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The McDonald’s festive menu is here, and it involves Camembert dippers

(Picture: McDonald’s/Getty)

Rejoice, fast food-lovers: The McDonald’s festive menu is back, and it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

Sure, we may still have six weeks left to go, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start getting into the Christmas spirit.

Whether you’re doing so by purchasing your advent calendars early or stocking up on Asda’s Christmas dinner pizza for Boxing Day snacks, the McDonald’s festive menu is perfect for anyone on the go this winter.

Firstly, we thought we’d just tell you that sadly, once again, the festive pie has not made an appearance on the menu.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland London 2017 opening times, dates and ticket information

It is time for Winter Wonderland (Picture: Getty Images)

The ever-popular festive bonanza of Winter Wonderland is coming back to Hyde Park, London once again this year.

If you like your Christmas period to be filled with funfair games, ice skating and expensive lager then this could be the place for you.

Carnivores, a meat mince pie is happening

The event has been running since 2007 and shows no signs of slowing down with crowds flocking to the sparkly, freezing party in the park.

As of 2016 there had been 14 million visitors to London’s Winter Wonderland, so if you want to join the… Read the full story

Latest Very.co.uk offers for Black Friday 2017 on Amazon Echos, laptops, TVs and more

Here are some of the latest deals from Very for Black Friday 2017
Here are some of the latest deals from Very for Black Friday 2017 (Picture: Very)

Black Friday 2017 is the ideal time to purchase that perfect gift for your loved ones, or yourself of course.

This year, a number of retailers will be slashing their prices on the busiest shopping day of the year.

The McDonald's festive menu is here, and it involves Camembert dippers

Very.co.uk will be taking part in Black Friday again this year after getting involved last year.

Very has reduced their products… Read the full story

People are paying to go on ‘trial dates’ to train for the real thing

Date coaching costs around $5,000 for six months (Picture: Ella Byworth/ Getty)

Have you ever been on a date and wished you could get some honest feedback of what they really thought of you?

Do they think you talked too much?

Did they like what you were wearing?

Do they think that joke you told was totally inappropriate?

Vegan body building week 2: shredding fat by actively avoiding exercise

A matchmaking company in New York is offering their clients exactly this; the opportunity to go on a trial date to prepare for the real thing, complete with a brutally honest ‘exit interview’ where your date… Read the full story

Where to buy Yeezys and when are the Adidas Boost 350s released?

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 'Semi Frozen Yellow' go on sale
Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Semi Frozen Yellow’ (Picture: Adidas)

Adidas said that it will release a new of combinations of colours of its Yeezy Boost 350 V2 collection this weekend.

The new ‘Semi Frozen Yellow/Raw Steel/Red’ colours features a yellow and black Primeknit look with the signature ‘SPLY-350’ logo in red on the side.

The numbers of Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 will be very limited, so be sure to find the check out the full list of UK suppliers below.

Starbucks is launching new in-house artisanal bakeries

(Picture: jqfang7/Instagram)

Starbucks might sell the odd pastry already but they’re about to launch a range of artisanal bakeries to really carb-up your coffee habit.

We’re talking bakeries full of freshly baked Italian foods crafted from Rocco Princi’s recipes, as well as the old Starbucks classics.

There’ll be over 100 new items on the menu, from flaky cornetti to focaccia sandwichse packed with things like mozzarella di bufala and salame Milano.

In fact, all the ingredients are imported from Italy.

‘Rocco Princi is an artisan who, at an early age, discovered a love of bread making and through determination as well as an obsession for finding the perfect ingredients, has created an Italian food experience… Read the full story

KFC has released its own set of Christmas decorations


Yesterday, we wrote about KFC jumping onto the festive bandwagon with their new winter menu.

But it seems they’re not quite done with their festivities, well, at least the New Zealand branch isn’t as they’ve just released their very own set of Christmas decorations.

Yes, you guessed it: Fried chicken Christmas tree decor. We’re not sure what to think either.

The rather odd set of baubles come in a pack of five and contains a bucket of fried chicken, a chicken drumstick, a set… Read the full story

The internet is baffled by this coffee-themed picture puzzle

(Picture: _herbeauty/Twitter)

If you’ve not yet had your daily cup of coffee, we recommend doing so now, because there’s a coffee riddle sweeping the internet that’s going to need ultimate brain power to work out.

The riddle, which is more of a picture puzzle, features a cup of coffee being poured into different cups through tubes.

Each tube stands at a different height and is of different length – leaving those confused having to work out which coffee cup will get filled up first.

11 handy ways to stop spending so much money on food

(Picture: Getty Images)

If you’re anything like us, you’re constantly thinking about your next meal. Or a meat mince pie. Or a new chocolate spread. Or a turkey pizza.

But if you start to notice that your biggest expense is food, how exactly can you cut back? After all, our rationale is that you need food to SURVIVE so why would we willingly eat less?

There is a way to spend less without having a soggy salad at your desk everyday though. How you ask? Well, we have you covered…

Don’t bother batch cooking

This seems counterintuitive but bear with us. If you’re the type of person who gets bored eating… Read the full story

Female psychologist believes that PMS is a ‘myth’

(Picture: Ella Byworth)

You might think you’ve been suffering from PMS for most of your fertile life.

You might think that all those mood swings, bloating, breast pain, low libido, cramping were simply symptoms of a condition that affect up to 75% of women, with 20-40% experiencing debilitating side-effects as a result.

But you’d be wrong.

Because apparently PMS is a myth and you’ve all fallen for it.

Robyn Stein DeLuca, a psychologist,and author of The Hormone Myth: How Junk Science, Gender Politics And Lies About PMS Keep Women Downbelieves that women have been fed lies by the medical community to make them think that they’re suffering from something when they’re not.

‘We internalise this idea that… Read the full story

How people live on low wages: 15k a year

(Picture: Myles Goode)

Given that the average UK salary is £28,758 (according to the Office for National Statistics), what’s it like living on a lower wage?

As part of Money Month, we’re opening the purse strings to find out how people get by on much less.

Tom* is a 28-year-old senior care assistant from Grimsby earning £15,000. He is the only earner in his household and has four children.

Here’s how he manages:

Renting and utilities

I’m in social housing luckily so my rent is quite cheap. It’s £90 a week and my council tax is £100 a month. We usually monitor gas and electricity so during the day we don’t put heating… Read the full story

Get your shot glasses out: Aldi is selling salted caramel-flavoured vodka

(Picture: Aldi)

The festive season is fast approaching and we’re already stocking up on the Baileys and the Prosecco.

And now those who like neither can also start filling up their cupboards, as Aldi is selling some salted caramel-flavoured vodka, and it sounds delicious.

The liqueur is made using the ‘finest rock salt’ and triple distilled British Grain Vodka.

According to Aldi, it’s ‘seductively smooth and sweet with a salty edge’. Mmm.

There’s a cheese village coming to London this weekend

(Picture: Marc Sethi)

If you’re obsessed with all things fromage, get ready.

Visitors at Brixton Rooftop’s South Pole Saloon are in for a treat this weekend because the whole space is going to be dedicated to all dairy delights at London’s first ever Cheese Town (yep, really).

Guests at the cheese village will get to sample new offerings as some of the UK’s most popular cheese mongers, makers and street food vendors come together to takeover south London.

Resident food traders Mac to the Future are launching their new Camembert Mac, a Mac ‘n’ Cheese dish served within an entire Baked Camembert.

Disney employees are banned from pointing with their index finger while at work

disneyland employees disney mickey mouse
(Picture: Getty)

If there’s one thing we’ve all dreamed of at least once in our lives, it’s working at Disney.

Living in the likes of Cinderella, Belle or Prince Charming’s shoes for a day would most definitely be one for the bucket list – especially when surrounded by the magic of Disney.

But with all fun jobs comes a few rules.

While most of us are used to the general rules: No drinking, stealing someone else’s lunch or swearing at the office idiot, Disney’s rules are a bit different (though we’re sure the few mentioned still apply).

Instagram Photo

One of their main… Read the full story

Monogamish – what it is and why all couples should consider adopting it

The idea that we should only have sex with one partner for the rest of our live makes no sense (Picture: Getty)

Monogamish is probably a word you haven’t heard much before, but it is exactly what it sounds like – mostly monogamous.

11 handy ways to stop spending so much money on food

No matter your view on monogamy – for or against – you have to admit that we place a crazy amount of importance on it even though, as a species, we’re pretty rubbish at it.

Couples who have been together for decades, who have a family, shared thousands of life experiences and have supported… Read the full story

Is it Black Friday today? No, but there are plenty of deals already

(Picture: Getty)

The biggest shopping day of the year is intensely looming but it is not upon us yet as retails giants launch early sales it may be hard to distinguish when the mammoth discount day actually is.

Well, Black Friday is traditionally the day after Thanksgiving, so this year it falls on Friday, November 24.

The shopping tradition began in the US and that is why it is associated with Thanksgiving.

The colossal sale day has wafted over to the UK in force over the past few years meaning Brits will be able to bag some stupendous deals next week.

How people live on low wages: 15k… Read the full story

Can an intense orgasm cause you to go blind?

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Hopefully you know the feeling of having an orgasm so intense you think you might never walk again. 

You know the type – the ones where you just have to lie quietly staring at the ceiling recovering for a few minutes, or even sleep it off.

But apparently there’s a chance that an orgasm that earth-shakingly powerful could actually cause the loss of your eyesight.

The good news is that it’s extremely unlikely.

Vigorous, intense sex can cause the bursting of blood vessels (as can any extreme activity) and if that happens in your eye, it can cause sight damage.

The benefits of peer support: why talking to somebody else with lived experience of mental illness is invaluable

metro illustrations
A friend in need (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

A few months ago I went for a coffee with a friend.

If you were also in that cafe when we were you might have thought, from our rip-roaring laughter, that we were reciting lines from a Billy Connolly routine or recalling cringe-worthy antics from our teenage memory archives.

How should we talk to our children about mental health?

But we weren’t. What we were actually talking about was some of our more extreme symptoms of anxiety.

Yes, I know, I was only recently saying that we shouldn’t make light of mental… Read the full story

Here’s how to get £15 of free takeaway this weekend

Mmm pizza (Picture: Getty)

Free food is the best food, as everyone knows. 

Alongside food stolen of someone else’s plate, obviously.

Which is why we think you’ll be so pleased to hear that you can get your mitts on £15 of free takeaway from Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Hungry House or Domino’s this weekend.

Now, to be fair, you do have to spend £15 in order to get it so it’s not totally gratis. But still. £15 is pretty cheap for a two person take-away anyway. £30 of food between you? You’ll be feasting like kings.

How to get that sweet free money

Whiskey, tequila and gin Black Friday bargains on Amazon

(Picture: Getty Images)

Get in on the Black Friday bargains at Amazon, as the deals start a week early with the online retailer.

How people live on low wages: 15k a year

Amazon has included some amazing discounts on their deal of the day offers as there is almost 50% off on Whiskey, Tequila, and Gin online.

Amazon has generously chosen to spoil their customers with a Black Friday sale for the entire week before the biggest shopping day of the year commences.

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