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A bra company have made a lilo with boob holes

(Picture: Bravissimo)

Summer is getting better for those of us who are well-endowed on the chest.

There are more options for bikinis and swimming costumes, and not all of them are hideous (something that was unthinkable a few years back).

Sun loungers and lilos are probably the last heatwave scourge for the large breasted, and lying on your front is pretty much a no-no.

Bra retailer Bravissimo, on April Fools’ Day this year, duped their followers into thinking they were creating a lilo with a hole to rest your breasts.

No need to panic, the rumoured halloumi shortage isn’t as bad as you think

Is there really a halloumi shortage?
(Picture: Metro.co.uk)

Nothing sends us into a panic more quickly than a food-related shortage.

We lost our heads over reports of houmous and chicken crises, so it’s not surprising that we’d have a minor meltdown over the news that a halloumi shortage may be imminent.

That’s right: Halloumi. That glorious, squeaky cheese that helps vegetarians survive BBQ season.

Rumours of a halloumi shortage began on Twitter, where people lamented finding only empty shelves when they tried to get their cheesy fix.

The Mail Online reported that farmers in Cyprus were struggling to meet increased demand from the UK, and that… Read the full story

As a queer, gender nonconforming trans person, dressing for the heat can be dangerous

(Photo: Holly Revell)

In my family we have this running joke whenever the weather gets above 16 degrees to prepare our eyes for the countless men with their T-shirts off in the street, beer cans in hand, and (due to the World Cup at the moment) probably cheering an England chant that I’ve only heard in recurring nightmares.

It is true, when England gets any small rise in heat, it seems the world stops. Ice cream vans reappear, tube announcements tell us to take care in the heat, and colour suddenly dawns upon usually monochromatic London sidewalks.

Yet, in all of this, I notice I also start to harbour even more… Read the full story

30 years after my cancer diagnosis, I finally got to say thank you to the nurse who helped me through it

(Photo: Liz Brown)

I’ve been a cancer survivor now for almost two-thirds of my life — since my 14th birthday to be exact — so you’d think I’d be a pro in dealing with it.

Nope, I’m not. I’ve been a pro at being in denial for most of the last three decades. So what changed?

Recently I’ve been hit with some late effects from my treatment; radiotherapy 1989 style wasn’t the targeted pin-point accuracy treatment we have now but more of a blast the area and hope we got it technique. Don’t get me wrong, it was needed and it saved my life but it was brutal back then and… Read the full story

Polyamorous couple live as vampires, feeding on blood and sexual energy

Polyamorous vampire couple use blood to feed
(Picture: Instagram @deadsouth)

Polyamorous couples who live as vampires are a fairly niche group.

But Logan South, 31, and Daley Catherine, 30, are building a growing network of like-minded couples who can join their vampire club.

The duo, from Texas, USA, who use ‘sexual energy’ as well as blood to feed, have been recruiting enthusiasts for their private members club.

They also say they become ill when in direct sunlight.

Their group is pretty big too, with 60 members who meet once a month in a fetish club to swap notes about their vampire existences.

But being a vampire is not how it’s shown in the films. Logan and… Read the full story

Your nipple size has nothing to do with whether you can breastfeed or not

Mother breastfeeding her baby
(Picture: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc)

Big nips and lil nips are equally good for baby feeding.

New research shows that nipple size doesn’t affect your ability to breastfeed, and there is no evolutionary advantage to having large or small nipples.

The University of Queensland research involved analysing the nipples and measuring the chests of 63 male and female volunteers. As well as determining that nipple size isn’t a factor in being able to breast feed, they also found that men’s nipples are on average 36% smaller than women’s.

The study’s lead author Ashleigh Kelly said: ‘We found that female nipples were significantly more variable than male nipples.

‘The finding that females… Read the full story

How to tell if your dog has heat stroke

Happy dog running on the beach in Rio.
(Picture: Getty)

Though heat stroke has the potential to be dangerous to all, it can be incredibly serious for dogs.

The weather is set to get hotter and hotter this week, and while we have the likes of hats and sun cream to keep us safe, dogs don’t have as much protection.

And so, it’s important that you know what to look out for if the sun does start affecting them – as heat stroke can cause dogs to lose consciousness, and even experience organ failure.

According to the RSPCA, the warning signs of heat stroke in dogs include panting heavily, drooling excessively, appearing lethargic… Read the full story

Beauty Blender is finally launching a proper case for your makeup sponge

(Picture: Beauty Blender/Getty)

I love my Beauty Blender, but I hate the amount of dirt that gets on it when it’s being rustled around in my makeup bag.

And so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Beauty Blender is actually going to be releasing a nifty little case just for the sponge.

The ‘Blender Defender’, which will be available in July, is a silicone case which is meant to protect your Beauty Blender from getting any nasty bits in it when travelling.

It’s pink and black and features little holes on both the top and bottom, and can store either two dry beauty blenders or one wet one.

Read the full story

Does ‘weight memory’ really exist?


If you’ve ever battled with your weight, you’ll know that it can be incredibly hard to lose body fat and keep it off.

Some people manage it by sticking to rigid regimes which see them really concentrating on what they eat and how they move at all times. Others…fail.

It’s almost as if their body remembers and kind of likes being a certain weight and so despite the best will in the world, they find themselves back at that weight again.

But is there really such a thing as ‘weight memory’? Do our bodies hanker after having a certain fat percentage because it remembers having it?

Well no…not quite.

‘There is some debate as to the extent to which our bodies have a “weight memory”, the implication that if we do have one, it may make it harder to sustain weight loss over a longer period of time,’ online celebrity trainer, Scott Laidler, tells Metro.co.uk.

‘Whilst the body does get used to a certain rate of… Read the full story

A lost cat has finally been reunited with his owners after ten years missing

(Picture: SWNS)

A lost cat has finally been reunited with his owners ten years after going missing.

Harry the white and ginger cat vanished from his home in Great Yarmouth, Suffolk, in 2008, when he was a kitten.

His owner Mark Salisbury, 39, thought he’d never see Harry again – but never gave up hope of finding him, and kept his details up to date on Harry’s microchip.

Mark bought Harry from a farm near Great Yarmouth along with his brother.

Mother suffered post-partum psychosis after her intestines burst out of her stomach

(Picture: SWNS)

A mother has told how she was sectioned with crippling post-partum psychosis, going five days without sleep, after her intestines burst out through her C-section.

Kelly Clarke, 31, had to have emergency surgery when her intestines spilled out of her scar a week after giving birth to her son.

Kelly gave birth to her baby, Taylon, in February by planned C-section at Leighton Hospital but a week later was back in hospital for a second operation to fix the incision.

The mum-of-four had been suffering with agonising stomach pains and claims she went back to the hospital three times to raise concerns, but was sent home.

She was horrified when she felt… Read the full story

Kenyan conservationists are keeping the ocean clean by making art from old flip-flops

A Kenyan ocean conservation group are trying to keep beaches clean by collecting discarded flip-flops and creating amazing works of art. Ocean Sole was founded by Julie Church in 1999. Inspired by the toys children were making out of the flip-flops washing up on the beaches of Kiwayu, Julie encouraged their mothers to collect, wash, and cut the discarded flip-flops into colorful products as a way of alleviating the environmental damage they caused to the marine ecosystem. But in 2006, the company was established and hired employees and reach a wider market. ???Ocean Sole Africa has swept onto the global stage this week, after 20 years of quietly collecting over 1,000 tonnes… <a href=Read the full story

How to make a long-distance relationship work

What it?s like to date when you have an incurable diagnosis
(Picture: Erin Aniker for Metro.co.uk)

Long-distance relationships – like the peak of a distant, ice-covered mountain – can seem daunting. You might know one or two people who’ve made it, and everyone else has horror stories they’re dying to share with you.

‘We only lasted two months,’ they say sympathetically, clapping you on the back.

‘Good luck, but I don’t believe long-distance relationships ever work.’ Cheers. Thanks for the encouragement, Gavin from marketing.

Here’s the thing: Nobody is actively looking for a LDR.

It can be difficult and frustrating at the best of times. But if you should find yourself in one due to… Read the full story

Sharks aren’t the monsters they’re portrayed as – but we’re monsters for hunting them

Caribbean reef sharks
Caribbean reef sharks enjoying their natural habitat (Picture: Getty)

One of the media’s favourite summer scaremongering campaigns is underway.

Why an animal abuse registry would protect all of us

There have been stories about a man who was hospitalised after a shark ‘attack’ in Cornwall, headlines about a ‘monster’ 23-stone shark caught off the Welsh coast, and news that The Only Way Is Essex’s Pete Wicks was bitten in a ‘horror attack’ while filming Celebrity Island With Bear Grylls.

This will be escalated in the months ahead, as sections of the media continue to unsettle the public and demonise these… Read the full story

Gigi Hadid has featured in yet another problematic photoshoot

Gigi Hadid has featured in yet another problematic photoshoot
(Picture: STEVEN MEISEL/ Moschino)

Another week, another Gigi Hadid photoshoot causing controversy.

One minute she’s getting naked in the scissor position with her little sister, the next she’s being ‘digitally bronzed’ by Vogue Italia in a creepy Dolezal fashion.

The newest scandal comes as part of a Moschino campaign shot by Steven Meisel and masterminded by the brand’s creative director Jeremy Scott.

The shots are from Moschino’s most recent collection, and the ones posted feature Gigi, Kaia Gerber, and Vittoria Ceretti.

Chef says the best way to make plane food taste decent is to use Tabasco

(Picture: Getty)

Sometimes plane food can be pretty good, and other times, it’s hard to know what it is that you’re eating because it just tastes like regurgitated baby food.

But if you’re on a long haul, there’s not much you can do about it either way.

So how can you ensure that whatever slop you’re served is edible?

Well, Michelin starred chef and founder of restaurant group The Social Company, Jason Atherton, has a very simple, very foolproof hack (and he should know, right?).

And he says that his pal Jude Law was the person who taught it to him.

‘It was Law who told me to always take Tabasco on a plane,’ Jason tells… Read the full story

Woman claims shaving cream healed her sunburn in just 30 minutes

(Picture: Cindie Allen-Stewart/Facebook)

Got a bad sunburn? Tried everything to try to calm it down but nothing’s working?

Maybe it’s time you grabbed a tin of menthol shaving foam and rubbed the contents all over your sore skin.

Because that’s what one mum says cured her awful sunburn.

Cindie Allen-Stewart, from Texas, shared photos of her back before and after covering it in shaving cream. And in the after shot, there’s no trace of burn.

She says that her husband was the one who initially told her about the hack, after learning it from his mum.

‘First, buy you some menthol foam shaving cream. It has to be foam and it has to have menthol… Read the full story

Someone’s made rainbow glitter pizza

rainbow glitter pizza
(Picture: Instagram/dagwoodspizza)

Glitter makes many things better.

A birthday card for someone you hate (good luck picking specks of sparkle off yourself, pal). Festivals. Hair gel.

Equally, there are some things that are magical enough without throwing glitter on ’em.

Vaginas (don’t put glitter capsules in your vagina). Sex. Sleep. Pizza.

We know this truth, and yet people keep rebelling against the laws of nature and putting glitter where it does not need to be.

In the case of DagWoods, an Italian restaurant in Santa Monica, that’s pizza.

The restaurant is now selling pizza that’s rainbow tinted and sprinkled with edible glitter, creating a colourful, shimmering eating experience.

Read the full story

How an insulin pill would dramatically improve day-to-day life for diabetics like me

Models with scars should be normal, not just a PR stunt

Models with scars Model scars pain beauty sunglasses bikini body Ph?be Lou Morson for Metro.co.uk Phebe
Models with scars should be normalised (Picture: Phebe Lou Morson for Metro.co.uk)

Flicking through the reams of bikini-clad models on the most popular fast fashion websites, there is always one stark difference between the model and me.

I have a 30cm scar running from just below my chest to my pelvis, and they do not.

why you should tell your employer about your IBDWhy you should tell your employer you have inflammatory bowel disease

I have had Crohn’s Disease since the age of four, which now at… Read the full story

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