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13 tips for starting a new job

Good luck finding the toilet (Picture: Getty)

Starting a new job is always an emotional rollercoaster.

metro illustrationsYou probably know a sexual abuser

After the various interview stages, you finally managed to snag a shiny new place to work.

You thought prepping for the interview was the hardest part, and then it dawns on you that you are about to walk into a strange environment, introduce yourself to a new set of colleagues and worst of all, figure out where the toilets are.

Here are some essential tips to make your first day a little less nerve wracking.

1. Be early

Isn’t public transport just great? And isn’t… Read the full story

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty is named Invention of the Year

(Picture: Fenty)

Rihanna completely changed the beauty game for so many women when she launched her Fenty line this year.

Finally, it seemed, someone was taking quality and diversity seriously.

And her venture has been so influential and well received that Fenty Beauty has now been included in Time magazine’s 25 Best Inventions of the Year.

‘It was important that every woman felt included in this brand…we are so different with our unique skin tones, so we started with the 40 foundation shades straight out the gate,’ Rihanna tells Time.

And that alone was huge.

So often, women are forced to compromise on concealers and foundations shades, going around with that… Read the full story

Chinese communities are experiencing an increase in racial harassment in the UK

(Picture: Getty)

We might think that when it comes to racism, the UK has improved.

You don’t get places openly advertising the fact that certain ethnic groups are unwelcome. In fact, possibly the most feared insult these days is being called ‘a racist’.

But perhaps our idea of racism is outdated – racism isn’t just white communities against black, and as black communities move up the food chain, racism turns its ugly head towards other ethnic minorities.

In fact, around 4-10% of ethnic minorities say they’ve experienced some kind of racial harassment in England during the last year.

According to a new study by the University of Essex, the highest rate of reported incidents is among Chinese men and women, with 15%… Read the full story

Putting your Chrimbo decorations up early makes you happier, experts claim


Now that Halloween and Bonfire Night are over, Chrismas fanatics everywhere are itching to get their trees up.

And while that might seem like madness to those of us brought up with the idea that decorations should only have a12-day outing over the festive season, it turns out that they might be onto a good thing.

Putting reams of tinsel and lights up early might actually make us happier, experts say.

Psychoanalyst Steve McKeown tells UniLad that premature Chrimbo decorations simply extend the excitement of Christmas.

‘Although there could be a number of symptomatic reasons why someone would want to obsessively put up decorations early, most commonly for nostalgic reasons either to relive the magic or to compensate for past neglect.

‘In a world full of stress and anxiety people like to associate to things that make them happy and Christmas decorations evoke those strong feelings of the childhood.

‘Decorations are simply an anchor or pathway to… Read the full story

IYCMI, green beans are actually a ‘dry fruit’ and not a vegetable

(Picture: Getty)

OK, we all know the difference between fruit and veg don’t we?

Fruits have seeds, vegetables don’t.

But what about that Thanksgiving favourite and British garden staple, the humble green bean?

Surely beans don’t count as fruit?

Well, apparently, they do because beans are essentially the seeds of a pod.

In fact, all legumes are fruit.

Toby Adams, director of the Edible Academy at the New York Botanical Garden calls the green bean a ‘dry fruit’, which means that when it’s fully developed, the pod dries out and cracks open to reveal the mature seed.

And if it’s not intercepted by hungry humans or animals, those seeds then fall to the earth and eventually go towards growing more… Read the full story

Asos are selling a jumpsuit that’s actually just a big pair of trousers

Jumpsuit or your grandad’s trousers? Answers on a postcard (Credit: ASOS/Metro.co.uk)

Asos is the MVP of many, many things.

Not editing out models’ stretchmarks? Yas. Introducing same-day delivery? Yas indeed! Letting us mere mortals try before we buy? OH YAS KWEEN!

You know what else Asos are good at? Their ‘WTF’ range. Granted, it’s not an official category on their website, but they keep adding it to it, at a startling rate.

The corset over the puffer jacket? That cropped jumper that was so cropped it was basically just two sleeves on a string? The oh-so-subtle Read the full story

Plus-size model, dubbed the new Ashley Graham, wins her first lingerie campaign

(Picture: Lovehoney.com)

Ashley Graham has been leading a size revolution in the fashion industry for some time now.

Not only is she responsible for representing average-sized women on Vogue covers, billboards and catwalks, but she’s also held the door for other aspiring models.

Take Ashley Alexiss, for example.

She’s being hailed the new Ashley Graham and she’s just landed her first major lingerie campaign for Lovehoney.

A size 16, Ashley has previously starred for various magazine shoots for Elle, Maxim and Playboy but never a mainstream advertising campaign for an international brand.

The range has been designed by form La Perla designer Heather Mercer and comes in sizes 8-24.

Ashley says the collection has been created to… Read the full story

Female jockeys get completely neigh-ked for charity calendar

(Credit: David Simpson)

Normally we see jockeys clad in colourful, silky outfits that catch the eye as they ride along the track.

These female jockeys are aiming to catch people’s eyes in a very different way, however, with a new calendar called The Big Reveal.

The point-to-point riders are raising money for the Injured Jockeys Fund by following in the footsteps of the WI with a nude calendar.

Led by Leanda Tickle, they took over 1,000 photos in total across six shoots, having to eventually narrow them down to the final cut.

Here’s how you can donate presents to underprivileged kids

Metro Illustrations
(Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler)

If you’ve ever wondered how to donate a gift to an underprivileged child, wonder no more.

The Met’s annual Christmas Tree Project has returned for the fifth year.

Police stations and other public places across London’s 32 boroughs will ensure children will have a present delivered to them before Christmas Day.

The gifts will be for children aged from one week to 17-years-old who may not ordinarily get one.

The children are currently being cared for by foster parents, in residential care homes, in refuges, in hospitals, or are children from low income families.

Presents will need to be wrapped and delivered before 12 December.

Read the full story

Today is Transgender Remembrance Day – here’s how you can join in

(Picture: Getty)

The 20th of November is Transgender Remembrance Day.

Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) is a day devoted to remembering those trans people who have died, especially those who died as a result of the way that they were treated.

The day of remembrance was originally started in 1999 by advocate Gwendolyn Ann Smith in honour of Rita Hester, a transgender woman who was murdered in her own home in 1998. Since then it has been marked annually and grown into a world-wide tradition.

Violence and aggression towards trans people is an on-going issue, which experts from the trans community report is not decreasing… Read the full story

Victoria’s Secret model hits back after being accused of being ‘too thin’

(Picture: Bridget Malcolm/Instagram)

Victoria’s Secret models aren’t called angels for nothin’.

They’re impossibly perfect, with legs that come up to our armpits and bellies that look like they’ve never even been near a bowl of pasta.

Of course, not everyone is in awe of their ultra-tall, ultra-slim aesthetic. As we become ever more body positive, there are fears that the fashion industry is promoting damaging body images to impressionable young women.

In fact, VS angel Bridget Malcolm recently came under fire from a follower who accused her of being ‘too thin’.

But rather than let it slide, Bridget took to her blog to rebuff her critic.

The fan sent her the following message:… Read the full story

Don’t force your children to hug or kiss their relatives this Christmas

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Lots of rules go out of the window at Christmas. 

You’re allowed to put Baileys on your cornflakes. Chocolate oranges are a breakfast food. Champagne at mid-day is perfectly reasonable.

But some rules apply 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The rules of consent, for instance.

Girl Scouts of America (the equivalent of our Girl Guiding UK) have released a reminder to parents that just because it’s Christmas, you shouldn’t be forcing children to hug or kiss their relatives.

We’ve all seen parents insist that their child hugs a relative when they don’t want to. Sometimes it’s a throw-away comment, but others… Read the full story

Ever wanted to get married underwater? Now you can

(Picture: Greg Lecoeur)

Water babies, you’re in for a treat.

If you’ve ever wanted to get married underwater, here’s your chance as wedding couples can now say ‘I do’ in an aquatic setting.

Following last year’s popularity, Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo has reintroduced their Underwater Wedding package.

But don’t panic if the thought fills you with fear – the couple will be guided by Pierre Frolla, a quadruple world champion of free diving,

And what does one wear to such a wedding? A white neoprene wetsuit, voile skirt and a rose in her hair of course.

How people live on low wages: £18k a year

(Picture: Metro.co.uk)

Given that the average UK salary is £28,758 (according to the Office for National Statistics), what’s it like living on a lower wage?

As part of Money Month, we’re opening up the purse strings to find out how people get by on much less.

Nathaniel is a 22-year-old civil servant from London, earning £18,000.

After deductions, he’s on about £14,500 a year. Here’s how he manages:


I live at home at home with my mum and brother and contribute £200 to the rent and house a month. At the moment, I’d say my salary is enough for my daily expenses but I’d never be able to afford to move out… Read the full story

15 Christmas gifts for the cat or dog in your life

(Picture: Lily’s Kitchen, Hiro & Wolf, Pets Pjyamas, Lead The Walk)

Pets are amazing. They’re like family…but better.

They don’t nag, they don’t steal your clothes and they certainly don’t expect you to call them every week.

Instead, they just give you a load of love without expecting much in return.

So they deserve to be spoiled at least once a year. Why should humans have all the fun at Christmas?

Sure, cats and dogs may not be able to express surprise – in fact, at times, it may seem like they’re being actively ungrateful.

But we know they secretly love it.

So here’s our pick of pet-approved gifts:


Canine Traveller Kit, Pets Pjyamas, £22

Read the full story

Lush is launching a limited edition soap for Black Friday

(Picture: Lush)

Black Friday might be exciting for tech heads and folk who are prepared to queue outside supermarkets at 6am in the hope of getting a slightly cheaper TV, but it’s a bore for everyone else.

The deals aren’t that amazing. The products aren’t that thrilling.

It’s just a random day of commercial excess ahead of Christmas.

But something we are genuinely looking forward to this Friday is the news that Lush are launching a new edition soap.

They’re partnering with conservation charity Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS) to bring you an Orangutan Soap.

Apart from anything else, it’ll be perfect for use in winter showers, with its unique and bespoke patchouli and orange fragrance… Read the full story

Dog owners live longer, so in your face, cat fans

Poppy the Cockapoo
This is my fur niece, Poppy when she was just a pup (Picture: Lisa Bowman)

If you ask my not very humble opinion, dogs have always and will always be better than cats.

An animal who loves you unconditionally despite the fact you’re just a walking piece of human garbage?

Inspirational. Absolutely inspirational.

They help us find love (101 Dalmations, anyone?), bravely rescue people after natural disasters and work tirelessly as assistance dogs.

One man even credits his pal’s dog with helping him see the light at the end of the tunnel during his darkest days of depression.

A new study has… Read the full story

Mum orders a Peppa Pig dinosaur cake that er, looks nothing like it

Cake fail
(Picture: Caters News)

When you order a cake from a professional baker, you don’t expect it to look nothing like your request.

After all, this baker’s cakes are so realistic, they’re in the shape of a KFC bargain bucket, an iPad and chicken wings.

So when a mother from New Forest ordered a cake in the shape of Mr Dinosaur from cartoon Peppa Pig for her son’s birthday, she expected it to go without a hitch.

After finding the professional cake make online, the baker said she would be able to make the cake without any issues.

Black Friday at Beauty Bay up to 30% off everything including Morphe and ZOEVA

(Picture: Beauty Bay)

We’ve been less-than-patiently awaiting Beauty Bay’s Black Friday offering and now it has arrived it does not disappoint.

This Black Friday for one week only (20-27 November) mega beauty retailer Beauty Bay is offering up to 30% off every. single. thing.

Over 10,000 products from the very best UK and sought-after International brands including Mario Badescu, Gerard Cosmetics, JeffreeStar Cosmetics, Morphe, Spectrum and ZOEVA will be available at a fraction of the full price.

All the best beauty deals for Black Friday 2017


Black Friday is coming guys, and the UK is well and truly on this train. 

The important thing, when there are oodles of deals on the menu, is not to get overwhelmed and spend waste money on stuff that you don’t actually need. Just because it’s a good deal doesn’t mean it won’t end up collecting dust on top of your wardrobe.

That said, if your beauty situation needs a little upgrade, one of these deals might just be the thing to do it.

Oral B Pro Power Brush

Have squeaky clean teeth, all of the time. The Oral B brush is just £20, but is only in store.

Nizz Cosmetics

Nizz cosmetics are halal and offer a massive range of shades, including blue and black. They’re all 50% off for Black Friday, and you can… Read the full story

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