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What your favourite coffee order says about you…

Which brew suits you? (Picture: Getty)

I don’t do caffeine.

What your favourite sex position says about you

Not because my body is a temple – dins last night was crisps dipped in hummus and chocolate fudge cake with ice cream and chocolate shards.

And not because I believe in the aesthetic benefits of cutting the caff; my skin is still muggy and my thighs so bumpy they’re like a Braille War and Peace.

No, I don’t drink caffeine because I don’t want to give away my personality every time I order a coffee.

That’s right, you mugs – your favoured beverage de cafe reveals what’s in your soul.


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An idiot’s guide to counting macros: what are they and how to use them effectively

(Picture: Fitness Fresh Foods)

There was a time when all people counted were calories.

It was a stressful but more simple time when you could simply look a label and decide that you’d forgo a Double Decker bar’s 250 calories in favour of a 218 calorie Kit Kat.

Guy responds to ex in shadiest way after they used the same photo for Tinder

But these days, you can’t move for mentions of macros.

Every fitness blogger and PT seems to be talking about counting them and what percentages to aim for in order to achieve your ultimate #bodygoals.

It’s essentially a way of working how much of… Read the full story

Brighton is hosting a cheese festival and it sounds absolutely brielliant

(Picture: Cheese – Metro.co.uk)

If you love Brighton, and you’re a fan of cheese, you should most definitely make sure you free up 3rd March 2018 to head over to a cheese festival that sounds absolutely brielliant.

An idiot's guide to counting macros: what are they and how to use them effectively

Brighton Racecourse is hosting a cheese festival that will feature a ‘plethora of the finest international cheesemakers and mongers showcasing their amazing cheese’.

The Big Cheese Festival will consist of a huge food court where attendees will be able to sample a selection of cheesy delicacies, including halloumi fries, mozzarella sticks, raclette… Read the full story

Is getting lash extensions worth the faff?

(Picture: Ellen Scott/metro.co.uk)

I’ll admit, after the experience of covering my face in a smoothie left me with a breakout over the entirety of my cheeks and chin (the spots still haven’t budged. Thanks, past me), I’ve been a little less than enthusiastic about getting back on the Is It Worth The Faff? horse.

Is It Worth The Faff, if you didn’t know, is our snazzy new beauty series in which we try out popular treatments, trends, and products and let you know if the results are actually worth the time, money, and effort involved.

Brighton is hosting a cheese… Read the full story

University student’s dorm room is nicer than what you’d pay for in some hotels

(Picture: Tamia Barnes)

While university is most definitely there to help give you enough of a push into your dream career (and to financially ruin you in the process), everyone knows it’s also there for constant partying and making new friends.

metro illustrationsWhy is it that the more you work out, the worse you feel about the way you look?

Which means that often, where you’re actually living while at uni isn’t that much of a big deal – especially as your room is basically only there to give you a place to stay after a heavy student night out or to keep… Read the full story

Everyone thought boss leaving zucchini on desk was sexual harassment because this is 2017

It’s a nice looking piece, tbf (Picture: Twitter)

Hear that? It’s the sound of paper shuffling over at the HR desk: Someone’s about to get canned for sexual harassment.

The internet was so, so quick to push the red button when a girl posted a photo of the zucchini her boss had dumped on her desk.

She wrote on Twitter: ‘My boss gave me a zucchini… like just plopped this shit on my desk and winked. What….’

People were all like ‘naw, that’s not cool’.

Are raw cakes actually any better for you than normal cakes?


Raw cakes are having a moment right now.

There they sit in the fridges of Selfridges, Harrods, Whole Foods, gleaming in their dinky little boxes, promising delicious wellness to all.

Are raw cakes actually any better for you than normal cakes?

They look spectacular. And they come with a hefty price.

I bought a lovely looking little square of pistachio raw cake the other day on the assumption that as it was dairy-free, gluten-free and refined sugar-free, it would be a slightly less calorific treat.

By the time I got home two hours later, however, I found a pastel green puddle in the box where once the cake had been.

A puddle that cost me £5.

Instagram Photo

A quick scan of the nutritional contents, as I sat scraping up with a spoon what I could salvage, told me that this ‘healthy’ option was actually quite punchy.

For a cake that can sit… Read the full story

Grab your notebook and pens because a gin school is launching

School’s back in session, get ready for a lesson (Picture: Fever-Tree)

Get down to WHSmith and pick up some new pens because a gin school is launching.

Is getting lash extensions worth the faff?

Fever-Tree (of premium mixer brand fame) are starting their own Gin School because they are, in their own word, ‘gin experts’.

They say it will be an ‘immersive tasting, crafting and distilling experience unlike any other’.

Lucky for you thisty souls, the hour-long class is less about taking notes and more about tasting notes.

Which basically means you’ll be sipping on loads of gin and wahoo, ain’t that a treat?

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Lidl do not want you to wear women’s underwear to work

(Picture: Getty)

It must be quite a lot of pressure, running the social media for a company. 

One little slip of the finger, and you can end up with thousands of people laughing at your gaff.

Are raw cakes actually any better for you than normal cakes?

Which is exactly what happened when Lidl Ireland attached the wrong caption to a picture and unwittingly described some quite skimpy knickers as men’s work trousers.

Oh dear.

The knickers come in either black or nude, and while the look perfectly nice, we’re pretty sure that they’re not actually designed to be worn to work. Unless your work takes place in a basement… Read the full story

Things you need to know about if Pizza = Life


Pizza is the currency of our generation.

There is no truer love than the love between a hungry person and a pizza… or let’s be honest, the love between any person, anytime, and a pizza.

No matter your topping (unless you put mayonnaise on your pizza in which case, get out), there’s room for everyone in the utopia of pizza lovers.

Fully acknowledging this great life truth, Quidco – simple and free way and secure way to earn cashback every time you shop- is offering you a way to eat your Domino’s pizza AND get cashback – £15 cashback to be precise.

Yep, really.

And yes, you are correct, that is the perfect amount to buy yet more pizza.

Given that Quidco help over 7 million people in the UK earn cashback every time they shop with exclusive offers and cashback rates at over 4,500+ retailers and services, this deal doesn’t come as a surprise.

It’s just one of the… Read the full story

9 kitchen gadgets that seemed like a great idea… and why you stopped using them

10 of the best places to eat gluten-free in Brighton

Oh I do like gluten-free by the seaside (Picture: Getty)

Brighton has it all. The beach, the lanes, the Royal Pavilion and of course, tons of gluten-free food.

11 London-based gluten-free Instagrammers you need to follow

Brighton is a place that welcomes people from all walks of life and when it comes to food, that’s no exception either.

Of course, the town is notoriously accommodating for vegans, but did you know that there’s endless gluten-free options too?

I’ve tried my best to narrow this down to 10 of the best places for gluten-free food in Brighton and Hove.

1. Wolfies of Hove

Instagram PhotoRead the full story

People are now ghosting each other at work and it’s because they’re too scared to say no

metro illustration
‘Can I just say…’ (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

Forget relationship ghosting (obviously don’t); work ghosting is the new crappy behaviour du jour.

It may not be as emotionally awful – but it is chuffing annoying nonetheless (and ill-mannered and disrespectful and, and, and…).

What your favourite coffee order says about you

Let me explain.

A prospective client comes to me, or I go to them, with a project idea.

Emails are sent; meetings are had; ‘great to meet you’s are pinged out; xs are added to signatures; more meetings are enjoyed; ‘could you write up a proposal for me?’ work is requested; said… Read the full story

16-year-old’s amazing hair transformation shows just how debilitating depression can be

(Picture: Facebook/ Kayley Olsson)

Depression doesn’t care who it targets. Old or young, rich or poor, it’ll take anyone and consume them as much as it can. 

And people deal with depression in different ways. While some are able to get out of the house and enjoy a social life, others sleep for days, isolating themselves away from the world.

Just recently, a hairdresser named Kayley Olsson, from Iowa, met a young girl, who has been left unnamed, who had been faced with the latter.

A 16-year-old girl had come to Kayley’s workplace in hopes she could fix her hair for her. The girl had been dealing with severe depression for years, and had got… Read the full story

The person who posted this extremely descriptive job ad probably needs to have a sit down

Warning: This image contains a sweet, medum-sized dog (Picture: Getty; Craigslist)

Job adverts are a funny old thing that employers seem to struggle to get right.

Grab your pals because a gin school is coming to London

Some patronise the very people they’re trying to recruit, thereby making the recruiters sound like absolute w*nkers.

Then there are those which are downright sexist, specifying how attractive you need to be to work there.

And then you’ve got the small percentage of employers who are perhaps a little too honest with what the job entails.

More recently though, it’s been the… Read the full story

Watch this service dog protect its owner during a seizure

YouTube/ Service Dog Colt
Janaye filmed a training session with her service dog, Colt (Picture: YouTube/ Service Dog Colt)

Grab a box of tissues because if your eyes don’t leak during this then you are certified dead inside.

Are raw cakes actually any better for you than normal cakes?

A woman has posted a video online of how her service dog, Colt, rushes to protect her when she has seizures, to raise awareness for her condition.

Janaye suffers from severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) which causes her to have seizures. This puts her at more risk of further brain injury when she falls to the floor.

Colt is… Read the full story

Time Magazine genuinely appears to believe that ‘hold my avocado’ is a thing all the cool youths are saying

Hold my avocado. (Picture: Getty)

Oh hey, #cool #hip #teens.

Time Magazine knows what you’re into right now.

16-year-old's amazing hair transformation shows just how debilitating depression can be

They’re fidget spinning their way right into your Snapchat filtered brains, digging around, and finding out what makes you tick.

The answer, they say, is ‘the viral catchphrase millennials have been waiting for’.

That viral catchphrase is ‘hold my avocado’.

Now, we’re sure that you, being a cool youth, knew this already. You’ve probably said it in the last five minutes, as part of your witty bantz about unicorns and housing prices.

Time discovered the phrase after it was tweeted by Ken Norton… Read the full story

Pilot flies 750 miles to rescue abused dog who was 24 hours from death

Adrienne was just 24 hours from being euthanised when Paul flew to her rescue. (Picture: SWNS)

When things get tough, remember that there are still good people in this world.

The person who posted this extremely descriptive job ad probably needs to have a sit down

People like Paul Steklenski, a 45-year-old pilot and former tank trainer who now runs an animal rescue charity, called Flying Fur Animal Rescue.

When he heard about Adrienne, a poorly dog who was set to be euthanised in 24 hours time, Paul stopped at nothing to save her life, flying 750 miles to rescue her in time.

Adrienne, two, had… Read the full story

Mum accuses Instagram of double standards for taking down her belfie

Mary is accusing Instagram of having double standards. (Picture: SWNS)

Photos of butts – acceptable for celebs, but not for everyone, apparently.

That’s the accusation from Mary Przymus, anyway.

Mum accuses Instagram of double standards after her belfie gets taken down

The 37-year-old vlogger is accusing Instagram of double standards, after a photo of her recreating one of Kim Kardashian’s iconic belfies (that’s a butt-focused selfie, if you were wondering) was removed from the site for being inappropriate.

Mary Przymus often shares photos of her bod on Instagram – a quick scroll shows her modelling that Instagram famous bra, doing stretches, and lifting weights wearing… Read the full story

What is Hammer Toe?

What is Hammer Toe? (Picture: Chelsea Foot and Ankle)

Have you recently looked down to your twinkle toes to see one little piggy is out of line?

Hammer Toe may have caused your toe to bend or curl downward because of a weakened muscle.

16-year-old's amazing hair transformation shows just how debilitating depression can be

The tendons (tissues that connect muscle to bone) become shorter because of the weakened muscle, Hammer Toe happens when the middle joint in the toe becomes dislocated.

Hammer Toe can effect any toe on your foot but usually occurs on the second or third toe.

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