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Get your spoons out: Oreo cookie dough now exists and it looks delicious

(Picture: The Cookie Dough Cafe)

We love Oreos, and we love cookie dough. Which is why we were super excited to find out that someone’s combined the two together.

There's going to be an anti-Oktoberfest in London this autumn

The Cookie Dough Cafe, in Illinois, has created a Cookies & Cream flavour cookie dough that comes loaded with chunks of real Oreo cookies.

The cookie dough comes in a jar that’s filled to the brim, and it’s basically as if all of our foodie dreams have come true.

And the best thing? The cookie dough contains absolutely no eggs and is specifically made to eat… Read the full story

Asda’s iridescent cutlery set is the perfect item to jazz up your cutlery drawer

(Picture: ASDA)

Cutlery just got interesting, as Asda has released a set way more Instagram-worthy than the dinner you’ll be eating with them.

The supermarket’s 16-piece Iridescent Cutlery Set is making fans of all things mythical go crazy.

Seriously, this set is a unicorn-fanatic’s cutlery dreams come true.

Never miss a train again from this AirBnb flat in St Pancras station's clock tower

Of course, we shouldn’t be too thrilled, it is just a cutlery set after all. But we’ve got to admit, as we’re getting older, we’re becoming less excited about the thought of shots and more enthusiastic at the prospect of colour-coding our kitchens.

Yes,… Read the full story

These supermarkets have entered a GIF war and everyone is weirded out

(Picture: Twitter)

It’s normally Tesco that’s determined to pull out all of the stops on Twitter.

Since the micro-blogging website began, corporations have found new ways to interact with the public — and as this exchange proves, it can feel as awkward as seeing your old school teacher and being able to call them by their first name.

But this time, the mighty budget supermarkets have got out their battle axes to have a war — a war in GIFs.

Meet the deaf nutritional coach who's fighting for greater accessibility in fitness

It all started when Emily Cousins asked the Twitterverse whether they preferred Aldi or… Read the full story

Love bombing is the hot new dating trend to send your love life into further ruin

(Picture: Getty)

If you’ve made it through the battlefield of dating unscathed from incidents of ghosting, benching, and zombieing, congratulations.

But there’s another super ~fun~ dating trend waiting for you on the horizon.

Meet the deaf nutritional coach who's fighting for greater accessibility in fitness

Meet love bombing.

It’s a genuinely awful dating tactic used by master manipulators and general d*cks, that involves delivering a bunch of love bombs to win a date over and distract them from all the sh*t stuff going down.

Here’s how it works, according to Dr Dale Archer of Read the full story

If you’re going on a mates holiday, you’ll need this pizza pie pool float

(Picture: Instagram)

Everyone is on a lilo hype.

There are cockroach floats. Kim Kardashian bum floats. Avocado floats.

Missguided take down their 'Send me nudes' sign after 9,000 people sign petition

The go-to theme, however, of 2017 has got to be the pizza slice.

Everyone went mad over the £10 Primark pizza lilo, because who doesn’t want to float about on a layer of carby cheese?

But who wants to float about on their own? No man is a pizza island.

So it’s a relief that you can now get your hands on a pizza pieRead the full story

People are squishing their boobs into hearts, for reasons we don’t entirely understand

(Picture: AsiaWire)

Tired of pruning (that’s when you say ‘prune’ before a photo to make the perfect pout, FYI), fake candid laughter, and awkward peace signs?

Never fear. There’s a new way to pose for photos that’s loads easier than making your face do a relaxed smile.

What it's really like to see a psychiatrist for your mental health

It doesn’t involve your face at all, actually.

Instead, it’s all about the boob.

Over on Weibo, the Chinese social media site that’s previously been home to the one finger challenge and the balancing of coins on people’s collarbones, the next hot trend is… Read the full story

Missguided take down their ‘Send me nudes’ sign after 9,000 people sign petition

(Picture: Rachel Gardner/Twitter)

Missguided have removed a neon sign from one of their stores after over  9,000 people petitioned to have it taken down.

The ‘Send me nudes’ sign has now been taken down in the chain’s Bluewater shopping centre branch, although it also been spotted in the Trafford Centre and Westfield Stratford shops too.

What's the difference between a skin purge and a breakout?

Youth Worker Rachel Gardner started the petition after being sent a picture of the neon slogan by a friend who’d come across it while shopping with her pre-teen daughters.

‘We wanted Missguided to respect girls more and remove… Read the full story

How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?

armpit tattoos
(Picture: Instagram)

It is illegal to tattoo young people under the age of 18 under UK law.

Even with parental consent, in the UK is is illegal for anyone to have a tattoo under 18.

Meet the deaf nutritional coach who's fighting for greater accessibility in fitness

Local authorities keep a register of all tattooists and issue registration certificates, the certificate mus be on display in their parlor or studio.

Illegal tattooing means either tattooing a young person who is under the age of 18 or tattooing carried out by an unregistered tattooist.

If a tattooist does tattoo a young person, the tattooist will be prosecuted… Read the full story

Get yourself a friend who’ll take a decent plandid

This is Lisa’s plandid. She floated away while a mate stood behind her and took a picture. #Plandid. (Picture: Lisa Bowman)

‘Okay, so take that exact one again, but this time don’t get my feet in. I’m going to look to the side. Wait, my hair looks off.’

That’s a direct transcript of me, attempting to take a ‘casual’ photo.

Get yourself a friend who'll take a decent plandid

For a while, group shots were the ~thing~, followed by selfies. Everyone was taking selfies, and there was no shame in having your arm a little visible, or clearly having taken the picture yourself just… Read the full story

What are the ingredients of Coca-Cola? (And does it really contain cocaine?)

The recipe is one of the world’s most closely guarded corporate secrets (Picture: Daniel Barry/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Coca-Cola. It’s one of the most popular and widely recognisable drinks in the world, but still very few people know what’s actually in it.

And when we say ‘few’, we mean about two.

The idea is that only two Coca-Cola employees know the recipe to the drink at any one time to stop it falling into the hands of their competitors.

MORE: When will the human race die out (and how will it happen)?

What is the Coca-Cola recipe?

It is one of the most closely guarded corporate secrets, but people have have had a… Read the full story

11 tweets that parents of teenagers will totally get

Too many fidget spinners

We’d like to think that we use Twitter to keep up-to-date with the latest political news and trends but, let’s be honest, mainly we use it for funny dog-related memes.

5 reasons why you should not be encouraging your kids to go to university

Oh, and to make ourselves feel less rubbish about our owns lives by revelling in the misery of other people’s.

And, with that aim in mind, I’ve pulled together 11 tweets about parenting teenagers that will help you to realise that you are definitely not alone.

You’re welcome.

Pizza delivery guy leaves really creepy note for girl who didn’t tip him

That’s a pretty mediocre-looking pizza to be making that gesture (Picture: Getty)

Luckily, we live in a country where tipping is pretty simple.

People are squishing their boobs into hearts, for reasons we don't entirely understand

You tip your waiter/waitress to acknowledge that working on their feet all day and dealing with douchebags for minimum wage is unjust.

You can also tip your hairdresser if you feel like it, and let your taxi driver keep the change if they were particularly jovial (shout out to the super friendly female taxi driver in Margate), but it’s not expected of you.

No-one’s going to, say, write you an incredibly disturbing four… Read the full story

Hedgehog plays with balloons, internet goes mad for it

Picture: Getty

Ever since they taught us to cross the road, hedgehogs have charmed their way into our lives.

Although we are far more familiar with the roadside creatures than the smaller versions of the animal, the delightful pygmy versions of the prickly pets have sent the Twitterverse into overdrive.

If you're going on a mates holiday, you'll need this pizza pie pool float

That’s why when Twitter user @taylorndean posted a picture of her late pet hedgehog popping a balloon, new stakes of adorable were unleashed onto the general populace.

Paying homage to her pet hedgehog Nala who she lost to cancer, Taylor made an… Read the full story

This butcher is selling vodka Red Bull sausages for your barbecue

Mmm, sugary, caffeinated meat (Picture: Getty – Metro.co.uk)

There are many sausage flavours on the market.

Pizza delivery guy leaves really creepy note for girl who didn't tip him

If my meat memory recalls correctly, I’ve previously digested such taste sensations as leek and stilton, apple and fennel, and cheddar and onion.

You can even get wonderful vegan sausages these days, which is a real godsend for my meatless comrades.

But what’s weirder is the introduction of booze-infused meats. I mean,wine, sure, I get it, who doesn’t love a red wine jus?

But vodka Red Bull sausages?


Why I ditched Tinder for my friends

(Picture: metro.co.uk)

Swiping right was never easier than when I was at university.

During the final year of my degree, Tinder launched in the UK, and the novelty of simply indicating an attraction to someone through the flick of a finger revolutionised dating forever.

ac_tinder_swipeWhy I ditched Tinder for my friends

Through Tinder, I made firm friends, awkwardly stumbled across colleagues, and even met my former partner.

But five years on, I never want to use the app again —  because it takes too much time away from my friendships.

There’s a tendency to be incredibly declarative about friendships. We all have unique and varying bonds… Read the full story

How to get your paws on tickets for that pop-up pug cafe

That’s the face of somebody who missed out on tickets (Picture: Getty)

Back in June we brought you the life-changing news that there’s going to be a pop-up pug cafe in London in September.

metro illustrationsWhy is it that the more you work out, the worse you feel about the way you look?

That’s right – a cafe where pugs and humans can unite over flat whites and puguccinos, with some good conversation thrown in for good measure.

Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy?’

The cafe was originally going to be in Chiswick on 2 September but it’s now happening… Read the full story

5 fun things to do in half-an-hour while your child naps

Make time for yourself (Picture: Getty)

It feels to me like there is a bit of a conspiracy going on around nap time.

7 lost parenting skills that your own parents had nailed

One the one hand, we are all told to ‘rest when your baby rests’, but then the reality is that when we do get our little one to sleep, we tiptoe around, trying to do things like wash up in silence.

Well, I’m here to tell you that there is a third way.

We’re not going to fall for that myth that you can happily drop of for a nap exactly two minutes after your baby… Read the full story

Disney’s finally got in on the millennial pink trend with their new rose gold Minnie Mouse ears

disney rose gold minnie mouse ears
(Picture: Instagram/disneyfor2)

When you go to Disneyland, there’s one picture you need to add to your ‘Gram: Some variation of you wearing Minnie Mouse ears and looking filled with joy.

Pizza delivery guy leaves really creepy note for girl who didn't tip him

For years, we have had to put up with Minnie Mouse ears available only in a drab, standard shade of black.

(Plus a few sparkly accoutrements, but stay with us)

Perfectly acceptable, sure. But not a design that captures the magic and joy of hitting up Disneyland.

No more.

As of this week, Disney Parks have just unveiled snazzy new rose… Read the full story

Why is it that the more you work out, the worse you feel about the way you look?


I’ve never been too bothered about my weight.

I generally eat what I want because I exercise quite regularly, which means that until now, I’ve got away with eating family bags of Razzles of an afternoon because I’ve run 4k at lunchtime. That’s how I like to do things – earn and enjoy.

ac_tinder_swipeWhy I ditched Tinder for my friends

But recently, I decided that I could do with losing a bit of weight. It’s summer and I’ve got my first holiday coming up with people I’ve never been on holiday with and I want to look my best.

And as a fitness writer who’s knee-deep in the online fitness world, I wanted to see whether I too could look as incredible as all these Instagrammers.

So I’ve embarked on a healthy eating and personal training regime.

No carbs. No fat. No sugar (although I have had the odd bit of ‘unrefined sugar’, because I’m… Read the full story

Men are more likely to experience work-related mental health issues, says new report

(Picture: Deirdre Spain/ Metro.co.uk)

It’s becoming increasingly clear that our current workplace culture isn’t doing wonders for our mental wellbeing.

metro illustrationsWhy is it that the more you work out, the worse you feel about the way you look?

Now, new research suggests that it’s men who are more mentally affected by their work, with data from Mind revealing that one in three men attribute poor mental health to their job, versus one in five women who say the same.

Mind surveyed 15,000 employees from around the UK to gather their stats, and found that 32% of men blame their work for their… Read the full story

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