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World Vegetarian Day 2017: 12 delicious vegetarian suppers that even meat eaters will love

12 vegetarian recipes that even meat eaters will enjoy
It’s not always easy feeding your non-vegetarian friends (Pic: Getty)

Today, Sunday 1 October, is World Vegetarian Day. As vegetarians it can be tricky to know what to cook for meat eating friends. Mind you, I’m increasingly finding that with the rise of flexitarianism and general awareness of the health and environmental benefits of eating less animal products, my friends and family are more open to eating vegetarian food these days than ever before.

How to make vegan chocolate chilli

However, we all know someone who doesn’t think that a meal is complete if… Read the full story

World Vegetarian Day 2017: Here’s what you need to consider if you’re thinking about going veggie

Being vegetarian can take some getting used to. But you’ll soon discover new flavours and foods. (Pic: Getty)

It’s World Vegetarian Day today, Sunday October 1. More and more people around the world are taking the plunge and cutting back on the meat that they consuming – or even cutting out animal products altogether and going vegan.

12 vegetarian dinners even meat eaters will lovemetro

Long-term veggies like me are used to people’s general “concern” (or nosiness) about whether you’re getting enough iron or protein in your diet.

However, the environmental and health benefits of cutting back on meat and other animal products… Read the full story

What your favourite London Tube line says about you 

(Picture: Getty/Metro.co.uk)

Talk to any Londoner about the Tube and they will have an opinion.

It might be the bane of many of our lives but we all have those lines that we love and the ones that we just can’t get on with no matter how hard we try.

14 things you only know if you live in south London

Some are like awkward relatives: you don’t really want to have anything to do with them but can’t really get through life without needing them at some point.

Others are like that one ex that you hate but deep down have a soft spot for.

So… Read the full story

Meet the five ‘fat’ women who are ‘unapologetically’ embracing their beauty

(Picture: Anthony Gebrehiwot/tikathecreator/Instagram)

Meet TiKa and her group of black, ‘fat, body positive women who are taking Instagram by storm.

She gathered her troops together for a ‘bask photo series’.

What I learned when I stopped smoking weed

‘We are everything the world hates,’ she writes in the caption.

‘Fat. Black. Woman. And yet, we exist. Unapologetically and without shame. F*ck you. We love on ourselves.’

TiKa contacted professional photographer Anthony Gebrehiwot to collaborate on a project with other women of a similar shape and figure.

Instagram Photo

TiKa, a musician, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she wanted to… Read the full story

What I learned when I stopped smoking weed

(Picture: Getty)

I’m convinced that some people are born stoners.

Before I ever touched a spliff, I was a stereotypical slacker, bunking off school to sit around on my own and never seeing the merit of things like being a prefect or getting into a good uni. This is undoubtedly just part of being a moody teenager, but as I got older I realised that my favourite hobby was still isolating myself and daydreaming days away.

metro illustrationsDo you really need to love yourself before you love somebody else?

It’s not really a problem, or at least it wasn’t until I started smoking weed more… Read the full story

5 sinister critters that turn victims into zombies in real life

Oy, get off (Picture: Hans Hillewaert)

The nights are darkling, Hallowe’en is fast-approaching, and horror fest The Walking Dead is back on our screens on October 23.

It’s time, then, to find out about some nasties that turn their victims into real-life zombies — yes, these creatures actually exist.

Here they are, then, five of the creepiest parasites that control the brains of their hosts and turn them into the living dead.

Read on — if you dare…

Emerald cockroach wasp

Guy wakes up to a strange noise, finds eight lynxes chilling on his porch

(Picture: Tim Newton)

This is the scene that confronted photographer Tim Newton when he woke up one morning.

He lives in Alaska on the border of a large nature area so he gets to see all sorts of wildlife from his front door.

NSFW: Check out these incredible nude portraits for Amber Rose's annual Slutwalk

But what he’s not so familiar with is having whole families of lynx set up shop on his porch.

He heard a funny noise coming from outside and stumbled out of bed to take a look.

And there, right in front of him on his porch, was a lynx…and her… Read the full story

Should vegans date non-vegans?

‘If you are in a relationship with a non-vegan how can you make it work?’ (Picture: Getty)

Vegans have a lot of life choices to make.

Who to date is just one of several dilemmas that vegans have to face.

The best places for vegan fish and chips in the UK

It might seem like a bizarre thing to contemplate but I’ve had various discussions with vegans and non-vegans over the years on this.

My boyfriend and I had a conversation a couple of years back about if we were dating now, in this modern time of online dating, would there be one thing we would look for.

I… Read the full story

NSFW: Check out these incredible nude portraits for Amber Rose’s annual Slutwalk

(Picture: Maggie West)

These are portraits from photographer Maggie West’s 98 project.

A celebration of female sexuality, the series coincides with Amber Rose’s annual procession of female bodies.

A massive new Lego House has opened in Denmark

The Slutwalk is both a demonstration and celebration of unabashed feminine sexual energy and a protest against gender inequality.

And Maggie has been exploring these themes in 98 by snapping 40 women and turning their portraits into an installation resembling an outdoor stained glass ceiling.

Today, her installation is being unveiled in the centre of Pershing Square in downtown LA, as part of the Slutwalk festival.

‘Throughout history, most women depicted… Read the full story

Lifestyle blogger reveals her crippling loneliness and receives thousands of messages of support

(Picture: Lotte Brouwer/Instagram)

Go on Instagram and you could be forgiven for thinking that everyone’s out having a far better time than you are.

While you spend every night meal prepping, everyone is out getting pissed, eating at fancy new restaurants, trying new workouts.

metro illustrationsHere's your horoscope for the month of October

And while you’re busy with life admin at the weekend, your whole feed is full of brunches, hen dos and impromptu city breaks.

You are a lonely loser.

But you’re not the only to feel like this – even lifestyle bloggers are beginning to the feel the same.

Lotte Brouwer runs Yes… Read the full story

Do you really need to love yourself before you love somebody else?

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

‘If you don’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?!’

When said by RuPaul Charles, it’s a rallying cry for self-acceptance and confidence. But when I really think about what that common saying means, it scares me.

metro illustrationsNo, mental illness is not 'quirky', it's debilitating and needs to be taken seriously

I don’t know if I do love myself. Does that mean I don’t deserve to be in a relationship and enjoy being with someone?

TV presenter Hannah Hart came under fire recently for this tweet:

This professional photographer takes stunning photos – despite being born without arms or legs

(Picture: Al Jazeera)

One Indonesian photography obsessive is refusing to let his disability define him.

Achmad Zulkarnain was born without arms or legs, but has still set up a thriving photography business after developing an interest in the subject several years back.

What I learned when I stopped smoking weed

Purchasing a camera on credit while he held his job at an internet cafe, Achmad soon went about teaching himself the tricks of the trade.

He set up his own company, called DZOEL, and quickly became a sensation in his area.

With his physical impairment,… Read the full story

5 Halloween costumes that are current but NOT offensive

(Picture: Getty)

Yearly PSA: It’s not funny to dress up as something racist, culturally insensitive, or offensive at Halloween.

Plenty of people queued up to defend Paul Hollywood wearing a Nazi uniform, saying that since it didn’t have malicious intent there was nothing wrong with it. To all of those people: Zip it, shush, be quiet. Don’t dress up as a Nazi, wear blackface, or mock some sort of tragedy because you think it’s a laugh.

metro illustrationsDo you really need to love yourself before you love somebody else?

It’s never a laugh, and you automatically look like a dickhead.

While it is always nice… Read the full story

Balenciaga just sent platform Crocs down the runway, so style is officially dead

(Picture: a.businaro/Instagram)

Fashion is fickle.

There’s little rhyme or reason as to what it decides is in or out of style. The most lovely looking garms are resigned to trash for being too twee while absolutely horrendous accessories are hailed as the thing to have of the season.

NSFW: Check out these incredible nude portraits for Amber Rose's annual Slutwalk

And Crocs most definitely fit into the latter.

Because Balenciaga has just sent models down the runway wearing platform Crocs, adorned with cool plastic charms.

It’s not the first time the horrible foam sandals have made a high-end appearance.

Instagram PhotoRead the full story

Why there’s nothing wrong with established food bloggers requesting a free meal

Creating a successful food blog – with a following to rival that of a food magazine’s – doesn’t just happen overnight (Picture: Getty)

Not long ago, there was another ‘blogger-gate’ on Twitter.

This time, a Michelin star restaurant shared an email from a blogger who was requesting a ‘free’ meal in exchange for a review.

Cue lots of retweets, snarky remarks and general hysteria.

Even bloggers joined in; echoing a ‘not in my name’ sentiment and making it clear that they were far removed from such approaches.

When you have anxiety, it can be very easy to catastrophise every situation

metro illustrations
It’s easy to trawl Google and the news for things to get anxious about (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

I’m addicted to seeking reassurance to soothe my anxiety – the fix is instant but incredibly short-lived.

It has the same effect that medication has on the addictive personality.

How an anxiety relapse makes you feel and what you can do about it

And the more reassurance you get, the more you need to satisfy the craving.

I go ‘doctor shopping’ trying to find the worst diagnosis. I’m addicted to catastrophe.

Two doctors and one dentist diagnosed the slight lump in my jaw bone as ‘the natural shape… Read the full story

Dying around the world: Everything you need to know about Taiwan’s funeral strippers


Not all of us want our funeral to be melancholy.

In fact, more and more of us are keen to turn our final farewell into something joyous, a celebration of our time on earth… and what better way to do this than with strippers?

It may seem a little out there to our Western sensibilities, but inviting women to take their clothes off at funerals is a popular trend in Taiwan, China.

Reports suggest this unusual practice has its origins in the 1980s, when gangsters assumed control of the mortuary industry and offered strippers from their clubs to mourners at a respectfully discounted price.

Today, this is still popular in Taiwan and rural areas in the east of China where limited access to entertainment make funerals one of the few occasions locals can enjoy a little titillation.

Funerals on film

Taiwan’s funeral strippers could have remained obscure were it not for a man named Marc L Moskowitz.

This US… Read the full story

What is emotional labour and are you doing too much of it?

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

There’s a scene in the Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn movie ‘The Break-Up’ that has always resonated with me.

Jen-An’s character Brooke, after they hold a dinner party together, asks her partner Gary to help her with the washing up. After nagging him and pleading with him he begrudgingly agrees.

Guy wakes up to a strange noise, finds eight lynxes chilling on his porch

She’s upset, and he can’t understand it.

‘I want you to want to do the dishes,’ she begs.

‘Why would I want to do the dishes?’ he replies.

It’s so trivial but so indicative of the problems many… Read the full story

Just 42% of women know the signs of breast cancer, so here’s a recap

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

A few days ago, Julia Louis-Dreyfus revealed that she has breast cancer.

The disease, it seems, doesn’t care about social standing, celebrity or wealth – if you get it, you get it. And if you miss the signs early on, it becomes an increasingly difficult battle to fight.

NSFW: Check out these incredible nude portraits for Amber Rose's annual Slutwalk

Despite the large numbers of women – including celebrities like Cynthia Nixon, Sheryl Crow and Christina Applegate – who have battled with breast cancer, very few of us actually know what symptoms to look out for.

According to a worrying… Read the full story

Celebrating Pablo: As CBeebies launch their new show about autism, here’s why it’s so important

Pablo and his animal friends. (Picture: BBC)

This morning, CBeebies broadcasts its first episode of Pablo: the story of an autistic five-year-old who has his own unique way of interacting with the world around him.

Pablo deals with the anxieties and challenges he faces by drawing a picture, before entering a colourful world filled with talking animals who represent different aspects of his personality.

The brainchild of Belfast production company Paper Owl Films (and broadcast on RTÉjr as well as on CBeebies), Pablo sets out to portray autism in a positive light – and it succeeds.

But what makes it so special?

MORE: Introducing Pablo – here’s everything you need to know about… Read the full story

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