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Why Kate Middleton’s Bafta dress could never have been black

The Duchess of Cambridge’s Bafta dress causes quite a stir (Picture: Ian West/PA Wire)

Kate Middleton’s Bafta dress caused quite a stir. Not because it was low-cut, not because it was see-through, but because of its colour.

The dress code for the female attendees at the Bafta awards on Sunday night was black.

It was a political statement, with those wearing black signifying that they stand in support of the Time’s Up – a movement against sexual harassment founded by Hollywood actors and actresses.

And anyone who didn’t wear black was destined to be cast aside as a non-supporter (because you obviously cannot show your support in any other means than via… Read the full story

Tokyo restaurant challenges people to eat giant 2.5kg dumpling in an hour

(Picture: Instagram/fallindebu)

Can you have too much of a good thing?

We reckon so, yes.

Case in point: This giant dumpling served at Kagurazaka Hanten, in Japan.

Weighing in at 2.5kg, the dumpling served at this restaurant is, well, more than a little bigger than your average. It’s around the size of your head, at least.

Kagurazaka Hanten challenges people to eat it. The whole thing. All 2.5kg of pork, chive, and flour in one sitting.

It’s a challenge few are able to overcome – the restaurant’s walls are covered with autographs from celebrities who’ve tried to tackle the dumpling and failed miserably.

The prize if you manage it: A sense of achievement and a very… Read the full story

Beatrix Potter coins to be released by Royal Mint, featuring Peter Rabbit and friends

(Picture: Mikael Buck/Royal Mint/PA Wire)

Fancy adding some cuteness to your coin purse?

You might want to grab some of these coins, then. More than 100 years after the release of the Tale Of The Flopsy Bunnies (remember listening to your mum telling you about Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail? Good times), the Royal Mint has revealed a new collection of Beatrix Potter themed coins.

The four new designs will be added to the existing Beatrix Potter coin collection, first launched in 2016 to commemorate 150 years since Beatrix’s birth.

The new designs on offer show Flopsy Bunny, Mrs Tittlemouse, a mouse from The Tailor of Gloucester, and, of course, Peter Rabbit, each on… Read the full story

This sushi is delivered to your table still wriggling

Alive sushi
This doesn’t look ideal (Picture: Twitter/shoumizo3446)

Twitter user @shoumizo3446 encountered a rather curious dish when they visited a sushi restaurant recently.

They posted a clip showing a surf clam – or hokkigai – doing a sad little dance around some rice at Japanese conveyor belt sushi chain, Sushiro, while humans laugh and poke it with chopsticks.

Now, we’ve translated the tweet from Japanese with the help of our good friend Google Translate, and it says: ‘The tragedy of Sushiro’.

It really is a tragedy, with the poor little fella doing a limp wave from his plate.

Perhaps letting the diner know it’s still alive and would very much like to be not eaten,… Read the full story

Chilli peppers: What is capsaicin intolerance and how does it affect you?

What is capsaicin intolerance and how does it affect you?
No chill-i (Picture: Dean Noroozi/Getty)

Chicken pathia, chilli-con-carne, fajitas with a big dollop of guacamole – these were a few of my favourite things.

I have always enjoyed a healthy kick of heat from a spicy meal and I would take a night at a curry house over posh five star dining any day of the week.

But last year, that unfortunately had to change.

After one incredibly spicy pizza – fittingly named el diablo – topped with chillies, spicy pepperoni and salami, I was left doubled over in pain the next day.

And it turns out it wasn’t a one off.

Read the full story

People are posting pics of the questionable ways their pets sleep

Dog looking dead but asleep
U OK HUN? (Picture: Twitter/reo_kusatsu)

Animals are the best.

Imagine a life without them – wait, don’t. It’s just too upsetting. We’d rather give up our taste buds than let animals leave our lives.

They’re so cute and pure and funny without even meaning to be.

Take these adorable images of animals sleeping, for example. The cute little fluffballs are just having a kip, but they’ve inadvertently done so in the most startlingly adorable ways ever.

Japanese Twitter has started the best hashtag – #飼い主の心臓に悪いペットの寝相コンテスト – which loosely translates as ‘bad pet’s sleeping contest contest in the owner’s heart’  (thanks Google Translate).

Right. Okay. Sure.

Let’s bypass trying to decipher what the hell that… Read the full story

We talk sport, mental health and Harlequins on this week’s Mentally Yours


‘Rugby is unique. It will happily welcome in anybody and everybody – whether you just want to watch the game, play the game, volunteer, get involved.’

Paul Wilson, Programme Manager at The Harlequins Foundation, joined us on this week’s Mentally Yours to talk about sport and mental health.

Paul talked in particular about the Harlequins’ Mettle programme – which has been taken into schools and universities to help develop young people’s mental resilience and coping strategies as well as stress management skills.

He talked through some of the techniques – such as breathing exercises – they go through in the 10-week programme, and outlined the exercise and nutrition element too.

Paul said: ‘The course is very much a fifty-fifty split between theory in the classroom and then getting them out, getting them active, giving them challenges, looking at pressures if you’re leading a group, if you’re not listened to in a group how does that make you feel –… Read the full story

Kakeibo is the Japanese money-saving technique worth trying this year

reading book
(Picture: Ella Byworth for metro.co.uk)

We looked to Japan when it came to sorting out the shambles of our homes, learning to chuck out anything that didn’t spark joy.

It worked pretty well. We learned how to fold our socks and managed to clear at least one of our drawers.

So it makes sense to do the same to fix our truly awful money-related habits.

Thankfully, there’s a Japanese lifestyle trend ready and waiting for us to hop aboard: Kakeibo.

Kakeibo is essentially Japanese for keeping a ‘budgeting journal’. It’s nothing particularly new, having been invented back in 1904, but writer Fumiko Chiba has just released the first ever English-language kakeibo, which is… Read the full story

Toblerone ice cream is now a thing and we want it

(Picture: MySupermarket/Getty)

Delicious chocolate bars turning into ice cream is the kind of good news we like to hear.

Kinder Bueno was one childhood favourite chocolate to turn into ice cream and then it was Biscoff which made us all want to run immediately to the frozen section of the nearest supermarket.

Now Toblerone can be added to the mix.

The nutty goodness is turning into ice cream form to satisfy all kinds of cravings.

Because we all know just one little triangle is never enough, the Swiss chocolate, with honey and almond nougat, has been transformed into individual ice creams.

And if you’re the kind of person who can down… Read the full story

An extremely narrow Cornish cottage is now on sale for £225,000

(Picture: SWNS)

If you’ve got a touch of claustrophobia, this probably isn’t the house for you. Same goes for anyone who, like me, has a wide bum that knocks over glasses and cutlery whenever they walk past a table.

One of Britain’s narrowest homes, which measures just 9ft wide, is now on sale for £225,000.

Known as the Doll’s House, the cottage in Cornwall has struggled to sell thanks to its tiny size, having functioned as a holiday cottage since last year.

It’s now back on the market at a slightly lower price to entice any owners who dream of a teeny home.

The cottage has just 339 square foot of floorspace, but managed… Read the full story

Dog adopts monkey after losing entire litter of puppies

Dog adopts a monkey in Colombia
Much cuteness, such wow

Human beings love unconventional animal combos.

Which is weird because there are still people in the world who wrinkle their noses at same-sex and interracial couples.

They’re not down with two men raising a baby but they are so down with a lonely monkey becoming BFFs with a chicken?

A rescued monkey taking on a stray kitten? A cat and a dog AKA ‘hello there, you’re supposed to be arch nemeses’ becoming travelling the world together on their gap yah?

An orphaned monkey finding solace in a teddy bear?

Humans live… Read the full story

Should you wet your toothbrush before or after squeezing out the toothpaste?

(Picture: Dave Anderson/metro.co.uk)

It’s a debate as old as, well, the existence of toothpaste and toothbrushes (early forms of which have been around since 3000BC, history fans): Are you supposed to run your toothbrush under the tap before or after you squeeze on the toothpaste?

For reasons unbeknownst to us, the debate was reignited last week on Twitter, as people battled aggressively on either side.

There are those who always wet their toothbrush before applying toothpaste, in an attempt to make the toothpaste stick to the brush and soften the bristles pre-brush.

On the other side are those who wet their toothbrush after squeezing on toothpaste, to ensure it’s worked into a lather.

Then there are… Read the full story

Colorado Girl Scouts are now allowed to sell their cookies in front of weed dispensaries

Cannabis and cookies
What a great idea (Picture: Metro.co.uk)

Colorado Girl Scouts have made a U-turn on their decision to stop Girl Scouts from selling cookies outside of marijuana dispensaries.

Previous regulations meant that Scouts were only allowed to sell outside ‘family-oriented’ businesses but the rules have been updated for the 2018 season to include ‘adult-oriented’ businesses – like dispensaries, tattoo parlours and liquor stores/bars – under the same umbrella as all the others.

However, all proposals for sales at any site must be approved by Girl Scouts of Colorado.

‘[Potential cookie sale] sites are now all treated the same, and approval of those sites is contingent on whether they meet our guidelines and… Read the full story

Thrifty traveller who spent £1,709 going to ten places abroad shares how to make your money stretch

Holiday number eleven for thrifty traveller, Chelsea Dickenson (Picture: Chelsea Dickenson)

Many a traveller has boasted about budget trips where they had to sleep outside or on a dirty floor in a hut while staying with an indigenous tribe or the like.

The thriftier among those might’ve even cracked a way for a bit more luxurious living.

Most have one objective; to see as much as they can for as cheap as possible.

Chelsea Dickenson, however, set even harder goals for her intermittent trips abroad.

Travelling almost every single month of the year, bar three, she set a target of going to ten different places, over at least three different continents, snagging at least… Read the full story

Bread expert reveals why crumpets have holes in them

(Picture: Getty)

Ever wondered why crumpets have holes in them?

Probably not. You’re too busy getting them down your gullet to ask the big questions.

But now we’ve brought it up, you might be newly filled with questions. Where do the holes in crumpets come from? How do they get there? What purpose do they serve?

We have answers. And no, sadly, the holes are not formed by a baker poking their crumpets with a stick to let the butter melt through in a satisfying puddle.

Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped reveals that crumpets have holes in them thanks to the formation of bubbles during the vital fermentation process.

During a visit to the Warburtons factory… Read the full story

10 reasons why it’s better to have a cèilidh at your wedding than a disco

Ceilidh dancing at a wedding
A ceilidh is guaranteed to get people dancing (Picture: Getty)

After the breakfast, the speeches and the toasts, there’s that all-important first dance – followed by a two-hour disco which will probably involve at least one embarrassing dad dancing to Uptown Funk.

If you choose to do it this way, that’s great. But have you considered having a cèilidh instead?

15 apparently weird things Scottish people do that everyone else in the UK struggles to understand

A cèilidh (pronounced ‘kay-lee’) is a social dance, usually accompanied by a live band – a staple of many Scottish and Irish weddings,… Read the full story

This tale of a dog who got lost on the subway tracks will have pet owners weeping

Caroline Grace Francis, Loppy the dog and members of NYPD
That look of relief though (Picture: Twitter/NYPDTransit)

Most pet owners have been there – their dog runs off in the woods, their hamster disappears under the wardrobe, their cat doesn’t come home for days.

That gut-wrenching feeling of fear, the fact that your best pal was there one minute and wasn’t the next, is indescribable. What if you never see them again?

It’s the worst feeling in the world.

Well, get ready to go through a roller coaster of emotions, dog fans, as the following story will have you tearing up good.

New Yorker, Caroline Grace Francis took to Facebook to recount a… Read the full story

Woman gets drunk, does incredible photoshoot of guys in a kebab shop

(Picture: Moya Lothian-McLean)

There’s nothing like a thick juicy kebab after a night out.

Your poor drunk soul just relishes in the unhealthy, greasy stuff. But it’s all part of the fun.

And while you’re likely to forget the fast food memories on the morning after the night before, (unless you had a side order of diarrhea) Moya Lothian-McLean was reminded she definitely paid a visit to her local kebab shop.

That’s because she found some pretty excellent photographs of unlikely models on her phone.

She’d forgotten that she orchestrated a whole photoshoot down the local chippy the night before.

The resulting pictures are pretty great.

A gourmet weekend in Courmayeur is perfect for every foodie who has never skied


The one thing that puts many people off skiing for the first time, apart from say, a total dislike of snow and the cold, is the cost.

Skiing has this reputation of being an extremely expensive hobby where you’re having to fork out hundreds of pounds for passes and equipment before you’ve even hit the slopes.

That’s hundreds of pounds before you’ve even decided whether you might like the sport or not.

Blue LagoonThere’s so much more to Jamaica than just beaches and Bob Marley – here’s what you should do instead

Let’s be clear –… Read the full story

River Island hires child models with disabilities for their new campaign

(Credit: River Island/Bav Media)

Fashion is finally embracing diversity. Or at least, heading towards it.

Diversity campaigns often feature adults of different shapes and sizes but rarely is it extended to child models.

When it comes to children’s clothing, we don’t always see a different mix of people advertising the items.

Even when retailers do employ underrepresented groups, they’re usually able-bodied.

River Island has just launched their take on diverse advertising by hiring a bunch of adorable child models, all of whom have a disability.

The children, who come from across the UK, are aged between three and 10 and have been diagnosed with conditions including Down’s Syndrome, cerebral palsy, and… Read the full story

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