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12 spectacularly spooky vegan Halloween recipes

(Pic: Getty)

Traditional Halloween treats aren’t always the most vegan-friendly things you’ll find. But vegans still want to get all spooky and celebrate – am I wrong?

Luckily there are plenty of frightful plant-based Halloween recipes that you can make and enjoy. Whether you’re planning to throw a party or just want to have a little fun you’ll find a spooky recipe here for you.

Here are 12 spectacularly spooky Halloween recipes for vegans to try:

Zombie fingers

Instagram Photo

Super creepy zombie fingers make the perfect Halloween party favour. Recipe on Recipes From A Pantry.

Halloween pancakes

Instagram Photo

Too spooky for breakfast? Never. Recipe… Read the full story

11 things to do on your next trip to Brighton

Otis the dog has landed a job comforting grieving families at a funeral home

(Picture: Essex News and Pictures)

Please send congratulations to Otis the very good dog, for he has found his calling.

Otis is a cocker spaniel who’s gifted in being soft, strokeable, and comforting anyone who’s feeling sad or stressed out.

So he’s the perfect fit as the new bereavement support officer at Secure Haven Funeral Directors in Margaretting, Essex.

Otis belongs to Secure Haven’s founders, Paul and Cheryl, who realised the dog could be a huge help to grieving families coming to their funeral home in the countryside.

He now works full-time as a bereavement officer, sitting on the sofa and readily accepting strokes from clients who need some soothing.

We can’t ignore Donna Karan’s suggestion that women are ‘asking for trouble’

(Picture: Getty)

There is a silver lining to the Harvey Weinstein revelation.  

It’s a tiny, tiny sliver of a silver lining, but a silver lining none the less, and it comes in the form of a discussion.

It’s a discussion about how older men treat younger women when they’re in positions of power. A discussion about what it’s like to be a woman in a competitive, male-dominated industry, and what it’s like to be too afraid to speak out in case it costs you your career.

The vast majority of the voices in this discussion have been positive ones.

And then there’s Donna Karan, friend to Weinstein and his wife, designer Georgina Chapman, who said some things last… Read the full story

Gourmet Burger Kitchen is handing out free brisket burgers in response to Brexit misery

(Picture: GBK)

If there’s one thing that can bring us together across our political divides, it’s food. We hope.

So, in answer to all the political tensions post-EU-referendum, and the general poor state of the world, Gourmet Burger Kitchen has developed a snazzy new burger – and they’re giving it out for free.

The Brisket Burger combines different flavours from around Europe to remind us of how different countries can enrich one another.

It’s made up of a beef patty, salt beef brisket, burgernaise, house relish, Edam cheese, pickled cucumber, and paprika onions, all nestled inside two toasted pretzel buns.

Sounds good, right? Shall we all forget our differences and focus on this burger instead? We… Read the full story

Check out the real life Rapunzel who has such long hair that she can wear it as a dress

(Picture: Collect/PA Images)

This is Malgorzata Kulczk – the Rapunzel of east London.

She’s got such long hair that she can legitimately get away with wearing it as a dress.

In fact, her locks are so long that they end just above her ankles.

Until fairly recently, the 32-year-old used to keep her hair lushious and healthy by getting regular trims but she says that she hasn’t had a cut since 2015.

‘None of my firends and family wanted to trim it for me because they said it was still in good condition, so I stopped having it done,’ says Malgorzata.

‘I can’t see myself ever cutting it. I can’t imagine myself with short hair – nobody would… Read the full story

Eight of the best subscription boxes for vegans

All made with natural colourings and flavourings.
Get all the ingredients you need to make vegan dinners in the Plant Curious recipe box (Pic: Plant Curious)

The trend to adopt a vegan lifestyle is booming in the UK at the moment with more and more people taking the plunge every week to eat a plant-based diet. And accordingly the vegan food and beauty market is booming too. However, it can be hard to know what to try, where to get it and what you’re going to like.

That’s where subscription boxes come in. A box of vegan products, whether it’s dinner, snacks, treats or beauty products, delivered to your door every… Read the full story

Trendy work perks are often hiding practices that are awful for your mental health

(Picture: Getty)

The vast majority of us spend nine hours a day trapped in cell-like conditions with crap coffee and bad air con.

By 10am, you can’t remember what daylight feels like. By 12pm, you’ve got neck cramp and your keyboard is covered in crumbs.

If only you worked in one of those super hipster offices, with a pingpong table and beer on tap. Gosh, what a life it must be to work in a glorified sixth form common room!

My friends, it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, I’d argue that these cool companies use work perks to hide practices that just wouldn’t be allowed in more standard offices. And they… Read the full story

I struggled with mental health issues at work – here’s how I’d support colleagues myself

(Picture: Deirdre Spain for Metro.co.uk)

This summer, the story of a boss responding perfectly to an employee taking a mental health day off went viral and I for one was thrilled, but in my experience this is far from the norm.

World Mental Health Day this year is focusing on mental health in the workplace, and how we can support our colleagues.

Trendy work perks are often hiding practices that are awful for your mental health

Most mental health conditions don’t necessarily have obvious symptoms, and many people instinctively cover up any signs that they’re struggling, which makes it a lot harder to… Read the full story

Noble Labrador is hired to be this hotel’s dog concierge

(Picture: Instagram/Park Hyatt Melbourne/Guide Dogs Victoria)

Everything in life is improved by the presence of animals.

Luxury hotels included.

Just look at the Park Hyatt Melbourne hotel, which has recruited their first ever canine ambassador – a handsome labrador called Mr Walker.

The 18-month-year-old former guide dog was hired in July and his official duties include greeting guests on arrival and attending client meetings.

But his commitment to serving guests doesn’t end there.

Oh no. If you want to stroll around the grounds of a morning, he’ll walk with you.

When he’s not wearing his little legs to the bone, he’s taking a well-earned break on a custom-made Tasmanian Oak bed.

What a blessed sight to be greeted with… Read the full story

National Arthritis Week – How to manage your arthritis pain with exercise

metro illustrations
The right kinds of exercise will help decrease your pain (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Not too long ago, an arthritis diagnosis meant the end of your active life.

Time to rest, take it easy, and not put too much pressure on your troublesome joints, right?

How getting arthritis at 28 changed my relationship with my body

Well, no, as it turns out.

While I can’t do some of the things I used to be able to do now that I have arthritis in my toe joints, exercise is now more important to me than it was before my diagnosis.

The worst thing an osteoarthritis sufferer… Read the full story

There’s now a ‘Fat Lads’ calendar to celebrate the naked male form

(Picture: Richard Gaynor Photography/Caters News)

Whatever you’re into, there’s likely to be a calendar for it.

Women posing with carp. Firemen with puppies. Ginger men’s pubes.

And now, there’s a calendar to celebrate the bodies of naked men. Men slightly on the larger side, to be more specific.

The Fat Lads calendar is the creation of Richard Gaynor, an amateur photographer who kicked things off by posting a photo of himself posing like a pregnant Demi Moore on his Facebook.

He’d just posted the picture to give his friends a laugh, but after the photo was flooded with comments asking for more photos, Richard gathered a group of… Read the full story

A mum-of-four is raffling off her £300,000 five bedroom family home for just £2 a ticket

(Picture: Caters News)

A mother-of-four is raffling off her £300,00 family home and is selling tickets for just £2 each.

44-year-old Kirstie Searle decided to raffle off her five-bedroom family home in Daventry, Northants, rather than put the house on the market in the traditional way.

Though she’s excited for the raffle to commence, her husband, Matthew, hasn’t been best pleased about it.

Matthew originally wanted to sell the family home through an estate agent – and he was horrified when Kirsty said she’d put it up for raffle, even refusing to talk to her for a week after she started selling the tickets.

Stay-at-home mum Kirstie said: ‘My husband’s initial reaction was horror and we… Read the full story

Take five minutes out of your day to enjoy these cats sitting like humans

(Picture: TNI/ Reddit)

Sometimes our pets are just too funny not to snap photos of and post them all over the internet. 

So don’t blame these cat-owners for embarrassing their cats online. After they all spotted their furry friends acting more like humans than felines, how could they not take a quick pic?

A number of cats have been pictured sitting up like humans – upright, legs spread out, slouched back in what looks like a somewhat person-like position.

There’s no actual scientific reason to explain why cats occasionally sit like this, it seems it’s just a pose they take up if they deem it to be comfortable enough.

While we’re sure these cats are very comfortable,… Read the full story

Dove’s advert is the perfect example of how ignorant the UK beauty industry really is

(Picture: Facebook/Dove)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 24 hours, you’ll have seen that Dove advert.

To recap, Dove released a three-second Facebook gif showing a black woman taking off her shirt to become a white woman who then becomes a darker (Asian/Middle Eastern/latino) woman.

And people aren’t happy about it.

Why? Because it’s racially tone deaf. You’d have to be thick to not see how showing black women shedding their skin to become lighter might be construed by the public.

However, a large portion of the internet thinks that those of us who find it disturbing are insulted by anything and everything.

Morrisons has launched the hottest supermarket curry in the UK

(Picture: Morrisons)

In honour of National Curry Week, which started 9 October, Morrisons has launched the hottest supermarket curry ever made in the UK. 

The grocery store has released the ‘Volcanic Vindaloo’, which features the one of the world’s hottest chillis – the Naga.

The Naga has a Scoville rating of up to one million, and is 200 times hotter than Tabasco sauce or a jalapeno, with some Naga chilli varieties hotter than pepper spray.

According to Morrisons, the new curry is aimed at extreme curry lovers who find the spice levels existing in regular ready-made curries to be too tame.

Are age-gap relationships inherently abusive?

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

When you date someone who is considerably younger than you, there is an automatic imbalance. 

There’s a lot of good stuff, too. But you can’t deny, you’re starting from a position of imbalance.

I was 18 when I first dated an older man.  He was 54, which for those of you who don’t love mental arithmetic is 36 years my senior. Since then I’ve dated and slept with men who are exclusively older than me (with one exception, to check I wasn’t missing out on anything. I wasn’t).

The older men I’ve encountered have varied from six to 37 years my senior. I’m now married to a man who is… Read the full story

The candy cane fingers trend will haunt your dreams ’til Christmas

(Picture: Instagram/zylime)

If you were unsettled by nose hair extensions or ripped off squiggle brows, you probably won’t like this. Sorry.

But as you’re already here, having seen both the image and the headline, we’re going to go ahead and assume you want to learn more about candy cane fingers.

Yes, they are as horrifying as they appeared in that first, momentary glimpse. Yes, they will stay with you at least until Christmas.

The candy cane fingers trend involves making your index and little fingers look like candy canes, in the form of a hooked shape and red, bloody stripes.

Candy cane fingers will haunt your dreams.

Read the full story

Baby hedgehog has to be rescued after getting his head trapped inside a conker

(Picture: National News)

There’s nothing like a good conker fight to really hail the start of autumn.

And when you’re not trying to smash them open, they also serve some pretty useful purposes.

They can act as little paperweights. They can ward off spiders (true fact).

But they’re not so great for little critters.

Just look at this little hoglet.

He’s had to be rescued after getting stuck in a conker – leaving him trapped with the seed around his neck.

Cancer survivor reclaims her body after a mastectomy by getting stunning tattoos along her scars

(Picture: Allyson Lynch/Mediadrumworld.com)

Having a mastectomy is no barrier to feeling sexy.

That’s what hairstylist and model Allyson Lynch, 30, hopes to prove by sharing her story.

Allyson was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 26, having found a lump during self-examination.

Having lived with a mum who survived breast cancer, Allyson was aware that early diagnosis is crucial. So a few days after she found the lump, Allyson braved a trip to the doctor.

It was confirmed that she had breast cancer.

Following her diagnosis, Allyson had a bilateral mastectomy, followed by sixteen rounds of chemotherapy over the course of 20 weeks.

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