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Why do people wake up from comas sounding different? Foreign Accent Syndrome explained

(Picture: Getty)

We see it in news stories and documentaries about rare conditions, but what is the syndrome that causes someone to start speaking in a different accent?

Foreign accent syndrome involves patients developing speech patterns that are seen as a foreign accent, and differ from their native accent.

MELKSHAM, ENGLAND - AUGUST 16:  Tony Nicklinson wife Jane wipes away tears as he reacts as a statement is read out regarding the decision made by High Court judges not to allow him to ask a doctor to end his life on August 16, 2012 in Melksham, England. Mr Nicklinson who suffers from locked-in syndrome after suffering a… <a href=Read the full story

Why you shouldn’t jump to conclusions about a man who’s mansplaining

metro illustrations
A man’s got to know his explanations’ – nobody ever said until now (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

I need to be clear from the start, I am not excusing mansplaining.

Nor am I going to attempt to mansplain mansplaining.

Women are revealing the most ridiculous things they’ve had mansplained to them

Primarily because I don’t like mansplaining, but also because there are only so many times you can put the letters A I N etc, repeatedly packed closely together without wearing a keyboard out.

Mansplaining has a bad rep and rightly so. But – and it’s a big and very contentious but – mansplaining… Read the full story

The verdict on vegan halloumi

This is regular halloumi, made from animal juice (Picture: Getty)

I don’t care what anyone says – going vegan can seem tough.

Why you shouldn't jump to conclusions about a man who's mansplaining

Even if you’re transitioning from veggie, it can be hard if you’ve been a lifelong member of the Halloumi Society.

In fact, halloumi is very high up on the list of things that people reckon would be their vegan downfall.

So vegans in the UK were beyond excited when Violife announced they were bringing out a vegan halloumi as part of their big rebrand (more on that later) – or ‘Mediterranean style block’ as they’ve called… Read the full story

Disney World is now selling wine slushies so you can get tipsy before you go on the teacups

(Picture: Instagram/lookingformickey)

Disney World really is a magical place to be.

The verdict on vegan halloumi

They’ve got trendy rose gold Minnie Mouse ears. Glowing Candy Floss. A not-so-secret food challenge.

And now, they’ve got a delightful way to get sloshed before hitting up all the rides: A wine slushie.

Because if you’re going to get tipsy, you’ll want wine. And if it’s in a hot, crowded theme park, you want that wine to be suitably chilled.

At Disney Spring’s Amorette’s Patisserie (it’s a French theme cafe), a Strawberry Shiraz slushie is now on the menu.

Yep, that’s a… Read the full story

Why American Apparel doesn’t need a comeback


A couple of weeks ago, we were hit with the news that American Apparel was coming back as an online retailer in the US, after being acquired by Gildan Activewear Inc.

Why you shouldn't jump to conclusions about a man who's mansplaining

The controversial clothing company closed all but one of its stores last December after filing for bankruptcy back in October 2015 following a huge drop in sales after the departure of its founder Dov Charney in 2014.

The last remaining store in Camden quietly closed its doors shortly after.

The thing is, American Apparel was once really, really great.

Back in its heyday in the mid-2000s, it was the place to go for solid basics that stood the test of time – I still have some of the clothes now, lovingly worn in but still intact.

Their sizing was way off – two smalls of the… Read the full story

Bath bombs you can customise could change bath time forever

(Picture: Fuze)

Not to overstate things, but bath bombs are life-changing.

The moment you first discover the joy of soaking in a tub that’s filled with essential oils and skin-softening ingredients is a total game-changer. You question everything you’ve done up to that day. You are more relaxed than you’ve ever been.

Bath bombs you can customise could change bath time forever

Bath time with a bath bomb is an act of self-care. It’s indulgent. It’s pure relaxation.

And honestly, we’re already spoiled for choice when it comes to picking out which bath bomb will best soothe our senses and our souls. A bath bomb enthusiast… Read the full story

10 halal afternoon teas in London you need to try

Tuck in (Picture: Getty)

London is one of those cities that never fails to amaze, especially when it comes to all the brilliant food the city has to offer.

Afternoon Tea Week: 11 of London’s quirkiest afternoon teas

If, like me, you’re an avid afternoon tea fan it’s so hard to know, with the ever-growing luxury halal food scene in London, whether paying for certain afternoon teas is actually worth it.

Fear not.

I’m about to make your life a lot easier.

Here are my top 10 afternoon teas that serve halal options in London

1. The Foyer and Reading Room at Claridge’s

Instagram PhotoRead the full story

A bar is searching for someone who can shove a lot of sausages in their mouth

(Picture: Getty)

You know when you see a job advert and think: ‘that’s what I was always supposed to do’?

Maybe you had that feeling of ~destiny~ when you saw that LoveWoo was looking for a sex toy tester.

71-year-old isn't letting her age stop her from having seriously impressive abs

Maybe it was the gig as a whiskey ambassador that stirred something deep in your soul.

But more likely, it’ll be this. It’s not a proper job where you’ll get paid, but it is important, worthy work.

Manchester’s Oktoberfest needs someone who can take a lot of sausages in their mouth.

Why? So they… Read the full story

What makes a psychopath? The signs to look out for

Psychopaths are dangerously hard to spot (Picture Getty)

Psychopathy is a personality disorder with a wide range of characteristics that suggest a person could suffer from it, some quite clear, others not so.

The verdict on vegan halloumi

Spotting a psychopath is not easy, as they are usually very manipulative they can appear normal and keep up a superficial charm that easily fool people.

There are an estimated 300,000-400,000 living in the UK so chances are you will come into contact with someone classified as a psychopath at some point in your life.

A psychopath lacks conscience, guilt and empathy which makes them manipulative, volatile and… Read the full story

Men can now buy manly ‘zit camouflage’ in three beer themed shades

(Picture: Amazon)

Masculinity is often about being strong and tough.

So why is it so, so easily dented?

If men aren’t having their masculinity threatened by afternoon tea or suncream, they’re getting all bothered about their desire to wear a robe or fake tan.

We need to talk about alcoholism and depression

And now, apparently, masculinity is so fragile that men need their very own concealer, because regular makeup is filled with girly cooties.

Don’t call it concealer, though. It’s not concealer. It’s ‘zit camouflage’.

They Hate Pimples is a… Read the full story

There’s now a cafe where you can play with otters and chinchillas

(Picture: Caters/28 Lab)

If the countless cat cafes aren’t up your street, never fear: There’s another spot where you can cuddle with cute animals without having to become a pet-owner or a zookeeper.

Clasping your hands together is the best way to measure how much food you need

Over in Harajuku in Tokyo, Japan, there’s now an otter and chinchilla cafe.

This is not, thankfully, a cafe where they menu includes chinchillas and otters.

Instead, it’s a spot where you can go and play with otters, stroke chinchillas, and generally have a lovely time around small, furry animals.

Harry Cafe started as a hedgehog-only… Read the full story

We need to talk about alcoholism and depression


I’m 23 and I’ve suffered with depression throughout my life.

First from the ages of 11 to 17, then again at 19, then I had a break until November 2016.

I thought Christmas was coming up and I just needed a break from work, even though I’d just started working. Christmas came and went, nothing changed, and in February, I spoke out and said I felt down. I was put on a low dosage of antidepressants and I started having some counselling.

Disney World is selling wine slushies so you can get tipsy before you go on the teacups

In the weeks leading up to my breakdown, I kept thinking about driving into a lamppost, but I didn’t want to die, I didn’t want to hurt anyone else, and I didn’t want to damage anyone’s car including my own.

On Monday 3 April I went to work and I felt awful.

I’d been binge eating and crying… Read the full story

People really value oral sex when it comes to having an affair, suggests survey

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

If you’re keen to have an affair, you’ll need to be prepared to go down.

The verdict on vegan halloumi

That’s according to a study conducted by pro-cheating website VictoriaMilan, anyway, which involved asking 9,107 members of the affair seeking site about their sexual preferences when it comes to sex outside of their relationship.

The survey found that for 65% of women and 68% of men, being up for oral sex is a dealbreaker.

By which these people mean, they wouldn’t be down to have an affair with someone unless that someone is up for oral. Got that?

A lack of oral… Read the full story

71-year-old isn’t letting her age stop her from having seriously impressive abs

(Picture: CEN)

Need inspiration to get back into the gym to work on those abs? Look no further.

We need to talk about alcoholism and depression

Josefina Monasterio has a six pack to die for, and thighs that’ll make you want to invest more time in your squats regime.

But of course, you don’t just get a super-toned body over night – Josefina has been working on her body for years. Many years, in fact.

At the age of 71, Josefina is one of the oldest muscle women in the world – and she’s determined to show that age is no barrier when it comes to… Read the full story

10 sure signs that you have been a backpacker in Australia

You’ll definitely have a picture of yourself, arms outstretched, sitting on a cliff (Picture: Getty)

Heading Down Under to backpack round Australia is the new normal right now.

Moving to Australia for a year is the only sensible life choice right now

My Facebook feed is full of people taking selfies with kangaroos, snorkelling with turtles, and soaking up the sun on glorious Whitehaven beach.

Now of course, everyone’s experience of Oz is different.

You might have planned to visit for a holiday and ended up staying for two years.

Perhaps you went in search of sunnier climes in which to earn a living.

Or maybe you just took a brief… Read the full story

Manchester’s Intu Trafford Centre is getting a £74 million extension with a massive Primark

(Picture: OLI SCARFF/AFP/Getty Images)

If you’re into shopping, you’ll have been to the intu Trafford Centre in Manchester.

We need to talk about alcoholism and depression

If you haven’t, you’re missing out. It’s massive. There are loads of restaurants. It’s got a fancy little waterfall.

Soon there’ll be another reason to visit.

The Trafford Centre is getting a huge expansion, and it’ll centre around building a giant Primark.

The expansion will be made up of 110,000 square feet of new Trafford Centre shops at Barton Square, covered with a giant glass dome to sync it up with the Trafford Centre.

Oh, and the expansion will cost £74 million. Whoa.

Read the full story

There’s a First Dates card game that will really test your relationship

(Picture: Firebox)

A First Dates game is here so that you can recreate all the awkwardness from the popular Channel 4 show.

71-year-old isn't letting her age stop her from having seriously impressive abs

The game, which comes courtesy of Firebox, is said to be ‘irresistibly fun’ – and you don’t even need to have watched the show to play.

The aim of the game is to find out just how much you know about your friends and loved ones, though much like the show, it’s probably most interesting to play with your date.

The game is split into three rounds of ‘escalating awkwardness’ and consists of… Read the full story

The Harry Potter quill eyeliner is finally here and it’s simply stunning

(Picture: Storybook Cosmetics – Getty – Metro.co.uk)

Last December we wrote about a Harry Potter eyeliner quill that looked absolutely amazing.

Primark is selling a Beauty and the Beast bedroom range

Now our dreams have come true and we can all create magical eye makeup looks, as the quill has finally been released by Storybook Cosmetics.

The custom-made eyeliner is shaped like the quills often used in the wizarding franchise, with a brush pointy enough to create the sharpest of eyeliner flicks.

The eyeliner also comes with a hollow, golden brush stand to protect the precision of the brush, a golden ink pot, which features… Read the full story

Swim Serpentine: Tackling open water swimming for the first time ever

It’s less than a month till the big swim. (Picture: Nick Reilly)

When it comes to tackling open water swimming for the first time, it’s something of an understatement to describe it as a baptism of fire. 

For me, it proved to be so much worse than that.

Now Domino's is trying out self-driving cars to deliver its pizza

It was a baptism of cold, murky water, and one that provided the very sudden realisation that I was painfully unprepared for the task that lies ahead.

My freezing epiphany came last week as I headed to the… Read the full story

Move over fidget spinners, the latest craze is painting rocks

This latest craze rocks (Picture: Leanne New/Worcester Love on the Rocks)

Sorry but it is time to chuck away your fidget spinners – the latest craze sweeping the UK is a lot more creative, sociable (and a lot cheaper too).

Are you wondering why colourful rocks are being left in woodlands, along riverside or hidden on paths near you?

Rock painting is rapidly becoming a bit of a phenomenon with adults and children painting stones with a design and leaving them in places to be found by others such as parks or tourist spots.

Finders can either keep the rock or move them to somewhere else and share their finds on social media.

Facebook pages are popping up as people set… Read the full story

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