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Mum speaks about about ‘hating’ her third child and wishing he’d die in his sleep

(Picture: Getty)

Postnatal depression can be a debilitating illness which leaves new mums feeling isolated and detached during what should be the happiest period of their lives.

And unless you’ve been through it, it can be difficult to fully understand.

metro illustrationsWhat is emotional labour and are you doing too much of it?

Take one anonymous mum, for example, who has admitted to hating her third child – going so far as to say that she wishes he’d die in his sleep.

Taking to Reddit to ask other parents for advice in a post which has subsequently been deleted, she says that she got pregnant… Read the full story

Fitness blogger has the perfect response to anyone who calls women who lift weights ‘manly’

(Picture: Kelsey Wells/Instagram)

Instagram has become awash with ‘weights not cardio’ bubble bum pics and gym selfies.

Women are swapping the treadmill for the weights room in a bid to lift their way to a sculpted body.

metro illustrationsJust 42% of women know the signs of breast cancer, so here's a recap

We’re all getting stronger and more muscular. But that doesn’t mean that we’re becoming less feminine.

Quite the opposite: head into any conditioning class these days and they’re full of glamorous gym goers in the latest kits.

Nevertheless, women who lift still get some stick from cavemen types who can’t get their heads around… Read the full story

Why are Net-a-Porter selling something that looks like an ankle tag?

(Picture: Net-a-Porter)

If you’ve ever wanted to look like Linsday Lohan in 2008, then we have got great, great news for you. 

For the bargain price of just £165, you can buy a set of satin ‘ankle straps’ that look exactly like an electronic ankle tag.

Admittedly Attico are selling matching sets, and those who are being monitored by the police tend to just wear the one, but it’s entirely possible to wear them one at a time. Or you could split the cost of the set between you and a friend and then you’d have matching ankle jewellery. How great would that be?

Anyone who assumes that you’re not tough will be… Read the full story

National Cake Week 2017: 10 stunning vegan cakes to bake today

vegan vanilla cake
Yep, this beauty is 100% vegan. (Pic: Super Golden Bakes)

This week, October 2-8, 2017 is National Cake Week. Never one to miss up on an opportunity to a. bake b. eat cake or c. look at lovely pictures of cakes on instagram I thought this was the perfect opportunity to prove that you don’t need eggs or butter to make delicious cakes.

12 vegan ice cream recipes

With aquafaba (chickpea water – google it), flax seeds, chia or even just plain old mashed banana baking without eggs has never been so easy – or delicious.

Vegans can totally have their cake… Read the full story

This thread on vaginas is a necessary read for everyone

(Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

The vagina can be a mysterious body area for some people.

Particularly as you grow up, there are a million questions in your head about what’s normal. These aren’t helped by things like porn that convince us that labia are basically non-existent and women can orgasm from a mere touch of the clitoris.

Can you really use toothpaste as a pregnancy test?

Then there’s the endless product marketing cycle that tells us we need to douche, exfoliate, and exorcise our vulvas to even be considered fanciable.

Basically, just having a vagina is an expensive and tiring activity.

To try and get… Read the full story

Dad playing with his new puppy is the most wholesome thing you’ll watch today

(Picture: Ali Kuentz/Twitter)

Dogs are so blessed that they bring light into even the darkest of hearts.

Show me a person who hates dogs and I’ll show you a monster.

metro illustrationsJust 42% of women know the signs of breast cancer, so here's a recap

And as for puppies? Well, how anyone manages to anything with a puppy around is quite beyond comprehension.

They’re so excitable, so cute, so energetic.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, puppies will turn you into a gooey mess.

Take Jason and Ali Kuentz’s dad, for example.

Can you really use toothpaste as a pregnancy test?

No need for one of these. (Picture: Shutterstock)

If you’re sexually active, there’s a good chance that at some point in your life you’ve had a pregnancy scare. 

Tbh, even if you’re not sexually active, it’s totally possible to lose track of when you’re due and convince yourself that you’re the next Virgin birth.

Now, sometimes these panics come at a nice sensible time when you can stroll down to Superdrug, buy a pregnancy test and get a result in an easy, timely fashion.

Unfortunately sometimes they come at 3AM when there’s no way of getting hold of a pregnancy test. Pregnancy scares can also happen when you’re really broke, when you feel too vulnerable… Read the full story

‘Put yourself first’– we chat to Emma Gannon about why it’s so important to look after your mental health online


‘The world that you curate for yourself online is just as important as the world that you create around you in real life.

‘I wouldn’t go into a noisy pub with people shouting and swearing and waving knives around.

‘I would protect myself from that abuse so why would I not protect myself from horrible things online?’

Blogger, author, speaker, consultant and podcast host Emma Gannon chatted to us about looking after your mental health online during the latest episode of our weekly podcast Mentally Yours.

‘Every time you open your laptop or every time you go on your phone it’s like you’re strapping yourself in for a bit of a rollercoaster,’ she said.

‘You don’t know what you’re going to see. You need to be aware of your triggers.’

Emma, who presents the Ctrl Alt Delete podcast and co-hosts the recently launched Get It Off Your Br**sts podcast, discussed practical ways to manage your experience… Read the full story

1 in 6 British couples don’t have any sex during pregnancy

(Picture: Getty)

One in six British couples abstain from having sex during the entire nine months of pregnancy, a study has found.

Even though that means that 5 out of 6 couples do have sex during pregnancy, honestly it still seems like a lot of people who are going without any kind of sexual intimacy for nine months.

A survey of 2,000 parents, carried out by ChannelMum.com found that couples were avoiding sex during pregnancy out of concern that they might ‘hurt’ the baby, which does kind of make sense (though it’s very unlikely to happen).

A further one in 10 felt it was wrong to have sex with a baby on the way. Which makes… Read the full story

ATTENTION: McDonald’s is bringing Szechuan sauce back for one day only

(Picture: Wiki Commons)

Attention all dipping sauce lovers.

If you’re sick of having to simply use ketchup or brown sauce for your chicken nuggets then hold on to your napkins, because McDonald’s is bringing back their Szechuan dipping sauce for one day online.

vaginacollage_illustration_libertyantoniasadler_metroThis thread on vaginas is a necessary read for everyone

On October 7, a limited amount of the tangy sauce will be available at select restaurants.

It’s to coincide with the chain releasing its new Buttermilk Crispy Tenders, and the fact that they’re giving away 1,000 limited-edition screen-printed posters for the various sauces available to dip them in (gosh, what a prize!).

‘Szechuan… Read the full story

Cherry picking: how to tell if you’ve lost your virginity

‘Is it defined as your first significant sexual experience, or is it all about what bits went where?’ (Picture: Getty)

In the words of Jarvis Cocker, do you remember the first time?

We bet you do.

METRO GRAPHICSLooking for love in the wrong era: what it’s like dating as a virgin in your twenties

Were there candles and soft music?

Did time stand still as you revelled in newfound pleasures of the flesh?

Or was it a clumsy romp under the coats at Alex Cameron’s house party?

Whatever the circumstances, losing your virginity is a universal rite of passage that you only get to do once.

But how do you… Read the full story

Cold water swimming: why the hell do so many people like doing it?


The other week, I found myself front crawling my way down the icy lane of Brockwell Lido at 8am.

It was a lovely sunny September morning but bloody hell, was it f*cking freezing.

Dad playing with his new puppy is the most wholesome thing you'll watch today

Even wearing a wetsuit, I found myself gasping for panicky air, trying not to ice to death. I thought I was a pretty good swimmer until I found myself floundering in sub-zero temperatures barely able to go four lengths without wheezing like a 90-year-old.

I was there because it’s my job; I was having a go at an ETE triathlon tester session (quickly discovering that I am, in fact, so far away from being ready for any kind of triathlon event). No way in hell would I ever schlep to a pool before work to swim outdoors otherwise.

However, the lido was absolutely packed with… Read the full story

Halloween trees are back and they’re looking spookier than ever

(Picture: Instagram/todaystxcountry/ashandcashman)

We were super excited when last year, people introduced the concept of the Halloween tree.

McDonald's is bringing Szechuan sauce back for one day only

Trees were adorned with orange decorations, bats and witches and topped with skeletons and ghosts, making it the perfect way to add a little darkness to your living room.

And they’re back this year.

The best thing about the trees? You can go cheap with them.

Sure, if you haven’t generally been a Halloween-fanatic in the past you will need to head over to your local supermarket to buy some decorations – but hopefully you won’t be too much of… Read the full story

9 things only grooms know about weddings

(Illustration: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

Having recently tied the knot, it became all-too apparent that it’s not just the bride who gets their knickers in a twist during the run-up to the big day.

The groom can face a number of sweaty armpit moments not only leading up to the big day, but during the day too.

5 men share their cringe-inducing best man howlers

It’s the most special day of your life and it’s easy for the mind to focus on what can go wrong, as well as right.

Here are nine big-day panic moments that every groom can face, and plan for.

Do I… Read the full story

Third Veggie Pret is opening next week in Islington – here’s what’s on the menu

(Picture: Pret)

A few weeks ago, we brought you news that a third Veggie Pret was set to open in London.

Today, the chain has announced that it’ll be opening next Wednesday on Exmouth Market in Clerkenwell.

Cold water swimming: why the hell do so many people like doing it?

It’ll be the first branch to open exclusively as a Veggie Pret rather than on the site of an existing Pret shop.

And to celebrate, they’re offering 500 hungry customers a free lunch next Tuesday.

All you’ve got to do is keep an eye on Pret’s social channels from this Thursday to see how you could bag… Read the full story

Don’t date men who are intimidated by your sex toys

(Picture: Metro/Getty)

‘How can I bring my vibrator in to the bedroom without freaking out my boyfriend?’ is a question that I was asked time and time again when I was working as a ‘sexpert’

(Yes, it’s a job, no there is no formal qualification).

Now, it’s possible to give good advice on this front. If you want that good advice, it’s to introduce toys slowly, give him control of it, be vocal about how much you enjoy it and not to start with anything that’s a lot bigger than his penis.

Basically it’s a similar concept of introducing a new cat to your existing cat, or trying not to make your first child hate… Read the full story

10 things you should know if you’ve been newly diagnosed with IBD

(Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably just been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease.

Can you really use toothpaste as a pregnancy test?

Maybe you’ve lived with the illness for a while and are just looking to see how another person lives with it – or maybe you don’t know much about it at all.

Either way, it’s important that people know there is light at the end of the tunnel. While the illness seems scary and foreign to most, after getting used to it, it becomes easier – to both comprehend and to manage.

I have ulcerative colitis and there… Read the full story

Cut-out squiggle brows are here and look away now if you have a weak stomach

(Picture: Instagram/eyesobell)

If you’ve got a weak stomach, look away now, because the brow craze has been taken to the next level – and it’s more squeamish than squiggle.

Don't date men who are intimidated by your sex toys

Over the past few months, we’ve seen many a unique eyebrow. There’s been feather brows, penis brows and even braided brows.

And with Halloween just around the corner, it was only expected that someone would create some horror brows – otherwise known as the new cut-out wavy brow.

Instagram Photo

The stomach-churning wavy brow has been… Read the full story

This happy seal is just what we all need to see to cheer us up

(Picture: Lesley Starbuck/Mercury Press)

If you’re clock watching for the end of Monday, then here’s a little something to bring light back into your heart.

Amateur wildlife photographer Lesley Starbuck came across this nonchalant seal lolling on the beach at Horsey Gap in Norfolk.

Cold water swimming: why the hell do so many people like doing it?

Showing how modelling is really done, he then went through a series of coquettish positions of Lesley to snap.

The seals are a joy to see, there were about 60 in total, some in the water and some on the beach.

‘Many of them were sleeping while others were getting… Read the full story

KFC to launch its infamous Double Down in the UK

(Picture: KFC)

Do you love fried chicken? Is one fillet of fried chicken not enough for you? Do you wish you could have a sandwich literally made from fried chicken?

If the answer to all these is a resounding YES then my finger lickin’ friends, you need to get on down to KFC because the chain is bringing arguably their most successful sandwich to the UK.

KFC to launch its infamous Double Down in the UK

For six weeks only, the colonel will be blowing chicken lovers’ minds with the Double Down.

Never heard of it? It’s apparently huge in the US, Australia and New Zealand,… Read the full story

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