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One in six young people won’t wear an outfit again if it’s been seen on social media

That’s that jumpsuit in the bin, then (Picture: Getty)

Social media has been slowly taking over our lives since it slithered into our consciousness all those years ago.

We’re all guilty of a good old stalking sesh, we’re never quite sure whether to accept our parents’ friend requests, and all our Facebooking has ruined the way we recall memories.

It’s even impacting on our wardrobes.

According to new research by environmental charity Hubbub, 41% of all 18-25-year-olds feel the pressure to wear a different outfit every time they go out – rising to 47% for young women.

One in six young people even say that they don’t… Read the full story

Even the rats in New York are so trendy they’re overdosing on avocado

(Picture: jesslena_edwards/Twitter)

Meet: Avocado Rat – Pizza Rat‘s ever so much more hip and healthy brother.

He’s been spotted around Brooklyn carrying massive chunks of avo home for what one can only assume will be a delicious plant-based supper.

After all, who can blame him? Avocados are delicious – even more so after you’ve schlepped them all the way home using just your teeth and front paws.

To be fair, rats – like many of us – will eat just about anything.

They chomp what they can find, usually relying on grains, fruits and veg, seeds, bugs and other small animals.

But such is our incessant appetite for avocados, that we’re… Read the full story

Women are genuinely more attractive when they wear red, apparently

(Picture: Ella Byworth/Getty)

Red has always been a sensual, nay, sexual colour.

Lady in Red…the scarlet woman…it’s a shade associated with women fully in control of their sexuality. 

Anyway, turns out that red actually does make women more attractive to heterosexual men.

Because one dating expert donned a red (but not revealing) coat and claims that it was responsible for the ‘flurry of attention’ she subsequently received.

Harley Quinn spent an afternoon walking around East London in her crimson coat. Normally she doesn’t get approached on the street but this time, she was shocked by the number of compliments she received from strangers.

Some asked for her phone number and one even gave her… Read the full story

Cover your mince pies with this gin-flavoured cream this Christmas

(Picture: Morrisons – Metro.co.uk)

Gin-based cream now exists to make your Christmas pud even tastier.

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of the rounded, fruit-filled pudding or not, you’ll be too tipsy to care with Slingsby’s latest dessert addition.

The Harrogate-based gin brand has teamed up with Morrisons to launch a limited edition pouring cream, that’s made with their award-winning spirit.

Yep, you can now swallow gin without the bitter taste of tonic followed behind it, and we can’t wait to down it,

The extra-thick cream is flavoured with 24 botanicals found in Slingsby’s gin, which includes rosemary, thyme, rhubarb and primrose, and has been designed as a brandy cream alternative to be served… Read the full story

Kinder Eggs are finally going to be available in the US

(Picture: Ferrero)

Kinder Eggs are one of man’s greatest achievements.

Not only are they absolutely delicious but the element of genuine surprise and anticipation of finding a crappy little plastic toy in the middle is unreplicable.

But over in America, they’ve got no idea what it feels like to open one of those orange plastic capsules.

They don’t know utter joy that comes from putting together a very cheap toy that is still covered in chocolatey residue.

That is, until now.

Because the FDA has finally approved the eggs being sold stateside.

They were first banned under a 1938 law which forbids the sale of food items containing potential non-edible choking hazards. The FDA outlawed Kinder Eggs… Read the full story

You just missed out on the chance to adopt a kitten that looks like Poirot

The resemblance is uncanny (Picture: RSPCA/Getty)

If you were looking for a cat that looks like a famous detective, then I’m sorry pal – you just missed your chance.

Tasha the black and white kitten has a distinctive handlebar moustache marking, and bears a striking resemblance to famous Belgian super sleuth Poirot.

(Which is very topical as Murder on the Orient Express is currently in cinemas, featuring the human version of this very cat!)

Four-month-old Tasha is currently living at the RSPCA’s Birmingham Animal Centre, after being found wandering the streets as a stray, with an injury to her eye.

The reality of being HIV positive when your partner is not


We’d like to think stigma towards HIV is not what it was.

After all, a pop-up restaurant only recently employs only HIV positive staff.

Even so, a HIV diagnosis can throw up some concerns about sex and intimacy after diagnosis. Are you able to still have sex? And can it impact relationships?

According to Terrence Higgins Trust’s Can’t Pass It On campaign, only 9% of the public think that people on effective treatment can’t pass on HIV.

So here’s the truth: people on effective HIV treatment can’t pass on the virus. An HIV diagnosis doesn’t stop you from doing anything – including having a relationship and sex life.

Here, two couples in a mixed HIV diagnosis relationship to sort fact from fiction…

Chris, 38, lecturer in podiatry at University of Brighton

Status: Not HIV positive, married to Ben who is

This is what happens when you get your testicles checked by your GP

It’s no fun, but at least it’s quick (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

Testicular cancer might have a high survival rate (98%), but it’s a serious condition.

It’s the 16th most common cancer in men in the UK, and affects around 2,400 people per year – almost half of which are under the age of 35.

What are the signs of testicular cancer and how to check for lumps yourself

Surgery to treat testicular cancer can seriously impact your fertility, so – as with all cancers – it’s best to catch it early.

All men, whatever your age, should regularly check their… Read the full story

Morrisons Black Friday deals 2017 are here with cheap beer and gin advent calendars

Morrisons are back with some Black Friday deals (Picture: Getty Images)

Morrisons is fast becoming our favourite provider of Black Friday deals thanks to their superb offers on booze in the run-up to Christmas.

Last year the supermarket delighted whiskey drinkers across the country by offering a three-litre bottle of Jack Daniels for just £50, and now they are back with more alcoholic bargains (and a few other bits and bobs as well).

This gold, frankincense and myrrh gin may be the most festive ever

Black Friday might not be until Friday, November 24, but Morrisons are ahead of… Read the full story

When is Cyber Monday and is it worth waiting for deals after Black Friday?

(Picture: Getty Images)

Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year in the US and now Britain will descend upon us on Friday, November 24.

metro illustrationsShould you lie about your current salary when applying for a new job?

In an extension to the wild shopping phenomenon that happens every year the day after Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday is a day for reductions on major shopping websites.

Cyber Monday takes place on Monday, November 27 this year, and every year it is the Monday following Black Friday.

Since the two shopping days are so close together and since almost every high-street retailer has… Read the full story

Photographer snaps ex-lab rats and mice going outdoors for the first time

(Picture: Rachele Totaro)

The life of a lab rat is about as miserable as it gets.You spend your entire life trapped in a dank, dark cell only to be released to have some vile concoction spread over your fur or force-fed into you.

So imagine what it must be like to suddenly find yourself free and out in the open after a lifetime of abuse.

Photographer Rachele Totaro has been going around photographing mice and rats recently saved from labs by Italian charity La Collina dei Conigli.

‘Every year in Italy, hundreds of thousands of animals die in laboratories,’ Rachele writes on Bored Panda.

‘Some are used for lethal… Read the full story

Morrisons have got some seriously great deals for Black Friday 2017 – including a Magnum of Prosecco for £10

(Picture: Getty)

Black Friday is coming. 

There’s no point trying to pretend that it’s too American for us and we’re resisting it. It means saving a lot of money, and we love that. And, even better, it means saving money on booze. And we really, really love that.

So, what’s Morrisons got to offer?

Well, they’ve got two boozy advent calendars – a Gin one for £60 (it has a whopping 24 mini bottles of gin) and a Beer Advent Calendar for £30 (same deal, but it’s beer and they’re not mini).

Are TV and social media scaring younger generations away from having children?

Let me stay in blissful ignorance (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro)

Have you watched Motherland? It’s brilliant and hilarious, but terrifying.

It’s brutally revealing about what it’s like to be a mother – a single mother, a working mother, a mother with a hopeless, absent husband whose idea of parenting is to say hollow supportive things down the phone from a stag do on a boat.

Why BBC Two’s Motherland may be the most perfect reflection on modern parenting

My boyfriend and I binged the whole first season on Sunday and I was delighted by it – there’s one visual gag about… Read the full story

Amazon Music Black Friday Deal that gives you three months for 99p

(Picture: Getty)

Amazon Music is launching a special deal ahead of Black Friday this year.

Customers will be able to nab three months of premium streamed music for just £0.99.

metro illustrationsWhat’s it like being in a HIV mixed diagnosis relationship?

To celebrate one-year of Amazon Music Unlimited in the UK the brand has released an amazing deal for music lovers which could save you £28.98.

The special offer of three months of Amazon Music Unlimited for £0.99 is for the Individual Monthly Plan available to all customers.

Lock up your partners: Friday 17 November is the most popular day for affairs

(Picture: Irene Palacio for Metro.co.uk)

Relationships can be hard.

Half the time you wish your other half would just leave you alone, and the rest you’re begging for love and attention.

T’was ever thus.

But be doubly careful how you treat them this week because this Friday is apparently ‘Unfaithful Friday’.

Friday 17 November is the most popular day for affairs, according to research conducted by IlllicitEncounters.com.

They surveyed over 500 adulterers and found that almost 80% have plans in place to get away with their extramarital partner this Friday – which the site concludes is because Unfaithful Friday is the last chance to get away with mistresses before the Christmas break.

Read the full story

Surprise, surprise, Zoella’s beauty calendar is now half price

(Picture: Boots)

We all love a beauty calendar.

But when it gives you a mere two cookie cutters, confetti and seven stickers, maybe not so much.

Zoella’s beauty calendar – which offers these exact products – came under fire recently for its hefty £50 price tag.

And now, Boots have now been forced to slash the product’s price after customers took to Twitter in their droves to complain about pricing.

From 16 November, the retailer will be selling the Zoella 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar for £25.

Currently, the Boots and Zoella collaboration has got one and a half stars out of five on the Boots website with one reviewer saying: ‘What a… Read the full story

Cheese and pickle mince pies are here and we don’t hate it

(Picture: Branston)

Yesterday, we wrote about a new, gin-infused cream that’ll make the perfect addition to any mince pie this Christmas.

Well, except this savoury mince pie, which will go down a treat with cheese-lovers.

Cheese, and pickle lovers: this one’s for you.

Branston Pickle has created a range of cheese and pickle-filled mince pies, combining cheesy pastry with Branston pickle to put a savoury twist on a Christmas classic.

Aldi’s three-litre bottle of prosecco has finally hit store shelves nationwide

(Picture: Aldi/Getty)

Back in September we wrote about Aldi’s very exciting product: The three-litre bottle of prosecco which was yet to be in stores.

And obviously, we’ve been holding out ever since, bracing ourselves for the bottle to hit Aldi’s shop shelves.

Finally, it’s happened. The gigantic bottle of bubbles is finally available to buy and we’re now more ready for Christmas than ever.

The jeroboam of premium DOCG Prosecco, which is from Italy’s Veneto region, became available to purchase in Aldi stores nationwide yesterday, 14 November.

A Kinder Bueno advent calendar is here and December needs to hurry up

(Picture: Kinder/Chocolate and More Delights/Myles Goode)

Any Kinder Bueno fan will know the hazelnut cream-filled chocolate wafer is pretty hard to find in anything but bar-form.

Seriously, where’s the Kinder Bueno spread, the Kinder Bueno cereal and the Kinder Bueno cookies? Someone needs to sort it out.

Thankfully, however, there is one Kinder Bueno product that’ll keep you smiling all throughout December –  a Kinder Bueno advent calendar.

Parents of special educational needs and disabled children are being offered a free night out

Mother reading to girl with Down's Syndrome
Parents of SEND kids are being offered the chance of a free night out (Picture: Getty)

Parenting can be tough whoever you are, but it can be extra tough when you’re the parent of a special educational needs and disabled (SEND) child.

Which is why one company is offering parents of SEND kids a free night out, to help them let their hair down.

Childcare.co.uk is running a competition where friends and family of parents with SEND chidren can nominate them to win an all-expenses-paid night out, plus childcare.

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