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Rainbow hair bands are yet another colourful hair trend

Rainbow hair feature
Can we do it? Please? (Picture: Instagram/allenthomaswood)

If there’s anything we’ve learnt in 2017, it’s that everyone loves rainbows, and everyone loves hair.

Especially a combination of the two.

InterviewWe raise the pitch of our voices around more-dominant people

So whether it’s hair under our arms or hair dyed to look like famous paintings, we can’t get enough of a good-old-fashioned rainbow hair trend.

Therefore it’s only natural that the latest – spray-on rainbow headbands – exists.

Bumble and Bumble stylist Allen Thomas Wood recently showed off his creation on Instagram which he dubbed a ‘rainbow prism headband’.

And we can see… Read the full story

World’s oldest family say eating porridge twice a day is the secret to long life

(Picture: Getty)

Instagram is packed with photos of proats, groats and good old fashioned bowls of porridge.

That’s because oats are delicious, filling and beautiful – particularly with a massive dollop of nut butter.

Artist creates amazing body art to destigmatise naked bodies

But they may also have a far more impressive quality.

According to the Donnelly family – officially the world’s oldest family with a combined age of 1,075 years – porridge is the secret to a long life.

The 13 siblings from Country Armagh grew up on a farm eating local produce, from free-range eggs and bacon to their own home-grown vegetables.

But it’s the twice… Read the full story

I really want a baby, even though I’m not ready

metro illustrations
Maybe baby? (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

When I got back from my honeymoon a few weeks ago, there were three questions that everyone seemed to ask me. 

‘Did you have an amazing day?’

metro illustrationsI really want a baby, even though I'm not ready

‘How was the honeymoon?’

‘Are you thinking about having a baby?’

All three of those questions are asked in the same conversation, as if they naturally fit together. Because once you’re married, your womb becomes public property. People suddenly feel like it’s okay to ask you when you’ll be getting knocked up.

I was warned that this would happen, and I… Read the full story

Happy Swiss National Day 2017! Everything you need to know

Pegboard wall of Swiss clocks (Picture: Getty)

Happy Swiss National Day!

Today is all about celebrating the confederation of Switzerland being formed hundreds of years ago – in a meadow surrounded by cows.

Fancy a night in Switzerland's new 'concept' hotel? Null Stern Hotel_Land version.JPGSwitzerland’s new ‘concept’ hotel doesn’t have any walls, but it does have a great view

Millions of proud Swiss nationals will spend the day gorging on traditional Swiss food and drink, watching firework displays, singing the national anthem and waving lots of Swiss flags.

And it won’t just be those in Switzerland celebrating, with expats around the world attending special… Read the full story

Lammas Day 2017: Poems, blessings and ‘Pagan protection spells’

Father and daughter enjoying a sunny autumn day (Picture: Getty)

It’s Lammas Day today and that means plenty of baked bread and corn dollies.

The date, also known by the Old English and Gaelic names hlaefmass and lughnasadh, is all about celebrating the first harvest festival and the first grain crop of the season.

Lammas, which marks the start of Autumn, can be traced all the way back to Anglo Saxon and Pagan times.

‘Lammas’ itself means ‘loaf mass’ because of the tradition of baking bread and taking to church to be blessed. The bless loaf would then be taken home and broken into four pieces and used as protection for the newly harvested crop.

Here… Read the full story

Why you should visit Florida’s best kept secret – West Palm Beach north of Miami


If you think you’ve ‘seen’ Florida, think again.

Wynwood, Downtown, Little Havana and South Beach: The best places to visit in Miami

The more I visit the more amazed I am at just how much there is to see and do there. While Orlando has a reputation as a thrill-seeker’s paradise and Miami is known as being where the party is at, West Palm Beach offers a bit of everything and more.

From next level street art to the ultimate pinball experience, mouth-watering food tours to shop-til-you-drop retail therapy, here’s why you should visit West Palm Beach the next time you head to the Sunshine State.

Art attack

Read the full story

What to do between your mental health diagnosis and treatment

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

The maximum waiting times in England for non-urgent treatment (which most mental health conditions fall under) is 18 weeks.

That’s a hell of a long time when you feel like you can barely get out of bed, and you can’t stop worrying.

What we can learn from the little boy who drew a picture of his mum having her period

I was recently told by my doctor that I’d have to wait 12 weeks for a second face-to-face assessment. Not even for the actual therapy.

That’s on top of the eight weeks since I first went to get help, which… Read the full story

Bearded lady and proud – bullies told me to die because of my PCOS but now I love my look

(Picture: Deezer)

I am a bearded lady and proud.

My name is Harnaam Kaur, but most know me as The Bearded Dame or The Dame.

How did I end up with a beard? I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

One in five women have the same condition as me, and often have to deal with some excess hair because of it, but it’s less common to get a beard.

I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 12 or 13 – it means my hormones, estrogen and progesterone, are out of balance.

I noticed that I was growing hair all over my body, my menstrual cycle was not regular and very painful and I was… Read the full story

Dad recreates 20-year-old photo to parody generic transformation photos

(Picture: Facebook/Chris Berg)

The pressure to look ‘perfect’ doesn’t just apply to women, it applies to men, too.

If your partner doesn't make you come, you should dump them

While we’ve seen many a side-by-side body transformation photo from female bloggers all over, we haven’t seen many come from guys – despite them also feeling a pressure to look physically perfect.

However, one guy is stepping up the game by sharing his own body transformation photos in a recent Facebook post. Though his message is a little different to what most would expect.

On 19th July 44-year-old dad-of-five Chris Berg shared two photos of himself, one… Read the full story

Don’t underestimate the advantage of growing up with an active family

(Picture: Ella Byworth/ Shutterstock)

My first ever run was one of the hardest things I’ve done.

Mentally, not physically.

Wearing an old gig top, pyjama shorts and definitely-not-running shoes, I’d challenged myself to run my first ever mile around a park.

World's oldest family say eating porridge twice a day is the secret to long life

And before I even started I felt the eyes of the dog walkers, couples and kids on bikes boring into me because they knew I was a fraud, and most-definitely cared about that.

I did the run. And five years later, do so three times a week, but it took… Read the full story

Lammas recipes: How to make baked bread, Lammas plaits and wreaths

(Picture: Durham Dundee)

It’s all about baking bread today – even if you don’t actually eat it.

Lammas bread is traditionally made using the first harvested grain of the season.

The idea is that this baked bread is then blessed before being eaten or, as the Pagan’s preferred, being ripped into four pieces and used to protect the crop for the rest of the season.

Whether you believe in spells and charms or not – making Lammas bread is a bit of fun and fairly simple.

Here are a couple of recipes for buttermilk bread or a Lammas plait or wreath to try.


Instagram Photo


3 mugs… Read the full story

Your next long weekend break should be a Greek cruise. Yes, really

The good ship Olympia in all her glory (Picture: Celeystyal Cruises)

When you hear the word ‘cruise’ a few thoughts pop into your head.

Villa breaks in Italy – head to Chianti for a slice of foodie heaven

These probably include: your dad’s upcoming retirement; the Titanic; or the effervescent talent of the one and only Jane McDonald.

What you probably don’t think is: ‘That’s my next holiday sorted.’

But you should.

I recently went on my first ever cruise – a three-day jaunt around the Greek islands (with a quick stop-off in Turkey).

Much to my parents’ horror, I’ve been banging on about fancying a cruise… Read the full story

Woman called ‘skunk’ for the white streak in her hair and patches of white skin becomes a model

Rebecca Heckard was born with piebaldism, a condition that leaves her with a white streak in her hair and patches of white skin. (Picture: Rebecca Heckard/Caters News)

For a long time, Rebecca Heckard felt deeply insecure about the way she looked.

Rebecca was born with piebaldism, a condition that causes her to have a white streak in her hair and vitiligo-like birthmarks that look like patches of white skin.

metro illustrationsWhat to do between your mental health diagnosis and treatment

As a child Rebecca was bullied for her looks, told she looked like a ‘skunk’ because of her white streak.

She was so embarrassed… Read the full story

Domino’s is giving away 10,000 free personal pizzas today

(Picture: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Ready your bellies, prepare your dipping sauce, and lace up your trainers: Domino’s is giving away a bunch of free pizza today, but you’ll need to be fairly speedy to get your hands on those hot, delicious slices.

Here’s what you need to know.

metro illustrationsWhat to do between your mental health diagnosis and treatment

Today, 1 August 2017, Domino’s is giving away 10,000 free pizzas across the country, as a way of celebrating the opening of their 1,000th store in the UK. How exciting.

But before you get too jazzed about the idea of thousands of slices,… Read the full story

Tales from a trans guy: My first time in a men’s locker room

Being around naked men has allowed me to become more comfortable with my own body (Picture: Getty)

One might wonder how it’s possible to get to 41 and have never been in a men’s locker room, but that’s what happens when you’re trans.

Tips from a trans guy: what men don’t understand about periods

This is the sort of thing you get to experience late in life for the first time.

First up, let me ask: where is all the banter?

Donald Trump led me to believe that I’d be entering a world of vulgarities.

Not so, it seems

Could it be that the Orange one was lying?

I’ve been in… Read the full story

Apparently we’ve been making mashed potato all wrong

(Picture: Getty)

There are few things more comforting and delicious in this world than a steaming pile of mash.

It’s creamy. It’s thick. It goes well with almost anything.

Dad recreates 20-year-old photo to parody generic transformation photos

And it’s dead simple to make.

You just boil up some potatoes before giving them a good mash and mixing in milk, butter and seasoning.

At least, that’s what we all thought, until one chef decided to blow the whole damn gaff apart by claiming that we’ve been cooking it wrong all this time.

Instagram Photo

Food Network chef Tyler Florence says that to make the… Read the full story

OCD Stories: Why didn’t I mind when a dog sneezed in my mouth?

Achoo! (Picture: Getty)

I’m not really sure how to start a story about a dog sneezing in my mouth.

What’s emetophobia? How I overcame my crippling fear of vomiting

You might wonder why I’m even telling you in the first place.

That will all become clear soon. I hope. For now I’ll just try to make it exciting for you.

Looking back, there was no way I could have seen it coming.

It’s funny really, how your life can change in the blink of an eye.

One minute Maggie was quietly sitting on my lap, and the next she was sneezing in my mouth.

Time slowed to… Read the full story

August Horoscope 2017: What to expect for 1-15 August

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

August is supposed to be summer, right?

metro illustrationsWhat to do between your mental health diagnosis and treatment

But we all know it’s unpredictable and full of huge swings in conditions. That’s pretty much we can expect in our lives this month too.

There are going to be issues to deal with, some of them tricky, but the new moon on 15 August should calm things down for most of us. It’s a case of heads down and stay out of trouble for at least the first ten days.

Taking time off will be a gamble and we… Read the full story

These are the cheapest UK university cities to study in

Lincoln (Picture: Getty)

If you’re wondering where to go to uni next year then hold your horses.

As anyone who has survived four years of initiations and strawpeado races will tell you, finance plays a big role in just how much you’ll enjoy your university experience.

metro illustrationsI really want a baby, even though I'm not ready

Unless you’ve got a cracking student union, studying at place where pints are £5 and above will force you to drink Budgens’ own brand vodka and energy drink until your pee turns florescent.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Because there are some cities which are ridiculously cheap to live… Read the full story

Yorkshire Day: 10 reasons why everyone should celebrate this beautiful county


Every year, on August 1, Yorkshire is celebrated by both Yorkshire folk and the nation at large.

This celebration is known as Yorkshire Day.

13 pictures that prove Yorkshire is the most beautiful place in the UK

But if you don’t hail from God’s own county, you might be wondering why you should be celebrating the largest county in the United Kingdom.

Yorkshire has an outstanding landscape, rich history and diverse culture, which sets the county apart from its neighbours.

Here are just some of the reasons why everyone should be celebrating Yorkshire Day.

1. The history

It won’t take you long to appreciate the deep history this county has to offer – the landscape is filled with beautiful castles and churches, among other stunning historical architecture dating back to the Romans and Industrial Revolution.

Yorkshire is more than willing to share its history with the millions of visitors who flock to God’s own country each year with… Read the full story

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