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Lush is dropping 40 shades of solid foundations this Friday

(Picture: Lush)

It was only a matter of time before sustainability king, Lush, got fully involved in this country’s cosmetics revolution.

This Friday sees Lush launch its first 40-shades ‘naked’ foundation range, which promises to be 100% vegan and plastic-free.

Not only is this part of their expansion into makeup, but it’s also the latest development in the company’s commitment to being as waste-free as possible.

But this foundation range isn’t just an eco-friendly alternative to the vast array of cosmetics out there already.

These slapsticks are made from ingredients that better the lives of women and girls abroad. Lush’s new makeup range has been designed around sourcing… Read the full story

How to get the most out of a trip to Paris: Dinner in a private home and a city tour with a guy in the know


Paris isn’t exactly a hard sell – the Monets, the architecture, La Vie en Rose.

However, I arrived with some trepidation – could politics and terrorism have cowed the City Of Light?

Here's why you should visit Cincinnati (Picture: Getty)Why you should head to Cincinnati this summer

This being France, the answer seemed to be ‘non’ – I felt no less safe than I do in London.

During my visit, the same sights greeted me – tourists fighting to get into the Louvre, lovers chewing each other’s faces off everywhere I turned, and friends chatting nonchalantly in the Tuileries Garden as their impossibly tiny dogs strutted about.

But there is a difference – this time, I also dined with a local at her home and was shown around by a guy in the know.

The highlight of my trip was staring at waterlilies and Renoir girls in Musee de l’Orangerie. It’s open from… Read the full story

Loads of British women are staying silent about having unsatisfying sex

people tell us the things people said during sex that instantly killed the mood
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

More than four in ten women are having unsatisfying sex.

That’s according to new research from Public Health England, which found that across all ages, 42% of British women said they were dissatisfied with their sex lives.

Which is a bit rubbish, isn’t it?

But what’s more frustrating than nearly half of us having disappointing sex lives is that we’re unwilling to speak up and change things.

The research, based on a poll of of 7,367 women aged 16 to 64, found that the majority of the women having unsatisfying sex haven’t discussed the issue with their… Read the full story

I’m an older man with an eating disorder but to medical professionals, I’m totally invisible

Older men can and do develop eating disorders
(Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

The nurse looks at the test results. ‘Oh, you’ve got ketones in your urine,’ she says.

I don’t know what that means, so I ask her.

‘Your body is breaking down protein.’

If your cells are not getting enough energy from carbohydrates, the body begins using its own fats instead. It is a familiar symptom of diabetes or an eating disorder, such as anorexia.

I am not diabetic, so what does that leave?

I simply don’t eat enough. I believe I’m fat. If I see a picture of myself I see a fat man, and he’s in his fifties.

Because of my age and… Read the full story

An asthma attack took my daughter’s life: It’s time we took this devastating condition seriously

Holly Worboys (Photo: Cathy Worboys)


When I read the news last week about Alfie McDermott, the seven-year-old boy who died from an asthma attack after a day out, my heart went out to his parents. I know the agonising pain of losing a child to an asthma attack as my daughter Holly died from an asthma attack two years ago when she was just 19.

Too often you hear people say things like ‘it’s only asthma’ or that ‘it’s not that serious’, so how could my loving, happy-go-lucky girl have died from something that’s apparently so trivial?

Well, asthma is serious, but people – including those with asthma themselves… Read the full story

Mind over matter: how psychological factors might impact running

The ‘Lights on’ and ‘Blackout’ tracks (Picture: Asics)

Running is, of course, a game of cardiovascular fitness.

Without a base level of fitness, lung capacity and muscle memory, you’re not going to be going anywhere.

But if it’s marathons you want to run, then the muscle you really want to train is your mind.

Ask any serious runner and they’ll tell you that so much of endurance sport is mental; there’s mounting evidence to suggest that mind limits endurance performance well before our bioenergetic limits are reached.

Scientists from the Universities of Portsmouth and Kent have been working with Asics to test just how responsible the mind is for endurance performance.

The… Read the full story

What I Rent: Paul and Mike, £1,350 for a flat in Tooting

What I rent Paul & Mike Tooting "Hi Alex Pictures of the guys renting the flat. Mike is the one with glasses. Paul is the other one. Hope these are OK for you. Matthew
Paul and Mike share a flat in Tooting. (Picture: Matthew Chattle/ Metro.co.uk)

Renting in London is stressful.

It’s tricky to know how much you should be paying, what you should be expecting in return, and how long a commute you should put up with to live in a decent flat.

What I Rent is a weekly Metro.co.uk series aiming to provide a bit of clarity to proceedings.

Each week we take you inside someone’s rented property and… Read the full story

People with chronic illnesses feel they have to lie to take time off work

(Picture: Ella Byworth/Metro.co.uk)

Have you ever lied about the true reason you’ve needed to take a day off work in fear of being stigmatised? You’re not alone.

It actually turns out that one third of UK Brits – a massive 34% – have lied over the true reason they’re taking time off work when unwell.

An independent OnePoll study commissioned by Crohn’s & Colitis UK found that employees frequently pick a ‘one off’ or short term health complaint when calling in sick, instead of telling the truth about a chronic problem.

The UK survey of employed adults showed that long-term health conditions are deemed the ‘least valid’ reasons for not attending work, despite… Read the full story

Getty shares all-female list of the ‘hottest fans at the World Cup’ and people aren’t impressed

Picture: Getty/Twitter

Forget the World Cup arithmetics (points, goal difference, technicality, carry the one – who’s going through?!), Getty Images has come up with their own football-themed ranking and it doesn’t require a mental workout.

That’s because it’s just full of beautiful women. They’ve compiled a list of the most attractive fans at the World Cup matches from almost every team in the tournament.

But the people of Twitter are not too happy. Users complained that it was sexist of Getty to put only women in the gallery, and to make a spectacle of female enjoyment of sports.

Meet Chronic Fatigue survivor Bex Walker – the vegan mum turning breakfast into business

(Picture: Bexfast)

As the number of vegans increases in the UK, so too do the number of vegan parents.

And one mum who has managed to turn her passion of plant-based living into an award-winning business is Bex Walker.

She’s the founder of Bexfast, the breakfast pot company. Bex has been vegan for nearly four years and she’s bringing her daughter Tyler up vegan despite her husband not being one.

‘I have been vegan for 3.5 years now, although some of my friends still find it hard to believe!’ Bex tells Metro.co.uk.

Bex came to veganism after being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

‘I used to love meat and was really into… Read the full story

How to spot signs and symptoms of heat stroke

(Picture: Getty)

We spend the entire year waiting for some sunshine and when it comes, we don’t know what to do with ourselves.

With the recent heatwave, which might make you miss the good ol’ wintery days, you want to make sure you’re protected against the very warm conditions.

From tanning safely to avoiding sunburns, it’s also important to watch out for signs of heat stroke.

In case you’re not aware, heat stroke is when your body overheats as a result of overexposure to the sun.

It becomes most serious when your body reaches between 38 to 40 degrees (104 Fahrenheit).

Here are the signs you should look out for:

Read the full story

Meet Otis-Woody, the dog gunning for the record of smallest pug in the UK

Is this adorable little dog Otis the smallest pug in the whole of the country? Otis-Woody is a four month old pug from Cleethorpes, who at roughly four inches tall and weighing just a couple of pounds, may be the the smallest dog of its breed in the whole country. His owner Rachel East hopes that he may be in with a shout of a Guinness World Record, feeling that he could be the smallest pug on the planet. Otis was the "runt of his litter" and should be almost at his fully grown size by now, just like his five sisters who are more than three times bigger than him. Rachel… <a href=Read the full story

How to treat heat rash

(Picture: Getty)

It’s not a good idea to complain about the lovely hot weather we’re having – that might jinx it.

When you have heat rash (also known as prickly heat or miliaria) though, it’s hard not to be a summer grump.

Heat rash differs from sunburn in that it’s not caused by exposure to the sun as such.

The bumps and rashes form when sweat ducts become blocked and the perspiration is trapped under the skin.

This usually happens where your clothes rub the skin, or in those folded bits of skin like armpits, elbows, and knees.

You’ll definitely know if you have heat rash, as it’ll likely feel itchy and prickly. The rash itself will… Read the full story

Want to explore Porto and the Douro Valley? Stay in its stunning wine hotels


If you’re looking to get away for a short break but don’t fancy the likes of Amsterdam or Paris, Portugal is the place to go – specifically the Douro Valley and Porto.

The two destinations offer so much history and culture, coupled with beautiful views, but it’s their unique connection to port wines that keep visitors coming back.

And what better way to explore the region than hopping from wine hotel to wine hotel?

My journey started with an authentic vineyard experience at Quinta da Roêda, in Pinhão, on the bank of the Douro river.

It was first acquired by Croft port in 1889, and is one of the Douro Valley’s most highly respected vineyards.

The property is often referred to as the ‘jewel of the Douro Valley vineyards’, and is the main source of grapes for the firm’s vintage ports.

As visitors tour the vineyard, they learn about the history of the business and get to stop at points of interest along the way… Read the full story

What does it mean to have Big D*ck Energy?

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

If you’ve been on Twitter in the last few days, you will have come across myriad people discussing who possesses the enviable quality of Big Dick Energy.

Big Dick Energy as a concept came into the popular lexicon, as far as we can tell, with Pete Davidson, the SNL comedian now engaged to Ariana Grande.

People on the internet have declared that Pete has Big Dick Energy.

How you can help the homeless during a heatwave

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Richard Gardner/REX/Shutterstock (9642156b) Homeless, Oxford Street London, UK - 08 Apr 2018
(Picture: Richard Gardner/REX/Shutterstock)

It’s not just cold weather that can be dangerous to rough sleepers.

The UK is anticipating the highest temperatures in three years this week, and although this might mean beer gardens and topping up on tan for most of us, a heatwave can be dangerous for those sleeping on the streets.

As temperatures continue to rise, homeless people are at risk of severe dehydration, sunstroke and sunburn. Heatstroke can be fatal for elderly people and those who have compromised health from drug and alcohol addiction, due to difficulties in regulating body temperature.

The homelessness charity… Read the full story

Asda’s frozen Pimms mix is perfect for summer – and it only costs £1.75

(Picture: Getty, Rex/Shutterstock)

With the heatwave happening this week, there’s no doubt there’s going to be thousands of jugs of Pimms being made.

To get you through with minimal effort, Asda has now released frozen Pimms mix, which already contains the fruit used in the original mix – so you no longer have to waste time slicing and dicing.

Containing frozen cucumber, strawberries, spiced orange peel and mint, the new Frozen for Freshness Summer Cup Mix is perfect mixed with lemonade and a dash of Pimms throughout the British heatwave.

As you may have noticed, the mix doesn’t actually contain Pimms or lemonade – so you’ll need to add both.

Read the full story

KFC is teasing people on Twitter with the re-launch of its Double Down burger


It looks like KFC’s Double Down burger is returning to menus in the UK and it’s getting people on Twitter very excited.

KFC’s official Twitter account has been hinting that the burger is going to make a return, by finding old Twitter posts written last year, and replying with a date – 2 July 2018.

Obviously, we’re taking from this that the burger will be re-released next Monday.

The Double Down burger was removed from menus in the UK last November, as it was a… Read the full story

How to keep your cat cool in the summer

(Picture: Harriet Williamson/Metro.co.uk)

Cats can get sunburned too.

If you’re feeling a bit sticky in the heat, imagine how your cat feels in their fur coat.

High temperatures, long days and direct sunlight can be both uncomfortable and dangerous for cats, so make sure you know how to keep your kitty cool and comfortable. You are basically their servant anyway, right?

Pale-coloured cats are the most vulnerable to sunburn, particularly on sensitive areas that don’t have as much fur, like ears and noses.

Cats can and do contract skin cancer if they’ve been burned, just like humans. This can require lots of expensive and distressing surgery and in severe cases, amputation.

Read the full story

Writer says she ends friendships with her mates when they become mums

Instagram @nadiabokody
(Picture: Instagram @nadiabokody)

Nadia Bokody, a journalist from Sydney, Australia likes to say it as it is.

The writer, 34, says she can’t be bothered with her friends when they become mums.

But she hasn’t just decided it willy-nilly. The web editor says it’s because of the shift in priorities she’s witnessed in her friends.

While she has the ‘utmost respect’ for parents, she says, she’s seen friendships fall apart after her pals decided to have kids.

So, she’s had enough.

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