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Why you get post-marathon blues

Why you get post-marathon blues
(Picture: Getty/Metro.co.uk)

Here’s a fun thing people don’t mention about running 26.2miles for fun: Not only will you get rewarded with sore legs, blisters, and missing toenails, you’ll also experience a fun thing called the post-marathon blues.

Yes, pals. After a marathon you’re likely to feel more than a little down. You’ll experience depressive symptoms like lethargy and a lack of purpose and wanting to sleep all the time.

Fun, huh? People don’t mention that when they talk about how life-changing running a marathon is, do they?

Don’t let that put you off if you’re really keen on running a long, long way, though. The post-marathon blues do pass,… Read the full story

The Meghan Markle effect sees people now tattooing freckles on their faces

Freckle tattoos are all the rage, but why are people doing them and are they applied in the same way as face tatts? (Picture: Twitter)

To some, natural freckles may be a source of annoyance and embarrassment. To others, they’re a fashion statement.

In fact, freckles are so trendy now that people are getting them tattooed on their faces by professionals.

The beauty fad began last year and is catching on like wildfire, as you can see from the Instagram hashtag #freckletattoos.

So why are people deciding to get them done (usually for a few hundred quid a pop) and how long do they… Read the full story

Cab driver shares stories of being propositioned for sex while on the job


‘I dropped a woman home after her hen do, and she asked if I wanted the payment sexually. She said, “I’m about to be consigned to the same cock for the rest of my life, and he’s f***ing loaded but boring!”‘

Jack,* 39, manages a cab firm, but he’s happy to think back to his time as a cabbie; when he was regularly propositioned by passengers.

In the bride-to-be’s case, he knocked her back, because, ‘she was easily two to three bottles of wine down.’

‘I didn’t want to risk a sober reality check in the morning,’ Jack tells Metro.co.uk. ‘She took her bra off and we did have a kiss, but as much as she insisted she wouldn’t regret it, I refused to take it any further.’

Jack reckons that in his three years as a driver, he was propositioned, on average, about twice a month. However, he points out that he was working 10-12 hour days, six days a week, ‘so the… Read the full story

It’s a big deal that upskirting is finally illegal – trust me, I’ve experienced it

Upskirting victim picture: Getty./Metro.co.uk
(Picture: Getty/Metro.co.uk)

Upskirting is finally illegal.

If you’re found guilty of it, you could now face a custodial sentence of up to two years.

Which, while being very good news, is pretty shocking. Because it means that until recently if you took a picture up someone’s skirt, of their genitals, you were extremely unlikely to get in trouble.

It didn’t seem to matter how invasive, humiliating and upsetting the experience of having your crotch photographed was. It was just a part of life.

Women’s magazines used to publish pictures of Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears getting out of cars with their labia on display.

Emma Watson recounts a horrible story about… Read the full story

Very good dog captures hearts of strangers as he waits patiently outside café

Very good dog
Jasmine and her new buddy (Picture: Twitter @jaysc0)

This is a tale. A tale of a very obedient dog.

Makeup artist Jasmine Schofield was just minding her own business in the café of a Google office in an undisclosed location in the USA (much mysterious, such wow) when she noticed something out of the corner of her eye.

Something soft. Something smol. Something still.

There, waiting just outside the café’s perimeter was a dog. A little smiling dog. With its lead on the floor next it.

The dog must be able to read, as there was a ‘No dogs allowed’ sign up on the café wall, preventing him from entering.

So he didn’t. And… Read the full story

Baby goat runs for the first time after dog chewed her legs off


A heartwarming video shows the moment a tiny goat whose legs were chewed off by an angry dog ran for the first time thanks to her new prosthetic legs.

Miracle, a nine-month-old pygmy goat, lost her front legs below the knee when her owner’s pet Great Pyrenees chewed them off as they stuck out of her mother during birth.

Sarah Austin, 41, a veterinary assistant, was called to the gruesome scene by the distressed… Read the full story

Guy who was told he had the wrong number sends d*ck pic anyway

FEMAIL REQ: Wrong number Guy Texts Wrong Number Thinking It?s His Crush, Reveals A Little Bit Too MuchWe?ve all been there. A random call or text pops up on your phone, someone has got the wrong number. You politely explain the misunderstanding and life goes on. Well, not for Redittor Th3GreenMan56! He received a random text from a guy called ?Brandon,? who was awkwardly attempting to seduce who he thought was a girl he liked.The roleplay style, asterisk laden text is cringeworthy enough. And, despite Greenman revealing his identity and trying to explain that he had the wrong number, Brandon seemed to have it all planned out already and was not taking… <a href=Read the full story

Burnt Roti magazine celebrates female and non-binary south Asian creatives

(Picture: Burnt Roti)

Burnt Roti magazine provides a supportive space for south Asians to start conversations about issues that affect them, from racism and mental illness to coming out to religious family members, and champions south Asian creatives doing amazing work.

This year’s print edition (the magazine also runs online) is special because after their cover star dropped out, Burnt Roti editor Sharan Dhaliwal decided to take a different approach.

‘We came up with the idea to put the people we want to give the platform to – the people we care about, who are collaborating with others and are working towards a vital part of the movement – on our cover,’… Read the full story

This label is printing #MeToo news stories on jeans and denim jackets

#MeToo jeans
(Picture: we wear the pants)

In the latest instance of designers using the #MeToo movement to sell garments, the denim brand Denimcratic has launched a collection called We Wear the Pants.

The limited edition line consists of items laser-etched with an estimated 30 newspaper stories about sexual harassment in the workplace, from news outlets including the The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and The Boston Globe.

There are two denim pieces in the collection – a denim jacket and skinny jeans – and a top that reads ‘Want: Women who wear the pants’ accompanied by a picture of a woman unfastening her trousers.

Dog with hay fever gets prescribed lycra onesie so he can go for walkies again

Dog with hayfever gets a onsie
(Picture: Caters)

It’s not just humans who have to deal with the itchy eyes and runny noses symptoms of hay fever.

Dogs can get hay fever too.

However, while dogs sneezing can look utterly adorable to us, it’s obviously no fun at all for them.

Which is why Stan the Hungarian Vizla has been prescribed a lycra onsie so he can finally go for walkies again.

The seven-year-old pooch was diagnosed with a pollen allergy about three years ago, which would leave him itchy and sore after walks outside.

His owner, Kirsten Armitage, tried several remedies over the years including Piriton, creams and omega fish oil, but nothing… Read the full story

What does Father’s Day tell us about toxic masculinity?

dealing with your partner's parents over Christmas?
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

There’s something so depressing about Father’s Day.

Resentful twenty somethings take their fathers out for a carvery of mystery meat and gravy which tastes like the colour brown in an attempt to show thanks for spawning them.

But even worse than the overpriced pub lunch is the absolute tat that people apparently buy for their fathers.

I will fully admit that some of this is down to snobbery. The sheer ugliness of a sign reading ‘anyone can be a father, it takes a special man to be a dad’ makes me want to stick pins in my eyes. The idea that anyone… Read the full story

Not all Muslims are the same, and as we celebrate Eid, here are a few things we do differently

MENISSA SALEM: I'm sick of one type of muslim woman being portrayed
Not all Muslim women wear hijabs (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Today, millions of Muslims will be celebrating Eid al-Fitr, the holy day that follows Ramadan.

The event is basically like a spicy Christmas, with less booze. And while some Muslims take the day very seriously, I belong to a relaxed, liberal community, and we enjoy it in our own way.

Eid Mubarak quotes, messages, wishes and images to say Happy Eid today

For many of us, religion complements life rather than dominate it.

We follow the good bits and ignore… Read the full story

Farfetch has managed to combine a shirt, a skirt, and jeans all in one handy dress

(Picture: Farfetch)

If you’ve ever been stuck on whether to wear a shirt, a skirt, a dress or a pair of jeans on a night out, you’re in luck – because you can now get all four in one.

Farfetch is selling a ‘layered denim dress’ which is essentially a shirt/skirt/dress/jeans hybrid.

The dress features a long-sleeved white blouse tucked into a long, high waisted denim skirt, completed with the waist and pockets of a pair of black denim jeans.

Confusing, we know.

Now that immigration for medics is changing, I hope to return to the job I love in the NHS

(Picture: Nnaemeka Chidumije)

The effects of immigration rules put in place to reduce net migration have become common knowledge to the public.

Following on from the Windrush scandal, where Caribbean-born legal residents were targeted for deportation, personal stories of people affected by Home Office rules have flooded the media.

Theresa May 'rejected Cabinet please to give visas to foreign doctors'

Issues with visa caps resonate with me – I recently had to leave my job, family and friends in the UK and return to Nigeria.

But news that home secretary Sajid Javid plans to ease immigration rules for medics, in order for the… Read the full story

What is yerba mate tea and should I be drinking it?

What is yerba mate tea and should we be drinking it?
Fancy a brew? (Picture: Metro.co.uk)

Yerba mate (pronounced (yer-bah mah-tay) is an evergreen tree from the holly family that grows in the subtropical forests of Paraguay, Uruguay, and the Parana state of Brazil.

It’s basically the English Breakfast tea of that part of the world – the go-to brew for when friends and family pop round.

Although, according to yerba tea brand Yuyo, Uruguayans drinks over 9kg of yerba mate a year, which is five times the amount of tea your average Brit drinks.

So, why do people drink it?

It contains three stimulating, feel-good compounds – caffeine, theobromine and theophylline, and… Read the full story

A girl got so drunk she brought a random dog home with her after a night out

Girl finds dog on her bed after night out
(Picture: Caters News)

Most drunken nights end with a drunken phone call to your ex or passing out on the sofa while eating a kebab. It’s pretty standard.

But one girl who’d gone on a night out upped the game by taking home a stranger’s dog.

Toni Robinson was walking home from a night out with some friends when she spotted a dog and decided to take her to her friend’s house, wrapped underneath her dress.

Brexit might cause a gin shortage, so that’s just great

(Picture: Getty)

Right, no one wants to talk about Brexit because it’s boring as balls, but here’s a quick upshot.

If we leave the EU without any kind of deal it’s called a no deal Brexit (you can see why). If that happens, people are predicting a sort of Doomsday situation where we can’t get our hands on anything traded from abroad.

Basically it’ll be like the Blitz only we won’t look so chic and there’ll be no GI’s to give us chewing gum and nylons in exchange for a peek at our ankles*

*this might not be a completely accurate rendering of what the Blitz was like.

Anyway, one of the things… Read the full story

Blogger with IBS upset over waitress writing ‘haha’ on her bill

RUDIE FOODIE - Food blogger shocked after restaurant shames her dietary requirements by saying 'haha' on her bill
(Picture: SWNS)

A food blogger with strict diet requirements has hit out at a Mexican restaurant after they wrote ‘haha’ next to her list of dietary requirements on the bill.

22-year-old Billie Hyde had gone for a meal at Amigos Mexican Kitchen in Sheffield, ordering seabass from the menu, requesting the £9.95 dish had no onions, garlic or milk.

After finishing the meal and getting the bill, Billie saw that it read ‘no onion no garlic no milk haha’.

Billie suffers from irritable bowel syndrome and follows a certain diet to prevent stomach cramping.

She said she… Read the full story

Couple ditch the traditional wedding cake for one made entirely out of pork pies

Pork pie wedding
(Picture: Pork Farms/BPM Media)

A couple ditched the traditional wedding cake for a tower of pork pies instead.

Rebekah and Kyle Johnson’s wedding took place in Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire, on 19 May.

The four-tiered pork pie cake was displayed alongside a more traditional wedding dessert made from 100 cupcakes, after it was won in the #NotTheOnlyWedding campaign, where Pork Farms called for pork pie fans to step forward if they were getting married on the same day as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

22-year-old Rebekah, a buyer for a men’s gift company, said: ‘I entered a lot of Royal Wedding-themed competitions and when people found out about the pork… Read the full story

American Apparel launches a Pride collection

(Picture: American Apparel)

In the second campaign since their relaunch, AA is back with the LGBT rights collection ‘THEY O.K’.

The Pride collection features bright basics including hoodies, ringer t-shirts, shorts and halter tops, metallic bralets and the ubiquitous disco pants that American Apparel was well-known for. The line also features bags and t-shirts bearing the THEY O.K slogan and ‘Still here. Still queer.’

American Apparel has long been an advocate for LGBT rights, releasing various LGBT supportive garments including the ‘Legalize Gay!’ t-shirts, ‘Gay O.K’ tees for Pride 2012 and ‘Make America Gay Again’ shirts, totes and hats in response to the Trump presidency.

Read the full story
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