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You were right – your dog is trying to communicate with you

(Picture: Getty)

Does your dog tap at his food bowl when he’s hungry or rub his nose when he wants fussing?

Well, it’s now official that you aren’t just going mad thinking that you and your pooch are real, legitimate best friends – they actually are trying to communicate with you.

In a study conducted at the University of Salford in Greater Manchester, scientists got 37 owners to film their dogs, and after analysing the footage found “strong evidence” that dogs use gestures to communicate with people.

This won’t come as a surprise to anyone who actually has a dog – our four-legged friends have all sort of cute (and less cute) ways they… Read the full story

Be At One launches an alcoholic butterbeer cocktail for all you pissed Potterheads

Be At One butter beer
(Picture: Be At One)

Are you ready to feel old?

Next Tuesday (26 June) marks 21 years since the first ever Harry Potter book came out.

Be At One bar are celebrating the coming of age of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone with a very adult version of the wizards’ favourite drink, butterbeer.

We’ve been able to get our fill of (non-alcoholic) butterbeer at Universal Studios but now Be At One are bringing us a stiff version, in the form of their butterbeer cocktail.

The drink contains Chivas Regal 12 year old Scotch, peanut butter milk stout, hazelnut and egg. So…not suitable for vegans,… Read the full story

Aldi’s £11 champagne named one of the best in the world

(Picture: Getty/Aldi)

It’s always been assumed that the more you spend on a bottle of vino, the better quality the liquid will be.

After all, much of the price is wrapped up in tax, packaging and shipping costs – leaving very little left for the actual production of the wine itself.

But Aldi’s £10.99 champagne is proving that someones, you can pick up a bottle that is both cheap and delicious.

It’s bestselling Veuve Monsigny Champagne Brut has just been awarded a ‘silver outstanding’ medal at this year’s International Wine and Spirits Challenge.

Impressive right?

And this isn’t even the drink’s first award. This year, it’s won three international titles alone; seven other bottles from… Read the full story

Guy asks his girlfriend for World Cup updates and she really delivers

(Picture: @lightningstarr/Twitter)

Imagine being an England fan and not having been able to have access to a TV on Monday night.

As the nation drank pubs dry and prayed to God to protect Harry Kane, some poor folks were schlepping it back from work, with no means of watching the match.

Twitter user @lightningstarr’s boyfriend was one such soul.

Fortunately for him, his girlfriend was on hand to Whatsapp him live updates of the match.

Robbie Savage or Ian Wright, she wasn’t, but her alternative commentary gave Twitter a good chuckle thanks to her obvious disinterest in the game.

This 24/7 live stream of wild bears is the perfect way to procrastinate

Bears frolicking on a waterfall on the Explore bear live stream
Hello bear friends (Picture: Explore)

Bears are glorious creatures.

However, unless you’re at a zoo, if you’re seeing one up close, you’re probably about to get murdered by one. Not ideal.

This is why we got so excited when we discovered that there’s a live feed of brown bears streaming from Alaska, 24 hours a day.

There are a number of live bear cams positioned in the country’s Katmai National Park, so you can watch the beasts from the comfort and safety of your own home.

There are a number of cams, so it’s essentially bear Big Brother.

The Lower River cam

Meet Maxim, the champion powerlifting Russian Orthodox priest

(Picture: Caters)

This is Maxim Pastuhov.

He’s a Russian Orthodox priest…and also a champion powerlifter.

When he’s not tending to his flock in Belgorod Oblast, Russia, the 41-year-old is down the gym getting busy with dumbells and barbells.

Despite only having started weight training seven years ago, he’s already gained the title of Master of Sport – a prestigious title across Russia and former Soviet countries.

‘Weightlifting is a sport and is just my way of life,’ Maxim say.s

‘It compliments my main work as a priest and my congregation supports that. It doesn’t interfere with my service at all as I use my free time for training.’

Read the full story

Here are the world’s 50 best restaurants for 2018

(Picture: Osteria Francescana, El Celler de Can Roca, Mirazur, Eleven Madison Park)

Italians always seem to think that they have the best grub.

And this year, they’re quite right.

Because the world’s 50 best restaurants have been revealed and the top spot has gone to Italy’s Osteria Francescana.

The top eateries from around the globe gathered in the Basque city of Bilbao last night for the awards ceremony, during which Osteria was crowned the world’s best for a second time.

Under the guidance of head chef Massimo Bottura, the restaurant – which is known for recreating Italian classics – came out top back in 2016.

Mum-of-three’s cancer treatment left her with one leg twice the size of the other

(Picture: SWNS)

Mum-of-three Calley Bingham, 27, is crowdfunding to help others deal with a painful side effect of cancer which saw one of her legs swell to twice the size of the other.

Calley was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2016, just four months after giving birth to her third child.

She beat the cancer after undergoing surgery, chemo-radiation and brachytherapy, and was left feeling ‘grateful to be alive’.

However, the treatment took its toll on Calley and she suffered the debilitating condition lymphoedema, which caused her left leg to swell to 40% bigger than her right.

Lymphoedema is caused by a build-up of lymph, a thick, protein-rich fluid, which builds up in the… Read the full story

International Yoga Day: How free yoga can be a lifeline for refugees and trauma survivors

Free yoga for refugees at Ourmala
(Picture: Ourmala)

There’s no doubt that yoga is beneficial for mental and physical health, but the price of classes can be a barrier for those who need it most.

That’s why Emily Brett founded Ourmala, a London-based charity which helps refugees and asylum seekers rebuild their lives and integrate into the community.

A big part of this is via free, therapeutic trauma-informed yoga classes, as well as providing students with travel costs, a healthy, hot lunch, English classes, and access to critical services and education.

The charity has been running since 2011, helping a range of people – many of whom have been through incredibly traumatic experiences that… Read the full story

Most social media influencers earn way less than you think

(Picture: Ascent/PKS Media Inc/Getty Images)

If you’ve ever thought about ditching your day job in favour of being an influencer, you might want to hold off writing to HR for a moment.

Because although we all know that some manage to make a killing through advertising and endorsements, they’re in the tiny minority.

In fact, according to a decade-long study by Mathias Bartl, a professor at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany, 97% of social media influencers bring in less than £12,800 a year from advertising revenue.

And when you consider that the average salary in the UK is just over £27k, that’s really not very much (although it… Read the full story

Working out in a private gym has done amazing things for my confidence and self-esteem

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

I have shared more full-length body shots in the past two months on Instagram than I have in the whole six years I’ve had an account.

What’s more alarming is the fact that right now, I am the heaviest I have ever been – weighing two stone more than when I would avoid posting anything more than an above the shoulder shot.

As someone who has overcome an eating disorder, had I been told that there would be a time where I embraced my body, at its biggest, sharing photos online for the world to see, I wouldn’t have believed it.

But here I am now, being… Read the full story

Clean Air Day: How can we protect ourselves from pollution when exercising outside?

(Illustration: Ella Byworth)
(Illustration: Ella Byworth)

There’s no denying we have an air pollution crisis on our hands.

London hit its annual pollution limit in just one month at the start of 2018, and you only have to walk down a traffic-clogged street to realise we have a problem.

According to a 2016 report by the Royal College of Physicians, around 40,000 deaths annually can be attributed to poor air quality. That’s 40,000 preventable deaths.

Plus, health problems associated with air pollution cost the NHS a staggering £20billion every single year. £20billion could be better spent on other things – like better mental health services,… Read the full story

Misconceptions around mental health are making 1 in 4 delay seeking help

Acne and depression
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Misinformation should never stop people getting the help they need.

Although important strides have been made in tackling the stigma that surrounds mental illness in recent years, there’s still a great deal of work to be done.

This is exemplified by new research from private healthcare provider Bupa who have teamed up with training organisation Mental Health First Aid Kit to reveal that 1 in 4 people in the UK have delayed seeking help for a mental health issue because of misconceptions around mental illness.

That’s a staggering 13 million people who have put off getting the treatment they need because they believed harmful myths… Read the full story

The differences between bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder

(Picture: Liberty Sadler)

When it comes to mental illness diagnoses, there are two that many people seem to mix up: borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder.

This can be because symptoms can be quite similar – but the diagnoses are totally different.

Borderline personality disorder is a personality disorder, while bipolar disorder is a mood disorder.

There are some similarities between the two disorders: both of them can cause mood swings, impulsive decisions and outbursts of anger and emotion.

The difference here is that with borderline, your mood swings can be very up and down, from a negative to an elated state, changing quite quickly.

With bipolar disorder, these mood swings consist of mania and… Read the full story

I said ‘yes’ to everything for a year

A blind 18-year-old cat is retiring from her work as a receptionist and searching for a home

A blind 18-year-old cat who works as an unofficial receptionist is retiring and looking for a new home. See NATIONAL STORY NNCAT. Black cat Isabella, 126-years-old in human years, lives in the reception of RSPCA?s Thanet branch where she cordially meets and greets visitors and welcomes new animals to the centre. Isabella became part of the RSPCA team when her owner died and although a family member took her in, their circumstances changed unexpectedly which meant they were unable to keep her anymore. Emily Mayer, an animal care assistant at the Thanet branch said: ?At 18-years-old old Isabella is in her twilight years and she is adored by everyone who meets her.… <a href=Read the full story

Thinx releases a blanket for period sex

(Picture: THINX, Getty)

Period sex is great, but it can be messy.

For many, it’s the fear of that mess that puts them off even trying to have sex when menstruating.

So while no one needs special products to get rid of all evidence of blood during period sex, whether it’s a tampon you wear during sex or a darker toned towel that quickly absorbs any spillage, these things can help give people the confidence they need to give period sex a go – which can only be a good thing.

So we rejoice at the launch of a snazzy new period blanket from Thinx.

A luxurious alternative to popping a towel on the… Read the full story

Paedophile cults, parenting and multiple personalities: A mother who’s experienced it all


Karen*, a mother-of-three in her sixties, lives with dissociative identity disorder (DID), which used to be known as ‘multiple personality disorder’.

It was triggered during her childhood by enduring extreme ritual abuse, inflicted on her by a group of paedophiles. Starting even before she could speak, she underwent emotional, physical and sexual abuse of the most horrific kinds imaginable.

This ‘cult’ Karen describes as a paedophile ring caused Karen to start to disassociate to try and cope with the horrendous pain and trauma inflicted on her as a child.

It started when she was a one-year-old and carried on until she was 16. She now says that she has ‘many parts’.

When the abuse finally stopped after her childhood, the past was ‘barricaded safely away for over 20 years’ because of her ‘alters’ or ‘parts’, the terms used for alternate identities.

DID’s symptoms mean you experience severe changes in your identity, with your psyche creating various personalities to help you cope traumatic events.

The identity states… Read the full story

People share how they became body confident

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

For some of us, feeling confident and happy in our own skin can feel like a never-ending battle.

We are constantly fed mixed messages – one moment we’re told we should love and accept ourselves for who we are, and then the next we’re bombarded with the latest fad diet (appetite-suppressant lollipops, anyone?) and what we can do to make ourselves slimmer and more attractive.

So, what’s the key to accepting and loving ourselves as we are?

We asked seven people to share their stories of how they’ve learned to love the skin they’re in.

Adelaide, 26

Behold, a London flat you might actually be able to buy: Tiny studio goes on sale for £160,000

Here's a studio flat you might actually be able to afford to buy METRO GRAB taken from: https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/photos/48076723?search_identifier=d8c71e422fe958b20903277b428acbd6 Credit: Hunters/Zoopla
(Picture: Hunters/Zoopla)

We’ve pretty much given up on the hope of ever buying a home… especially in London.

It’s just so expensive, and any money we would try to save gets sucked up by gargantuan rents.

But perhaps there is one tiny glimmer of hope of one day stepping on to the property ladder – or at least being able to tell our parents that they can stop worrying, we actually own a place.

Behold: A fairly cheap flat in London, at the bargain price of £160,000.

Read the full story
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