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    ‘Oh, they’ve asked that thing again.’ (Picture: Getty)

    The other day I was sat in the park with the toddler, watching him fill his shoes with sand, and I noticed another mum sat by herself with a her pram next to her.

    They had just finished the universal please-go-to-sleep-buggy-rock and had this glorious look on their face; like they were winning.

    Why I don’t call my son an asshole just because he’s throwing a tantrum

    Baby was either sleeping or going to asleep and mum had a hot drink in their hand.

    Out of nowhere though, a group joined.

    Friends? Colleagues? Family? Who knows.

    But they very quickly broke the silence.

    Not that my toddler… Read the full story

    Frustrating timeslesbemumsFrustrating timeslesbemums

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    (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler)

    Sex robots. Jumped up sex toys, or something more intimate?

    When we’re talking about mechanical beasts that have been made to look and feel like humans, things get a bit complicated.

    But that wouldn’t stop one third of British people from hooking up with a sexy robot.

    Women tell us when they knew their partners were 'husband material'

    Research commissioned by NOW TV (they’re promoting Westworld, so there is a tenuous link) has found that more than a third of British people (36%, to be exact) would be up for having sex with a robot.

    There may be a bit of a gender… Read the full story

    Liberty robot boyfriends illustrationellencscottmetro illustrationsLiberty robot boyfriends illustrationellencscottmetro illustrations

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    (Picture: Getty)

    What if we told you you’re doing avocado all wrong?

    Dad concocts ingenious game to keep kids quiet while he watches the football

    You’d probably be horrified, right? Offended that we would question your dedication to this millennium’s most glorious fruit. Perhaps a little confused – how can you mess up eating a fruit?

    Well we can only apologise, young millennial, because you’re doing avocado all wrong.

    More specifically, you’re chucking out the bit of the avocado that’s best for you.

    While the flesh of the fruit might be jam-packed with vitamins, antioxidants, potassium, monounsaturated fatty acids, fibre and more of that all-important ‘healthy stuff’,… Read the full story


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     people reveal their most surprising sexual experience
    Some people have all the luck… (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

    It’s important to keep things fresh in the bedroom.

    People often need something to spice things up and get those juices flowing.

    12 people reveal their most embarrassing sexual moment

    It’s one thing if a partner surprises you with something you’re into – perhaps some skimpy undies or a reenactment of all your favourite scenes from Magic Mike.

    But, what about those things you didn’t see coming, and from people you barely know?

    Here, 14 people reveal their most surprising sexual experience – warning, not all of these… Read the full story

    Metro Illustrations: XX people reveal their most surprising sexual experienceamybaker250 people reveal their most surprising sexual experienceTwins sitting on sofa, smilingClose up of pink razor in bathroomorgyMetro Illustrations: XX people reveal their most surprising sexual experienceamybaker250 people reveal their most surprising sexual experienceTwins sitting on sofa, smilingClose up of pink razor in bathroomorgy

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    Private therapy may have some benefits that NHS can’t offer (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    I’m an avid listener of Mentally Yours, a brilliant weekly podcast covering a different mental health issue each episode.

    Each guest speaks about how their mental health condition affects them and they touch on what helps, including various coping techniques, medication and any therapy they’ve had.

    The mental health crisis team is invaluable and it needs more funding to make it work

    A theme I’ve noticed is that people are seeking private therapy when the NHS lets them down.

    Don’t get me wrong, NHS therapists can be excellent but… Read the full story

    Mental health series: It's amazing how quickly therapy changes youmindfulsurvivortherapymetro illustrationsmetro illustrationsMental health series: It's amazing how quickly therapy changes youmindfulsurvivortherapymetro illustrationsmetro illustrations

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    (Picture: Getty)

    When’s the last time you sat down, put your phone in your pocket, and appreciated the sunset?

    Yeah, it’s been a while for us too.

    While you’d think that question alone would be enough to get us all to hit pause and enjoy the wonders of nature, you would be wrong.

    Survey reveals that we'd really rather eat our food off plates, not shoes or plant pots

    Instead, we need some extra motivation – hence Corona’s plan to launch a bunch of popups across rooftops and patios around London, to give us all a reason to close our Netflix tab and look at the… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Erin Aniker/metro.co.uk)

    Fine, we’ll add more fuel to the ‘Londoners are cold, heartless beings’ fire.

    According to a new study from VoucherCodesPro, Londoners say ‘I love you’ less than anyone else in the country.

    Oh, aren’t we bloody awful?

    The survey asked 2,489 British people aged 18 and over about their relationships and their interactions with the people they care about.

    Liberty robot boyfriends illustration40% of British people don't think having sex with a robot counts as cheating

    The people were asked how many times per month they estimated that they said ‘I love you’ to the people closest to them, including their parents, partner,… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Getty)

    If you had close friendships as a young’un, you might just be living a healthier life today.

    The revelation comes from a new study, which looked at the mental health of a group of 169 teens over a period of ten years – from the age of 15 to 25.

    Londoners say 'I love you' less than anyone else in the country, says new survey

    The results show that those with closer but fewer relationships at a young age had better mental health on the whole, while those with loads of less-close mates as a teen experienced greater social anxiety once they reached young adulthood.

    Those who… Read the full story

    Teenage girls making smoothie in sunny kitchentomconnickTeenage girls making smoothie in sunny kitchentomconnick

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    (Photo: Getty)

    We’re all subject to the perils of online ‘perfection’, but a new study has found that it affects young girls more than most.

    A poll of more than 1,000 young people by UK charity Girlguiding has found that a shocking 35% of girls aged 11-21 are affected by the perceived need to compare themselves to others online, listing it as their number one worry.

    Why did I let myself get so overweight?

    What’s more, there’s a split between kids’ perceptions of the issue and their parents’, with just 12% of girls saying their parents were concerned about the implications of comparing yourself to other girls… Read the full story

    Preteen girl lying on stomach using laptop computertomconnickPreteen girl lying on stomach using laptop computertomconnick

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    If you’ve never leaked, then you are lying (Picture: Plan International)

    Periods are just fab aren’t they?

    This dog-friendly hotel is serving up posh nosh for pooches

    Each month your period arrives like a little bundle of joy gushing from your poor vagina, intent on disrupting your life.

    The adverts might portray blue liquids and fellow females continuing to do things like play tennis and go partying, but in reality we know it is a different situation.

    From leaking everywhere, to coming on unexpectedly, we’ve all been caught out in some challenging situations.

    Here are some fellow women sharing their own awful experiences.

    1. The travelling period

    By B.

    Having… Read the full story

    There's no period emoji. This campaign wants to change thattaranbassimetro illustrationsmetro illustrationsThere's no period emoji. This campaign wants to change thattaranbassimetro illustrationsmetro illustrations

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    Picture: Laura Mazza)

    Not enough praise is heaped on the partners of those with mental health issues.

    It’s hard to find someone who understands, is supportive, and helps you through your lowest moments. When you find someone who can do all of that – and make you laugh, turn you on, and do all the other stuff you hope for from a partner – they’re worth holding on to.

    Liberty robot boyfriends illustration40% of British people don't think having sex with a robot counts as cheating

    Blogger Laura Mazza, who runs the Mum on the Run, recently wrote a brilliant letterRead the full story

    laura mazza anxietyellencscottlaura mazza anxietyellencscott

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    (Picture: Atlantic Fizz)

    You can now be basic in the bath, as pumpkin spice latte bath bombs have become an actual thing. 

    Londoners say 'I love you' less than anyone else in the country, says new survey

    Thanks to Atlantic Fizz, a brand that specialises in making fresh, handmade bath bombs, we no longer need to head to Starbucks to use the #pumpkinspicelatte hashtag.

    Yep, you can experience Instagram galore from the comfort of your own home.

    While the $4 bath bomb may not be edible, we feel it’s totally worth the money considering you’ll pretty much be bathing in a tub full of what… Read the full story

    Pumpkin spice latte bath bombshattiegladwellmetroPumpkin spice latte bath bombshattiegladwellmetro

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    Good riddance. (Picture: Getty)

    Some things are sure to rustle the jimmies.

    Telling people I’ve never seen an episode of Game Of Thrones/Stranger Things/Breaking Bad all the way through usually does it.

    Sorry everyone, but pudding is actually terrible

    Other times, people really like to take umbrage with the fact that, guess what, I actually genuinely enjoy some songs by the actually-not-that-bad band Nickelback.

    But nothing inspires such hatred as when I lay out the simple, indisputable fact that pudding is a stupid course for idiots.

    Pudding (or ‘dessert’, if you’re a posh idiot) is a futile endeavour – one which I’d gladly see the back of.

    Expressing this view recently… Read the full story

    Puppy with cake on floortomconnickPuppy with cake on floortomconnick

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    Can three children spell the end? (Picture: Getty)

    It’s a pretty bold statement to make but I seem to have a good number of friends seriously wanting a third child but put off because they know a couple who were ‘broken by three.’

    Please don’t tell my child off – that’s my job and my job only

    Of course none of us really know the full story about why our friends or neighbours decide to call time on their marriages – usually I’m sure it’s a combination of things.

    But I couldn’t help but wonder, when I fell pregnant with my third, about how we would cope when… Read the full story

    Illustration of man removing wedding ring representing relationship difficultiescheltenhammamanIllustration of man removing wedding ring representing relationship difficultiescheltenhammaman

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    (Picture: Drinks By The Dram; Getty)

    The past couple of weeks have pretty much been boozy Christmas decor-galore. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Tesco is now selling teeny tiny avocados in egg boxes

    Sure, it may be a bit early to start getting excited for the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s hard not to with the release of gin baubles, Harry Potter baubles and sparkling wine advent calendars.

    And now, we’ve got another alcoholic beverage-inspired advent calendar to get excited about – and this time it involves rum. Lots and lots of rum.

    Rum is the spirit… Read the full story

    Rum advent calendarhattiegladwellmetroRum advent calendarhattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: Tesco)

    Wish your avos were a little cuter, so you could top tiny toast with teeny weeny avo mash?

    Tesco understands our strange obsession with tiny things, and thus, they’re now selling miniature avocados.

    Masculinity is now so fragile that builders need their own sunscreen

    Their new mini avocados are around a third of the size of a regular avocado, weighing in at 70g while a regular avo weighs 200g on average,

    They’re about two and a half £2 coins long (or just larger than a Creme Egg, if that helps) and are, clearly, absolutely adorable.

    Think of the tiny avo roses you could make, the… Read the full story

    tesco mini avocados 2ellencscotttesco mini avocados 2ellencscott

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    (Picture: Caters News)

    A huge fantasy fan has undergone a number of surgical procedures in hopes of becoming a real-life elf.

    Sorry everyone, but pudding is actually terrible

    25-year-old Luis Padron, from Buenos Ares, Agentina, recently splashed out a massive $12,000 (£9,376) on surgery to give himself a widow’s peak hairline just ‘like Dracula’, in order to look more fantasy-like.

    Luis became obsessed with the world of elves, angels and fantasy beings after being subjected to bulling during his childhood.

    During school, his peers would mock him for looking different – as he would often dye his hair and wear unusual clothes.

    Luis, who studies advertising and… Read the full story

    Man spends thousands turning himself into an elfhattiegladwellmetroMan spends thousands turning himself into an elfhattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: Zachary Culpin/Solent News & Photo Agency UK)

    Men are a wonderful, fascinating thing.

    Endlessly competitive over things that don’t matter at all, constantly flexing their prowess at things that no one actually cares about.

    Man shampoo, for man heads. Man make-up, for man faces. Man robes, for man baths.

    Not content with usual levels of bravado and brawn, they’ve now had to go one further.

    Now, they need their own sunscreen. Because they seem to think they’re stronger than THE ACTUAL SUN.

    The news comes via tradesmen’s toy-shop Wickes, who have released their very own sunscreen to combat the problem of one in ten builders being averse to protecting themselves from the sun’s harmful… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Instagram/unicorncosmeticsuk)

    Unicorn Cosmetics has released some Halloween-inspired makeup brushes and we’d much rather receive these to sweets when out Trick or Treating this year.

    Liberty robot boyfriends illustration40% of British people don't think having sex with a robot counts as cheating

    The brushes are shaped like unicorn horns, and have been launched in celebration of it being just over one year since the brand first released their signature unicorn brushes.

    But these are way beyond what we’ve ever seen before – as the brushes actually change colour as you hold them. Seriously, the brushes can go from black to gold in just a… Read the full story

    Colour-changing unicorn makeup brusheshattiegladwellmetroColour-changing unicorn makeup brusheshattiegladwellmetro

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    Liz Earle cleanser
    This Liz Earle cleanser sells at a rate of one every 20 seconds worldwide. How they keep up with the production is anyone’s guess

    There are a number of hero products in our bathroom cabinets that sell at such a rate you can’t imagine they can be produced at such a rate.

    Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser is most certainly one of them.

    The cleansing hero has gained a loyal following of editors, celebs, bloggers and beauty addicts alike for its cleansing capabilities – and it isn’t just the experts who invest in the £16 cleanser.

    Masculinity is now so… Read the full story

    liz earle cleanseremilyknott17Liz Earle cleanserliz earle cleanseremilyknott17Liz Earle cleanser

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