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I may be on antidepressants for the rest of my life – and I’m OK with that

Getting better series: A year of antidepressants
For some people, taking anti-depressants is vital to stay well, but there can still be a stigma attached to it (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

This coming autumn will mark my seventh year of taking antidepressants.

It began when I was 19 and due to start university after an unplanned gap year in which I’d spent all day, every day worrying myself sick that I was a terrible person who was capable of terrible things.

I had spent almost that entire year locked in a cycle of terror and sadness. I didn’t want my next few years at university to be as dark.

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#WhatTheFluffChallenge is confusing a heck of a lot of canines

Three steps of confusion (Picture: Twitter)

The internet can be a very blessed place and today is one of those days.

The hashtag #WhatTheFluffChallenge has been doing the rounds on social media, showing canines at peak confusion.

Humans have been filming each other holding up giant throws or blankets and hiding behind them in front of their dogs, only to drop the blanket and quickly jump out of the way, usually through a doorway.

As if they’ve disappeared into thin air.

As dogs are such wonderful creatures, many of them sit there looking confused as to where their best human has gone, before feeling their spidey senses tingling and trotting around the corner to… Read the full story

Cat owners could now face £500 fine for not microchipping their pet

The face of  cat who’s about to get chipped, bish (Picture: Getty)

Cat owners in Wales may soon face fines of £500 if they don’t microchip their felines.

The move was announced by Wales’ environment minister Lesley Griffiths, who said: ‘Animal welfare is a priority for us.’

Microchipping cats involves implanting a microchip under the cat’s skin between the shoulder blades, so that the animal can be identified if it goes missing.

All dogs in the UK must be microchipped by law by the time they are eight weeks old, but this is the first time such a law has been announced for cats.

‘In Wales, we pride ourselves on having excellent animal welfare… Read the full story

CRPS makes student feel like her knees are constantly on fire

Britt stands in a changing room.
Britt has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and complex regional pain syndrome, known as CRPS. (Picture: Instagram/myelasticheart)

Britt is a 21-year-old student with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a condition that causes hypermobility – when joints are so flexible they move beyond their usual range of motion, which can cause dislocation and chronic pain.

As a result of that condition, Britt also experiences complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), a chronic pain condition that makes her knees feel like they’re constantly getting ‘stabbed by a knife that’s on fire’.

Britt experiences chronic pain and finds everyday activities excruciating. There are many things she loves that she can no longer do out of the… Read the full story

It takes exactly 15 minutes to figure out if you like someone on a first date

How to talk to a woman you don't know
Sizing him up (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

It takes exactly 15 minutes to get the measure of someone on a first date, according to a study.

Which sucks when you realise by that time that you’re 100% not down to clown, and have to either make an awkward exit or stay and drink through the pain.

The study was conducted by dating app Badoo, who carried out the survey via One Poll.

Researchers identified the top 50 ways daters weigh up their prospective ‘partner in crime’, resulting in a list of the top 50 most annoying things a date can do.

If you think 50… Read the full story

National Kissing Day: People share their terrible first kiss stories

(Picture: Erin Aniker/metro.co.uk)

Your first kiss isn’t always the tender meeting of lips or cinematic snog you hope it will be.

Mine was certainly traumatic. I was 11 or 12 and I kissed one of my female friends, who I had a huge crush on. Clearly I was a horrible kisser, because she then told what felt like the whole school that I was a lesbian (but she wasn’t) and I kissed like a washing machine and tasted like cheese.

In my defence, kissing doesn’t come naturally to everyone on the first try (particularly if they’re trying to imitate the more passionate scenes in Titanic) and cheese sandwiches are delicious.

I’m definitely not… Read the full story

Proud pug parents show off their pups in adorable maternity photoshoot

Instagram @panthera_pugs_and_frenchies
(Picture: Instagram/@panthera_pugs_and_frenchies)

An Australian dog owner celebrated her pug’s pregnancy and birth with a hilarious photo series.

Bec Panthera, a 33-year-old registered pug breeder from Sydney, was so excited when she found out her dogs Nala, three, and Simba, four, were expecting.

To commemorate the pregnancy, she decided to document their leap into pug-parenthood with an adorable album of professional maternity photographs.

Bec took the photos herself, documenting the hilarious pregnancy announcement, a glamorous maternity photoshoot and a super cute gallery of newborn photos.

Free bleeding is a privilege many women don’t have

Free bleeding is a privilege not everyone can afford
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Free bleeding has been gaining traction at the forefront of women’s health activism, touted as the cool, radical feminist way to menstruate and to protest.

But when we’re fighting for untaxed and readily available sanitary products for all women, is discarding them altogether fair?

Those who chose to free bleed, purposely abstaining from wearing feminine hygiene products during their period, usually do so for two reasons: comfort, and the environment. Most pads and tampons contain plastic and toxins that are harmful to both the body and our planet, so you’d be forgiven for believing that there are no… Read the full story

Mesh bags are a thing this summer so our wallets can rejoice

(Credit: Getty, Maison Margiela, Browns, Urban Outfitters)

Whether you’re going to be poolside, beach-bound or staying home this summer, the humble mesh bag will be your best friend.

Mesh shoppers and totes are waterproof, quick-drying and best of all, budget friendly.

They’re mostly made from plastic, making them strong, durable and easy to wipe clean.

High street versions are a steal at between £10 and £20, although if you’re after a designer offering, you’ll end up paying considerably more.

Unlike the cloth tote that will get wet and smell of chlorine if you stuff your soggy beach towel in it, the mesh bag is made for carefree holiday use. It will hold your damp… Read the full story

Which wrist should you wear your watch on?

Which wrist should you wear a watch on?
(Pictures: Getty)

Most people wear their watches on the left wrist, but is wearing yours on the right wrong?

According to Stephen Charles from Parkers Jewellers, specialists in pre-owned and vintage watches, there’s no definitive answer.

Stephen tells Metro.co.uk: ‘The most common wrist to wear a watch on would be the left.

‘As majority of the population are right-handed, the crown (or winder) of the watch is typically on the right hand side of the case, making it much easier to adjust the settings using your right hand. Hence they’re normally on the left wrist.

‘Even if the user is left handed, it’s still easier to adjust… Read the full story

Man comes to the rescue of Sheik the camel who was found drugged by a petting zoo

Sheik the camel with Rob Heering. See SWNS story NYCAMEL; A camel is living a carefree life in the countryside after he was rescued from a traveling petting zoo that ripped him away from his mother and injected him with sedatives to keep him calm. Sheik, a three-year-old dromedary camel, was separated his mother five months too early to travel from state to state as part of a regional fair. Rob Heering, 58, spotted the baby camel while visiting the fair in West Palm Beach, Florida, and noticed a petting zoo employee injecting two-month-old Sheik with a syringe. Rob, an attorney, asked if the two-month-old camel was unwell and the employee admitted… <a href=Read the full story

Can you find love at the bottom of a ball pit? I tried ball pit speed-dating to find out

Ball pit speed-dating in full swing. (Picture: Zoe May/Metro.co.uk)

Dating companies are constantly looking for new ways to help us find our dream partner.

From lock and key parties to naked speed-dating, there’s no shortage of quirky events on the market, particularly not in London.

So, what’s the latest novel idea? Ball pit speed dating.

Organized by Date In A Dash, the event was held at Ballie Ballerson, a ball pit bar in Shoreditch. I arrived with a friend to find a retro-looking place lit with UV lights that served drinks like the Maoam Shot and Skittle Sour.

With two ball pits filled with tipsy excitable adults, it had that vaguely creepy childhood… Read the full story

Do we have to accept the side effects of mental health meds?

Getting better series: A year of antidepressants
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

I have a love/hate relationship with my mental health medication. I take both an antidepressant and an antipsychotic, and I credit them with keeping me alive.

But while they’re good for my brain, I struggle with the effect they’re having on my body.

I’ve gone from a slim size 10-12 to a size 16, and have a whole wardrobe full of lovely clothes I can no longer wear. I avoid photos and barely recognise myself in the mirror.

I’m seriously fatigued, and can sleep for 12 hours a night and still need an afternoon nap.

My inbuilt thermostat seems to have… Read the full story

McDonald’s launches a new range of mini McFlurries for 59p

(Picture: Getty/McDonald’s)

Besides the fries, the best thing at McDonald’s is definitely the McFlurries.

And it seems McDonald’s knows this, as they’ve just had a total restructure of their ice cream menu.

The fast food restaurant has released a load of miniature McFlurries, and they’re the perfect summer treat.

Launching on 27 June, the teeny ice creams will be available in all main flavours like Cadbury Dairy Milk, Oreo and Cadbury Crunchie.

Young woman shares heartbreaking images of tiny premature babies

GRAPHIC IMAGE WARNING PICTURE SHOWS: Desiree and Tom with Natalie and Mason. Natalie was stillborn, Mason was still alive at this point. By Victoria Burt, Cover Images A young woman has shared on social media photos of her tiny premature babies ??? some of them taken not long after both triplets had passed away, which was just hours after they were born. Natalie Gehrke-Buhrow was stillborn at 20 weeks in May, while her brother Mason gave his parents Desiree Buhrow-Olson and Tom Gehrke just enough time to say hello. Desiree, who lives in Blair, in Wisconsin, America, posted the images of the couple???s babies on Facebook and Instagram less than a week… <a href=Read the full story

National Kissing Day: There’s nothing wrong with kissing on the first date

People with vaginas share what they actually want you to do to their clit
Please don’t kiss like this (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

It’s 2018 and slut shaming is alive and well.

Curiously though, many of us insist on slut shaming ourselves.

‘Oh no, I don’t kiss on the first date,’ many of us hear ourselves say even though we are sat very close to a human face that we would very much like to be even closer to.

Thing is though – if you’re worried that the other person will judge you for kissing on the first date, then you need to send that person on their horse back to 1908.

If someone… Read the full story

What is a parmo?

Someone made a Parmo on Masterchef (Picture: BBC)

Anyone who hails from, or has been to Teesside, will have tried or at least know of the Parmo, especially after a night out on the lash.

The northeast delicacy is a treat for the taste buds, and is so popular that Anthony O’Shaughnessy served it up on Masterchef to judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode with them remarking, ‘it could be the next big thing #chickenparmo.’

But what is it?

The Parmo has Italian links through their national dish the Parmigiana.

The Vaccines' Justin Young says band forced into 'period of survival' after drummer quit
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You could buy this stunning tiny luxury home for just £60,000

(Picture: Modern Tiny Living / mediadrumworld.com)

The ‘most liveable’ luxury tiny house is now available to people in the UK for £60,000.

A 256-square-foot trailer home, which looks spacious inside despite its size, is now on the market.

It comes complete with a 32-inch flat screen HD TV, a washer/dryer unit and plenty of storage room in the living room flooring and stairway.

The property features a blue-panelled exterior, a sleek bathroom and a queen bedroom which sits up a set of stairs above the rest of the home.

Man creates a miniature home that looks just like a spaceship

Back of the Lunar Lander house. THIS 250-square-foot micro home looks like it could have just returned from outer space after being modelled on a lunar lander from the historic Apollo 11 landing in 1969. Incredible images show the hexagon-shaped white hut elevated by three steel beams to sit nine feet above the ground while a staircase provides an entry point. Other stunning shots show the open floor plan interior lit a large geodesic dome skylight while a kitchen occupies a small space near a dining area where a window overlooks the river and hillside. Architect Kurt Hughes modelled the small home, located on the banks of the Columbia river, on the… <a href=Read the full story

The most breathtaking infinity pools in Europe

Credit: James Villas/Villas Worldwide/Villas du Monde/CreteVillas4u
Caption: Credit: James Villas/Villas Worldwide/Villas du Monde/CreteVillas4u

These drool-worthy European villas with amazing pools might be out of our price range, but we can dream.

With summer upon us and Instagram full of fire bikini pics, bright blue skies and ‘Not a bad view from the office’ captions (those are never funny, stop it, Sarah), it’s tempting to sit at your desk scrolling through holiday villas instead of actually working.

Unsurprisingly, one of the most popular searches is for holiday destinations with infinity pools, because they look utterly sensational on the ‘Gram.

According to CV Villas, there are over 12,000 Google searches for hotels and villas with infinity… Read the full story

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