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The Coca-Cola Christmas truck is coming – here’s when and where you can spot it

Picture: Coca-Cola)

Nothing says Christmas festivity quite like a giant red truck of commercialism driving down our streets.

Well, other than mince pies, mulled wine, and the joy of spending time with love ones, we suppose.

Like lights going up and Christmas sandwiches reaching the shelves, the arrival of the Coca-Cola truck is an official sign that we’re able to start celebrating Christmas.

Any earlier and you’re overdoing it.

So, to prepare for when you can officially begin making gingerbread and telling people to have a Merry Christmas, here’s the schedule for when the Coca-Cola truck will drive through each location.

M&S Christmas sandwiches include a vegan option

(Picture: rudedoodle)

It’s official – Chrismas sandwich season is now in full swing.

Promising to turn your boring lunchtimes into a festive fiesta, M&S launch their Christmas sandwich collection today.

And, finally, it includes a vegan option.

M&S is launching their seasonal sarnies two weeks earlier than previous years, and expect to sell over 200,000 festive sandwiches this week alone.

As well as Christmas favourites like the Turkey Feast and Lobster & Prawn Termidor Brioche Roll, the retailer is also offering their first festive vegan option – a Chestnut Roast Wrap.

The nutty offering includes mixed grains and a grape and cranberry chutney on a red pepper wrap and costs £2.80.

Instagram… <a href=Read the full story

There’s now an Airbnb for Muslims

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

First, we had Airbnb, and then Noirbnb.

But now there’s a traveling site just for Muslims.

Muzbnb has popped up to cater for the specific needs of Muslim travellers worldwide.

Users can select homes that are alcohol and pork-free, all equipped with prayer spaces and rugs. There’s also the option of female or male exclusive homes and picking homes close to mosques or halal eateries.

Although the spaces are for and run by Muslims worldwide, Muzbnb is not strictly limited to people within the faith – both Muslims and non-Muslims can host and book homes.

Muzbnb have been accepting homes for five weeks and at present, two homes from the… Read the full story

Fancy getting a bloody vegan steak delivered to your house this lunchtime?

Moo Cantina's vegan steak
This steak is cruelty-free, people, cruelty-free (Picture: Deliveroo)

There are those vegans who think even looking at a piece of imitation meat is blasphemy and then there are those of us who worship at the altar of seitan.

You don’t make friends with salad but you do make friends with fake meat products, and Argentinian steak house Moo Cantina have caught on to this by offering up a bloody, meat, totally vegan steak just for World Vegan Day. Which is today, pals.

The fake steak is made from a mix of chickpeas, gluten-free oatmeal, garlic and spices, plus beetroot to add a realistic bloody juice.

The steak will only be available on… Read the full story

We need to be taking the physical symptoms of stress more seriously

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

We’re all stressed.

Stress is part of 21st-century life. It’s part of being an adult.

And it’s often something we dismiss as being unimportant.

The thing about stress is that those who struggle with it often don’t seem like the types to crumble. Indeed, as soon as you tell someone you’re stressed out, you’re often met with ‘but you’ve got nothing to be stressed about’.

While that might be true – I have a roof over my head, I have a job, I have a fulfilling relationship – stress doesn’t quite work that way.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by stuff you’ve got going on but a lot of the time, you can… Read the full story

Loads of us are getting avocado toast delivered to our house which is the peak of laziness

Avocado on toast
There is no need to get this delivered, people (Picture: Getty)

Remember a time before food delivery apps when you had to actually speak to someone to get food delivered to your door?

Having to call up a busy restaurant and shout your order down the phone, hoping they could hear you over the clash of pans in the kitchen?

Hungover and trying to get across how imperative it is that they deliver extra sauce for your fries?

Oh hell nah.

So much easier to open an app and let your fingers do the talking.

Do you know what else is easy? Making avocado toast.

Which is why we’re so confused that it’s one of the most ordered items… Read the full story

I gave up smoking two weeks ago and my body’s already changed for the better

(Picture: Getty)

I tried my first cigarette at the age of 14, taking one from a friend who’d been offered it by the older kids smoking behind the school fields.

Cliche, I know, but it was my first experience nonetheless.

The first puff I took was horrible. I nearly choked and the taste was dreadful. But my friends seemed to be enjoying it, and, thinking it was the cool thing to do, I continued to light a cigarette every time one was offered.

I knew it was bad for me, but as a young girl, I wanted so desperately to fit in.

Huda Beauty Obsession Palettes have arrived online at Cult Beauty

Huda Beauty Obsession Palettes have arrived online at Cult Beauty
(Picture: Cult Beauty)

Huda Beauty’s Obsessions Palettes are here – and they’re absolutely stunning.

Award-winning beauty blogger Huda Kattan has released yet another FOUR eyeshadow palettes to add to her already phenomenal makeup collection.

And the best part, they’re pretty damn affordable.

Instagram Photo

There are four colour combos to choose from: Smokey, Electric, Mauve, and Warm Browns. The pigment-packed powders have a mix of matte, satin and foil-effect finishes in neutral and metallic shades for the ultimate sultry lid looks.

Unlike her popular full-sized palettes Rose Gold and Desert Dusk, the Obsessions palettes are… Read the full story

World Vegan Day: Why Camden is the best place to celebrate in London

vegan camden
There’s so much to discover (Picture: In Pictures Ltd./Corbis via Getty Images)

Say Camden and most people think of Dr Martens wearing punks stomping around a neighbourhood full of goth, steampunk or rave gear, top music pubs and a tourist swamped market. 

That is all still true but 2017 has been the year that Camden became the go-to place for top vegan food in London.

10 dishes that are even better vegan

Before, lentil-loving vegans only had the (now defunct) psy-trance den InSpiral to gorge on chickpea salads and beetroot smoothies in.

Now, the north London hood is bursting with a variety of vegan options,… Read the full story

It’s Movember! What is it, how to participate and moustache rules

(Picture: Movember Foundation/Instagram)

It’s the start of Movember!

That means millions of men will be growing their facial hair into an array of fantastical designs.

Why a moustache?

The moustache is the homegrown version of wearing a ribbon.

It is all for a good cause to raise awareness of men’s health problems including prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health.

It is thought around one man dies every hour from prostate cancer in the UK, according to the Movember Foundation, with around 42 men diagnosed every year.

The November Challenge begins today all the way through to the last day in November.

Those taking part can register on the Movember Foundation… Read the full story

When are the the Costa Christmas drinks out and what’s on the menu?

(Picture: Costa)

If you need a festive drink to keep your spirits high while you run around town doing your Christmas shopping (let’s face it – who doesn’t) you’re in  luck.

Costa’s Christmas range has launched and will be available across stores from 2 November.

Its headlining drink, the Billionaire’s Hot Chocolate includes layers of caramel sauce, a freshly whipped cream topping and shortbread crumbs.

Voted for by Costa Coffee Club members, the range has expanded to include the Billionaire’s Latte which combines Belgian chocolate sauce and caramel sauce.

And back by popular demand is old favourite Black Forest Hot Chocolate. There’s also a new addition, the Black Forest Frostino, a frosty new twist on the much-loved… Read the full story

Are more of us choosing to move in with our partners to save on rent?

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Moving in with someone is a huge step.

Gone are the days when you could storm off and refuse to answer their calls for two days before they apologise. You no longer have any private space. Suddenly, there are two lots of laundry to wash.

And typically, it’s something that happens quite a while after you’ve started dating.

I always thought I’d eventually shack up with a significant other if I thought we were destined to get married, or after we had been married.

Growing up watching London-based films like Bridget Jones’ Diary or Notting Hill, where publishing assistants and impoverished booksellers lived in wonderfully central apartments and houses, I… Read the full story

My friend’s dog gave me a purpose in the depths of my depression


This is a story of how the simple act of walking a dog lifted me up when I was at my lowest.

I have a combination of anxiety, depression, and OCD. I’m 37 now, but it all started when I was 19 and hitting young adulthood.

I was bullied by my line manager in my first job and it really knocked my confidence.

I eventually found out that this person had a bit of a history with bullying, but nobody had ever done anything about it.

I’m quite strong-willed when I want to be and I just couldn’t let somebody get away with treating me like that, so I went through the whole grievance process, which unfortunately prolonged the episode.

This rumbled on for about nine or ten months and I ended up having to have counselling and took time off work.

Throughout my periods of sickness, some people knew, but I’d hide just how deep my depression and suicidal thoughts were from friends and family. I… Read the full story

Male incompetence is a subtle form of misogyny

(Picture: Erin Aniker/Metro.co.uk)

Have you ever dated a dude who ‘can’t cook’?

Do you know a guy who’s rubbish at cleaning or any other kind of domestic chore?

Of course, you do.

It might not be their fault; many men are raised in traditional families where women do all the household tasks, ironing their little prince’s pants and serving up regular, large dishes which his future girlfriend then has to try to replicate.

Male incompetence is tolerated far more than female ineptitude.

Our society has a number of loveable buffoons who fool around and are excused from acting like prats because they’re funny. They might be rubbish at most things but as long as their banter is flowing,… Read the full story

Your suspicions are correct: Humans love dogs more than other people

(Picture: Getty)

The rumours are true.

Dogs really are better than people. That’s what people think, anyway.

According to new research, people love dogs more than other humans.

In the first study, published in the journal Society & Animals, 240 students were presented with fake newspaper clippings of police reports, about either a person or a dog attacked with a baseball bat and left unconscious with one broken leg and ‘multiple lacerations’.

Participants were given the exact same report, with just the victim changed – either a one-year-old baby, a 30-year-old adult, a puppy, or a six-year-old dog.

They were asked how they felt about the reports, and, as you might expect, they were more bothered about… Read the full story

You can order a roast dinner fondue at this restaurant in Manchester

(Credit: Instagram – Bøck Bière Café)

The roast dinner has been bastardised many times before.

We’ve had roast dinner crisps, a monster 5000 calorie roast dinner burger and even a completely black gothic roast dinner.

And now? It’s the turn of the roast dinner fondue.

Yup, a restaurant in Manchester has combined the Swiss and British delicacies into one hell of a comfort dish.

Bøck Bière Café on Tib Lane in Manchester lets you have all your fave bits of the roast dinner dipped into a super thick gravy. Oh mama.

You can watch your favourite films in a winter wonderland this Christmas

(Picture: Backyard Cinema)

If you love Christmas, and you love films, you’re in for a treat – because Backyard Cinema is undergoing a Christmas themed makeover.

Backyard Cinema, a ‘roaming, theatrical, cinema that shows a wide selection of films in a variety of iconic, unusual and immersive locations both in and outdoors around London’, is hosting a number of Christmassey events all throughout November and December, which will see a range of films being shown on the big screen.

So far, films including the Harry Potter series, Tangled, and Cinderella are sold out, but you can still see the likes of Matilda, E.T and Bridget Jones’s Diary – which are all festive enough.

Read the full story

A performance artist is posing naked with his penis tucked between his legs in front of some of the world’s greatest works of arts


This is Adrian Pino Olivera.

He’s a performance artist from Barcelona.

And his latest project involves posing naked in front of some of the world’s greatest works of art…with his genitals tucked behind his legs.

His ‘mangina’ performances are, apparently, a feminist statement.

The Christmas dinner doner kebab is all we’ll be eating on Boxing Day

(Picture: I Am Doner)

Forget shoving all your Christmas dinner leftovers into a sandwich on Boxing Day, because one kebab place has all your post-Christmas needs covered.

Leeds’ favourite kebab house and winner of the Just Eat Delivery Award at the British Kebab Awards 2017, I Am Döner (yes, this kebab house really is that fancy), will be putting its own twist on the classic Christmas dinner this festive season.

Bride who lost leg to cancer finally gets to walk down the aisle

The couple got the big day they always dreamed of (Picture: Photo-Features.co.uk)

Planning a wedding can be a stressful at the best of times, let alone when you find out you’ve got cancer – which is exactly what happened to 24-year-old Chloe from Derby.

Chloe found out she had an rare form of bone cancer back in 2015 – just six months after booking her dream wedding to now-husband, 26-year-old Lee.

But she refused to let this stop her having her dream wedding. Despite having her leg amputated earlier this year, Chloe managed to walk down the aisle to marry her sweetheart last weekend, in front of emotional family and friends.

She managed to use… Read the full story

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