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The suites in New York’s most exclusive dog hotel are nicer than your bedroom


D Pet Hotel is the creme de la creme of boarding kennels for New York dogs.

Chef-prepared meals, spa treatment and 24-hour care are just some of the services that clients can expect at the premiere dog hotel based in the city’s swanky Chelsea area.

When your partner earns more than you, it's easy to end up with an accidental sugar daddy

Staff look after pets of the rich and famous and… Read the full story

Girl at airport live tweets two women about to fly interstate to ambush their cheating husbands

This is the start of a very sad story (Picture: Getty Images – Mylo)

Airport bars and lounges are great places to people watch and ‘accidentally’ overhear conversations.

I like to take a look around and wonder where everyone’s going, if that’s his wife or his daughter, why she looks so sad, who that giant Toblerone is for.

Brittney-Jade Colangelo had a more interesting experience when she was about to take a flight from an airport in Ohio.

The 27-year-old was sat in the airport bar when she overheard two women in their 50s.

The two women had never met before but they were colluding to ambush their husbands who they think are sleeping together on… Read the full story

How to look after your cat when fireworks are going off

It’s vital that you keep your cat inside at night (Picture: Getty)

Bonfire Night – and the days around it – are a tough time for pets.

Don’t be daft – we don’t need to ban fireworks

Pet owners know the importance of keeping dogs safe and calm, but the ever-aloof cats are a trickier beast.

How do you keep them safe, especially if you have a particularly independently-minded cat?

Cats Protection have put together a video full of advice on keeping your cat safe and happy during Bonfire Night.

So what are the key things cats would like to tell you (if they could) about how to… Read the full story

Public Service Announcement: Christmas does not start in November

Love Christmas, Hate that it begins in November (Picture: Bliznetsov/Getty)

Let me make this clear right away – I do not hate Christmas.

There’s no utterance of ‘Bah humbug’ around these parts when it comes to the ‘most wonderful time of the year’.

I am no Grinch, my heart is not two sizes too small and I have never tried to ‘steal’ anyone’s Christmas. Honest.

But what does bug me, what leaves me rolling my eyes and internally screaming ‘nooo..’ is when I walk into a shop in early November which has Christmas music playing.

Women and girls need to feel safe everywhere they go – not just at work

All… Read the full story

‘I am living inside a nightmare’– This is what it’s like to experience psychosis

Psychosis can bring vivid and terrifying hallucinations (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

Psychosis is a thought disorder where people can lose touch with reality.

Psychosis is a very difficult experience to have. In fact, it has taken me a while to write about it because it has been distressing to remember.

I think, however, that it is important to talk about it because there is a lot of misunderstanding around it.

No, mental illness does NOT make you a creative genius – but creativity can help your mental health

Psychosis is much more scary for the person experiencing it than for those watching.

It is an… Read the full story

An extensive guide to saving severely bleach-damaged hair at home on a budget

(Picture: Erin Aniker)

In the summer of 2015, I destroyed my hair after bleaching it from red to blonde in three days.

It was stupid, but at the time I’d set my heart on being a blonde and I didn’t have the money nor the patience to do it gradually in a salon.

I’d been dyeing my hair since the age of 15. A natural blonde, I was bleach blonde until the age of 17, when I decided to go brown. Over the course of three years, I’d gone from brown, to red, to black, back to brown, and back to red. Which meant there was a lot of underlying colour… Read the full story

These tiny little animals will melt your ice cold hearts

So meta, much cute, such wow (Picture: Tom Price)

There are many things in life which are infuriating in small sizes – namely airplane seats, chocolate bars and

But if there’s one thing that’s cuter than cute in tiny proportions, it’s a furry critter.

And this particular photographer agrees.

David Yeo – who won the British Life Photographic competition, congrats – captured the tiny creatures on his Leica S, for his ‘Engineered by Nature’ show, which he recently exhibited at the Leica Studio in London’s Mayfair.

However, he wanted to take the focus away from the cute, and instead make us wonder at the exquisitely intricate design of these little animals.

So he set up a makeshift… Read the full story

19 ways to make your bartender secretly hate you

Don’t make me angry (Picture: Getty)

Bartenders: the guardians of the world of booze.

Be it a fancy cocktail at a swanky bar, or a humble pint of ale down the pub, they are there to make sure that we have a great time, behave (relatively) responsibly, and spend lots of money.

7 cheap London restaurants to try on a first date

Easy enough in theory.

Doing lots of things on this list, however, will make even the most mild and laid-back bartender secretly hate you.

1. Ordering twice, with different bartenders

You might well get all your drinks more quickly, but equally the bar then has a load of… Read the full story

Woman shares photo of the mangled nails she says her manicurist gave her after an argument

(Picture: Mercury Press)

A warning to all beauty enthusiasts: You may find the following images distressing.

More distressing than being dyed pink by a bath product. More unsettling than watching ingrown hairs being pulled out with tweezers.

Katie Bennett has shared photos of her mangled nails, claiming that a manicurist ‘hacked’ at them after an argument – before kicking her out and threatening to call the police.

Katie visited the Cinderellas Cut-Icle and Beauty Room in Colchester, Essex, to get a set of acrylics nail extensions.

She wasn’t happy with the results – she says they were uneven, bumpy, not thick or strong enough, had been applied at an incorrect… Read the full story

‘Airbnb of colour’ promotes segregation and can only makes racism worse

It’s a sad day for travel when people feel they need segregation to feel safe (Picture: Getty/Myles Goode)

I feel sort of ignorant because until last week, I didn’t realise versions of Airbnb for people of colour was a thing.

Ignorant because services like Noirbnb have been around for at least a year, and more are cropping up all the time, but I have somehow managed to miss this trend.

Can we please stop making travel a competition?

In case you didn’t know, these alternatives have come into existence because there have been a number of high-profile reports of host racism on Airbnb in recent… Read the full story

Fancy £1.2million motorhome has its own supercar garage

Pic from Volkner Mobil / Caters)

Got a spare £1.2million lying around?

If you do, would you mind lending me some money for all kinds of fun things like rent and weekly therapy sessions?

Alternatively, you could spend that cash on a fancy motorhome.

The 40-foot Volkner Mobil Performance S (bit of a long name, so you can see why we’re just calling it a ‘fancy motorhome’) is a $1.7million (£1.2million) motorhome decked out with not only all the stuff you need to live on a moving vehicle, but also its very own garage.

That garage can fit your weekend drive, whether it’s a Ferrari, a Porsche, a BMW, or a Mercedes. Your high-end car will… Read the full story

Please don’t tell people conscious of their weight they’re being ‘stupid’

metro illustration
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

When I was a size 8, I saw myself as a size 10. When I was a size 10, I saw myself as a size 12. And finally, when I was a size 12, I saw myself as a size 14. In pictures, I was bigger.

I live with body dysmorphia. I have done for as long as I can remember.

Body dysmorphic disorder is an anxiety disorder. It basically means I have a distorted view of how I look compared to how people see me, and I spend a lot of time worrying about my appearance.

For me, my main worry has always been my legs. When I… Read the full story

14 reasons why Stoke-on-Trent should be the UK City Of Culture 2021

Etruria, Stoke-on-Trent (Picture: Getty)

Stoke-on-Trent has been shortlisted to become UK City Of Culture 2021.

But why does it deserve to be awarded such a prestigious title?

14 reasons Newcastle-under-Lyme is a great place to live

A city of craft, graft and innovation, Stoke is where people make art from dirt and it’s central to some of the UK’s most significant cultural contributions.

Gareth Snell MP, Labour & Co-operative MP for Stoke-on-Trent Central says: ‘Our heritage and our history show how we have always been a city of culture, but our future and our spirit show we can build, on our past and present, a future which,… Read the full story

You can now ask vets for a drug to calm your dog’s anxiety on Bonfire Night

(Picture: Getty)

Bonfire Night is arguably one of the best holidays.

The fireworks. Chilly hands gripping cups of hot chocolate and waving around sparklers. The opportunity to finally break out your big coat.

But it’s not so fun for everyone.

For animals, the loud noises of firework shows can be intensely stressful, causing dogs and cats to have rather miserable nights in hiding under the bed as all us humans enjoy loud bangs and bright lights.

There are steps you can take to keep your pets calm and comfortable, but if you want some extra peace of mind to know that your dog is totally calm and comfortable, there’s now another option.

Read the full story

Paris opens reservations at its first naked restaurant

(Picture: Getty)

Remember the buzz around that London restaurant which offered you the chance to eat raw food with your bits out on display?

It got booked up pretty speedily, despite our warning that the chairs were all wooden stools and guests could be risking some seriously painful splinters.

Its popularity has inspired Paris to dive into the naked dining game, too.

Paris has just opened its first naked restaurant, called O’naturel.

Things kicked off with a private dinner for the Paris naturist society on Thursday and after that all went swimmingly, O’naturel has opened its doors to the naked public.

The concepts pretty simple. The restaurant sits just 40 guests and offers fairly… Read the full story

Photo series captures naked bodies in all their glory to challenge the idea of being ‘normal’


Seriously, screw the pressure to be ‘normal’.

It’s all made up, anyway. Beauty standards are fleeting, arbitrary, and often impossible to reach.

And besides, if we were all ‘normal’, it’d be pretty boring. Our wonderfulness is in our difference.

That’s the message 22-year-old artist Francesc Planes hopes to explore in his photo series, The Normality Project.

Francesc photographed people who have been bullied for the things that make them different – from a prosthetic eye to their weight – but have learned to embrace and love their bodies.

He asked these people to strip naked for a joyful photoshoot that celebrates the things that aren’t ‘normal’, but are glorious anyway.

Alba Parejo was born with more than… Read the full story

11 things I still don’t understand about weddings even though I’m planning my own


As a guest, weddings are gloriously straight-forward.

All the biggest wedding dress trends for 2018

All you need to do is RSVP, frantically hit up their gift list the evening before the wedding and then show up and have a good time. Easy.

But planning a wedding is a confusing and complicated affair, full of little rules and practices that make no sense at all.

I’ve been doing it for a few months now and, frankly, I still don’t have a clue what I’m doing.

Here are just some of the things that I don’t understand at all about weddings.

Colour schemes

I suspect colour schemes are a lie dreamt up by florists, decorators and bridesmaid dress designers in order to make poor engaged people have to part with even more money.

I can barely get an outfit to coordinate perfectly, let alone an entire wedding venue.

And, honestly, would… Read the full story

9 of the best thank you presents for teachers

 best thank you presents for teachers at the end of term
Ditch the best teacher mug and go for these (pictures:Getty)

Teachers work hard.  

I see it at school pick up – the look of exhaustion in many of their faces. Yet they will stay and run after school clubs, mark school work and then prepare everything for the next morning.

The 9 best UK outdoor ice skating rinks to visit this winter

The end of term sees a flurry of homemade presents and enough flowers for most teachers to set up their own florists.

Over a lifetime of teaching, I wonder how many best teacher… Read the full story

You’re going to be weirdly obsessed with this Instagram dedicated to chopping up bath bombs

(Picture: therosequeenn)

Look, we’re not going to judge how you spend your spare time.

Just know that if you’ve wasted hours watching people squeezing out pimples, plucking out ingrown hairs, or playing with slime, you’re not alone.

We all have things we find so intensely satisfying we can’t stop watching, and whatever your niche is, there’s likely someone out there making the perfect videos just for you.

For anyone who loves watching Lush products getting sliced up, there’s @therosequeenn.

Yep, there is indeed an Instagram dedicated entirely to someone cutting up bath bombs and shower jellies.

Sounds weird, but there’s something incredibly satisfying about watching a knife easily… Read the full story

From days out to stocking fillers: 15 Christmas gifts vegan kids will love

15 Christmas gifts vegan kids will love
There are lots of vegan-friendly options for kids (Picture: Getty)

If you’ve been busy racking your brain, trying to figure out the perfect gift for those mini vegans in your life this Christmas, look no further.

There is plenty of inspiration out there and this definitive list is filled with cute gifts that vegan kids will thank you for.

10 dishes that are even better vegan

There are presents to suit every budget, from expensive, big items right down to stocking fillers, so take a look.

They will make those tiny vegan eyes light up on Christmas morning.

1.… Read the full story

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