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Mum orders pool for £1 and is surprised that it doesn’t look like the photos

PIC FROM Caters News - (PICTURED: Claire Seniors paddling pool she ordered for her children) - A mum-of-two was left shocked when the paddling pool she brought for her children turned out to be so small they could only stand in it. Claire Senior, 40, tried to surprise her sun-loving children with a jumbo-sized passling pool to cool off in but was shocked with what she unwrapped. Upon opening the pool, which Claire believed to be a normal paddling pool size, she was shocked to find the pool was just the size of her shoe.SEE CATERS COPY
(Picture: Caters News)

Claire Senior was shocked when the paddling pool she’d ordered for… Read the full story

Amputee quits her boring job to open yoga studio for people living without limbs

Super fit Kelsey Koch. See SWNS story NYYOGI; An amputee quit her boring billing job to open her own yoga studio to help other people living without limbs. Kelsey Koch, 25, was born without a left tibia and her parents Barb, 57, and Jeff Koch, 59, made the difficult decision to have her leg amputated through the knee when she was nine months old. Growing up, Kelsey loved golf but her heavy prosthetic leg prevented her from running or taking part in other sports. When Kelsey began to work with personal trainer Jen Colombo to treat her scoliosis in 2016, the fitness expert encouraged her to research prosthetics to help optimize her… <a href=Read the full story

Asda gives brilliant response to grammatical error on Father’s Day t-shirt

(Picture: @wonderwomanLH)

Asda has recently come under fire for stocking a Father’s Day t-shirt with an obvious spelling mistake.

The supermarket recently started selling green t-shirts with a cartoon image of beer on them, alongside the caption: ‘Dad’s don’t do things by halves’.

The tops were selling for £4, however, Asda has stopped stocking them after a Twitter user pointed out the mistake.

They wrote: ‘Really Asda? @AsdaServiceTeam @Georgeatasda Two major things wrong with this T-shirt.

This woman never washes her hair – here’s how you can go ‘no poo’ too

(Picture: PA Real Life; Getty)

Emma Thomson, 28, from Shepperton, Surrey, was tired of having ‘limp and lifeless’ hair.

When she read about the ‘no poo method’ online, that’s when she decided to take action.

Emma, who works in a gym as a fitness and wellbeing adviser and is also a former part-time bodybuilder, says:

‘My hair was lank and somehow managed to be both dry and greasy at the same time.

I was sick of trying to make it feel thick. I know this is drastic, but I wanted to give the ‘no poo method’ a go and I’m so glad I did – I’ve never been happier with my hair.’

Read the full story

A tiny Thai restaurant in Soho has been named National Restaurant of the Year

Kiln Restaurant in Soho, London Credit: Kiln
(Picture: Kiln)

A little Thai restaurant based in the back streets of Soho has been named National Restaurant of the Year.

Kiln, home to an affordable Thai grill-style menu, was awarded the number one restaurant out of 100 UK eateries at the National Restaurant Awards.

Kiln offers a range of Thai dishes, including slow-grilled chicken and soy and ginger and beef cheek curry.

The head chef of the restaurant, Nick Molyviatis, was ‘very happy’ to have won the award, which was announced on 11 June at the Hurlingham Club in Fulham.

Model busts open the myth that plus-size people don’t exercise

(Picture: jëssica vandër lëahy/Instagram)

Jessica Vander Leahy is a Sydney-born model who has been smashing fashion industry barriers for a decade.

And she, like a lot of curvy people, works out.

While Jessica’s a massive advocate for self-love and body positivity, even she admits that she doesn’t embrace her body every day.

‘Social media has been a great way to connect with people over the years and I often get people—mostly women— asking me how I love myself sick every day. But the truth is I don’t always,’ she tells Pedestrian TV.

She says that we all have moments of self-doubt and creeping insecurities. For women, those usually play out as… Read the full story

Deaf and blind man communicates with his wife through yoga

Andrew Cohen and Kelly Brittingham in Biolix, Mississippi. Deaf and blind Andrew Cohen decided to take up acroyoga - a combination of acrobatics and yoga, as a way of connecting with his wife Kelly Brittingham. See SWNS story NYYOGA; A deaf and blind man has found a unique way of connecting with his hearing wife -through YOGA. Andrew Cohen, 31, has Usher syndrome, a rare genetic disorder which means he is visually impaired, profoundly deaf and has balance issues. But despite that, the software technician and his wife Kelly Brittingham, 30, decided to take up acroyoga - a combination of acrobatics and yoga - last year. Most people new to the practice… <a href=Read the full story

Food is a class issue, and we need to address it as such

I'm scared my children will 'catch' my eating disorder - is there a risk and what can I do?
(Picture: Erin Aniker for Metro.co.uk)

Whether it’s veganism, going gluten free, or eating clean, a whole load of people these days have specialist dietary requirements.

That’s fine and everyone should be free to eat what they want. However, a huge number of people in these foodie tribes are evangelical about their chosen way of eating.

Even simply healthy eating is forced down our throats, with food given good and bad labels rather than treated as what it is – sustenance.

With the news that Jamie Oliver was in talks with the Scottish Government to ban… Read the full story

Dog food company makes human meals out of their product and wants you to eat it

Fancy it? (Picture: Getty; Shutterstock; Metro.co.uk)

Many humans are caring more and more about the food they put in their body.

So, why shouldn’t we do the same for our pets?

In recent years, dog food companies have been popping up who make fresh pet food with human quality ingredients.

One of these is Freshpet. Who believes its food is so delicious that they’re making human food with it.

That it wants you to eat.

The company is hosting a dinner where you and your dog can dine together.

On the menu for humans is chicken fajitas, spaghetti and meatballs and shepherd’s pie – with various versions of its pet food as the main ingredient.

Dogs will get… Read the full story

I trained with a big wave surfer to see if it would improve my confidence in the water


I first learned to surf a few years ago when I quit my job and flew to India to work in the café of a surf and yoga retreat.

(Yes, hello, hi, I’m a cliché.)

I was supposed to get paid in surf and yoga lessons, but we didn’t get that many proper surf lessons as guests always had to come first, so we were often left to our own devices in the water, and I’ve been a bit of an unsure surfer ever since.

Armed with the very basics, I’ve been fannying around in the water ever since, trying to get better at reading the waves and knowing where to position myself, but the main thing I’ve realised is – you need to be really fit. And have confidence.

It’s not enough to be running fit or cycling fit – you need strong arms and well-oiled shoulders for paddling (something I suck at), as well as good cardiovascular fitness, and you need to… Read the full story

Mum poses in gorgeous photos after having a mastectomy while pregnant

Woman with compulsive hair pulling disorder ditches wigs to embrace her beauty

(Picture: Mercury Press)

A mother who has spent years living with a compulsive hair pulling condition has decided to ditch the wigs she used to cover her bald patches and shave her head.

Siobhan Hudson has always been insecure about her hair, having been tormented by bullies who used to say she ‘looked like she had cancer’ after she started to pull out strands of her hair when she was 16 years old.

Having spent years applying brown eyeshadow to her head to try to cover the patches and spending hundreds of pounds on hair pieces the 26-year-old has decided now is the time to embrace her baldness by shaving her head.

The… Read the full story

People respond to rude comments about their skin conditions through powerful photo series

(Picture: Peter Devito)

Peter Devito is on a mission to get people to truly embrace the skin they’re in.

He started with a photo series focusing on acne, photographing those with bumps and spots labeled with the word ‘retouch’ where photos would usually be edited to remove any sign of imperfection.

Now he’s turning his attention to skin conditions such as vitiligo, alopecia, and albinism.

For his new photo series, Peter recruited people with skin conditions and asked them to pose with their skin on show – along with a rude comment they’d received printed and stuck to their face.

The powerful bit: Each model was then given the space to… Read the full story

Can sliding into the DMs ever lead to a relationship? These sliders insist it can

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Sliding into the DMs has a bad rep. Probably because a lot of DM sliders are massive creeps.

But can DM sliding ever lead to an actual relationship?

After all, most of us bear more resemblance to our real selves on social media than when we’re trying to put out best foot forward on dating sites. So, if you like the look of someone’s social media profile, maybe sliding into their DMs isn’t such a bad idea.

We spoke to people who met their partners this way to find out how it worked out for them.

Nate, 40, teacher, Essex

I saw a girl on Instagram. I was friends with… Read the full story

Swizzels is on the lookout for someone to invent their own sweet in its factory

(Picture: Swizzels)

Sweet fanatics, rejoice: Swizzels is searching for fans to invent their dream sweet for a chance to see it brought to life at its Derbyshire factory.

To celebrate its 90th year of sweet creations, Swizzels wants to produce one sweet invented by someone who loves the brand, that could end up on supermarket shelves alongside the likes of Parma Violets, Drumsticks and Love Hearts.

A panel of Swizzels judges will select the four most innovative sweet creations from entries submitted online to put out to a public vote.

The winning inventor will receive a VIP tour of the Swizzels factory where they will get to see their very own sweet being… Read the full story

My pregnancy wasn’t a mistake, but people’s unhelpful comments make me feel like I’m making one

metro illustrations
‘Wave goodbye to your social life.'(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, despite being thrilled myself, I have been inundated with warnings, concern and outright alarm.

‘Are you sure you’re ready?’ ‘Wave goodbye to your social life.’ ‘How will you survive not drinking?’ ‘But what about your job?’ These are just some of the helpful comments I received on sharing the news.

Should fathers be in the delivery room (Davina Gordon) Baby birth child childbirth pregnancy mother father mum dad pain hospital Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.ukShould men be in the delivery room?… Read the full story

Our summer has been saved: Pretty Little Thing now sells anti-chafing bands

Credit: Pretty Little Thing Source: https://www.prettylittlething.com/black-black-chafing-bands.html
(Picture: Pretty Little Thing)

Summer is great for lots of things. Drinks in the garden, sunbathing by a pool, catching a tan, you name it.

But you know what it’s not great for? That God awful chafing rash that comes after just ten minutes of walking in the heat.

If you’ve no experience of chafing rash, count yourself lucky. It’s super uncomfortable and makes walking anywhere in the summer an absolute mission.

Pre-marathon sex is not going to damage your performance

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

We’ve all heard the stories about sportspeople being kept in separate hotels the night before a big game in order to stop them from having sex.

(At this point more world-weary person would point out that given the relaxed attitude towards monogamy that lots of famous sportspeople demonstrate, this might not be a very smart idea.)

Which might be the reason for the myth that having sex the night before a big game or a big race could damage your performance.

There’s also the low but still real risk of sustaining a sexual injury.

But, according to research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, getting… Read the full story

Stella McCartney will sell replicas of the dress Meghan Markle wore to her wedding reception

(Picture: Steve Parsons – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

It’s been less than a month than since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got married (feels like longer, right?), so it’s natural that we’re still a little obsessed with everything Meghan wore on the big day.

Yes, the wedding dress itself was incredible, but it was the outfit Meghan wore for the reception that really captured our hearts – because it’s something we could actually imagine ourselves wearing.

Lucky, then, that Stella McCartney is releasing a selection of replica gowns, so that you can recreate Meghan’s reception look for any fancy parties you happen to be going to.

Or you could just wear it… Read the full story

Two Labradoodles got married and it’s the cutest thing ever

Watch the adorable moment two Labradoodles give their paws in marriage in idyllic rooftop dog wedding ceremony
(Picture: PA Real Life/Collect)

It’s summer, which means wedding fever has well and truly begun.

Wedding photos can get a bit dry on the old social feeds, but this particular one we’re very much here for – the marriage of two Labradoodles.

Two and a half year old Poppy and three year old Prince tied the knot in a beautiful rooftop ceremony in San Francisco last month, after meeting when their owners made friends online in summer 2016.

‘I got Poppy right before I left New York in November 2015,’ Poppy’s owner Samantha – who now lives… Read the full story

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