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Sainsbury’s is selling gold leaf embellished steaks for £3

(Picture: Sainsbury’s)

If you’re fancy enough to shop in Sainsbury’s, you’ll be excited to know that as of yesterday, you can enjoy a new gourmet dish courtesy of the store.

Mental illness doesn't make you creative - but creativity can help your mental health

Well, a well-known dish covered in a fancy topping, that is.

Sainsbury’s is launching a new range of Taste the Difference steaks that are designed to be embellished with a gold leaf topping.

Following in the footsteps of a Silicon Valley restaurant of which first started serving up gold-embellished steaks, Sainsbury’s steakhouse-inspired cuts are hoping to recreate the same at an affordable… Read the full story

21 beautiful nail designs that will get you into the autumn spirit

(Picture: Instagram)

Autumn is officially here and it’s time to ditch your summer wardrobes in exchange for knitted jumpers, ankle boots, and woolly scarves.

21 beautiful nail designs that will get you into the autumn spirit

If you’re really feeling an autumn look, rejoice – we’ve found some lovely autumn-themed nail inspiration for you, so that your Instagram photos can look glorious holding a pumpkin spice latte.

Whether soft, warm or deep, all autumn palettes feature yellows, oranges, blues, purples, pinks and greens – meaning there’s so many styles to attempt right through to December, when you should probably start focusing on frosty looks and… Read the full story

A giant jungle terrarium has popped up on Southbank

(Picture: Vianney Le Caer/SilverHub)

When you live in a grey, dreary city like London and spend your days trapped in a grey box in front of a computer, it’s easy to become a little plant obsessed.

You can’t afford a house with a garden and your commute home doesn’t exactly involve a stroll through the park (but if you close your eyes and think really, really hard, you can imagine that you’re in a rainforest instead of feeling sweat pouring down the back of your neck on the Central line), so instead you buy plants. Lots of plants.

Plants for your desk. Plants for your kitchen. Plants all over your house, just so you… Read the full story

The value of a friendship where you both suffer with mental health issues

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Living with a mental illness can be lonely.

A giant jungle terrarium has popped up on Southbank

It can leave you isolated from the world, afraid to leave your house, scared of what’s on the outside.

It stops you from talking to people in case you let on that you’re not well, worried that they won’t understand, they won’t believe you or worse, that they’ll walk away.

This generally isn’t the case – but it’s hard for people living with mental health issues to open up to other people about them. Especially if that person doesn’t live with a mental… Read the full story

Looking for love in the wrong era: what it’s like dating as a virgin in your twenties

‘It seems the conservative types are judged as being somehow less sexual’ (Picture: Getty/MylesGoode)

Sex is everywhere.

In songs. In magazines. On Twitter. In conversations with friends. In YouTube videos.

10 things every twentysomething virgin is tired of hearing

No longer a preserve of the married, it seems like everyone is doing it, and everyone is talking about it.

But what about if you’re, well, not doing it?

What if teenage romances kind of passed you by, and you haven’t actually done it yet?

When I first decided to write this article, I was a bit uncertain.

I mean, to be honest I haven’t really dated anyone… Read the full story

Lip balm could contain toxic substances, consumer group warns

(Picture: Carmex)

Alright, time to root through your makeup bag and get a little concerned about what you’re smothering on your skin.

A new report from a French consumer group has warned customers that their lip balms may contain toxic substances.

Before you feel all safe and smug, be warned – some of the products they found to contain carcinogens are sold in the UK, too.

UFC Que-choisir tested 21 popular lip nourishing products, and found that half of them contained ingredients that could be harmful, such as carcinogenic substances or Mosh (mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons), which, UFC claims, can inflame the lymph nodes or liver if swallowed.

‘The level of Mosh (mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons)… Read the full story

Rejoice, for Quorn is releasing more vegan products

(Picture: Quorn/metro.co.uk)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when you go vegetarian, at least one person will say ‘well, at least you have Quorn’.

It’s tricky to give up meat products. So Quorn, ready to welcome us with open arms and impressively meaty veggie sausages, is a wonderful thing. It’s something we rely on, a stopgap to help us through the tricky transition to plant-based living.

When you then step things up and go vegan, then, it’s a bit of a shock to discover that a bunch of your go-to veggie products aren’t actually vegan.

Quorn sausages? Not vegan. Their burgers? Also not vegan.

It’s all a bit heart-breaking.

So when Quorn announced plans to make… Read the full story

Shockingly, drinking beer makes you happy, says new research

(Picture: Getty)

Some news can seem too good to be true.

Brace yourself, weekend warriors, because this one’s a doozy – science has confirmed that beer is good for you.

Rejoice, for Quorn is releasing more vegan products

Well, sort of.

Scientists have confirmed what we all knew all along – drinking beer makes you happy. It’s official.

In a study reported in the journal Scientific Reports, researchers analysed 13,000 different foodstuffs, in order to find out which were the best at stimulating the reward centre in the brain. To their surprise (yeah right), beer topped the list.

It’s all thanks to hordenine, a naturally occurring alkaline… Read the full story

Did Hollywood con us in to keeping our bras on during sex?

Sex and the City (Picture: HBO)

‘Guys,’ my colleague Lisa messaged me the other day. ‘Episode four of Doctor Foster, she FINALLY takes off her bra for sex’. 

You might think this was an odd thing to send another person, or that the Lifestyle desk has a worryingly co-dependent relationship, and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong on either account. But the thing is, once you start talking about the role of a bra during sex, there’s a whole lot of ground to cover.

Growing up, like most people in their twenties, my sexual education was a combination of stuff I read online, things my friends told me (no, you do not become infertile if you… Read the full story

Former rally driver becomes the UK’s first transgender ballet dancer

(Picture: Laura Dale / Caters News)

The joy of ballet dancing can feel pretty closed off.

We all have an idea of what a ballet dancer looks like – a white, slim, super young woman with teeny-tiny hips.

metro graphicsMen, please stop Instagram DMing people you find on Tinder

Some women are breaking the mould.

There’s Frostine Shake, who proves you can be a plus-size ballerina, while the Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center is opening up ballet to a new group of young women by mixing the dance with hip-hop.

And now there’s Sophie Rebecca, who’s become the UK’s first trans… Read the full story

The UK’s most unusual baby names, according to Mumsnet

metro illustrations
WHY DID WE CALL YOU RUPERT? (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

As someone who was one of 5 Rebecca’s in her year at school, I sympathise with parents who want an ‘unusual’ name for their child. 

Much as Amelia, Olivia and Grace are beautiful names, if you’re having a baby any time soon, choosing one of those names will pretty much guarantee having your child referred to by their first name and the first letter of their surname for the whole school career.

Some parents, however, take the whole unusual name thing just a little bit far. Mumsnet have rounded up the 10 most unusual UK baby names for the last year,… Read the full story

Man praised as a hero for wearing his girlfriend’s heels so she could take his comfy shoes

(Picture: Asiawire)

Let’s take a moment to applaud this man (and maybe send this article to the people we’re dating as a light suggestion of what they should do next time we say our feet hurt).

A picture showing a man wearing his girlfriend’s high heels to relieve her poor, tired feet is going all over the internet, having received more than 25,000 likes and 10,000 comments filled with praise.

The photo, taken by a woman on the fourth floor of Xinquiao Hospital, reportedly shows a woman waiting to see a doctor.

The woman who took the photo says the woman sitting down appeared to be struggling with sore feet, and that her boyfriend had… Read the full story

Fellow feminists! Embrace the life-changing magic of gendered chores

metro illustrations
Nope (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Proper domestic harmony thrives on clearly-defined roles and responsibilities.

Okay, before we get stuck in, I’d like to be perfectly clear.

metro illustrationsYour relationship is failing because you don’t put out enough

I’m a pro-feminist stay-at-home dad.

I cook and clean, and know my goddamn way around an ironing board.

I’ve changed about a billion nappies.

I use fabric softener.

I’m fiercely proud of my signature Sunday roasties.

They’re hella crispy, is what I’m saying.

Even by 2017 standards, as a husband, I’m woke as f***.

I walk the walk.

Yet for all my progressivism, I refuse to ignore the observation that life runs… Read the full story

Five people talk about the time they thought they were breaking up with ‘The One’

(Picture: Irene Palacio)

We all know you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your Prince or Princess Charming.

But what if you thought you had found ‘The One’ only for them to turn around and break up with you?

Or you broke up with someone only, in hindsight, you think they may have been perfect for you and now it is just too late.

And then there are those of us whose Prince Charming turned into King Joffrey a few years down the road.

Well, you are not alone.

These five people bravely share their stories of breaking up with The One and reveal what happened next.


Vet’s office crafts incredible cardboard houses for their resident cat

(Picture: Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group)

I may not actually have my own cat, but I am a full on cat-person (don’t say cat lady, it’s sexist).

There’s a cat named Bernie who lives on the same street as my partner, who I snuggle with at night, swaddle in a blanket like a baby, and frequently ponder buying a tiny teepee for. Bernie, I mean. Not my partner.

That’s pretty high level cat obsession. But when I see stories like this, about people taking the time to craft a cat multiple houses out of cardboard, I feel a little bit better about myself.

The lucky kitty in question is Tisoy, a ginger kitty who lives in a vet’s… Read the full story

Beyond the supermarket: The latest dairy-free independent brands


For those of us who live a dairy-free lifestyle, there is no shortage of products on the market that serve as replacements to traditional foods.

From whipped cream to Wensleydale cheese, there’s a vegan version of it.

However, while the supermarkets are doing an amazing job of creating new products, there are lots of brands who are flying the dairy-free flag too.

So, I decided it was time to take a look at the latest vegan alternatives, all created by independents.

The best dairy-free milk alternatives…

Pip & Nut

Pip & Nut has grown from a single stall run by its founder Pippa Murray in Maltby Street market in London into a concern worth £9m.

The products – which also include a whole range of nut products – contain no preservatives or additives and are available in 3,000 outlets in the UK and Ireland.


Read the full story

Treasonous British people now prefer coffee to tea

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Seriously, what is wrong with the world?

What is wrong with people?

Just when we thought our last shred of faith was dead, this bit of information comes in to snatch the last glimmering remains – just in time to reassure us all that 2017 truly is the absolute worst.

According to a new survey, the ‘good’ people of the UK now prefer coffee to tea.

We’ll pause here to let you spit out your cuppa in pure rage.

A survey by syrup makers Monin (who make syrups for coffee, so we’re hoping they’ve fudged the stats in their favour) has found that 61% of British people prefer drinking coffee to drinking tea.

Bloody traitors.

Monin… Read the full story

Don’t date men who won’t let you talk about your ex

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

If there’s one piece of advice that every single teen magazine used to dish out, it was that you shouldn’t mention your ex on a date. 

Quite who was going on a ‘date’ when they were 14, rather than sitting around a table in Burger King with loads of friends until you get kicked out for playing with the sugar packets, I’m not sure.

Anyway, dating might not have been dating back then, but we grow up and unfortunately if you don’t want to die alone, dating is sort of compulsory. And those pieces of advice, the ones that we were given as teens, they stick.

Telling people that if… Read the full story

Men, please stop Instagram DMing people you find on Tinder

(Picture: Metro.co.uk/Getty)

Another day, another awful antic from the men of Tinder.

As if literally inventing a device to automatically swipe right on everyone wasn’t weird enough, now they’re simply not taking no for an answer.

Any casual Tinder user will know that you’re given the option to link your Instagram account to the dating app.

Seems like a nice idea, right? After all, Tinder’s other bio options are fairly limited – this way, you can share a little more about the things you’re really interested in. Even if that is just pictures of salads.

Obviously, though, men being men, they’ve gone and ruined it.

A number of Tinder users have shared recent stories of men… Read the full story

7 fun recipes to make with the kids

Fun with food (Picture: Getty)

Having your kids help out in the kitchen is a fantastic way of not just keeping them entertained, but setting them for skills that will last a lifetime.

Just because your sous chefs might be on the small side doesn’t mean there’s no room for big flavours or tons of variety in what you cook.

10 ways to feed your family on a tiny budget

Many of our family favourites have been discovered or tweaked when cooking with my kids.

If there’s anyone unafraid to take risks in the kitchen or experiment with ingredients, it’s them.

With that in mind, here’s some recipes that aren’t… Read the full story

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