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Playing tennis can improve your mood and mental well-being, say recreational players

(Picture: Getty)

Wimbledon is just days away and for many tennis fans, that’ll mean settling down in front of the TV/lounging on Murray Hill watching other people run around.

But all you tennis freaks would be way better off actually getting on the court yourself.

Because according to a study conducted by the Local Tennis Leagues (LTL) and the University of Oxford, playing the sport has huge physical and mental benefits.

The LTL runs mixed-sex tennis leagues for adults on public tennis courts across the country, and it asked its players how they felt their health had changed since regularly playing tennis.

How tennis players felt… Read the full story

Please don’t take ‘suncare supplements’ instead of wearing sunscreen

Should you take suncare supplements
(Picture: Getty Images)

Wearing suncream can be a bit of a faff.

It smells. It stains. It has to keep on being applied. Wouldn’t life just be so much easier if you started taking those sunscreen supplements you see being advertised and sold online?

While popping a daily pill might be lower-effort, the chances of them protecting you in the sun are also way lower.

In fact, the FDA has found that several supplement companies have been making misleading claims about sun protection, with supermarket giant Walmart removing a number from their shelves.

The problem is that the supplement industry is relatively unregulated – and that goes for vitamin supplements,… Read the full story

Why summer wrecks your skin and how to deal with it

Why does my skin go rubbish in the summer and how can I fix it?
(Picture: Getty images)

Skin is a pernickety thing.

It freaks out in winter, reacting to the cold with dry, flaky scales and dullness.

Then, just as we’re rejoicing at the end of the chill and the return of our skin’s former glowing glory, summer hits and we’re greeted with a whole load of new problems.

I can’t be the only one whose skin turns into a spot-covered oil slick the minute the temperature rises, can I?

The reality is that while any sudden temperature changes can stress the skin, hot, sunny weather in particular does pose some issues when it… Read the full story

UK stores are trying to make standardised clothes sizing happen

(Picture: Getty)

Go to try on a pair of jeans at five different highstreet stores and you could well find that you’re a different size at age.

It’s confusing and frustrating and sometimes, it can be confidence destroying.

But hopefully, that’ll soon be a thing of the past, as UK stores sign up to an initiative to introduce standardised sizing across the country.

Major retailers like New Look, River Island and ASOS are taking part in the Shape GB campaign – a nationwide survey designed to create standardised sizes in the UK.

30,000 adults are being invited to submit their measurements via an app which will then allow retailers to collect data which will… Read the full story

How to keep your house cool in this godforsaken heat

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

It’s hot, isn’t it?

Too hot, some might say. With Britain currently experiencing a heatwave, it’s difficult to, you know, get on with your life.

While you might enjoy the cool air-conditioned temp in the office, it’s unlikely you have the system fitted at home (unless you’re fancy).

It’s too hot to lounge at home and definitely too hot to sleep at night. So, what are your options?

First of all, let’s get the obvious ones out of the way.

The more sunshine coming into your home, the hotter it will be. So get some blackout curtains or keep the blinds shut.

Keep your windows and balcony/garden doors open. If you… Read the full story

This app lets you be a blind person’s eyes from anywhere in the world

(Picture: Be My Eyes)

There are many things those of us who can see take for granted.

Knowing whether it’s shampoo or conditioner you’re about to pour all over your head or whether the tin you’re planning to eat from is cat food or beans are simple parts of life many can do without help.

An app has been created to take the hassle out of these everyday tasks for blind and visually impaired people, using volunteers from all over the world to lend a hand.

Be My Eyes is a free app that allows people looking for a virtual pair of eyes to call a volunteer who can receive a video call… Read the full story

Marks & Spencer launches a 2-in-1 gin and sparkling wine cocktail

(Picture: Marks & Spencer)

Gin and sparkling wine are our go-to every summer, but sometimes it’s hard to choose between the two.

Which is why we were so excited when we found out Marks & Spencer has just created a cocktail combining the two – the GinKing.

The GinKing is a ‘clever blend of citrussy white wine’ from award-winning Denbies in Surrey, mixed with London Dry Gin from Langley Distillery, together with some spring water.

And don’t worry about getting too tipsy – it’s only 8.5% alc.

Throw everything else out -Realisation Par’s Naomi leopard skirt is the summer must-have

(Picture: Instagram)

You’ve got to love multifaceted clothing. The kind of thing you can wear to a fancy dinner party and then throw it on when you’re sightseeing.

Now that summer is finally in full swing, you’ll want to make the most of it with bold prints and plenty of eye-catching colour.

The Naomi Wild Skirt, by Australian cult brand Realisation Par, does exactly that.

The leopard print design has been a hit with us ordinary folk as well as models and bloggers who are sharing their snaps all over Instagram.

Instagram Photo

Described as ‘the easy 90s slip skirt that has a wild side’, the midi… Read the full story

The civil partnership ruling means we can have the same rights as married couples without religion getting in the way

holding hands
We wanted freedom from religious identification (Picture: Getty)

Yesterday, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the Civil Partnership Act, in its current form, was incompatible with the European Convention of Human Rights.

The ruling said, ‘The interests of the community in denying those different-sex couples who have a genuine objection to being married, the opportunities to enter into a civil partnership are unspecified and not easy to envisage.’

My partner sent me a link to the news story and, as I was reading it, I felt a deep sense of relief.

I have been following the case for some time and had been hoping that eventually the courts would recognise the rights… Read the full story

How one women has gone from child abuse victim with 45% burns to model

(Picture: CEN/o2her)

Svetlana Alekseeva was just a small child when she was horrifically burned – but that hasn’t stopped her from perusing her dreams of becoming a model.

‘I have always wanted to be a model but was told that I would never be allowed on the catwalk because of my burn scars,’ the Russian 18-year-old says.

‘Then I thought, why do I need a catwalk when I can be a photo model?’

And so she’s set about making that happen, using social media as a platform.

Years ago, Svetlana was playing with a lighter when she accidentally set her dress on fire and the cheap fabric went up in flames.

It wasn’t until a… Read the full story

An orphan baby gorilla has bonded with her new surrogate mother

(Picture: Zoo and Aquarium / SWNS)

An adorable orphaned baby gorilla has bonded with her new surrogate mum, after her own mother and father died.

Zahra, a female Western lowland gorilla, was orphaned in April when her mum, Naku, 17, and dad Cassius, 31, died of complications from gastrointestinal infections.

The animals’ deaths are thought to have been caused by E. coli which was present in the water system of their enclosure at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

Fiver parties should end the birthday party dilemma of what present to buy

(Picture: Getty)

We’ve all been there. You’re invited to a birthday a party. You’re not particularly close to the person; how much do you spend? How much effort do you put in?

You don’t want to look like a cheapo but you also don’t want to seem to keen. And there’s that other thing too, you’re skint and payday seems to be taking a hiatus.

So we might need to start taking a leaf out of children’s birthday shindigs.

While some parents are forking out some serious dough to spoil their little brats, others have started something called fiver parties.

The lowdown on sugar free proseccos available in the UK

(Picture: Getty, Shutterstock)

It’s stunning weather out there, and a cold flute of something fizzy is basically a necessity in the beautiful sun.

Prosecco is the tipple of choice for many, but for those of you cutting down on sugar, it was never a viable option until recently.

Sugar-free versions of the Italian drink are now starting to pop up online, and they’re a great alternative if you’re watching your intake.

The way that these are made is actually less complicated than you might think.

Prosecco needs sugar for fermentation, but if you reduce that amount so the sugar added is exactly equal to the amount burned in the process, it renders the finished… Read the full story

Man shares how he got out of his addiction to the porn, masturbation, and orgasm cycle

***ILLUSTRATION REQUEST *** 4 people talk about their experiences with porn addiction (Funmi)
(Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

Masturbating can be a great thing; it can reduce stress, make you more productive, and improve your skin health.

As amazing as it might be, it can become a problem if you get addicted to it.

The porn, masturbation, and orgasm cycle, or PMO as its known on anti-masturbation website NoFap, can take its toll.

Daniel*, who struggled with the cycle since pubescence, has been PMO free for eight months now.

He, like the users of the NoFap site – called Fapstronauts – helps to support one another on the forum and provide useful… Read the full story

Masturbation should be taught at schools, says sex expert

Woman says she cant be friends with mums
(Picture: Instagram @nadiabokody)

Sex-positive Nadia Bokody is no stranger to controversial ideas.

The sex writer wants schools to teach students, as young as 11, about masturbating.

Sydney-based Nadia says sex education is ‘frighteningly inadequate’ for children living in today’s highly sexualised culture.

She feels it’s important for kids to learn about self-pleasure as soon as they hit puberty.

‘To blindly ignore the fact that young people are engaging in sexual acts an intercourse at younger ages than ever before, is, quite frankly, reckless,’ she tells Metro.co.uk.

‘I understand this is an incredibly uncomfortable issue for parents and teachers alike, but that’s not a good enough reason to… Read the full story

Bullying should never be ‘just a part of growing up’

(Photo: Getty Images)

‘Bullying is just part of growing up’, is certainly a rhetoric I’ve heard a lot as the CEO of Ditch the Label, one of the largest anti-bullying charities in the world. Today we are launching our latest research, the Annual Bullying Survey 2018 and the paper doesn’t make for light reading.

As a result of bullying, one in two felt depressed, 28% self-harmed and 11% had attempted to take their own lives. In the past 12-months alone, 22% of the 9,150 young people we surveyed had experienced bullying. Let me be clear when I say that things like depression, anxiety and suicide absolutely should not be… Read the full story

A couple are looking for a nanny who will raise their child like ‘the Victorians’

Little boy and little girl drinking tea in fancy clothes with pretty pink cupcakes and decor.
(Picture: Getty)

A couple have advertised looking for a nanny who will treat their children like they are in the Victorian times.

A husband and wife took to ChildCare.co.uk to look for an old fashioned nanny.

They explained they were looking for someone to help raise their seven-year-old son, after sacking another nanny due to having ‘conflicting beliefs’.

The couple wrote: ‘We’re a traditional couple from a very traditional and patriotic family and are set on raising our children in a way similar to the Victorians.

‘The Victorian style of parenting helped create well-rounded, respectable and polite young… Read the full story

People are losing it over the existence of coconut Toblerone

(Picture: Getty/Cadbury)

Coconut Toblerone exists and apparently it’s delicious.

Blogger Kev’s Snack Reviews stumbled across the coconutty Toberlone while at the airport, and he says it’s ‘one of the best’ Toblerones he’s ever tasted.

According to Kev, it’s ‘super sweet’, but the coconut makes it ‘extra crunchy’.

Instagram Photo

The Crispy Coconut Toblerone is made using Swiss milk chocolate, honey and almond nougat and coconut.

The coconut is coated in sugar, which gives it its crispy texture.

Since being released, lots of people have been taking to social media to express their love for it.

Model poses nude with Ethiopian tribe after allegedly going to jail for photoshoot in Egypt

Pics shows: Marisa Papen among members of the Surma tribe in Ethiopia; The nude model who caused a worldwide stir after a secret photoshoot inside one of Egypt's most ancient temples landed her in jail has now appeared naked among one of Africa's most colourful ethnic tribes. Belgian nude model Marisa Papen, who describes herself as a "free-spirited and wildhearted expressionist", became the centre of a worldwide controversy when she ended up in prison after a spectacular photoshoot in the vast temple complex of Karnak near the Egyptian city of Luxor. Now Papen shares another epic story of her African trip with Australian photographer Jesse Walker as she walked naked among the… <a href=Read the full story

If you cut yourself, let it heal naturally – without petroleum jelly

(Picture: Getty)

Loads of us smother our cracked lips in petroleum jelly in the hope of soothing and repairing the skin.

So you could be forgiven for thinking that applying to cuts might also help them to heal quicker.

A new study, however, has revealed that the reverse might be true.

Researchers now believe that that petroleum jelly damages the skin’s natural plaster and that not only slows the healing process but may even open the wound up to fresh infection.

Bodies such as the American Academy of Dermatology and some NHS hospitals recommend using the stuff to keep wounds moist and prevent scars from forming and becoming too large, deep or itchy –… Read the full story

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