the original Grumpy Cat.

Who knew that was even possible?

Loki was adopted by his humans, Brent Erickson and Sara Kjelsvig, who lived with their furless baby in New York.

Yesterday, they made the shocking announcement that their little buddy had died suddenly during a routine dental procedure.

Instagram Photo

‘Brent… Read the full story

Gucci donates fabrics to sex trafficking victims working in dressmaking shop

Gucci Boutique at Crystals retail and entertainment complex in Las Vegas
(Picture: Getty)

The folks at Gucci have shown their charitable side, donating 13,000 feet of leftover designer fabric to a dressmaking shop.

And those that work in the shop are victims of trafficking, namely Nigerian women who were forced into sex work in Italy.

The women have received the top-notch raw materials and have been taught how to design, sketch, and sew by Italian students.

The designs feature Gucci silks, satins, and cotton with bright African prints.

At the end of it all, the Nigerian dressmakers will then put on a fashion show in Rome, showing off their creations.

Toega is the new fitness trend that makes us very uneasy

(Picture: Getty)

Fitness trends are always getting more extra, and now apparently mastering the downward dog just isn’t good enough.

The new workout to try according to the foot experts at Vivobarefoot is toega, aka yoga for your toes – our most overworked and underappreciated body part.

Toega is probably a good idea for many of us, since we spend much of our time on our feet and don’t give them the love they deserve.

With more people branching into barefoot running and understanding the power of reflexology, toega is a natural progression.

However, that doesn’t mean the poses to exercise the toes don’t make us cringe quite a lot.

Read the full story

Swap flowers for a pizza bouquet on your wedding day

Pizza wedding bouquet METRO GRAB taken from: https://www.facebook.com/VillaItalianKitchen/photos/a.407183233566.184417.64497808566/10156246190038567/?type=3&theater Credit: Villa Italian Kitchen
(Picture: Villa Italian Kitchen)

Your wedding should be an expression of you and your partner, merging your shared interests and love in a special day for your friends and family to enjoy.

Now there’s a perfect way to show your cherished guests what you’re all about – a pizza bouquet.

For people who don’t love flowers (they just die?!) or want something with more personality, Villa Pizza in the US are giving couples the opportunity to walk these beauties down the aisle.

Why the Forbes 100 Highest Paid Sportspeople list doesn’t include any women

(Picture: ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images)

Forbes has just released its annual list of the 100 highest paid sportspeople in the world.

And for the first time in eight years, it doesn’t include a single woman.

Yep, not even Serena Williams makes this year’s list because she’s spent part of 2018 on maternity leave following the birth of her daughter, Alexis Olympia.

Floyd Mayweather comes out top,

His fight against Conor McGregor back in August was so commercially successful that 4.3 million of us paid to watch it, helping to generate more than $550 million in total revenue. Floyd took home $275 million and managed to bring that up to $285 million from appearances,… Read the full story

UK quidditch team want to pay you and a mate £600 to be their runner at the quidditch World Cup

Team UK at the IQA European games in Oslo in 2017
Team UK at the IQA European games in Oslo in 2017 (Picture: UK quidditch)

The UK quidditch team are hiring two people to be their runners at the quidditch World Cup final in Florence this month.

The team are looking for two friends who want to fly out to Italy and hep them snatch the trophy from reigning champions, the Australian Dropbears.

The sport is of course inspired by Harry Potter’s favourite game – although the muggle version is completely land-based.

This role however isn’t just for Potter fans – the team are after anyone who thinks they’d be… Read the full story

The misconceptions of Tourette’s make it harder to live with the syndrome

Adrian Reynolds
Adrian often suppresses his tics, but this can be draining (Picture: Adrian Reynolds)

Since I first developed physical and verbal tics aged nine (I’m now 37), public awareness of Tourette’s has increased substantially. But I didn’t receive a diagnosis until I was 16 – my parents, teachers and doctor had never heard of the condition.

I didn’t get any support before the diagnosis and was often in trouble for my symptoms, at home and at school. Everyday I would be told to stop the movements and noises I made and I couldn’t understand why it proved impossible. It was all I knew, so I assumed it was my fault.

Doctors are… Read the full story

Should avocados be stored in the fridge or the cupboard?

Woman taking cherry tomato from fridge.
Should that green thing be in there? (Picture: Getty)

We’ve established that Generation Rent are screwed because of their obsession with avocados, but have we all agreed on where to store the blessed green fruit?

It may seem obvious to some, but to others – like my mother, who insists on keeping rock hard avocados in the fridge and wondering they they never ripen – avocado storage is extremely confusing.

Because you and your avocados deserve to be living your best lives, we’re going to settle this situation one and for all.

First off, Will Hawkins, Registered Nutritionist at Push Doctor explains that… Read the full story

You can now get espresso martinis posted to your door

This could be you, no, it really could be (Picture: Getty/The Bottled Bartender)

Ah, the espresso martini.

It’s the perfect drink for those who find that alcohol makes them tired *waves* as it’s got that glorious kick of caffeine from the shot of coffee.

The popular cocktail started life as the ‘vodka espresso’ and was created in 1983 by a chap called Dick Bradsell, who was bartending at the Soho Brasserie in London when a customer came in asking for a drink that would, ‘Wake me up, and then fuck me up.’

They’re easy enough to get hold of in bars, but a bit of a faff to make at home, as you… Read the full story

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