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Stop stressing out our kids – why children’s mental health is as important as academic achievement

Stress is not conducive to learning (Picture: Getty)

‘My brain won’t let me sleep,’ wept my six-year-old daughter as she cried inconsolably in my arms last night.

Since starting Year Two in September, my normally happy little girl has become tired, emotional, tearful and despite being exhausted, struggling to get to sleep.

While she enjoys school – the sheer amount of academic work being thrown at her and her peers on a daily basis appears to be taking it’s toll.

The problem is that teachers are under so much pressure from the government to get children to achieve a certain level at a certain time, that no sooner have pupils learnt one thing, they are on… Read the full story

Ryanair Black Friday deals see cheap flights all over Europe on offer

(Picture: REUTERS/Regis Duvignau)

From Monday, November 20 Ryanair is launching their week-long Black Friday Spectacular 2017 sale.

Primark is selling Disney birthstone necklaces

Kick off the week coming up to Black Friday by booking your seat on one of Ryanair’s hundreds of routes for the same price as your lunch.

The sale is launching on Monday, November 20 and to open up the Black Friday seat sale the airline is offering up to 15% off 500,000 seats for travel this December.

You could nab a seat to Frankfurt from London Stansted for £7.99, or head to Oslo for £4.99.

Get to Switzerland… Read the full story

You can now buy doughnuts sprinkled with edible insects

Cricket doughnut from Doughnut Time
Looks like a regular doughnut, isn’t (Picture: Doughnut Time)

Eating insects isn’t just a thing that happens one a year for washed up celebs competing on I’m a Celebrity.

Scientists have shown that ditching meat and eating insects (or tofu/imitation meat) instead to be the key to tackling climate change.

One woman has even been experimentally cooking with insects for over a year now after discovering they were a good source of protein.

Crickets, in particular, contain vitamin B, zinc and five times as much magnesium as beef, as well as being a low-calorie source of protein and fibre.

They’re also a good source of omega… Read the full story

On Transgender Day of Remembrance, let’s think about the children

metro illustrations
Trans people are putting their lives on the line to be themselves (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

As if 2017 wasn’t bad enough already, it’s shaping up to be the most deadly year on record for transgender people.

metro illustrations14 things trans people wish you knew

Between October 2016 and September 2017 there have been 325 reported cases of transgender people being murdered, and God knows how many trans people have taken their own lives.

It’s Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) today, 20 November. It’s when we mourn the trans people we’ve lost and rage on behalf of the… Read the full story

What to do if your contraceptive pill is affecting your mental health

(Picture: Ella Byworth)

The pill is a wonderful thing for most women – it can help control irregular or heavy periods, get rid of acne and stop unwanted pregnancies (obviously).

The contraceptive pill is often celebrated as instrumental to the women’s liberation movement.

But while it gave many women more freedom, for some women that isn’t the case.

Sarah is one of those.

Family donating gifts and toys to charity for Christmas holiday (Picture: Getty)Nine kind things you can easily do this Christmas to help others

The 34-year-old started taking the pill in the run up to her wedding, hoping she could control her… Read the full story

What if I’ve murdered someone and buried them in the back garden? We talk intrusive thoughts and OCD on Mentally Yours


‘I basically just completely freaked out one day, I think.

‘I’d gone on holiday with my parents to Canada and America and I was just sitting by a lake one day and suddenly I thought “what if I’ve murdered someone and buried them in the back garden?”

Beauty blogger and founder of A Life With Frills Laura Pearson-Smith talked about the obsessive and intrusive thoughts she has experienced due to OCD on Metro.co.uk’s weekly podcast Mentally Yours.

‘It sounds funny but it isn’t – obviously you’re terrified at the time,’ she said.

‘It just wouldn’t go away, it just stuck. It was like a tyre stuck in mud.’

Laura had mental health issues from the age of eight but her intrusive thoughts came to a head when she was 19 or 20.

‘When I was away from home it was really extra scary because I had no way to check.

‘So I was just terrified constantly that there was someone… Read the full story

Etsy Black Friday deals are here all Cyber Week and you can get 60% off

(Picture: Getty)

Etsy, the online vintage and handmade retailer, has announced their first ever UK Cyber Week Sale in time for Christmas.

Customers can browse the online marketplace with sellers from around the world to get the bets of the 60% off deals.

10 vegan chocolate advent calendars for Christmas 2017

A selection of Etsy’s best gift items will be reduced by up to 60% this Cyber Week.

Cyber Week is the week surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Monday which marks the biggest week for online shopping.

You can browse as you please or visit the Christmas Gift guide curated by Etsy.

The… Read the full story

Having a vasectomy can boost your sex life, apparently

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Contraception very often falls to the woman. 

That’s because she’s the one who’s going to have to eschew gin and tonic for the better part of a year if your fumble accidentally produces progeny.

The exception to that rule is the rather dramatic sounding vasectomy – a procedure where a tube is clipped so rather than sperm streaming their way into the unsuspecting woman, they just sort of… don’t.

(I’m sure it’s more technical than that, but you get the point. It’s a procedure which hurts but then leaves you free to shag in the knowledge that you’re only going to be someone’s ‘Daddy’ for a brief… Read the full story

Here are your vegan chocolate advent calendar options for 2017

Fancy any of these? (Credit: Moo Free, Hotel Chocolat, Vegan Town)

One of the best parts of Christmas is the lead-up, no?

Sipping mulled wine of an evening, making festive party plans, fairy lights going up all over the show – we love it.

You know what else we love?

All the food. The utter indulgence of it all. A great excuse to eat chocolate every damn day.

And there’s no better excuse than one in the form of an advent calendar, with delicious chocolate hiding behind each door.

Vegans are getting more and more choice every year, so here’s a nice selection of 10 dairy-free chocolate advent calendars for you to choose from, including… Read the full story

5 things no one tells you about having depression

Someone needs to tell you the truth about depression (Picture: Mmuffin for Metro.co.uk)

As lovely as it is to hang around a dark and smelly old GP surgery to be handed your monthly prescription of anti-depressants, sometimes you need to talk to real people who have experienced depression first hand.

Am I in my own Truman Show? 10 anxious thoughts I have every day

I’ve spoken to doctors, therapists and psychiatrists and although they’ve offered a variety of effective solutions, none of them ever warned me about what to expect from living with depression on a daily basis.

Here are five things… Read the full story

Primark is selling Disney birthstone necklaces for £3

(Picture: Primark/Instagram)

In terms of collaborations, Primark is killing it.

I mean, the Beauty and the Beast teacup purse sold out in about seven seconds flat. And then they turned the Tottenham Court Road branch into Hogwarts.

Now they’ve brought out the absolute cutest necklaces, which come in 12 different birthstones.

If you’re stuck for a Secret Santa present, this might just be it.


Read the full story

Today’s Amazon Black Friday deals include big savings on LEGO, DeLonghi, Adidas and LG

(Picture: Getty Images)

Black Friday doesn’t technically start until this Friday, but Amazon has been unveiling fresh daily deals every day in the run-up to the biggest shopping day of the year.

They’ve already dropped prices across thousands of products, including their own-label products, such as the Fire 7 Kids, the Fire HD 8 Kids, Kindle Paperwhite as well as the insanely popular Echo, all of which are still on sale.

But today we’re sharing the best deals for today Tuesday 21st November. But be quick, these deals will go live on Tuesday at 0:00am and are only be available… Read the full story

Hitch hiking up mountains: Climbing East Timor’s highest peak


The truck rumbled to a halt again.

The road we had been careening down was more rubble than tarmac.

Swarming with heavy plant vehicles, the workers were like ants trying to get their work done amid impatient traffic.

Timor-Leste is a country under construction, the infrastructure a work-in-progress.

Nowhere is this more evident than the road up to Hatobuilico, the remote village from which the trek up Mount Ramelau – the highest peak in East Timor – begins.

I adjusted my position for the 14th time that hour, trying to find a better place for my feet amidst the burlap sacks of rice, dripping nets of lettuce, and jumbled bodies all crammed into an open-air public truck barely six feet across.

I glanced over at my friend Sina, who was looking pained as she perched between seats, thigh-to-thigh with her neighbours, just as I was.

It had been four hours since we set off from our hostel in Dili, the capital.

Our first stop had been Maubisse, a mid-sized town… Read the full story

These women are changing the face of sex education as we know it

Anouszka Tate and Frankie Wells from Project Pleasure
Anouszka Tate and Frankie Wells from Project Pleasure (Picture: Project Pleasure)

Do you remember your sex education at school?

All I remember is rolling fruity condoms onto big plastic penises while getting the sense that I’d probably get HIV/pregnant/burned by the church if I so much as looked at real-life genitals.

It was all very negative, completely heterocentric, and there was absolutely no mention of the fact that sex should be fun.

We view sex education as something for children, but considering the number of sexual assault/harassment cases in the news lately, it’s clear we all need a little sex ed refresher.

This is… Read the full story

Alessandra Ambrosio won’t walk another Victoria’s Secret show

(Picture: Lintao Zhang/Getty Images for Swarovski)

Yesterday’s Victoria’s Secret runway show was Alessandra Ambrosio’s last.

Don’t worry, she wasn’t fired for struggling with her wings. There’s no drama here.

Instead, one of the longstanding angels (she first became a Victoria’s Secret angel in 2001) has confirmed to ET that she’s quitting the gig as she’d like to focus her energy on looking after her two children, Anja, nine, and Noah, five.

Alessandra is also keen to spend more time on her swimwear line, Ale by Alessandra, and wants to focus on a career in acting, too, having recently starred in Daddy’s Home 2.

It’s a big move. Alessandra has been a Victoria’s Secret angel… Read the full story

Black Tap’s burgers and massive milkshakes are heading to Disneyland

(Picture: Instagram/blacktapnyc)

Black Tap shakes are a big deal.

Literally, we mean. They’re stacked so high with cream, cookies, and chocolate that they tower over all other dairy creations.

You’ve likely spotted them all over Instagram or in any article about freakshakes.

But soon, if you happen to be heading to Disneyland, you’ll spot them there, too.

Yup, Black Tap is heading to Disneyland, so you’ll soon be able to pair your Mickey Mouse doughnuts and churros with some extra Instagram-worthy shakes. Hooray.

Along with their shakes, Black Tap is well known for its burgers – and they’ll be bringing those along to Disneyland too.

Read the full story

Spar’s £10 prosecco is named best own-brand Italian fizz in the UK

(Picture: Spar)

Ahh, the Spar.

The convenience store which has helped so many of us out when we’ve run out of all essentials but can’t be bothered to schlep to a supermarket.

And now it turns out that we’re probably better off sticking with Spar instead of a bigger chain after all, if it’s a bottle of prosecco we’re after.

Because Spar’s own brand fizz, Valdobbladene Prosecco, has just been crowned the best Italian fizz in the UK by consumer group Which?

Experts scored the bargain bottle 78%, praising it for its peach and white pear notes, remarking on the ‘pleasant balance’ and ‘savoury style’.

Following closely behind Spar’s offering is Asda’s £6.50 Fillipo Sansovino Processo… Read the full story

London’s red buses are now powered by coffee, just like the rest of us

(Picture: Getty)

As of yesterday, our beloved London buses became a little greener.

They’re now running on a special biofuel mix – partially made from old coffee grounds.

Yep, those red buses are being fired up by coffee, just like every other Londoner.

It’s part of a project dreamt up by British start-up company Bio-Bean, in financial partnership with Shell, which makes greener fuel composed of 80% ordinary diesel and 20% oil extracted from coffee waste.

London buses are already partly fuelled by waste products such a cooking oil, but this is the first time coffee has been added to the mix.

And let’s face it, this city is positively swimming in used coffee grounds so… Read the full story

Millennials are experimenting sexually at a younger age

Couple having sex in bed
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

We may never be able to afford our own homes (blame the sandwiches), but at least us millennials aren’t letting houseshares or living at our parents’ home for years hold us back from having all kinds of sex.

New research from the Journal of Adolescent Health suggests that hip young millennials are experimenting sexually loads more than previous generations – and at a younger age.

More than one in ten millennials said they’d had anal sex by the age of 18, while by the age of 22-24, three in ten said they’d tried some anal action.

Vaginal and oral sex are still the most common types… Read the full story

How about painting your face like a pizza next time you go out?

Fast food makeup
(Picture: Caters)

If you’re bored of bland makeup then here’s a little inspo to make you look your tastiest.

Makeup artist Chit Choi, from Vancouver, has been developing a range of fast-food inspired looks that’ll make even the driest skin look succulent.

‘I walked past McDonald’s one day and thought it would be a cool idea to try out a junk food makeup series,’ the former preschool teacher says.

‘I had also created sushi-inspired looks before, I love food and I also love makeup so I figured, why not combine the two?’

Seems like a reasonable conclusion to make.

Her favourite look this this burger face:

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