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Aldi’s jewellery-filled advent calendar features 23 charms and a charm bracelet

This couple swapped the rat race for a permanent road trip

(Picture: Fortitude Press)

If you’ve ever want to trade the rat race to go on a permanent road trip, look away now.

A couple from Cincinnati, Ohio, did just that, swapping their careers in marketing and finance for a life on the road.

Joe Neiheisel and Emilie Johnson sold their home, and now wake up every morning to views of some of the USA’s most beautiful national parks.

And all the couple need to do is open up the doors of their van.

Paralympian achieves her dream of taking part in a London Fashion Week show

(Picture: Caters News Agency)

If you’re still proud you won the Year 8 award for long jump, a Paralympian has put you to shame.

Samanta Bullock finally achieved her dream of appearing in London Fashion Week after being told wheelchair users couldn’t model.

The 39-year-old from London always longed to walk the catwalk but cast aside her modelling ambitions after frequent rejections because she couldn’t walk.

When Bullock was fourteen, she accidentally shot herself with her father’s shotgun, severing her spinal cord as well as damaging her liver and pancreas.

Couple’s Snapchat face swap-inspired halloween costume is scarily good

(Picture: Reddit/NikiGunn)

One couple pulled off the ultimate couples Halloween costume this year by recreating the Snapchat face swap filter in a gory fashion.

Reddit user NikkiGun shared photos of herself with her husband both before and after the creepy look was created.

Nikki and her husband looked as though they’ve both had their faces sliced off and swapped over.

To really make the makeup stand out, Nikki gave herself some stubble and even did her husband’s eyebrows – and we’re super impressed with her makeup skills.

A chain of academies is launching its own mental health curriculum

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Kids and teenagers are facing serious struggles with mental health.

Issues pop up early, and a lack of mental health education means that when teenagers do find things difficult, they can feel they’re weird, alone, or just going through a phase.

Early intervention and treatment is crucial. It can be life-saving.

While the majority of UK schools are still trying to figure out the best way to approach issues of mental health, one chain of academies has come up with a plan that we could all learn from.

In addition to providing support at crisis point, the E-Act multi-academy trust is also keen to equip… Read the full story

Lads, treat your other half to some sexily festive pics of yourself this Christmas

(Picture: Bidvine.com/Cover Images)

Buying Christmas presents for your partner can be difficult, even if you’ve known them a really long time.

What do you get the guy/girl who has everything? (We mean ‘you’ when we say ‘everything’, by the way. Ha.)

Before you panic splash the cash on a terrible gift that they’ll never use, why not get them something that will last forever (as an indelible stain on their retinas)?

Like…a sultry portrait shoot of yourself surrounded by tinsel, mince pies and woodland?

Lucky for you, Dudeoir photography has your (hairy) back and can help you come up with the goods.

Lidl’s rhubarb and ginger gin will help you get into the festive mood

(Picture: Lidl/Getty)

The festive season is coming, and we’re even more excited for it after hearing that Lidl has added two new gin varieties to its range of seasonal spirits – which are perfect for anyone who wants to up their G&T game this Christmas.

Lidl is launching two hand-crafted Hortus Gin Liqueurs which are traditionally distilled in copper stills.

The gins come in two flavours: Rhubarb and Ginger and Scottish Raspberry.

Sure, it’s not quite your Christmas pudding or mince pie, but we think they’ll suffice.

The gins are also impressively cheap, both priced at just £11.99, which are cheaper than Lidl’s other product in the range – the Hortus Artisan London Dry Gin, which… Read the full story

How writing a diary helps keep me mentally healthy

Keeping a diary is my form of mindfulness (Picture: Mmuffin for Metro.co.uk)

Everyone has their own way of keeping their mental health happy.

Some practice mindfulness, some make lists, and some lucky buggers have a pet to cheer them up.

***FEE FOR REUSE***Does mindfulness really work? Here’s what the experts say, and how to practise it yourself

I keep a diary.

I didn’t intentionally start it as a way of looking after my mental health.

I started it when I was 12, presumably because I was reading lots of books in which girls kept diaries and I thought it would make me cool.

(It… Read the full story

You can stay at an Airbnb made of Lego for free

(Picture: Airbnb)

Look, we know sleeping on a bed of Lego doesn’t sound like the most comfortable experience.

But trust us, this Airbnb and Lego collab is cool enough to make it worth it.

Airbnb has teamed up with the Lego House in Denmark to create – you guessed it – an Airbnb made entirely of Lego.

There are Lego chairs and Lego tables. A bed (with a mattress not made of Lego, thankfully) resting in Lego. When you arrive at the airport you’re picked up in a Lego car, which takes you to a Lego restaurant, where you make your dream meal out of Lego and then Lego robots make the… Read the full story

If you said yes to being maid of honour, you can’t moan about doing whatever the bride needs

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

After telling people I’m a maid of honour, I’m usually met with a ‘good luck’ before a ‘congratulations’.

This is because we’ve grown so used to hearing horror stories about being a bride’s first port of call.

People hear of brides turning into ‘bridezilla’, demanding far too much of their maid of honour and expecting more than they can give.

I’ll admit the idea of being maid of honour was daunting. Not just because of the bridezilla thing but because you’re given so much responsibility and expectations to fulfill.

It’s up to you to to be the bride’s support all throughout the lead-up to the wedding. This means helping her… Read the full story

What’s for afters? 10 of the best gluten-free desserts in London

10 best gluten free desserts in London (Becky)
Sweet surrender (Picture: Yorica/Apres/Cookies And Scream/Nama)

London doesn’t desert those who are gluten-free.

In fact, it goes one step further: it actually provides gluten-free desserts.

10 things every gluten-free person misses

Having already covered the 10 best gluten-free meals to eat in London last month, it’s surely time to see the dessert menu by now, right? Well, here it is!

London is a beautiful place when it comes to gluten-free and here’s ten of the best places to indulge your sweet tooth.

Some of these places are dairy-free or vegan too.

1. Cookies and… Read the full story

The beauty faux pas it is totally ok to admit to


Nobody is perfect, so why do we keep pretending to be?

Here’s the thing, beauty upkeep can be time demanding and fickle, meaning whether we like it or not we’ve all got some beauty faux pas hiding in our closet.

And that’s totally okay.

Acceptance is the first step to recovery, and we’d like to have these issues cleared up sooner rather than later.

Here are some of the most common beauty faux pas wreaking havoc in our lives.

Forgetting to shave

Or worse… only remembering to shave one leg (or armpit).

We’ve all gone entire winters without dehairing our extremities.

You own those hairy limbs, loud and proud – plus, nothing beats the feeling of getting rid of all those layers of dead skin and hair in one swoop.

KISS FM UK oops gwen stefani gasp whoops GIF


Getting caught having not done your bikini line for longer than you’d ever care to admit

Read the full story

Shame-free tampon ads show blood-stained sheets and tampon strings

(Picture: Easy)

Women riding horses on the beach. Women spinning around in fields. Women wearing white dresses and riding bikes.

None of these things really have anything to do with periods, and yet the second we see them on our screens, we know we’re watching some kind of advert for a period product.

For ages, tampon and pad brands seemed terrified of mentioning anything to do with periods outright. Bodyform still seems scared of the word ‘vagina’. It’s only this year that we got an advert showing red, blood-coloured liquid rather than that weird blue stuff poured on a pad.

It’s all a bit frustrating when we’re trying to… Read the full story

What time does Mcdonald’s breakfast start and finish? Why does it end so early?

KFC bath bomb lets you soak in the soothing scent of fried chicken

(Picture: Village Vanguard/ KFC/ livedoor news)

If you were incredibly enthusiastic about the prospect of bath salts that smell like pizza and coriander, you’ll likely also be keen on this new bath bomb. Because it’s equally horrifying.

KFC has teamed up with Village Vanguard – yep, the same brand behind soup baths – to create their very own KFC bath bomb.

Yes, this indeed a bath bomb that will make your tub smell like fried chicken, complete with KFC’s blend of 11 herbs and spices (that herb and spice combo is why KFC only follows 11 very special people on Twitter, FYI).

Read the full story

Erdem x H&M is dropping today and here are the pieces you need to watch out for

(Picture: Erdem X H&M)

Pass any H&M this morning and it’ll have queues of fashiony folk loitering outside.

It happened with the Kenzo collection. It happened with the Balmain collection.

And today, Erdem’s collab with the high street chain is dropping – bringing some much-needed spring romance back into our lives.

Erdem is renowned for flowing floral gowns (as seen on Kate Middleton and other A-Listers), and he told The Telegraph last week that this collection is ‘about creating these pieces that I think someone would want to keep forever, that have nothing to do with the idea of something being fast or instant, or wearing it and discarding it’.

Dresses… Read the full story

Meet the man who just broke the record for drinking four beers and running a mile

(Picture: Darren Rovell/Twitter)

This is Corey Bellemore.

He broke his own world record on Saturday in the ‘beer mile’,.

Never heard of it? Well, it’s a race which consists of four laps of a track – each preceded by chugging a beer.

So to clarify, that’s running 400m around a track four times, downing a beer before each lap.

Imagine the acid reflux on that.

Corey, who’s from Canada, ran/downed in a ridiculous 4 mins 33 secs.


Gynaecologists warn that putting yoghurt in your vagina won’t help to treat thrush

(Picture: metro.co.uk)

Yeast infections are a massive ballache.

If you develop thrush, the frustration quickly sends you on a Google spree of ‘how to fix thrush’, ‘yeast infection treatment’, and ‘help my vagina is on fire’ – at which point you’ll likely be greeted with some classic advice: stick some yoghurt up there.

The yoghurt treatment has been a popular recommendation for ages. I definitely passed on that wisdom, along with the garlic clove in your vag advice (also not a good idea, FYI), throughout university, and vividly remember tiny booklets about vaginal health passed out at school recommending rubbing live, unflavoured, unsweetened yoghurt on your delicate bits.

The logic sounds pretty solid.

Good bacteria lactobacilli is… Read the full story

‘I was acutely suicidal and saw no other way out’: How being sectioned saved my life

woman in hospital
It was humiliating but lifesaving (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

Over the past few years, conversations about mental health have become much more open.

My own certainly have; I’ve gone from trying to conceal my ‘shameful secret’ to being able to talk – and write – honestly about my experiences.

What it’s really like behind the doors of a psychiatric hospital

But there’s one thing I’m not so upfront about and that’s the fact that I was sectioned under the Mental Health Act 1983 earlier this year.

Prior to being sectioned, my mental health had deteriorated frighteningly quickly over the space… Read the full story

Six mates of all sizes pose for nude body positive photo shoot in nothing but rainbow glitter

(Picture: Jill Kerswill)

A group of friends aged between 19 and 36 have stripped off in the middle of the Australian Outback as part of an empowering ‘Positively Glittered’ photoshoot.

It’s the fourth time they’ve organised an event like it, with each shoot designed to help women embrace their bodies.

Inspired by Priscilla Queen of the Desert, this time the group has been posing with various props from feathered headpieces and crowns.

Photographer Jill Kerswill snapped them against paddocks and windmills.

‘Being the only person with clothes on is really bizarre – in a way, it made me feel like there was literally a barrier standing between me and this profound experience,’ she tells Read the full story

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