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Metallic painted photoshoot celebrates the beauty of plus-size bodies


‘I’m now 33 and I can finally say that I accept and love myself,’ photographer and model Silvana Denker tells metro.co.uk.

pregnancy stickIVF isn't done on a whim - and NHS funding for it is a necessity

‘It took me many years to recognize I am more than a number on a scale or a size in my clothing.

‘I lost weight, I gained weight, I felt bad even when I was slim.

‘I had an eating disorder called binge eating. I hated myself. I lost myself and wished to be someone else.’

In 2010, Silvana’s perception of her body was transformed, by a modelling competition that made her realise being beautiful isn’t dependent on being tiny.

She didn’t win the competition, but by the end of it she’d managed to sign a contract with a major plus-size agency in Germany.

5 great reasons to visit St Ives

Cornish capers: There’s plenty to do in St Ives (Picture: Getty; Seafood Cafe; Blas Burgers)

Cornwall is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country.

7 reasons why Shoreham-By-Sea is the best place to live

Each year, thousands of people make the long journey to the county which, on its day, can be as beautiful as a Greek island; with the lush green surroundings.

The Isles of Scilly has its own micro climate and Tresco’s gardens have thousands of tropical exotic plants from around the world flourishing outdoors in the sunshine.

St Ives surely has to be one of the most famous destinations… Read the full story

What’s the difference between a skin purge and a breakout?

(Picture: metro.co.uk)

What’s the difference between a skin purge and breaking out?

No, that’s not the setup for a really sh*t skincare joke.

American Apparel is coming back - but only online

Skin purges and breakouts are two things that look similar, but are caused by completely different things – meaning that it’s worth knowing the difference so you can make sure you fix it in the best way.

When your face is suddenly covered in angry spots, all you want is to get rid of ’em, sharpish.*

*I’m currently dealing with pimples all over my cheeks and chin after putting a smoothie… Read the full story

American Apparel is coming back – but only online

(Picture: American Apparel/Instagram)

When American Apparel died, it brought tears to the eyes of every one of us who were trying – and failing – to look like some kind of up-market Beatnik.

The store was a happy place of leotards, expensive jeans and designer scrunchies.

Metallic painted photoshoot celebrates the beauty of plus-size bodies

It had leggings of every colour, corduroy of every hue, suede jacket of every shade of tan.

Sure, the label had issues (like £136 million-worth of debt) but it was an institution.

So it’s with great relief that we can report that American Apparel might actually be coming back.

Read the full story

Threesomes: Where to find your couple when you’re single

How to have a threesome when you’re single
You could try dating apps, but… (Picture: Irene Palacio for Metro.co.uk)

As a single, straight woman looking for a threesome, I’m what is known as a unicorn. We are quite rare and it’s for good reason too.

It’s because when I go online and say I would like to find men to have a threesome with, they go absolutely bat-s*** crazy and think I will take anything on offer.

metro illustrations7 things you should know before having a threesome

It’s like hitting a rampant hornets nest with a stick, so don’t expect to walk away without being… Read the full story

Marc Jacobs has finally admitted that the dreadlocks used in his SS17 show were ‘insensitive’

(Picture: Washington Post via Getty Images)

Remember when Marc Jacobs kitted all his white models out in dreadlocks?

Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid strutted their stuff in garish jackets and barely-there dresses, topped off wiht massive white, purple and pink dreads.

Metallic painted photoshoot celebrates the beauty of plus-size bodies

‘WTF?’ the black community collectively muttered.

There were cries of cultural appropriation from here, there and everywhere.

But he still might have got away with it – people may have bought his claims of being inspired by cyber punks – had he not gone on a rampage online.

Instagram Photo

‘All who cry “cultural appropriation”… Read the full story

13 women tell all about their first orgasm

metro illustrations
It’s a game changer (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Whether it happens intentionally or by accident, most women remember the first time they hit the orgasm jackpot.

In my own case, wriggling round in bed one night started things tingling.

Men reveal their most embarrassing masturbation injuries and habits

Further exploration led to a truly OMG moment, after which I became a big fan of early nights – no doubt much to the confusion of my parents.

An entire world of solo entertainment had opened up and I wasted no time in giving myself a strained wrist from the efforts to keep that feeling going.

But… Read the full story

Meet the deaf nutritional coach who’s fighting for greater accessibility in fitness

(Picture: youleanmeup/Instagram)

India Morse, AKA YouLeanMeUp, is a fitness blogger and nutritional coach, with an Instagram to make even the hardiest couch potato try a session at Gym Class.

So far, so standard.

Stop wishing summer away, you terrible people

Who isn’t a wellness influencer these days with a penchant for avo toast and #coffeebeforecardio selfies?

But India is a blogger with a difference.

She was born deaf, and is using her online fame to try and make the fitness industry more accessible to people with similar disabilities.

Instagram Photo

India first got into nutrition and fitness as a… Read the full story

Which book should you read on holiday? The perfect books to match your destination

Which book is the right choice for your destination? (Picture: Getty)

Some people put as much thought into their holiday reading as they do into packing their clothes.

Women in Translation Month: Books you need to read by women around the world

The perfect book can really complement a destination if you pick carefully.

Reading a book set in the country you’re visiting can be a great way to soak up the culture just a little bit more.

So if you want to really embrace you holiday destination, here are the books you should read based on what country you’re visiting.

Spain – The Shadow Of The… Read the full story

Drinking a beer could boost your creativity

(Picture: Getty)

What’s not to love about beer?

Putting the banging hangover headache aside, the bev of the ages has carried us humans into inebriated oblivion since the Medieval ages.

American Apparel is coming back - but only online

And now, we’ve got one more excuse to drink it.

According to the noggins at Austria’s University of Graz, drinking a pint of beer can boost our creativity.

A pint of the hop stuff can loosen our brain’s controlling instincts, which allows us to have more spontaneous thoughts, say the experts.

Couple have turned their garden into a bunny kingdom for their 30 pet rabbits

(Picture: Luke Johnston / Caters)

One rabbit-mad couple has transformed their garden into a bunny kingdom for their beloved furry friends.

Emma Hartshorne and Wayne Kenward, from Stratford-Upon-Avon have spent thousands turning their land into an Alice-in-Wonderland-themed paradise.

Never miss a train again from this AirBnb apartment in St Pancras station's clock tower

Their 30 bunnies now have their own treehouse, complete with a bar, and a maze shaped like a giant rabbit.

‘They are going absolutely crazy with it. The new run allows all of them to go out at the same time without bumping into each other and getting into fights,’ says Emma.

The couple,… Read the full story

Never miss a train again from this AirBnb apartment in St Pancras station’s clock tower

(Picture: Caters)

If you live in fear of missing trains or are chronically late all the time, then you might want to consider a staycation in this amazing apartment – situated just above St Pancras station.

And by just above, we mean in the station’s clock tower.

metro illustrationsA beginner's guide to spanking: Everything you need to know about making an impact

As well as being dead convenient for catching the Eurostar or trains heading north, the clock tower also offers stunning views across London (which may distract you from leaving).

The apartment is split into two double bedrooms, both of which have been listed… Read the full story

What it’s really like to see a psychiatrist for your mental health

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

The first time I was told I needed to see a psychiatrist, my heart dropped. I was terrified. 

I’d been forced to the doctors after having a breakdown, and my GP decided I needed to receive some expert help.

Drinking a beer could boost your creativity

I didn’t understand. My outburst had been one of many. Sure, I was the worst I’d ever been, but I assumed I’d calm down, shrug it off, and learn to cope like always.

And so I wasn’t prepared for the words: ‘I’m going to refer you to a psychiatrist’.

To me, psychiatrists sounded scary. I imagined… Read the full story

I didn’t realise I could be bisexual until I was 21 – here’s why

metro illustratrions
If I had known sooner… (Picture: Deirdre Spain for Metro.co.uk)

It took me until I was 21 to realise that maybe I wasn’t straight.

In my teens, I was fairly sexual. I had a few boyfriends, talked about sex, and explored masturbation and had started having – albeit underwhelming – sex with men. Yep, definitely straight.

11 things people still don’t understand about bisexual women

But then, every so often, thoughts of women would creep into my mind. Was I gay? I couldn’t be, I liked men.

So when I ended up kissing another girl in a nightclub, this beautiful friend of a friend who… Read the full story

There’s going to be an anti-Oktoberfest in Shoreditch this autumn

This could be you. You there. You. (Picture: Last Days of Shoreditch)

If the thought of donning lederhosen and chugging giant tankards of beer while being bashed by drunk wenches brings you out in a cold sweat, then never fear.

Never miss a train again from this AirBnb apartment in St Pancras station's clock tower

There is an alternative to the hell of Oktoberfest. And it’s coming to London’s Shoreditch this September.

Shoreditch Oktoberfest promises an alternative to the usual Bavarian beer festival shenanigans, starting with German break dancers, Hasselhoff karaoke and Bratwurst eating challenges.

Organisers say: ‘It will be jam-packed full of games… Read the full story

Matching your nails to your food has become a thing and it’s pretty satisfying


We all like to coordinate our clothing, whether that’s by finding the best shoes for a cute dress or the right blazer for some nice jeans.

American Apparel is coming back - but only online

Opening our wardrobes to mountains of clothes almost always adds to the dilemma despite owning every colour and material under the sun.

But one dilemma people don’t seem to currently have, is finding inspiration for their choice of nail polish.

Twitter user Alina shared a photo back in January of her long, pink nails, while holding some ham and a milkshake to compare the likeness in colour.

The tweet somehow ended up getting more than 2,000 retweets and 10,000 likes – but it… Read the full story

All hail, a bottomless retro crisp festival is coming

Nothing beats a good crisp (Picture: Getty)

We all remember the days when we were combing through our school trouser pockets to find the last 2p to pay for a packet of Space Raiders.

Or maybe you were the 15p Transform-A-Snack aficionado, far too impatient to make any sort of robot out of the supposed crispy rings and bolts that supposedly made up a robot.

Couple have turned their garden into a bunny kingdom for their 30 pet rabbits

Nothing tastes as good as the sweet tang of nostalgia, which is why a nightclub in Bristol have decided to celebrate the best crisps in the business with a… Read the full story

Gin baubles are a thing and we want Christmas to hurry up already

(Picture: Sipsmith)

Christmas is just months away, and those more efficient are already getting their presents organised and practicing their happy faces for when they receive something they don’t like.

Meet the deaf nutritional coach who's fighting for greater accessibility in fitness

While we may not be as organised as some, we are already planning our Christmas tree decorations.

Well, we are now that Sipsmith has released some new baubles filled with gin.

No, they’re not random balls filled with our favourite spirit, these are actually tiny London Dry Gin bottles to be used to make your tree stand out as much as possible (and to make… Read the full story

Meet ‘Vegan Thor’, the bodybuilder proving that you don’t need to eat meat to get gains

(Picture: vegan_thor)

Many bodybuilding buffs will harp on about the importance of protein in building the ‘perfect’ physique.

Steaks for breakfast, chicken breasts for lunch, turkey for dinner.

Meet the deaf nutritional coach who's fighting for greater accessibility in fitness

Tell them that you want to get a six pack on a vegetarian diet and you’re often laughed to scorn.

But one vegan bodybuilder is proving that it’s more than possible to make gains while being cruelty-free.

Matthew St Clair, AKA Vegan Thor to his followers, is just one of a dozen plant-based bodybuilders who champion the powers of plant protein.

Finally, someone’s made some empowering T-shirts for young girls

Nothing to do with being a princess = win (Picture: Target)

Let’s be real – it can be tough being a kid.

Drinking a beer could boost your creativity

You have to go to school, you get set a bedtime, and you have no absolutely say in what you have for dinner.

To top it all off, you’re faced with sexism when it comes to your wardrobe.

For years, boys have been blessed with fun, adventurous slogans on their clothing, while it’s assumed that girls only care about doing their nails and being pretty little princesses.

Which is obviously not the case, and kids are sick of… Read the full story

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