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21 Christmas gifts for fitness beginners, fanatics and everyone in between

(Picture: Squirrel-Sisters/Groov-e/Stance Swell/Blok/Sweaty Betty/Adidas/Dean-Noroozi)

The fitness world is inescapable these days.

There’s even a My Protein advent calendar, for God’s sake.

December is both a month where gym plans get derailed and when those who have previously swerved the siren call of Virgin Active finally decide to get into shape, come the new year.

And there’s no better encouragement to do so than getting a load of stash for Christmas.

Even if you’re already an actively exercising kinda guy, everyone enjoys getting something they wouldn’t ordinarily buy themselves to improve their workout experience.

We all want a hot new kit, headphone set or tracking watch to show off on the treadmill – it’s just human… Read the full story

Pregnant women should sleep on their side in order to reduce stillbirth risk

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Pregnant women are being advised to sleep on their sides, rather than their backs.

Research from Tommy’s and the NHS has found that how a pregnant woman sleeps can be an important factor in preventing stillbirth.

They now recommend that pregnant women, once they enter the third trimester of their pregnancy, sleep on their sides.

Tommy’s, the charity behind the research, stress that this isn’t about making women feel worried, and that you should never panic if you wake up and find that you’ve shifted position during the night. 

Read the full story

Virgin Mobile and EE Black Friday deals launched and more coming soon

(Picture: Getty Images)

Black Friday is proving to be the best time of the year to get huge discounts on TVs, laptops, washing machines and now your mobile phone plan.

Some of the best British phone providers have been diving into the Black Friday madness and giving out the best deals of the year.

Pregnant women should sleep on their side in order to reduce stillbirth risk

You will be kicking yourself – and paying extra – for missing out on these amazing offers for Black Friday.

Customers with EE will want to check themselves before they wreck themselves this week as the… Read the full story

6 reasons why Haagen Dazs is way better than Ben & Jerry’s

Haagen Daaz, Ben & Jerry's
We all know which one is better (Picture: Haagen Daaz, Ben & Jerry’s, Getty)

Whether you eat it in the summer, winter, when you’ve broken up with someone, or just any time and place where you can get your hands on it, ice cream is pretty delicious.

Ice cream lovers of the world would all agree that ice cream is acceptable for whatever situation you found yourself in.

19 ways to make your bartender secretly hate you

But what they don’t agree on is which titan of the ice cream world makes the best ice cream. Is it Ben… Read the full story

A beginner’s guide to rimming

Woman sticking her tongue through two fingers
(Picture: Getty Images/Myles Goode)

I’ll be honest with you. A big part of why we’re publishing this guide is because a commenter, outraged by an article about pegging, questioned ‘what’s next? A guide to rimming?’

To that commenter we say yeah, actually. That’s quite a solid idea.

Thanks to Broad City, pegging’s getting a whole load of attention in the past year or so. And as a trickle-down effect, other types of anal play are getting hyped up, too.

In the heterosexual, men having sex with women crowd, anyway. Among women having sex with women and men having sex with men, all kinds of… Read the full story

Morrisons Black Friday food and drink deals include giant Toblerone for £57

Morrisons have started to slash prices on a number of products (Picture: Getty Images)

Black Friday is fast approaching and there are plenty of deals to get your hand on.

If you’re a food lover, then Morrisons have a number of products on sale already.

What you need to know about rimming for the first time

If, like myself, you love chocolate, then you will be delighted with what the supermarket giant has revealed for Black Friday.

They have released a giant Toblerone bar weighing 4.5kg, which roughly equate to 12 times the size of the original bars.

Read the full story

ASDA is selling six bottles of Prosecco for £25

(Picture: Asda, Getty)

Prosecco lovers, get ready to race to your nearest ASDA.

From Wednesday 22 November, you’ll be able to buy six bottles of Prosecco for £25.

The limited edition deal is £11 cheaper than normal and equals around about £4 per bottle.

That’s the best maths equation we’ve done since school FYI.

With Christmas a mere MONTH away (yes, really – you’d better start decorating), ASDA expects over one million bottles to be sold.

And it’s not just any bottle either – it gives sippers the chance to stock-up on Asda’s most popular fizz ahead of the festive season.

The Yellow Label Prosecco won Silver at the 2017 Decanter… Read the full story

Meet the magical mum who throws her children the world’s most amazing birthday parties

Liyah and Skylar-Rose at her Little Mermaid themed fifth birthday (PA Real Life/Collect)

Most kids parties involve a church hall or their back garden, some paper plates and if you’re lucky a party bag.

But for Liyah Londyn, parent and party planning extraordinaire, a few sarnies and an out of work actor dressed as a pirate just will not cut it.

Liyah throws her daughter Skylar-Rose the most draw dropping parties imaginable.

Meet the new ‘super fruit’ you’re about to see all over wellness Instagram

Congratulations guys, you’re trendy now. (Picture: Getty)

Take a good look at this fruit. You’re about to see it all over the internet. 

It’s a jujube. And it’s going to get trendy any minute now.

It’s not new, obviously. South Koreans have been eating jujube as part of breakfast forever, and the Chinese apparently add it to supplements and tea.

But because Western people like copying stuff, we’re about to combine it with yoga pants, put it on Instagram and call it a superfood.


To be fair, the jujube does sound pretty powerful.

Argos Black Friday flash deals end today – here are the best sales on offer

Argos Black Friday
Argos have a number of deals for the Black Friday sales (Picture: Bloomberg/Getty Images

The Black Friday deals are here and retailers have started to make discounts on a number of goods.

Argos are one of the big players during the shopping bonanza and they have a number of deals on a host of items.

What you need to know about rimming for the first time

They have a 20% flash deal today on a select number of items when you use the code FLASH20 – and this discount can be used on top of… Read the full story

Happy Thanksgiving! What it’s all about and why they pardon a turkey

Happy Thanksgiving! (Picture: Seely2593/Reddit)

Millions of Americans will be marking Thanksgiving today.

This couple sold all their possessions to live in a converted van

It’s a big celebration in the states – even bigger than Christmas for many.

Thanksgiving is all about families and friends coming together to eat a feast of turkey, nut roast, root veggies and of course a little wine to wash it all down.

It’s all about giving thanks to one another and thinking about the origins of the country itself.

The day dates back to 1621 when the Pilgrims invited Native Americans for a feast to thank them for teaching… Read the full story

Morrisons Black Friday deals on giant bottles of Jagermeister, Famous Grouse, Jim Beam and Disaronno

Normal 70cl bottles of Jagermeister and Disaronno stood beside 1.75l bottle of the spirit.
The one we’ve all been waiting for (Picture: Morissons)

Hump day just got a lot easier, and Black Friday Week hump day is going to be the best Wednesday of your life as Morrisons launch their infamous giant spirit bottles in Black Friday discount madness.

Morrisons has announced it will be selling their giant spirit bottles at bargain prices again this year for Black Friday.

What you need to know about rimming for the first time

The anticipation of the event has gripped the nation as retailers launch sales well… Read the full story

10 types of bad sex everyone will have sooner or later in life

5 types of bad sex everyone will have sooner or later (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)
Chilling (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

Sex is a wonderful, glorious and necessary component of an intimate relationship.

It makes you feel good, it makes the other person (or people) feel good, it’s great for your health and it’s a great way to end, or start, the day.

In an ideal world, every sexually active human would be having earth-shatteringly good shags, but, alas, we live in a world where Donald Trump was elected president and Blake Shelton is the sexiest man on Earth, so it’s fair to say things don’t always go as planned.

Sometimes,… Read the full story

A festive prosecco pop-up is coming to London

(Picture: Sainsbury’s)

Fizz seekers, get ready.

It’s no secret that we’re fond of the bubbles. We’ve been very excited about a Prosecco advent calendar, a three-litre bottle of Prosecco and the news that one from Spar has been named best-own brand Italian fizz in the UK.

Now, Sainsbury’s is launching its own Festive Fizz pop up bar on Pall Mall to celebrate our love affair with all things sparkle.

Open for three days between 7 to 9 December, it celebrates its range of sparkling wine.

Sainsbury’s has curated a menu of five premium sparkling wines from the Taste the Difference range to showcase.

Whether you fancy a flute of Crémant De Loire, Prosecco or… Read the full story

Campaign urges barbers to tackle loneliness by offering free haircuts to elderly men

(Picture: Tabac)

When we think of Christmas, few of us think of loneliness. No one associates Christmas with loneliness.

But it’s an incredibly common problem that can peak during the festive season.

To tackle this silent taboo in the run up to Christmas, barbers around the country are being called to open their doors on 7 December and offer free services and treatments to older men in their communities.

The #ShaveTheDay campaign, in collaboration with Age UK, aims to combat the loneliness felt amongst an increasing number of British male pensioners during the traditionally busy December period.

A video has shown the positive impact that a shave and pampering session can… Read the full story

Amazon just released a sneak peek at its Black Friday deals

Amazon Fire TV Stick
Amazon Fire TV Stick (Getty Images)

Amazon’s Black Friday Deals Store has been releasing new ‘Deals of the Day’ in the run up to the biggest shopping day of the year (Friday 24th November), which has seen everything from the latest electronics and best-selling Amazon devices discounted.

But what we’ve really wanted to know is what discounts Amazon’s planning for Black Friday itself and we’ve finally been given a sneak peek.

Meet the magical mum who throws her children the world's most amazing birthday parties

Like last year there will be thousands of ‘Lightning Deals’ – product available at a discount,… Read the full story

Latest Amazon Black Friday offers include 50% off Timberland shoes and Michael Kors watches

Amazon Black Friday daily deals
(Picture: Getty Images)

Amazon’s Black Friday ‘Deals of the Day’ have seen thousands of the latest consumer electronics and Amazon devices to this year’s must-have toys, games, fashion, jewellery, beauty and home items discounted.

21 Christmas gifts for fitness beginners, fanatics and everyone in between

They’ve already dropped prices across thousands of products, including their own-label products, such as the Fire 7 Kids, the Fire HD 8 Kids, Kindle Paperwhite as well as the insanely popular Echo, all of which are still on sale.

Here are some of the best dealsRead the full story

Red flags everyone should look out for when they’re dating

(Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

I’m not the best at picking the right men.

Ok fine, I’m the worst.

Ask my friends, seriously. They have to pretty much stage an intervention when I start dating someone because I tend to overlook the red flags that would send anyone else running.

I don’t know whether it’s because I try to see the good in people, whether I’m just a bit naive, or whether the magnetic pull of a f***boy is just too strong.

I’ve dated guys who make continuous jokes about texting other women (spoiler: they weren’t really jokes), men who have told me I should… Read the full story

Here’s a handy calculator for working out how much Tampon Tax you’ve paid throughout your life

(Picture: metro.co.uk)

There’s been a tampon tax of some kind of other since 1973.

In very recent times, certain supermarkets have tried to do women a solid by covering the 5% VAT on sanitary products.

After all, why should we be paying extra for stuff we legitimately need (unless mass free bleeding is what the people want).

The government agreed last year to stop profiting from our periods and promised to put all proceeds of the tax towards charities, including  (hilariously), an anti-abortion group.

So unless you shop in Tesco, Waitrose or Morrisons, you’re still being overcharged for your tampons and towels.

And… Read the full story

5 Things I learned from attending my first fetish night

***ILLUSTRATION REQUEST*** 5 Things I learned from attending my first fetish night (Amie Locke)
Fetish nights provide the perfect opportunity to try something new in a safe and comfortable environment (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

As a 36-year-old single woman, I consider myself to be fairly worldly.

Yet it took until this Halloween for me to attend my first fetish night.

Red flags everyone should look out for when they're dating

Exploring my own kinks, especially as I’ve gotten older, has come par for the course.

It’s well known that women hit their sexual peak in their thirties, and I can personally testify that… Read the full story

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