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If you own any Suffragette memorabilia, it could be worth £20,000

(Picture: Love Antiques)

The suffragette movement is being celebrated all over the country this week to commemorate the 100th anniversary of women being able to vote.

Daring stunts, law-breaking protests have understandably made the revolution all the more famous and revered today.

So it’s not too surprising that people will go to great lengths to savour sentimental ornaments from the time the movement began.

An online antique marketplace has revealed that people are willing to pay big bucks to keep a part of the history in their homes.

Love Antiques created a list of the top ten items used to amplify the protests which eventually passed The Representation of the People Act 1918 bill.

The… Read the full story

Where to buy Kylie Cosmetics in the UK – from her sell-out lip kits to highlighters and brushes

Kylie Jenner’s makeup range is on sale in the UK (Picture: Kylie Cosmetics)

Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner has been something of a phenomenon, considering it’s single-handedly seen Kylie soar to the top of the Kardashian rich-list.

She’s got the most famous lips in the world and the savvy 20-year-old cashed in on this back in 2015 to create the Kylie lip kit.

Featuring just a lip pencil and lip gloss, it promises to give customers the ‘Kylie lip’.

Three years later, she has an array of lip kits on the market, as well as a number of other cosmetic items, allowing you to copy her look at home.

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Have sex before your romantic dinner this Valentine’s day

sex toys competition
(Picture: Ella Byworth/metro.co.uk)

The traditional way to spend Valentine’s day is to go out for supper, then go home and have sex. 

Now you’re not obliged to do either of those things – it would be entirely legitimate to spend the evening sleeping on the sofa or watching old episodes of Friends on Netflix.

But, if you’re going for the romantic vibes this v-day, can we respectfully suggest that you go for sex before dinner, rather than after?

It’s not the traditional order but please, hear me out.

Firstly, sex is not fun when you’re full. It’s active and bumpy and often involves your stomachs touching. If your chicken liver parfait… Read the full story

Make your own Valentine’s Day card with a paper cutting class with Poppy Chancellor at ME Hotel

Poppy will share the tricks of her trade with you so your Valentine's card will be one to remember
Poppy will share the tricks of her trade with you so your Valentine’s card will be one to remember

Valentine’s Day cards are usually cheesy, impersonal, cringeworthy – or a combination of all three.

And buying a Valentine’s Day card often feels like a cop-out. You hand over £2 (or £2.50 if you’re a woman and you shop at Sainsbury’s) for a card with a generic statement of love conjured up by a copywriter and made in a factory.

So romantic.

couple in bedRead the full story

Dairy-free chocolates to buy your vegan bae this Valentine’s Day

Vegan Valentine's options for chocolate lovers
Yum in the tum (Picture: Metro.co.uk)

There’s nothing wrong with being a cliché on Valentine’s Day if your loved one is into clichés, you know?

Some people really do like receiving flowers and chocolates and that’s okay.

What’s not okay though is how hard it is to find decent Valentine’s chocolates when you’ve got a plant-based partner, so we’ve rounded up a cute collection of cocoa-based treats so you don’t have to do the legwork.

If your boo is dairy-free for allergy reasons, we’ve also listed whether the product is made in a factory that handles dairy, as we don’t want anyone to go into Read the full story

Having a picnic at the edge of a cracked cliff might not be the best idea

(Picture: SWNS)

Sometimes you just need your own privacy.

And other times you find yourself literally at the edge of a cliff that might give way at any point, massively affecting the picnic you were tucking into by yourself.

That’s what a photographer found when he was taking a walk at Seaford Head in East Sussex and spotted a woman eating lunch on a very dangerous cliff.

Sid Saunders was horrified to see the woman casually tucking into some oranges as she sat atop very unstable rocks which had a visibly huge crack on the side.

The 74-year-old photographer, who lives in Hastings, has warned people to observe warning signals and stay safe around the… Read the full story

From forgetting about debts to blow-job power – 9 women reveal what they love about sex

ILLUSTRATION REQUEST: Why I'm prioritising self-love for a mentally well Valentine’s Day (Fiona Thomas)
It’s not all about coming (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

In an attempt to make some sense of the whole messy business of sex, I wrote a probably award-winning blog on what men love about it.

Men do the do for many reasons: ranging from ‘power’ to ‘connection’ to ‘boobies’. The tits.

metro illustrations9 men reveal what they love about sex

But what about women? What do women love about sex?

It can’t just be a time-filler between the BBC news where you are and ‘Enders, right?

From the power… Read the full story

How I learned to love my big nose just the way it is

big nose
Being happy with ourselves is a choice (Picture: Mark Andrew Webber for Metro.co.uk)

Ah, reader comments. They’re the bane of every blogger’s life. And perhaps, in my case, beauty regime.

Take these, for example.

11 simple ways to overcome loneliness everyday

‘You’re nothing but a big-nose b**** with a sh***y personality.’

‘I can lose my weight, you’ll have to have major reconstructive surgery to correct your huge nose.’

I had the occasional comment about my larger-than-life nose at school (I look like Worzel Gummidge), along with the ‘flat as an ironing board’ slights on my appearance.

And for many years, these unwanted remarks really got… Read the full story

Where to go on holiday this year, based on your favourite TV shows

Be inspired by your small screen favourite (Picture: Sony Pictures Television, Sky UK, ITV, BBC)

With January over and spring on the horizon, it’s time to shake off those winter blues and book that much-needed holiday.

Not sure what destination to choose? Why not take inspiration from the TV series that kept you company over the cold months.

Whether you’re looking for country getaways in the UK, chic European breaks, or exotic long-haul travels, wanderlust can be found in the scenic settings of all the best shows.

From Westeros to Washington State, here’s where to go on holiday this year based on the real life locations of your favourite TV series.

Game of Thrones

Women of Colour who have contributed to British history need to be acknowledged with blue heritage plaques

BAME women need to be recognised with blue plaques much more often Picture: REX/metro.co.uk
(Picture: REX/metro.co.uk)

We’ve all seen the commemorative blue heritage plaques marking buildings associated with significant historical figures in Britain. But have you noticed any that are dedicated to Black And Minority Ethnic (BAME) women?

The Office of National Statistics reports that London has above-average ethnic minority populations: African (7%), Indian (6.6%), and Caribbean (4.2%). Around 40% of London’s population were recorded as non-white in the last census. 

But BAME figures are mostly uncelebrated. Largely invisible in history, their achievements are hidden and their stories forgotten.

In our society, there’s still institutional racism: decision-makers do not look… Read the full story

Subway is giving away free six-inch subs this Valentine’s Day

(Picture: Subway)

Subway is celebrating Valentine’s by handing out free six-inch Subways to its loyal customers all day long.

Whether you fancy a Subway Melt or an Italian BMT, you can get anything you fancy on 14 February – as long as it’s in a six-inch sandwich (which should definitely be made with Hearty Italian, we reckon).

The offer comes following the huge success of the same deal which took place last year.

To change things up a bit – and to make single people feel less left out – the sandwich shop is also renaming Valentine’s Day as Customer Appreciation Day.

So basically, if you’re single and missing out on a fancy restaurant… Read the full story

Starbucks re-launches its Molten Chocolate drinks in time for Valentine’s Day

The Starbucks Molten Hot Chocolate range is back and we're drooling
(Picture: Starbucks)

Starbucks has re-launched its Molten Chocolate drinks.

Back just in time for Valentine’s day, the range features three drinks.

There’s the Molten Chocolate Latte, which features espresso with melted chocolate chips, steamed milk combined with bittersweet mocha sauce, topped with mocha and espresso-infused whipped cream and an espresso mocha drizzle. The drink is available both hot and iced.

Then, there’s the Molten Chocolate Frappuccino, which is coffee with a mocha sauce and chocolate chips blended with milk and ice. Much like the latte, this drink also comes with the espresso-infused whipped cream and drizzle.

Instagram… <a href=Read the full story

White chocolate Nutella ice cream is a thing and it looks amazing

White Chocolate Nutella Ice Cream Exists And It Sounds Like Heaven On A Spoon
(Picture: Getty/ Vanilla Joes)

White chocolate Nutella ice cream is here and it looks absolutely dreamy.

The ice cream comes courtesy of Vanilla Joes, a gelato house in Irvine, North Ayrshire.

According to gelato master Marco, aka the mastermind behind Vanilla Joes, the white chocolate Nutella ice cream is made with ‘love and magic’.

But really, it’s a deliciously thick mixture of hazelnut and white chocolate, and it looks absolutely to die for.

According to Marco, this ice cream is best paired with flavours such as Milkybar, Kinder and chocolate brownie – if you want a chocolate overload, that is.

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How to date after being with a gaslighter

***ILLUSTRATION REQUEST*** How to date after being with a gaslighter
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

In an ideal world, when you start dating someone new you would start with a blank slate.

Unfortunately, when you get to your mid to late twenties you’ve probably got a few relationships under your belt and with that brings emotional baggage. Whether you like it or not.

If you’ve been in a relationship with a gaslighter, this brings a specific kind of baggage which is hard to shake.

Consultant Clinical Psychologist Marc Hekster defines a gaslighter as someone who ‘repeatedly and persistently engages in sadistic bullying in relationships, usually in a subtle manner which can lead the victim… Read the full story

The best Valentine’s Day presents for him under £25

(Picture: Getty)

We all know Valentine’s Day is a big commercial con designed to make us buy things.

That doesn’t mean we aren’t completely sucked in, and at least expect something waiting for us to open on our V-Day date.

Some people go completely overboard, but there’s really no need – especially if you’re going to be going out for dinner or enjoying a nice bottle of something in the house.

£25 or less seems like an appropriate amount, so here is our handpicked selection of Valentine’s gifts for him. Remember, you’ve only got until Wednesday, so get your skates on.

For the foodie

McDonald’s is already facing a nationwide Grand Mac shortage

(Picture: McDonald’s/metro.co.uk)

Remember when we announced that – to celebrate 50 years of the Big Mac – McDonald’s would be releasing two smaller and bigger versions of their iconic burger?

It was only a few days ago, so we’d hope so.

On Thursday McDonald’s launched the Mac Jr – a Big Mac with one patty instead of two – and the Grand Mac – a Big Mac, but bigger.

Well as of today, Saturday 10 February, McDonald’s is already running out of the Grand Mac. Looks like they severely underestimated our appetites for large burgers.

All the excitement around the launch – plus a healthy curiosity around exactly how big a… Read the full story

Declarations of love followed by the disappearing act? You’ve just been mosted

sex toys competition
(Picture: Ella Byworth/metro.co.uk)

The world of dating is so fun.

You’ve got the joy of swiping through endless matches and reading every iteration of a terrible pickup line/request for a threesome.

You get to play dating bingo with delightful experiences of ghosting, zombieing, kittenfishing, and shaveducking.

You sift through an exhausting conveyor belt of disappointing matches, boring dates, and experiences that, while they make brilliant pub stories, take a chisel to any lingering hope that remains in your despairing heart.


The great thing is, just when you think you’ve learned how to navigate the murky depths of trying to find someone… Read the full story

ASOS is selling some questionable Valentine’s lingerie which literally nobody asked for

Shoppers are ?horrified? by ASOS?s heart-shaped Valentine?s undies? so would YOU wear them?
(Picture: ASOS)

Lots of us like to dress up for Valentine’s Day.

It’s the perfect opportunity to splash out on new lingerie, even if it won’t be worn for longer than five minutes.

Most brands hop on this trend with sexed up sets with red and black lace.

But ASOS has taken Valentine’s lingerie to the next level.

The fashion retailer has just started selling a satin heart bra and thong set.

It’s basically a red satin bra and thong, which cover everything you don’t want on show (at least, not at first) with a giant satin heart.

Lemon drizzle flavoured KitKats are a thing and people are loving them

Lemon drizzle kit-kats
(Picture: Nestle)

A new flavour of KitKat is here and it’s getting a big thumbs up from the internet.

Asda has just started selling lemon drizzle-flavoured KitKats.

The 105 calorie chocolate bars follow on from Nestle’s other KitKat flavours, which include orange, mint, cookies and cream and mocha.

The KitKats cost £1.50 for a pack of nine, and were first spotted by Instagram account @newsfooduk.

Instagram Photo

Since being shared, people who’ve actually tried the KitKats have been taking to Twitter to express their love for them:

I tried out a floatation tank to help my anxiety

(Picture: Floatation Life)

For anyone not in the know, a floatation tank is basically a giant pod filled with water and Epsom salts, which allow you to float.

I experienced my first session in a floatation tank at Floatation Life, a family run business in Milton Keynes.

Their tanks are filled with 400-450kg of Epsom salts, also known as magnesium sulphate, which allows you to float unaided.

The tanks are said to have many mental and physical health benefits, and are used for all kinds of reasons.

Some people use them to soothe sore muscles, while others use them as a form of therapy, as they offer a deep sense of relaxation.

Read the full story
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