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Street artists have ‘deleted’ some of this landscape

This wasn’t done on CS3 (Picture: Taisia Spirina/Stenograffia)

Thanks to the wizardry of modern technology, it isn’t hard to ‘delete’ something out of your life nowadays.

Amazing photos show one of the first times someone used fake tan

All you do is use Photoshop’s ‘lasso’ tool around whatever you want to remove – an unsightly building, a smudge, your ex – and hit ‘delete’ or ‘CTRL X’ on the keyboard.

But a bunch of street artists recently decided to go a bit more old school by ‘deleting’ stuff from a cityscape with actual paint.

As part of Stenograffia, a street art and graffiti festival… Read the full story

You can now stay at the real life Dirty Dancing resort – just in time for the film’s 30th anniversary

(Picture: Vestron Pictures)

Dirty Dancing is about to turn 30 and what better way to celebrate the fact than actually going and living the Kellerman’s dream?

Well pack your bags kids because the fictional vacation resort where Baby got taken out of the corner is actually real – and yes, you can stay there.

8 unfortunate truths about joining the Mile High Club

But Mountain Lake Lodge (AKA Kellerman’s) isn’t actually in the Catskill mountains as in the film.

It’s actually nestled down south in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains – and it’s everything you’d expect.

They even have Dirty Dancing-themed weekends where the resort reopens… Read the full story

Cambridge student is taking down trolls who claim she only got in because she’s black

(Picture: Courtney Daniella/Instagram)

This is Cambridge student, YouTuber and all round don, Courtney Daniella.

Having achieved a pretty stellar A Level line up last year, she’s currently studying for her degree at one of the world’s best universities.

'Beautiful display of love' between husband and wife is proof love is ageless

And she’s doing it at the same time as taking down bigots.

Because it’s too much to suppose that a black woman might have won a place at Oxbridge for being one of the best.

Courtney recently published a tread on Twitter, describing how she is often written off as being a ‘quota’ student – i.e,… Read the full story

19 weeks pregnant fitness blogger says she keeps ‘bumping into things’ with her belly

(Picture: Emily Skye/Instagram)

Fitness guru and Reebok global ambassador, Emily Skye, is 19 weeks pregnant.

As with all pregnant fitness bloggers, she looks incredible.

Plus-size vlogger shuts down body shamers with her 'fat girl summer dress code'

She’s wellness personified.

‘This is the proudest I have ever been of my body,’ she wrote in a recent post.

‘I have never felt more comfortable or happy with it! Everything my body is doing to grow this incredible life inside of me blows my mind.’

But even she is finding that pregnancy can have its own very specialist set of challenges.

Instagram Photo

Like… Read the full story

Dating your mates might be the secret to true love

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

People always try to warn you against dating your mates.

‘What if it goes wrong and you lose a friend and ruin all of our lives?’ they bemoan the second you tell them that you’ve started seeing a mutual pal.

You can now stay at the real life Kellerman's Dirty Dancing resort

But those of us who have done it know that dating friends is actually the best formula for a good relationship.

And now scientists agree.

Researchers at the University of Texas have found that the longer you’ve known someone, the more attractive you’ll find them.

And that… Read the full story

What’s the deal with sex after you have a baby?

So much baby. (Picture: Getty)

When you’ve got a tiny, really very loud, human who is entirely dependent on you to stay alive, getting frisky probably isn’t your main priority. 

I still feel uncomfortable asking for help with my mental and physical health

But in the same token, being new parents is an enormously emotional and exciting time, and during that time you might well find yourself craving the intimacy that comes from sex.

Or you might just be really horny. You don’t stop being a person just because you’ve become a mum.

So, what’s the deal with post-birth sex?

Definitive list of all the celebrity Snapchat names you want to follow

We should be putting sun cream on our hands before getting gel manicures

(Picture: Miranda Larbi)

Gel nails are wonderful things.

They look great. They last ages. And they damage your actual nail bed way less than their acrylic cousins.

metro illustrationsI really want a baby, even though I'm not ready

But they don’t come entirely without their own set of (low) health risks.

We’re all too well aware of the potential cancerous dangers of sitting outside all day in the blazing sun and yet few of us think about what risks we run when getting our nails done.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, it’s something we should be a little more aware of.

Read the full story

‘No matter how small a thing you’re doing – it’s an achievement’– we talk self-care, depression and bipolar disorder on mental health podcast Mentally Yours


‘Work out what you want your life to look like and focus on one step at a time would probably be my advice,’ says this week’s Mentally Yours guest Emily Reynolds.

The journalist and author, who has bipolar disorder, discussed depression, mania and her tips for managing a long term condition on Metro.co.uk’s mental health podcast.

If you’re in the middle of a depressive episode she suggest washing your face, going for a walk – even if it’s just down the stairs and back again – drinking a big glass of water, making sure you eat and doing little things for yourself like reading a magazine or lighting a candle.

She said: ‘It’s absolutely not going to cure you of depression at all, you’re probably still going to feel almost as s***, but it will make the day bearable.’

Emily also emphasizes how important it is to congratulate yourself for doing these small things.

She said: ‘That’s an achievement… Read the full story

What we can learn from the little boy who drew a picture of his mum having her period

Family portrait: (Picture: Penny Rohleder)

It’s nice when your child draws a picture of you. 

Even if your little human isn’t a talented artist, it’s pretty heart warming.

What we can learn from the little boy who drew a picture of his mum having her period

But what if your child draws a picture of you which is cute, hilarious and accidentally meaningful?

That’s exactly what Penny Rohleder’s son Julian managed to do.


Julian drew a picture of his mum (so far, so standard) but in the picture, she’s having her period.

Like all modern parents whose child has done something legitimately funny, Penny shared the picture on… Read the full story

These eco-friendly shoes are made from harmful waste algae

It can be worn in and out of water (Picture: Vivobarefoot)

Whether its activewear made from coffee waste, compostable coffee pods or cocktails made from excess ingredients, it’s never been easier to live a zero-waste life.

InterviewWe raise the pitch of our voices around more-dominant people

And the latest addition to the sustainable family is a pair of shoes not only made from excess materials, but from something that would otherwise be harming the environment.

Minimalist shoe company Vivobarefoot has created a shoe made from harmful algae.

The Ultra 3 is a fitness shoe designed to be worn in wet and dry… Read the full story

Having a baby in your 30s might make you live longer

(Picture: Getty)

If you’re sick of people asking you when you’re finally going to settle down and start producing sprogs, then we might just have the perfect clap back for you.

Because it’s been suggested that women who wait until their 30s to start having kids may live longer.

Artist creates amazing body art to destigmatise naked bodies

A new study from Coimbra University, Portugal, claims to have found that older mothers might outlive their younger comrades.

Researchers compared the life expectancies of mothers in European countries at 65 to the age they were when they started having kids.

And they found that those who gave birth… Read the full story

If your partner doesn’t make you come, you should dump them

Everyone deserves a bit of this (Picture: Getty)

I have a few principles in my life. 

You should never trust someone who has a ‘Live, Love, Laugh sign in their house.’ McDonalds will cure any hangover. The Parent Trap is the greatest film ever made, and finally but most importantly: you should never, ever date a guy who doesn’t make you come when you have sex.


metro illustrationsI really want a baby, even though I'm not ready

Well to start with there’s the basic fact that orgasms are great, and important and good for you in a lot of different ways. So not having… Read the full story

We raise the pitch of our voices around more-dominant people, according to a study

Are we all doing it subconsciously? (Picture: Pexels)

Ever realised you’re mimicking the voice of the person you’re talking to?

19 weeks pregnant fitness blogger says she keeps 'bumping into things' with her belly


It’s pretty normal to adjust our speech and body language for different people to boost our connection with them – consciously or unconsciously – but apparently we do something quite different when we’re in conversation with someone we consider to be more dominant than us.

That is, we raise the pitch of our voices – and they lower theirs.

According to a new study published in the journal PLOS One,… Read the full story

Artist creates amazing body art to destigmatise naked bodies

(Picture: Claudia Sahuquillo/Instagram)

Meet Spanish artist, Claudia Sahuquillo.

Tired of traditional pen and paper, she’s decided that to explore human skin as a kind of canvas – a process which started with her drawing on her own skin and then exploring other people’s.

What we can learn from the little boy who drew a picture of his mum having her period

And that spiralled into an ongoing series called Skin Is The New Canvas, which has turned into something of an Instagram phenomenon.

Using the all-seeing eye and various geometric patterns, Claudia follows the natural lines and contours of the body to explore our natural features.

Read the full story

In case you didn’t know what midnight in Scandinavia is like, this is it

(Picture: Instagram)

The midnight sun is a stunning, natural phenomenon that falls around the 21st June, taking place during the summer months and brightening the skies 24 hours a day for a number of days in places north of the Arctic Circle, such as Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

InterviewWe raise the pitch of our voices around more-dominant people

It occurs due to the Earth’s tilt – as according to Polar discovery the earth remains tilted towards the sun one one side of its orbit, meaning that during the summer, the Northern Hemisphere receives more heat and light – while the Southern Hemisphere… Read the full story

There’s now a french fry car holder to make your drive-thru experience even better

(Picture: Getty)

Anyone who visits the McDonald’s drive-thru on a regular basis (even those who don’t want to admit it’s definitely more than a weekly thing) knows that actually eating your meal on-the-go can be very difficult. 

Artist creates amazing body art to destigmatise naked bodies

Sure, there’s a drinks holder for your coke – or milkshake if you’re going all out – but when it comes to your burger and fries you’re pretty limited as to where you can place it.

While some leave the food in its bag for when they get home, others want to pick at their fries while they drive… Read the full story

LUSH is keeping the fidget spinner trend alive with its latest bubble bar

(Picture: LUSH)

The ever so popular fidget spinner has come to us in many forms. 

metro illustrationsI really want a baby, even though I'm not ready

Fancy nails, music speakers and even nipple spinners are just a few things that have so far been created – and now LUSH is jumping on the bandwagon, with its very own fidget spinner bubble bar.

The bubble bar, which is made using natural ingredients such as sodium carbonate, cream of tartar, limonene, lime oil, lemon oil and grapefruit oil, is relatively small and comes decorated in pink, blue and yellow, on a white base.

The bar comes moulded… Read the full story

ASOS is now selling makeup for men

Makeup for men
It’s a big step (Picture: ASOS/MMUK MAN)

It’s 2017; men are wearing makeup, and they’re rocking it.

19 weeks pregnant fitness blogger says she keeps 'bumping into things' with her belly

Though not everyone seems to have got the memo.

One company that has, however, is ASOS – which as of last Monday has started selling makeup for men.

MMUK Man is a well-established beauty brand selling everything from liquid foundation to kohl eyeliner.

Launched in 2012, it’s been one of the first brands to challenge the stereotype that only women wear makeup, and its launch with ASOS has been its first major step… Read the full story

Meet the barber who’s turning barbershops into safe spaces for men to talk about mental health

(Picture: The Lions Barber Collective)

Until very recently men were expected to keep quiet and carry on when it came to emotional and mental health.

No one wanted to see a dude cry. That wasn’t on.

What we can learn from the little boy who drew a picture of his mum having her period

And it’s that kind of attitude that’s been so instrumental in the rise of male suicides. By 2014, 74% of all suicide victims in the UK were men.

But for many men, the prospect of sitting down and chatting through their issues with a shrink or doctor remained unimaginable.

Which is why one… Read the full story

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