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Meet Bruce and Clarence, two adorable blind cats who aren’t able to go outside

(Picture: James Gillespie)

Bruce and Clarence are two blind cats who don’t let their disability stop them from living happy feline lives.

Their owner Daniel is a social worker and cat lover who lives in London.

He tells Metro.co.uk: ‘Bruce was born blind, whereas Clarence was born with damaged eyes and they had to be removed.

‘We think this is why Clarence is the more nervous of the two, because he has had experience of being able to distinguish light and dark, whereas Bruce has always been unable to see.

A baby monkey has been named after a zoo keeper who survived cancer

Gabby Charlesworth with one of the squirrel monkeys at Drusillas zoo in East Sussex. Gabby Charlesworth has had a monkey named after her when she recently returned to work having defeated cancer. See National story NNMONKEY; A zoo has named its latest arrival after one of its young zookeepers who recently defeated cancer. Gabby the squirrel monkey's namesake is Gabby Charlesworth, 21, who rushed back to work after being given the all-clear by doctors treating her for for adrenal cancer. Drusillas in East Sussex said the bundle of joy was born on May 19. The squirrel monkey is one of Gabby's favourite animals, the park says. Gabby lost part of her kidney,… <a href=Read the full story

What the hell is nitro coffee?

A Minor Figures black nitro cold brew coffee in a glass
(Picture: Minor Figures/Instagram)

Once upon a time, you had two choices with coffee – white or black.

Now, going into a coffee shop is enough to give any indecisive person palpitations – there are just so many options.

Flat white, flat black, peppermint mocha creme – what’s all this nonsense?

Now, there’s another to choose from – nitro coffee.

It’s been around for years, and is nudging its way into the mainstream – but what is it?

Well, simply put, it’s cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen.

The nitrogen is what gives it its creamy head, like… Read the full story

Taking the abortion pill at home would have made my experience less traumatic. Today, I am even prouder to be Welsh

Women in Wales will now be able to take the abortion pill at home (Photo: Ute Grabowsky/Photothek via Getty Images).

Content warning: Contains graphic description of abortion that some may find distressing.

As a Welsh woman living in England, there are certain things I am obligated to do because of my heritage. I root for the Welsh team to win in rugby (even if I can’t name any of the players). I quickly correct anyone who refers to me as English. I instantly bond with any other Welsh person I meet. I brag about the (few) ways in which Wales is ahead of the rest of the UK – we were… Read the full story

Where to eat in July: 10 new London restaurants you should check out

new restos
July is looking busy (Picture: Various)

July is shaping up to be a super busy month for new restaurants in London.

Residents in Hackney will be feeling particularly smug with the slew of new openings coming their way, ranging from Franco American comfort food to steaks and craft beers.

But there are some pretty exciting spots in central and west London too, especially from an El Bulli alumni.

With that in mind, here are a few places to look out for and look forward to in the coming month:

Stokey Bears – July 2

ASOS is selling some questionable stirrup socks to wear over your heels

(Picture: ASOS)

ASOS is selling some stirrup socks which are essentially just tiny leg warmers.

The socks are meant to be worn over heels, with ASOS’ model pairing them with denim jeans and stilettos.

They’re not thick enough to keep your legs too warm, and they look a bit odd pulled over any heels that aren’t black.

The socks are made from cotton, feature fitted cuffs, a stirrup design and are ankle-less, and come in various styles with prices starting at £1.50.

Immigrant parents were eco-friendly before it was cool

Why throw things out when you can repurpose? (Picture: Twitter)

Before T-shirts slogans and cutesy tote bags signalling how eco-conscious you are were a thing, there were still people who cared about the earth.

Rich environmentalists might invest in electric cars or remodel their homes to be greener, but not everyone can afford to incorporate such methods into their lives.

If you have immigrant parents, you might’ve noticed they have unusual practices of preservation and conservation that never made sense to you as a child.

But quietly and slowly they were protecting our planet.

It might be disappointing to open a biscuit tin only to find needles and thread inside – but did you… Read the full story

A man with cerebral palsy has gone public with his search for love

Jeff Arseneaux. See SWNS story NYLOVE; A man with cerebral palsy who hopes to find love for the first time has gone public with his search to find his soulmate. Jeff Arseneaux, 46, dreams of marriage and children but says potential partners are put off by his disability, which affects his gait and his speech. The public speaker has never fallen in love and says he is always friend zoned because people are afraid to romance a disabled partner. Although Jeff, of Covington, Louisiana, feels like he has a lot to offer he said it is extremely lonely when potential partners scarper as soon as he broaches the topic of romance. Describing… <a href=Read the full story

Toronto not only accepts LGBTQ+ people and culture – it embraces it

Revelers watch from a balcony above the parade route during the Toronto Pride parade, Sunday, June 24, 2018, in Toronto. (Cole Burston/The Canadian Press via AP)
Toronto is a bustling centre of LGBTQ+ culture (Picture: Cole Burston/The Canadian Press via AP)

Maple syrup. The CN Tower. Ice hockey. Universal friendliness and politeness. There are many things that come to mind when you think of Toronto, Ontario, Canada’s most populous city. But for me, a thriving LGBTQ+ community wasn’t one of them.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Pride month in cultural hubs like London and New York is always going to be visible – LGBTQ+ communities are generally larger and more accepted in bigger… Read the full story

Restaurant that used to serve foie gras to go fully vegan after pressure from activists

Vegan dish at Gauthier Soho
A dish from the vegan tasting menu (Picture: Gauthier Soho)

A French fine dining restaurant in London has announced plans to go fully vegan, after pressure from activists caused the owner to rethink his menu.

Gauthier Soho used to serve foie gras – a luxury food is made by force-feeding geese and ducks so that their livers expand – until animal rights organisation PETA protested in October 2015.

(Foie gras is now illegal to produce in the UK, but it can be imported.)

Chef-patron Alexis Gauthier saw the light and took the item off the menu, with the restaurant continuing to serve meat and fish.

But not… Read the full story

New Lego Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts toys look amazing



The magic of Lego
The magic of Lego

The Wizarding World is being recreated in Lego, with brick-built versions of everything from Hogwarts to the giant spider Aragog.

You can get Lego kits based on almost anything nowadays, from Jurassic World to Voltron, but if there’s one thing fans have been crying out for it’s a return to J. K. Rowling’s Wizarding World.

There used to be official Harry Potter sets back in the early 2000s, when the movies were out in cinemas, but the Boy Who Lived is building up to a comeback with a new range of entirely new sets and minifigures.

And since there’s a new Fantastic Beasts movie… Read the full story

How to remove fake tan

(Picture: Getty)

It’s summertime, which means everyone is walking around with a gorgeous glow.

If you’re more of a snow white skin tone, you might feel left out of the club and turn to fake tan, which is a great alternative to being out in the sun.

However, if you have a disaster or want to dial it back a few shades it can be a bit of a nightmare.

That’s why we’ve compiled this handy guide to removing the stuff if you need to.

Remove fake tan from skin

First you need to consider whether you’re trying to remove the tan from a small, patchy area, or take it off your whole body.

Either way,… Read the full story

How long does it take to boil an egg?

How do you boil the perfect egg, just how you like it? (Picture: Getty)

Unless you’re a vegan, it’s pretty easy to get on board with a boiled egg with soldiers.

Protein-rich and full of vitamins, the humble boiled egg is the breakfast of champions, if you have the right-sized spoon.

And it’s equally essential to make sure you cook the boiled egg just right.

Luckily, Michelin star cooking this ain’t. But it’s still irritatingly easy to cook a boiled egg wrong and end up with raw egg whites or a rock-hard yolk.

So how long do you need to cook one for? Do you just need water, a pan and a hob?

Read the full story

Mum’s pregnancy left her allergic to water

(Picture: PA Real Life)

A mother-of-two has revealed how having a baby sparked a water allergy that became so intense that even crying would leave her skin red raw.

29-year-old Stacey Gilkes, from Greater Manchester, first noticed welts springing up on her hands after doing the washing up last summer, when her youngest daughter Annabella, now one, was around seven months old.

After that, Stacey, who was also dealing with two significant bereavements around this time, said her reactions became so severe that even sweat and tears triggered an angry rash – and she could only shower twice a week, as anything more was too painful.

Not knowing what else to do, Stacey… Read the full story

From big smokes to paint strokes – these paintings are made out of hash

(Photo: Peter White)

Most people’s dealings with hash are… conventional.

Eat it, smoke it, use it as a gateway to a couple of hours binging on snack foods and Rick & Morty – you know, the standard procedure.

Artist Graham Gussin has other methods for getting rid of his stash though – he’s taken to putting it to canvas.

Graham’s latest works, The Mary Jane Paintings, have taken up residence in London’s Handel Street Projects, and are made out of hash. Probably not the first time weed has entered an art gallery though, in fairness.

‘I graduated from Chelsea school of art in 1991 and have been practising… Read the full story

How to spot and treat hay fever in pets

Why cats knock things over
(Picture: GK Hart/Vikki Hart)

With Britain experiencing some truly tropical temperatures, pets across the country are struggling with the effects of hay fever.

The Met Office recently announced that the highest pollen count in 12 years has been recorded, which makes it even more important for owners to be able to spot the signs of hay fever in their pets.

The worst months for hay fever tend to be between March and August. Tree pollens are most prevalent in March and April, while grass pollens are rife in May, June and July. June, July and August also have high pollen counts from flowering weeds.

Instead of red eyes and… Read the full story

Meet the man behind groundbreaking mental health organisation Sanctus

(Picture: Sanctus)

James Routledge is working to change perceptions about mental health.

The 27-year old entrepreneur firmly believes that mental health should be maintained and cared for with the same enthusiasm as physical health.

With his best friend George Bettany, James has created Sanctus, a mental health organisation that brings sanctuary spaces to workplaces across London.

Businesses including Vice, Aviva, and Red Bull have opted to use Sanctus, giving employees a chance to attend group sessions or one-on-one coaching if they want to talk about anything affecting their mood or mental health.

The Sanctus team runs events called ‘Stories Live’ where three moving mental health testimonies are delivered, then the floor is opened for… Read the full story

I’m campaigning to legalise medical cannabis because I’ve seen how it can help first hand

kate rothwell's cousin
My cousin Oliver suffers from severe epilepsy (Picture: Kate Rothwell)

I started the campaign to legalise medical cannabis because of my cousin, Oliver.

He’s 11-years-old, and has severe epilepsy.

The only thing that helps him is cannabis oil, and like so many other patients, he’s unable to access this through the UK medical system.

Oliver was on cannabis oil, administered at home, for 18 months, during which time the rate of seizures he suffered dropped from up to 20 per day down to a handful.

I find it really frustrating and upsetting that a medicine that helps to this extent is being withheld due to political agenda.

Doctors around the world agree that Read the full story

Have you nailed your migraine pose?

kendall jenner migraine pose
(Picture: Instagram/kendalljenner)

Back in ’16 you relied on T-rex hands to get your selfies looking on point.

But we all must learn and adapt. One pose cannot work forever.

So now it’s 2018 it’s officially time to master the new gesture every celeb and influencer is doing: The migraine pose.

The migraine pose is fairly simple. While getting your picture taken (by yourself or by your reliable plandid-taker/Instagram husband), you place your hand on your head as though you have a headache, pulling your skin back at the temple.

It’s genius, because when you pull your skin at the temple you essentially… Read the full story

There’s officially no such thing as a ‘normal’ vagina

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

This goes out to everyone who’s held a hand mirror down to their vulva and hated what they saw.

It’s news for anyone who’s compared their genitals to the ones they’ve seen in porn, and felt they’ve come up short.

It’s for anyone who’s heard people making rude (and inaccurate) comments about the size or colour of someone’s labia reveals about their sex life.

The largest study ever conducted on vulvas has declared that there is no such thing as a ‘normal’ vagina.

So we’ve got to stop striving for the ideal of being normal – that ideal doesn’t exist.

Researchers from Lucern Cantonal Hospital in Switzerland measured the inner… Read the full story

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