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    (Picture: Getty)

    Car journeys, eh? They’re fun, unless you have kids.

    Because while you may have fantasies of serene roadside picnics, fun family singalongs and carefree chats with your spouse while the kids play happily in the back, the reality is squabbling siblings, soul-crushing boredom and endless toilet stops, simply because you need a break from all the fighting.

    And whether you’re getting away for a bank holiday, setting off for a summer break or simply visiting friends or relatives, those miles will tick away with agonising slowness – unless you come prepared.

    That’s where we come in…

    MORE: 21 things that happen on every family car journey

    i-SPY books

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    Children fighting in back seat of vehicle on road tripreverend61Children fighting in back seat of vehicle on road tripreverend61

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    An Indian man inspects idols of the elephant-headed Hindu deity Ganesha at a roadside stall ahead of the Ganesh Chaturthi festival in Mumbai. (Picture: Indranil Mukherjee/AFP/Getty Images)

    Ganesh Chaturthi is a 10-day Hindu festival that begins on August 25 this year. It is celebrated to honour the elephant-headed god Ganesha’s birthday.

    Ganesha is known by 108 different names and is the son of the Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

    Sorry everyone, but pudding is actually terrible

    The festival begins on the fourth day of Hindu lunar-solar calendar month Bhadrapada.

    This typically falls in the months of August or September, and in 2017 will fall on August 25 until September 5.

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    metro illustrations
    (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    Today I learned that 40% of British people wouldn’t consider having sex with a robot while in a relationship with a human to be cheating.

    Oh, and while previous research has suggested that only 10% of us would be up for banging a robot, that figure goes up to 36% when the robots are more human-like, like the ones in Humans or Westworld.

    That bit of information has rattled me to my core.

    Of course having sex with a robot that’s been designed to look and behave like a human is cheating. And if you don’t get why, I’m honestly a little concerned.

    Cheating is not as simple as… Read the full story

    Sex robotellencscottmetro illustrationsSex robotellencscottmetro illustrations

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    (Picture: Channel 5)

    If you were a Love Island fanatic, there’s every chance you started watching Channel 5’s Make or Break in hopes of getting some sort of relationship drama-filled fix.

    Woman writes powerful letter to the partners of people who have anxiety

    Unlike Love Island, the couples on this show were actual real-life couples, participating in the series to see, much like the title suggests, whether their relationship was make or break.

    While there were some couples who were obviously loved-up, for others, their relationships were in tatters – with this mainly coming down to trust issues.

    But there was one couple on the show who… Read the full story

    If you're going to take someone back after cheating, you need to forgive their disloyaltyhattiegladwellmetrometro illustrationsIf you're going to take someone back after cheating, you need to forgive their disloyaltyhattiegladwellmetrometro illustrations

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    (Picture: PA Real Life)

    A mother made the heartbreaking decision to shave off her two-year-old daughter’s ‘beautiful blonde curls’ in a bid to stop her from compulsively pulling out her hair. 

    Of course having sex with a robot counts as cheating

    Kerry Shearer, from Grantham, Lincolnshire, believes her young daughter Isla suffers from a condition called trichotillomania – an impulse control disorder where the sufferer feels compelled to yank out their own hair.

    According to Kerry, it all started when Isla was an infant. She would wrap her hair around her finger and suck her thumb.

    At first, Kerry and her husband, Gavin, 35, weren’t concerned,… Read the full story

    featured imagehattiegladwellmetrofeatured imagehattiegladwellmetro

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    The humble cheeseburger, a solid favourite amongst the masses (Picture: Getty)

    Burger lovers rejoice, because today is your day.

    Of course having sex with a robot counts as cheating

    While the origins of National Burger Day aren’t very clear, we’re just glad of it’s existence, because after all it’s a great excuse to stuff our faces with our favourite burgers.

    Burgers are one of the greatest things invented by humans. Fact. They come in a variety of types, and go perfectly well with a whole host of cheeses, fries and different sauces.

    But sadly not all burgers are created equal, and here is a ranking of worst to best.

    10.… Read the full story


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    Who wins in the battle of the holidays? (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    Writers Alice Wright and Bibi Lynch like to arm-wrestle over life.

    metro illustrationsConversations with Bibi and Alice: Is relationship sex better than sex with a new partner?

    Over how different their lives are. Over who – married mum Alice or single no kids Bibi – has the best life.

    They rarely agree. But today they do find that lovely common ground – concluding that holidays, for both, are crap.

    Bibi: So Alice?

    Alice: Hey Bibi!

    B: I fear I’ll be a little flat today. I need a holiday…

    A:Read the full story


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    (Picture: Getty)

    Fans of cheese-fuelled dining, gather round.

    London’s getting a brand new cheese-ery!

    More specifically, it’s La Fromagerie, which is set to open a new branch of its cheese-heavy restaurants on Bloomsbury’s Lamb’s Conduit Street.

    You’ll be able to grab all-sorts, from a fondue, to cheese plates, to paired wine and cheese tasting sessions.

    Please do not boil your underwear in hotel kettles

    What’s more, as well as the restaurant, there’ll be a retail cheese room (that’s ‘cheese shop’, to you and me), a grocer’s and a tasting room. As their flagship store, it’ll join stores in Marylebone in Highbury.

    La Fromagerie’s new Bloomsbury location opens on Monday 11 September.

    One… Read the full story

    Fondue Savoyarde (Three-cheese fondue)tomconnickFondue Savoyarde (Three-cheese fondue)tomconnick

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    (Picture: Diptyque/metro.co.uk)

    It’s a truth universally acknowledged* that when you can buy yourself a Diptyque candle without panicking over affording food for the next few weeks, you’ve truly made it.

    *Well, maybe not universally acknowledged. But definitely a fact known by all the people wandering around Liberty sniffing an Ambre.

    A man has spent thousands on turning himself into an elf

    Then, if you want to take it up a notch, you add to your fanciness with a solid perfume.

    I swear, any time I ask an extremely cool person what perfume they’re wearing, they say it’s Diptyque.

    But now there’s a new way to establish your… Read the full story

    Dyptique car freshenersellencscottDyptique car freshenersellencscott

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    (Picture: Getty)

    It’s all well and good to make light about wishing you had energy.

    11 gifts all new parents really need but never think to ask for

    But can you imagine having so much energy that you have to run and run and run until you get rid of it all?

    Can you understand what it feels like to have so many words in your head that you can’t speak them quick enough before you forget them?

    Here’s what it’s like to live with a child with ADHD

    You survive off very little sleep

    Right from being born, my sons’s sleep pattern was a little strange, so we… Read the full story

    Vintage childrens alphabet blocks spelling ADHDiamtypecastVintage childrens alphabet blocks spelling ADHDiamtypecast

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    (Picture: Getty)

    Tinder is full of fakes, just like any dating app.

    We’ve all had a date where the person we meet up with has been stretching the truth about something – whether it’s their height, employment or you know, their facial features.

    I thought I’d never use Tinder again after the eventful date a few years ago where I met up with a guy who’d super-liked me and was keen AF.

    Advice from the dating wreckage: How do I deal with a partner who’s sh*t in bed?

    We met in a Costa, where I tried to look past the fact… Read the full story

    Washington Humane Society & Animal Rescue League Merge & Renamedimigroome3Washington Humane Society & Animal Rescue League Merge & Renamedimigroome3

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    (Picture: Getty)

    In the last few months, there have been many things that we’ve gently suggested you do not do, for reasons of health and safety.

    Please do not boil your underwear in hotel kettles

    Maybe don’t put glitter capsules in your vagina, for example. Don’t put wasp’s nests in there either. If you have a penis, it may not be a good idea to glue it shut.

    Today, we must request that you do not use the kettles in a hotel room to boil your underwear.

    We know, we know: You’ve never done this. You’ve never even thought of doing this.… Read the full story

    Steam Coming out of a Kettleellencscottmetro illustrationsSteam Coming out of a Kettleellencscottmetro illustrations

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    Vegan? You can still get your burger fix (Pic: Getty)

    Today, Thursday, August 24, is National Burger Day.  Everyone loves a good burger right? But us vegetarians and vegans have traditionally drawn the short straw when it comes to burgers.

    Hands up if you’ve suffered many a soggy vegetable patty or been served a large mushroom between two pieces of bread.

    To my mind that doesn’t count as dinner.

    12 vegan ice cream recipes

    Thankfully these days are long behind us and now everyone can enjoy a decent meat free burger thanks to vegan bloggers and chefs.

    Here are 10 delicious vegan burgers for… Read the full story


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    Ensure your school run is stress-free (Picture: Getty)

    As soon as you get home from the school run or work, check all bags for letters or notes from the teacher and make sure any reading books and homework are ready to take back to school.

    11 gifts all new parents really need but never think to ask for

    Lay the uniforms out, checking if anything needs a quick sponge down or to be put in the wash and make tomorrow’s packed lunch and store in the fridge.

    Then sit back and relax because you’re about to make your mornings less stressful by having a routine that would put… Read the full story

    mother and children eat breakfast school uniformiamtypecastmother and children eat breakfast school uniformiamtypecast

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    Sally Hansen (the people who make nail varnishes and that stuff that’s supposed to make your nails not break off) have teamed up with Crayola to make nail polishes which will make your inner six year old extremely happy. 

    We're very into these Crayola nail varnishes

    The collection features 12 super pigmented brights from blue and pink through to white.

    As well as having a fab range of colours, Sally Hansen claim that it’s an incredibly fast drying formula, giving you a good-to-go dryness in 60 seconds.

    Instagram Photo

    Huge if true. We all know the pain of sitting around the house totally imobilised because if you so much as breathe you’ll ruin your hard work.

    Instagram Photo

    The varnishes also come with Sally Hansen’s usual curved brush, which makes getting into the… Read the full story


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    He’s got strong opinions about Meat Liqour, spits in the general direction of Byron, and his Instagram’s filled with only the most hyped buns.

    This is the burger bro.

    He’s a specific subgroup of the city male, who prides himself on his knowledge and experience of meat between carbs, bonds with men over discussions about Patty & Bun, and would be entirely okay with queuing for an hour just to try In N Out from a Shoreditch popup.

    The burger bro is not just a bro who likes burgers.

    Inside the cult of the burger bro

    He is not just someone who appreciates a BBQ or goes to Burger King.

    No, a burger bro is a specific breed. He values gourmet burgers. He Instagrams every patty that comes his way. His self-worth is dependent on knowing where the best burgers are and being able to give a spot-on burger recommendation at a moment’s notice.

    There’s something cult-like… Read the full story

    National Burger Day: The cult of the burger broellencscottNational Burger Day: The cult of the burger broellencscott

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    (Picture: HBO)

    Huge fan of HBO’s epic fantasy series Game Of Thrones?

    If you’re as obsessed with the series as we are, you’re already emotionally invested in every single story line, scheduling your life around the latest episode and staying up way past your bedtime.

    You also really, really, really want a dragon, but would happily settle for a direwolf.

    Oh, and you’d love a throne in your living room.

    Sound about right?

    Read the full story

    Game_of_Thrones_2011_Intertitle4 HBOemilyknott17Game_of_Thrones_2011_Intertitle4 HBOemilyknott17

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    How to stay sane when it feels like the world is going mad around you
    Things are pretty chaotic right now (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

    When you have mental health issues, coping with the outside world can be difficult at the best of times.

    If even the most rational and steady people are concerned about the state of things right now, then you can pretty much guarantee that it’s even harder for those of us who have extra issues.

    I have an anxiety disorder and people need to stop saying these things to me8 things you should never say to someone… Read the full story

    How to stay sane when it feels like the world is going mad around youvioletfennHow to stay sane when it feels like the world is going mad around youcalmHow to stay sane when it feels like the world is going mad around youvioletfennHow to stay sane when it feels like the world is going mad around youcalm

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    Equal rights, but not equal sizes. (Picture: ASOS)

    If you call your brand ‘Missguided’ and then make a moral cock up, you can’t be surprised if people make jokes. 

    There is absolutely nothing 'feminist' about this tiny t-shirt

    And that’s exactly what has happened. Missguided have made a t-shirt, sold through ASOS, which has the word ‘feminist’ written on it.

    Now there’s a lot of debate about whether it’s a good or bad thing to slap the word ‘feminist’ on an item in an attempt to sell it to women. In some ways it’s nice to see young women wearing their political intentions emblazoned across… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Yandy/metro.co.uk)

    It’s totally natural to have a raging lust for Jon Snow.

    I mean, come on. That cape. That brooding look. That hair. We’re clearly meant to find him hot.

    Inside the cult of the burger bro

    So naturally, it makes sense that Yandy’s gone ahead and created a ~sexy~ Jon Snow outfit, complete with a Jon-esque cape, faux fur, and faux leather.

    It’s not called a sexy Jon Snow costume, because, well, copyright issues, but it’s clear that Jon Snow is who Yandy’s emulating.

    Their costume is called ‘Sexy Northern Queen’, and the product description mentions preparing for winter. Definitely sexy Jon.

    Unlike Jon’s choice of outfit, however, this one’s… Read the full story


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