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Penni the rescue dog overcame her fear of noise and people by going hiking in the great outdoors

(Picture: Blaine DeLuca / mediadrumworld.com)

Everyone knows dogs can’t resist a good walk.

This 'air-con watch' will regulate your body temperature

For many, even uttering the word around them will send them into a tail-chasing, yapping-mad screwball of excitement.

For one New York pooch, though, a quick trip round the park wasn’t quite enough.

Meet Penni. This intrepid, four-legged friend is a big fan of nature – and we don’t just mean an afternoon lazing in a local field.

For Penni, it’s all about the great outdoors – long hikes, mountain climbs and more all feature in her excursions.

There’s a sad tale behind her big grin, though.

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Plush care home for dementia sufferers has a cinema, cocktail bar, and spa designed to recreate residents’ memories

(Picture: Yorkare Homes Ltd / SWNS.com)

A new care home in Yorkshire promises ‘a series of memories across a range of decades’ for its residents.

Penni the rescue dog overcame her fear of noise and people in the great outdoors

The Yorkare Care Home in Beverley, East Yorkshire, has opened for people suffering from dementia, and boasts a cocktail bar, cinema and beauty spa amongst its many rooms.

The centre – one of the UK’s most luxurious – cost £6 million to build, and joins Yorkare homes’ three other care homes across the UK.

The new home has been designed specifically for residents with dementia, incorporating retro… Read the full story

Woman turns her labia into sparkling jewellery after going through designer vagina surgery

(Picture: Tracy Kiss)

You may remember Tracy Kiss as the mum of two with a penchant for semen smoothies and facials.

But she doesn’t just have a passion for making full use of her mates’ jizz. Tracy’s also all about celebrating female genitals and their alternative uses, too.

Last year, Tracy underwent labiaplasty, often known as ‘designer vagina surgery’, to reduce the size of her labia.

‘I visited my doctor with pain from training at the gym which felt like a burning sensation down below,’ Tracy tells metro.co.uk.

‘It turned out to be a cyst caused by friction because of my protruding labia and he advised I have it surgically… Read the full story

Meet Nick and Lins, the Belgian naturists travelling the world – naked

Nick and Lins (Photo supplied by authors, used with permission)

Backpacking. Sometimes it’s an adventure – sometimes it’s a lifestyle choice.

The pressures of modern life can be wearing, and many of us have experienced the urge to quit the job, cancel the rental agreement and travel the world in a tent.

But how many of us would do it nude?

As crazy as it sounds, it’s something you might want to consider once you’ve read the story of Lins and Nick, a Belgian couple who are doing just that.

MORE: I went to a naturist beach for the first time and this is what it was like

Lins and Nick’s encounters with… Read the full story

You can now buy teeny-tiny Louboutins for babies

(Picture: Louboutin/metro.co.uk)

Blame Sex and the City, but for a whole load of women, actually being able to afford a pair of Louboutins is the dream.

Imagine being able to casually drop a thousand quid on a pair of shoes.

Imagine then being able to walk in said shoes, rather than keeping them tucked away in your wardrobe for the rest of your days because they’re too expensive to scuff up.

But it turns out that there’s another level of Louboutin-affording wealth.

That level is being able to afford buying teeny-tiny Louboutins for your baby.

It’s not so much the price – at $250 (£190), these tiny flats are actually on the cheaper range of things made by… Read the full story

Plus-size model shares a photo of her cellulite to send an important message about body image

(Picture: Instagram/sophieeturner)

Need another reminder that cellulite is normal, natural, and absolutely nothing to be ashamed of? Here you go.

So, so many women have cellulite. It’s incredibly common. And yet, thanks to flattering angles, lighting, and photoshop, we hardly ever see it.

That means we do see cellulite, it comes as a bit of a shock.

That’s something we need to work on, by showing more and more cellulite to reassure everyone that it’s a perfectly fine thing to have – so they won’t be afraid of a very natural part of their body.

Take note from plus-size model Sophie Turner.

She’s a body positive activist, but even she struggles to accept her cellulite.

But Sophie’s taking… Read the full story

Negative space brows are the perfect beauty trend for anyone who’s tired of plucking

Picture: kapasovia)

With all the ridiculous brow trends going on – barbed wire brows, squiggle brows, penis brows, to name a few – it makes sense to feel a sudden urge to shave off your brows so you never have to bother with them ever again.

But may we suggest you take your rage against the brow a little further?

Don’t just take your brows to zero. Take them to a minus number.

Behold negative brows. They’re the creation of a makeup artist who goes by Kapasovia.

If you fancy trying the look yourself, you could remove your eyebrows, but we wouldn’t recommend it. They’ll take ages to grow… Read the full story

Here’s your horoscope for the month of October

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

As autumn officially begins, the darker days and colder climate can get some of you down, but you have plenty of support and help from Mars and the moon to shine some light and warm you up.

Online shopping is making you weak and feeble

Saturn is bringing negativity to almost all the signs this month, focusing mainly on work, where you’ll find it a struggle to keep up with demand at times. You’ll also be faced with some complex situations regarding those around you.

This relates to your work lives for some of you, and your families for… Read the full story

A massive new Lego House has opened in Denmark

(Picture: Lego)

Move over Ed Sheeran – there’s a new ‘Lego House’ in town.

Or, more specifically, in the Danish town of Billund – birthplace of the iconic plastic brick.

While we can’t deny we were a little disappointed to realise it’s not actually made out of Lego (not completely, anyway), the structure’s pretty damn impressive regardless.

There’s a huge yellow amphitheatre built into the building’s sides, as well as an even huger, 17-metre-high Lego tree jutting right through its centre,  which is made of 6.3 million bricks and took 24,000 hours to build.

Online shopping is making you weak and feeble

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Without a doubt, the online age has made shopping easier and more accessible.

We can order anything we could ever want – groceries to clothes, greasy food to cocktails – direct to our doors, without ever having to leave bed.

Meet Phil - the flirty dog with his own Tinder account

Convenient? Undoubtedly. Healthy? Er, perhaps not.

A new study by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy suggests that, by staying at home and ordering everything direct to us, we’re missing out on a whole load of essential muscle-strengthening exercises.

You might not consider your daily grocery shop much of… Read the full story

Meet Phil – the flirty dog with his own Tinder account

(Picture: @lifewithmalamutes/Instagram)

Picture your usual Tinder scrolling routine.

Left, left, left, left, right, left, right, left, left, HANG ON  A SECOND.

metro illustrationsStop telling people they look tired

Is that a dog? In a bow tie?!

Yep – that’s Phil, the Alaskan malamute. And he’s got his own Tinder account.

What’s more, he’s been sending some slightly flirtatious messages to his matches too – usually around the subject of his favourite pastime, belly rubs.

Phil’s already something of an Instagram star, sharing an account with fellow malamute Niko and a ragamuffin cat called Milo. Together they’ve got over 317,000 followers.

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Tiny kitten refuses to budge from his sister’s side when she comes down with a cold

(Picture: Friendswood Animal Control)

People may disappoint us, but kittens will always be good.

Look at the tiny, pure, innocent faces of Martin and Purrla.

They are two very cute kittens who were born at Friendswood Animal Control in Texas after their mother was taken in as a stray, having gotten in a fight when she was pregnant and ended up with a broken leg and a severe infection.

Sadly, shortly after her kittens were born, Martin and Purrla’s mother passed away. Her leg was simply too infected for her to survive.

In the loss of their mother, siblings Martin and Purrla bonded.

They comforted each other, snuggled up together, and refused to be… Read the full story

World Vegetarian Day: What are the health benefits of going veggie?

It’s good to promote vegetables when they are still young (Picture: Getty Images)

1 October is World Vegetarian Day, so here’s a challenge: Could you handle going vegetarian for a month?

The North American Vegetarian Society (Navs) would like you to make a difference this October by informing others about the benefits of vegetarianism.

Traditonally, we are a meat-loving nation – though the amount of meat we’re eating is falling

An average UK resident eats 84.2kg of meat each year, which is 30th in the world of the countries to consume the least meat.

Studies have shown that, compared to meat-eaters, vegetarians enjoy better overall health and are less prone to heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and… Read the full story

International Coffee Day: How to make an espresso martini at home

Picture: Getty)

International Coffee Day is a global celebration of coffee’s journey from the farm to your local shop.

International Coffee Day is an opportunity to honour the men and women who grow and harvest the coffee we love.

A great way to celebrate? Coffee.

A better way to celebrate? Coffee and booze.

metro illustrationsStop telling people they look tired

What is International Coffee Day?

On Sunday 1 October, the 77 Member States of the International Coffee Organization (ICO) and dozens of coffee associations from around the globe will come together to celebrate the second annual International Coffee Day.

It is a celebration of coffee baristas who really… Read the full story

World Vegetarian Day want you to go veggie for October – here’s why

World Vegetarian Day
World Vegetarian Day is on 1 October (Picture: Getty)

We all love our greens right? Right?

With the emergence of multiple diets, health smoothies, spinach juice (Green Goddess from Crussh anyone?) and Joe Wicks’ love of ‘midget trees’ – we are now following what our Mums preached to us and are (trying) to eat more vegetables.

We are a meat-loving nation though the amount of meat we’re eating is falling and we’re actually not as meat heavy as a lot of other countries.

An average UK resident eats 84.2kg of meat each year, putting it 30th in the world of the countries to consume the least meat.

Unsurprisingly, the US eats… Read the full story

Greggs sausage rolls are 5p more expensive and people are fuming

(Picture Getty)

If you’re a die-hard Greggs fan then you might want to brace yourself.

Because your favourite pasty provider has done an absolute trick on you and everything you hold dear.

metro illustrationsHere's your horoscope for the month of October

For Greggs, without warning, has increased the price of their sausage rolls by 5p.

And not only that, by they’ve also upped the price of their premium breakfast meal deal (sausage, bacon or egg roll and a hot drink or fresh juice), from £2 to £2.25 – meaning that you can no longer just whip out that £2 coin of a morning.

Saying that, the… Read the full story

No, mental illness is not ‘quirky’, it’s debilitating and needs to be taken seriously

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

‘Quirkiness’ is used to describe someone who’s eccentric. Someone who dresses cool, likes underground music, and has coloured hair.

Someone who doesn’t define themselves or who doesn’t follow the rules.

You know, every teen on Tumblr ever.

But you know what’s not quirky? Living with a mental illness.

I recently saw a tweet from someone who had described living with depression as being ‘quirky’. It seemed like this person didn’t really understand the severity of depression – or that they see it more as a personality trait than an illness.

Whatever the reason, the description was dangerous.

Being ‘quirky’ is something that is in your control. It’s something that you could change… Read the full story

Fitness blogger wants us to remember that you don’t have to be ‘scary skinny’ to have an eating disorder

(Picture: carissasweatstagram/Instagram)

Eating disorders, like all mental illnesses, come in all shapes and sizes.

Some become pretty obvious and others remain nigh-on impossible to detect simply by looking at someone.

Greggs sausage rolls are 5p more expensive and people are fuming

And no one is a better example of that fact than fitness blogger Carissa Seligman.

She recently uploaded a side-by-side comparison of herself to Instagram, including one picture of her from 2005 when she was battling her ED and another taken recently.

Interestingly, she looks slightly smaller today.

And that’s the point: we might be used to seeing pictures of anorexia survivors comparing their now healthier bodies… Read the full story

International Coffee Day 2017: 20 delicious recipes that use coffee

There’s so much more you can do with coffee than a latte (Pic: Getty)

Today, October 1 2017, is International Coffee Day. Whether you like yours long and milky, or short and black, coffee lovers of the world are sure to celebrate with plenty of cups of their favourite beverage.

International Coffee Day events across the UK

There’s so much more that you can do with coffee than just drink it though. We’ve all tried coffee and walnut cake right? But what about coffee truffles, brownies or fudge? Or take your appreciation of all things coffee to the next level by using it as an ingredient… Read the full story

A day in the life of a silicon Japanese sex doll

Masayuki stands with Mayu outside his apartment in Tokyo (Picture: Behrouz Mehri/AFP/Getty Images)

Ever wondered what life was like for a silicone sex doll?

Well, wonder no more.

A day in the life of a silicon Japanese sex doll

Meet Saori and Mayu, the sex dolls owned by Senji Nakajima and Masayuki Ozaki.

They both live in the Japan – in the Yamanashi and Chiba prefectures – and they spend their time picnicking under cherry blossoms, learning to surf and, of course, being bedded by their owners.

Physiotherapist Masayuki told AFP that after his wife gave birth, they stopped having sex and he felt a… Read the full story

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