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A burrito war has descended, folks

(Picture: Chipotle)

If you’ve ever had a mental battle over whether a tortilla or a burrito is better, an even bigger war is on our hands.

The burrito brand Chipotle has taken to Twitter to tell their rivals, Tortilla, that they stole their marketing strapline – a line used back in the 1990s.

Chipotle’s Brand Voice Lead (yep, that’s a real job, people) William Espey, tells Metro.co.uk: ‘The line was written before I started working at Chipotle. I didn’t write it, although I wish I did.

‘It was the headline that was roaring when I started here and made it clear to me the space within which I was going to be able to… Read the full story

Should you lie about your current salary when applying for a new job?

metro illustrations
If you want more money, should you lie to get it? (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

When I was applying for my first jobs after university, I was always stumped by the salary expectation part.

I’d never had a salaried job before; I’d only ever been paid an hourly (minimum) wage in my part-time retail/hospitality jobs.

My parents were no help as they’ve always refused to talk about money, so I was well and truly stuck.

I applied for a job at a local call centre and to this day, I don’t know if I got screwed over with my salary as I didn’t have a clue what anyone else earned.

Once I’d… Read the full story

How one teen embraced her alopecia in the most beautiful way

(Picture: Chelsea Taylor Photography)

Hair loss can be a struggle for anyone no matter how old you are.

But a seventeen-year-old from Kansas has refused to let her alopecia stop her from blooming (quite literally) in her senior photos.

Madisyn Babcock enlisted her artist mother to draw intricate flowers on her head and got a photographer to capture the design in all its glory.

Although Madisyn didn’t expect to go viral, the Kansas teenager told Metro.co.uk that with negative world events, she’s pleased to have ‘positively impacted society’.

‘My heart is eternally warm from all of the positivity surrounding alopecia,’ she says.

Christmas gifts for him: Useful gifts for the guy who is impossible to buy for

Christmas gift guide - gifts for him
(Picture: Horizn)

He has it all. Literally he needs nothing and year after year you struggle to surprise him.

The usual ‘man gifts’ (socks, whiskey, a tie, aftershave) don’t cut it any more.

If you are buying for a man who seemingly has it all, you need to go next level.

You may fear it’s dull to buy a man a tool or house gadget for Christmas (comparing it, perhaps to a man getting his wife an ironing board or vacuum cleaner). Admittedly, if your man is more Burberry than B&Q you might have a problem. Otherwise, trust us on this one.

Here’s how to wow him with… Read the full story

It’s really stupid to go to the gym if you took cocaine the night before

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Most weekends I drag myself out of bed and force myself to go to a fancy fitness class. 

I do this because my favourite food is butter, but also because if I don’t do a few hours of working-out in any given week I turn into a truly evil person.

Recently, while trying to work out the extremely complicated locker and wondering if I was, yet again, going to be the only person at Bootcamp who didn’t get a blow-dry before my work-out, I overheard a conversation between two women.

One of them was telling the other that she was hung-over, that she had considered cancelling class,… Read the full story

So, how about an Asda Christmas dinner pizza instead of a turkey this year?

(PictureL Asda)

Cooking Christmas dinner takes hours, often involves a lot of stress, and can be ridiculously expensive.

You spend half of the morning with your hand stuck up a turkey’s bum and the other half watching as all your veg cooks at different speeds.

What a faff.

So it’s just as well that this year you don’t have to go through the rigmarole of cooking a roast at all.

Because Asda has come up with a Christmas dinner pizza instead.

We’re talking a standard 10” or 14” pizza covered in chicken, roast potatoes, Brussel sprouts – all drizzled with cranberry sauce.

And let’s face it, not enough pizzas have Brussel sprouts as a topping.

They’ll be on sale… Read the full story

Flared nails are back in fashion and no, we don’t know why either

(Picture: Instagram)

If you’re over having almond-shaped nails, who about turning your acrylics into triangular monstrosities?

Okay, so they’re not a new thing. Flared nails, otherwise known as duck feet nails, have been around for a while now – but they’ve recently resurfaced on Instagram and we’re not quite sure how they’ve become a trend in 2017.

For anyone who doesn’t know about flared nails, they’re basically nails that’ll make you think you’re back in the 70s.

The nails feature a flared shape, bringing out the corner of each nail into a duck foot-like fashion.

Instagram Photo

The look can be created using either acrylic or gel.

According… Read the full story

‘I let one of my exes shave the back of my hair’: The really stupid things we do for love (or sex)

‘I let one of my exes shave the back of my hair’ (Picture: Getty Images)

Usually when I’m bored on Twitter and Facebook, I request dick pix to amuse me.

I laugh at photos of Mr Emery and Mr Van Dyke, and then I get on with my day.

metro illustrationsWhat is the nicest way to dump someone? We get tips from a relationship psychologist

But last week the boredom wouldn’t shift.

So what did I do?

I stalked my exes, of course.

Most of them have blocked me – pussies – so I had to time-travel back to school beaus.

And then I found… Read the full story

Having a chronic illness doesn’t mean I can’t have a life

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Having a chronic illness doesn’t mean I can’t have a life.

Two years ago I had an operation to have my large bowel removed after a nasty bout of ulcerative colitis (an inflammatory bowel disease). I lived with a stoma bag for a year.

I also had an operation months later to stitch me back together –  surgeons sewed my small intestine to my rectum to allow me to go to the toilet ‘normally again’. Except, the operation hasn’t worked out quite the way my surgeon had hoped and life has been pretty difficult ever since.

Just to give you an idea of how the operation has… Read the full story

Oreo-flavoured candy canes are here and we’re more excited for Christmas than ever

(Picture: Instagram/candyhunting)

Oreo is really getting into the Christmas spirit.

First came the Oreo milkshake gift set and now the brand’s just started selling Oreo candy canes.

The Oreo candy canes were spotted by Instagram account @candyhunting, an account that specialises in unveiling all the latest, Instagram-worthy treats.

The candy canes, which come in traditional hard candy-form, come in Oreo’s cookies and creme flavour.

Instagram Photo

Each box features a packet of 12 candy canes – and they come in stripes of the signature black and white colours.

Yes, it all sounds delightful, and we’d love to cover our Christmas trees in Oreo this December – however, we may… Read the full story

What are the signs of testicular cancer and how to check for lumps yourself

(Picture: Getty)

Testicular cancer mostly affects men between 15 and 49 years of age and it is an abnormal growth of cells in the testicles.

metro illustrationsHaving a chronic illness doesn't mean I can't have a life

Testicular cancer can appear as lumps on the testicles which are tumours, however, not all tumours are cancerous and not all lumps on the testes are tumours.

Testicular cancer has one of the highest cure rates of all cancers with an average five-year survival rate of 95%.

In the UK approximately 2,000 people are diagnosed with testicular cancer each year and it is most common in males aged 20 to… Read the full story

Don’t get scammed by a fake Pandora jewellery discount website this Christmas

(Picture: Pandora)

Pandora jewellery is on a lot of people’s wishlist this Christmas. 

And given that it’s not exactly cheap, we can understand why you might start looking for a discount on the jewellery. Unfortunately, lots of people who’ve tried to just that have found themselves getting scammed. One shopper found they’d been charged £265 for £235 worth of charms, and were unable to reach the seller for a refund.

The web addresses for these sites are deliberately misleading – things like ‘pandorasukonline.com’ sound like official website. This can be confusing, especially for people who aren’t hugely internet literate.

To be totally clear, the only place you can feel totally assured to be… Read the full story

Christmas gin alert – is this gold, frankincense and myrrh spirit the most festive drink ever?

Christmas in a bottle (Picture: That Boutique-Y Gin Company)

They love gin. They love Christmas. What do you buy them?

Well, you could probably do worse than this uber-festive gin which features gold, frankincense and myrrh.

That Boutique-Y Gin Company has created Yuletide Gin for those with a taste for the season.

And it seems to contain even more gifts than the three wise men brought baby Jesus.

As well as the aforementioned frankincense, myrrh and edible gold leaf, there’s loads of festive flavours going on to get you in the Christmas spirit.

Its 24 botanicals include Christmas tree needles, plus distillates made from Christmas cake, chestnuts, Christmas pudding, Lebkuchen, mince pies, Panettone and a… Read the full story

Krispy Kreme Christmas doughnuts are here

Feeling festive yet? (Picture: Krispy Kreme/Metro.co.uk)

We all know it – traditional Christmas food is the worst.

Turkey? Sucks. Mince pies? Sucks. Christmas pudding? Sucks.

Thankfully as the most wonderful time of the year approaches we also get to stuff our faces with festive versions of our favourite treats.

Enter the Christmas Krispy Kreme range.

One is inspired by Santa’s belly, one by a certain reindeer, and the third – well, it’s a ring doughnut with ‘festive sprinkles’.

The Santa doughnut has a chocolate truffle filling and is topped with raspberry icing and chocolate buttons.

‘Rudolph’ has caramel icing, chocolate pretzels and, of course, a big red (icing) nose.

The festive sprinkles doughnut has red, green and white… Read the full story

It’s Blue Wednesday – what you should wear something blue today

(Picture: Mouth CancerAction)

Today is all about wearing something blue.

Woman told she was cancer free dies three months after wedding

That’s because it is Blue Wednesday, a day dedicated to raising awareness of mouth cancer.

Around 90% of mouth cancers can be cured if caught early with cancer on the lips, tongue and oral cavity more likely to be tackled affectively.

Here is everything you need to know.

What is Blue Wednesday?

World COPD Awareness Day 2017: Why today is important

(Picture: COPD Awareness Day)

Today is COPD Awareness Day – one of the world’s biggest killers.

People are smoking actual scorpion tails to get high, no joke

The condition, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is thought to affect around 11 million people and is the third biggest killer in America.

COPD is a lung condition typically caused by smoking with thousands of people thought to be suffering from he condition without even realising it.

Here is everything you need to know.

What COPD awareness day is all about

Metro’s A to Z of fetishes: U to Z are for urine, vampires, cannibals and cake

metro illustrations
It’s the final hurdle (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

And now the end is near, and so we face the final curtain – and that curtain’s going to need a damn good clean after all the fetishes we’ve been exploring.

In this, our final episode of Metro’s A-Z of fetishes, we’ll have fun with foodstuffs, discover what a vominatrix is and learn a new word – ursusagalmatophilia – that we’ll probably never use again.

Brace yourself now – here are all the sexual terms beginning with letters from U to Z that you should know about:

1. Urophilia

The posh name for water sports, aka golden showers, aka urolagnia.

2. Ursusagalmatophilia

This fetish is… Read the full story

You’re most likely to have a quarter-life crisis when you’re 26 years and nine months old

(Picture: Ella Byworth/Mylo)

Are you slowly approaching your 27th birthday? Do you feel like everything is spinning out of control? Have you lost all sense of life direction?

If so then you, my friend, are in the midst of a quarter-life crisis.

According to a study by LinkedIn, 72% of young professionals in the UK have experienced a crisis at 26.9 years old, which has left them reevaluating their career path and life choices.

So if you thought you were over the hump at 25, think again.

It’s thought that this mental collision is mainly down to worries that we’re not in a profession that we’re passionate about (57%), stress about getting onto the property… Read the full story

Inside Funny Sex – Taiwan’s first sex-themed restaurant, which wasn’t funny or sexy

TAIWAN Sex-themed restaurant called Funny Sex
Would you like a penis with that?

Oh for the days when a wacky dining experience meant the singing waiters at TGI Friday.

Those days are long gone, and their relatively tame wackiness has been replaced by restaurants themed to resemble everything from airports to hospitals to Mars.

What you need to know about LumiDolls – Barcelona’s brothel where women have been replaced by inflatable dolls

Before any of them, there was Funny Sex, a coitus-themed restaurant in Taiwan where sex and food collided.

Anyone who has ever introduced food into their foreplay will know that the whole thing… Read the full story

Turns out that Missguided might have actually been Photoshopping stretchmarks onto models

(Picture: Missguided)

The other week, we reported that Missguided had stopped editing out models’ stretch marks.

‘How great! How body positive!’ we all yelled.

When 90% of women are affected by stretch marks, it’s great to see stretch marks and ‘imperfections’ on the women used to sell us clothes.

But now, it turns out, Missguided might have actually been photoshopping stretchmarks onto models.

In a bid to seem woke and as empowered as possible, people are accusing the brand of purposely doctoring images of women to make them look less standardly ‘perfect’.

And Twitter isn’t having it.

‘I’m sorry, I don’t understand how this brand keeps denying that they’ve photoshopped stretch marks onto this model,… Read the full story

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