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Are Haribo vegan, vegetarian or halal?

(Picture: Myles Goode)

Kids and grown ups love it so, the happy world of Haribo.

Well actually, that’s not entirely correct.

Despite the gummy sweet company selling bags and bags of Starmix, Tangfastics and cola bottles every year, there are actually quite a large number of people who are excluded from eating Haribo.

Vegans can put those bags right back on the shelf – despite there being a number of vegetarian products, not a single Haribo sweet shall lawfully pass your lips due to the use of beeswax as a glazing agent. Sorry!

Okay, so what about veggies? Most Haribo use either beef or pork gelatine, but a few of them use starch instead.

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Soap and Glory has released an advent calendar filled with popular products

(Picture: Boots)

Soap and Glory lovers, rejoice: your favourite beauty brand has just released its very own advent calendar.

Any Soap and Glory fan will tell you they refuse to buy into any other brand. There’s so much on offer that once you become invested, you stay loyal. Especially when that scent is so blimmin’ distinctive.

And you can now smell it for a full month – with a beauty-filled countdown to Christmas.

The advent calendar will feature a load of body wash products, creams and makeup so that every day of December is different.

Behind 24 windows you can expect to find 6 Body Wash Pods – including ‘Clean On Me’, ‘Rich & Foamus and… Read the full story

How to have a baby on the cheap

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

One of the biggest reasons that I’m hesitant to start trying for a baby is because of the expense. 

But, despite feeling that way, I’ve never actually worked out how much having a baby really costs. I’ve been assuming I can’t afford it without having all the information.

Which sounds very silly, but actually it’s hard to find any clear, basic information about how much it really costs.

According to insurance provider LV, the cost of baby’s first year is £9,610. But alongside that figure are dozens of articles about how to save money, and about how you can raise a child to the age of one

So, with that… Read the full story

A look inside one of New York’s oldest and busiest florists


Scott’s Flowers first opened its doors in 1947 and has been providing New Yorkers with beautiful floral arrangements for 70 years.

It is now owned by The Palliser family and brothers Robert, Chris and Jonny along with their father Robert Sr. take on the day-to-day running of the business.

metro illustrationsWhy are people still doing mysterious 'I'm so annoyed' Facebook statuses?

Scott’s motto is ‘never say no to any project’ which means that they are very busy.

On top of providing 200… Read the full story

How to get your very own Moz the monster from this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert

(Picture: John Lewis/Getty Images)

By now you’ve probably seen the John Lewis Christmas ad (if you haven’t, what are you doing? Hurry up and watch it so you can dissect it in detail).

If you’ve watched it, you’ve likely fallen in love with Moz, the excellent imaginary monster who hangs out with Joe.

You may even want to own your own Moz. One that isn’t imaginary.

If that’s the case, you are in luck.

Naturally, John Lewis has predicted our love for a 7ft tall monster and has released a bunch of Moz themed products for you to buy.

It’s almost like they deliberately designed a cute character they could then turn into merch… Read the full story

John Lewis is going to have a snoring, farting window to celebrate their Christmas advert

(Picture: John Lewis)

John Lewis doesn’t do things by halves.

Alongside releasing an emotional Christmas ad and a bunch of merchandise along with it, John Lewis is extending its story of Moz to its store windows.

A section of John Lewis’s flagship store on Oxford Street will be turned into Joe’s house, with all kinds of fun Moz-themed stuff – including decorations, screens where you can watch the ads, and dedicated sections where you can pick up your own Moz cuddly toy.

And the windows will be something special.

They’ll fart and snore (yes, the window will fart and snore. stay with us) to suggest that Moz is playing in… Read the full story

Man wins prestigious prize for contribution to bacon sandwiches

(Picture: Facebook/Stephen Grice)

If you think you ought to have a year-round free delivery to your local curry house because of the number of times you go there each month, look away now. This may make you a bit jealous.

A cyclist from Shropshire has won a pork-based award for dedicating two years to reviewing bacon sandwiches.

It certainly wasn’t a rash decision. 46-year-old Steve posted reviews and pictures of his lunching adventures to Facebook, that eventually caught the eye of Love Pork.

The body responsible for supporting the British pig farming industry awarded his contribution at the NSCC’s annual dinner last week with a letter.

You can now buy an ugly Christmas jumper with a stocking for your wine

(Picture: Etsy/ YourSassyGrandma)

One Etsy seller has released an ugly Christmas jumper we’d actually be happy to receive on 25 December – and it’s perfect for anyone who has a wine-lover in their family.

The tacky Christmas sweater comes courtesy of YourSassyGrandma, an Etsy designer who specialises in creating jumpers nobody would wear beyond Christmas day.

But this jumper doesn’t come with a large red nose, a snowman, or an elf.

This jumper comes with a huge Christmas stocking attached to it – and it’s big enough to hold your favourite bottle of wine (or champagne, if you’re feeling fancy).

The jumper comes in white, red, blue and khaki, and features a collar decorated in bows… Read the full story

24 brilliant Christmas gifts that your mum will actually like

Christmas isn’t all about the presents, but if you’re planning on getting a gift for your ma, then we’ve got some ideas for you (Picture: Metro.co.uk/Getty)

Look, we’re going to level with you.

Christmas isn’t all about the presents, but your mum deserves a bloomin’ great gift every single year on account of the fact that she carried you in her womb for nine months, squeezed you out of her vagina and then put up with your whinging for years.

That. Is. Massive.

The measure of your love isn’t determined by how much money you spend on someone – no matter what our capitalist culture would have you believd – but there’s no denying that… Read the full story

Your filthy clogged up plughole might be making you sick

(Picture: Getty Images)

Here’s another reason to unclog the hideous plughole in your shower, in case accidentally stroking a ball of hair with your big toe wasn’t enough: It might be making you sick.

New research from the University of East Anglia suggests that all the hair, water, and soap sludge that goes down the plughole after every shower and bath doesn’t just cause blockages (resulting in a small puddle that just. won’t. budge.), but can also result in the growth of dangerous biofilms within all your plumbing.

Those biofilms (thin layers of microorganisms) can create a cosy home for bacteria, which, over time, can develop into dangerous pathogens which can filter out through… Read the full story

Edie Campbell writes open letter calling out the fashion industry for sexual abuse of models

(Picture: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images For Yves Saint Laurent)

In an open letter for WWD, model Edie Campbell has called out the fashion industry for the abusive treatment of models.

‘We have reached a turning point,’ writes Edie. ‘This could be the moment at which everyone within the fashion industry takes stock of where we are, and the culture we operate within and perpetuate.

‘This could be a moment to be honest about the behaviour we sanction, a pause, or a moment of self-reflection.’

Edie goes on to explain that while it’s great that Terry Richardson is finally seeing some consequences for his actions, she’s frustrated by how limited… Read the full story

6 of the best places to watch Christmas lights being switched on across the UK

A red bus drives underneath Christmas lights on Oxford Street  (Picture: Getty Images)

The Christmas lights were switched on in London’s Oxford Street this week to much fanfare.

Rita Ora was there to switch on 750,000 bulbs across the busy shopping street.

If you missed those there are loads of other places to watch the Christmas lights being switched on including some still in London’s St Katharine Docks, in Glasgow, Bristol and Nottingham

Here is everything you need to know.

1) Christmas lights Bristol (Thursday, November 10th)

How to help a friend who’s withdrawing from social contact

Showing you care can mean a lot (Picture: Mmuffin for Metro.co.uk)

Those of us who live with mental illness have our red flags – signs that we’re finding things difficult.

For many of us, one such sign is withdrawing from social contact.

Self-care: it’s not all bubble baths and scented candles

When I’m unwell, my world becomes smaller as I isolate myself from other people.

I lurk in the corner of the school playground, praying that no one will talk to me.

I cancel plans to meet up with friends.

I sit at the back in church on a Sunday, and disappear as soon as the service finishes rather… Read the full story

There’s a dream job going that’ll pay you £45,000 to live in Cancun

(Picture: Getty)

Just go ahead and quit your job. Right now.

Hand in your notice, pack up your things, and go. Whatever your job is, it’s probably not as good as this one.

(Word of warning: Don’t actually quit right now. You might not even get this new job. It’s much wiser to apply for it first and see if you even have a chance)

There’s a dreamy job on offer from Cancun.com, which essentially involves getting paid to go live in Cancun.

The website is hiring a new CEO (Cancun Experience Officer) to represent and promote Cancun, Mexico, as well as Riviera Maya and Yucatan Peninsula, and they’ll pay $10,000 (£7,612) a month.

They’re keen for whoever they… Read the full story

What Starbucks Christmas red cups have looked like over the last 20 years

(Picture: AP)

Just FYI, the Starbucks Christmas cups are already out. If you pop into a Starbucks and buy a coffee (or a tea, or a gingerbread latte, or whatever else you fancy drinking), you’ll be handed a cup decorated with illustrated gifts and a very sweet tribute to same-sex marriage.

This is a big deal.

The Starbucks cup is shrouded in secrecy before it’s launch (even if it does get leaked early), and there’s a tonne of pressure to get it right.

If they’re not festive enough, Starbucks will be told they’re destroying Christmas. If they get it right, the cups will flood our Instagram feeds from November… Read the full story

Screw Glastonbury, there’s going to be a dog festival next year

(Picture: DogFest)

Hold on to your paws – a dog festival is upon us, people.

Hosted by Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick, DogFest is an outdoor festival dedicated to our furry friends.

And next summer, it will be held in three different locations including Cheshire, Bristol, and Hertfordshire.

Festival highlights include dog sport Flyball and water sports for dog diving if your poodle is fond of swimming.

And if you’ve ever wanted to watch a cast of dogs who work for a living (and who doesn’t?), Dogs with Jobs will be there.

Twice a day, Noel will lead the The Great Dog Walk which gives visitors the chance to get some exercise and even raise money for charity.

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Aldi’s £6.99 shiraz wins gold at wine awards

(Picture: Aldi/Getty)

We all love a boozy bargain.

If you’ve ever thought a decent wine means taking out a loan, you’re about to be proven wrong.

Wine lovers need not hold on to their purse strings because a bottle from Aldi has been given a top accolade.

Aldi’s One Road Shiraz was recently crowned gold in the Great Australian Shiraz Challenge. The event has been described as the most prestigious single class wine competition so it’s no mean feat.

An exclusive contest, only 2,000 wines are accepted into the Great Australian Shiraz Challenge.

Aldi’s wine fought off stiff competition from a $250 (£190) 2014 bottle from Mount Pleasant Wines and a $200 (£152) 2012 bottle from Wolf… Read the full story

Pornhub teams up with Ann Summers to launch a range of sex toys

(Picture: Pornhub/metro.co.uk)

If you’re going to invest in a sex toy (and you really should. They’re great), you’ll probably want to put your faith in the hands of someone who really gets masturbation.

As a massive provider of porn, it’s safe to say Pornhub gets it.

So to help us all out on our sex toy finding mission, Pornhub has teamed up with another brand that gets masturbation, Ann Summers, to unveil a new range of sex toys. Hooray.

The collection features all manner of sexual delights – masturbators, anal beads, cock rings, vibrators, the works.

To celebrate the launch, Pornhub’s gone ahead and created a song made out of sounds produced by sex toys, sex, and orgasmic moans.… Read the full story

Dad runs competition to give away his £1 million mansion for £2 a ticket

(Picture: SWNS)

A former opera singer is holding a competition to give away his £1 million Italian mansion for just £2 a ticket.

The mansion, which features a mosaic swimming pool, a private church and fig groves, is currently owned by dad-of-three Mark Glanville, 59, who bought the 17th century fortified manor house with his then-wife, Julia Melinek, back in 2010, and renovated it into a luxury home with room for 27 guests.

The Glanville family have spent seven years using the mansion for family holidays, weddings, festivals and even their daughter’s christening.

Currently, Masseria Terra di Marina features a total of seven bedrooms, five bathrooms, three kitchens and three receptions – including a ballroom.

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There’s now a Kickstarter to build a statue in honour of Félicette, the first cat in space

(Picture: Kickstarter)

Ever heard of Félicette?

No, you (probably) haven’t, because Félicette’s story is criminally under-reported, and Félicette is undervalued.

Félicette was the first cat to ever go to Space. And yet she is not in our history books. There is no day dedicated to her greatness. There is not even a statue to honour her great accomplishment.

One man wants to change that.

Matthew Serge Guy has created a Kickstarter campaign to fund a statue in honour of Félicette, the first cat in space.

Matthew’s after £40,000 (he’s already halfway there) to get animal sculptor Gill Parker to make a statue of Félicette, to sit in the cat’s hometown of Paris.

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