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RunDisney celebrates its Princess Half Marathon with glittery Disney beers

(Picture: runDisney)

Throughout each and every year, Disney holds runDisney events, including half marathons to raise money for various charities.

Florida’s Walt Disney World resort recently held the Disney Princess Half Marathon, and runners were treated to glittery princess beers at the end of it.

Everyone who ran the race was given a Glitter Berry Wheat Ale – a light brew in a sparkling cup with foam – after finishing.

There were several events, a 5K, a 10K, a half marathon and finally, the Princess Challenge – a 10K and a half marathon. Each race had a different designated cup design styled into the foam, including a crown and a glass slipper.

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Selfridges is selling an Easter egg filled with gelato

(Picture: Selfridges)

If you’re in London this Easter weekend, you absolutely need to head over to Selfridges, because the store has just launched its own amazing Easter egg.

Oh, and it comes in the form of gelato.

The Easter egg features a half chocolate egg shell which can be filled with either organic soft serve gelato or three scoops from a selection of over 20 gelatos and sorbets from the Snowflake counter.

You can then absolutely smother your Easter egg gelato in toppings, including popcorn, Oreos, chocolate chips, marshmallows, pistachios, pecans and dried raspberries.

According to Selfridges, there are over 32 million flavour and topping combinations to create. Crazy statistics, we know.

The Gelato Easter… Read the full story

Try not to panic, but we may have a mysterious Mini Eggs crisis on our hands

(Picture: Cadbury)

Everyone just remain calm.

It’s a stressful time for all of us, but we truly do believe we can get through it. Just take a deep breath in and out before you continue reading.


We may have a Mini Eggs crisis on our hands.

People are complaining on social media that they’ve bought packs of Mini Eggs only to be greeted with soft shells and no proper crunch.

This, of course, is a travesty. Mini Eggs should be a crunchy joy. They are an Easter season delight and we really would struggle to go on without them.

Imagine biting into what you thought was a white chocolate bunny to discover it’s butter

(Picture: foodiequine)

The Mini Eggs debacle isn’t the only crime against Easter treat joy we’re up against this year.

Equally horrifying is Morrisons’ offering of a cute little Easter bunny… sculpted entirely out of butter.

Now, in theory there’s nothing wrong with such a thing.

Butter can be wonderful, and it’s quite sweet to have it carved into the shape of a cute animal.

But in the context of Easter, this could be used as a truly brutal prank – especially considering Easter Sunday falls on April Fools’ Day this year.

Picture it. You head into your kitchen and find what looks like a white chocolate bunny. You assume that’s what it is, because that… Read the full story

From a Buffy shrine to inflatable sofas: 7 people get nostalgic about their teenage bedrooms

All the things we miss about our teenage bedrooms: plastering our walls with posters to revelling in our mess (Emma Featherstone) Room teenage 90s hippy girl woman teen poster bedroom alone peace love Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk
(Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

My teenage bedroom was my sanctuary, a canvas for – unoriginal – self-expression.

I plastered it with posters. Starting with the Spice Girls, I moved onto Destiny’s Child, then graduated to indie bands I’d heard on Zane Lowe.

How much of true old-school 90s kids were you?

To enter, you had to pass through a set of beaded curtains, traverse… Read the full story

‘I find it a testament to our warmth as human beings’: Here’s why I stay friends with all my exes

metro illustration
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

I walk in to an East Aldgate pub, soaked and more than an hour late.

It’s one of those nights when London stops because of the rain; the Tube gets delayed for long stretches and, before you know it, you’ve left your most significant ex-boyfriend, who is currently already a little bit mad with you, waiting at a table with a whole bottle of wine to himself.

ILLUSTRATION REQUEST: Don’t do it! XX people share their horrifying and cautionary stories of sex with their ex (Bibi Lynch)Don’t do it! 6 people share their cautionary tales… Read the full story

The Natural History Museum’s Sensational Butterflies exhibition is now open

New exhibition opens on east lawn at the Natural History Museum showcasing exotic butterflys from all over the world. Ranging from the smallest to the largest species in all stages of growth and development the exhibition opened today.
(Picture: Alexander Crawley/metro.co.uk)

In search of something to do this long weekend?

We’d recommend getting yourself down to the Natural History Museum, stat.

This weekend sees the return of the museum’s Sensational Butterflies exhibition, where you can see hundreds of real life butterflies and moths in a tropical butterfly house.

It’s pretty magical. The butterflies are free to roam, meaning they’ll happily fly around, pause for breaks on leaves, and plop down on people’s shoulders and… Read the full story

World Bipolar Day 2018: After my first manic episode I thought my life was over. Here’s what I wish I’d known then

World Bipolar Day 2018: After my first manic episode I thought my life was over. Here’s what I wish I’d known then Picture: Dave Anderson
(Picture: Dave Anderson)

When I was 18 the walls of my world fell away.

Looking back I can say it was a manic episode – my first but not my last as I was later diagnosed as having bipolar disorder.

At the time it was a bit like that bubble Glinda the Good has in The Wizard Of Oz – mania descended and took me away from reality into a world of technicolour delusions.

Within it impossible things made sense.

I didn’t know I was sick because the normal order,… Read the full story

These people with mental illnesses tell us how medical professionals changed their lives for the better

Help is at hand (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

As a keen mental heath advocate, I’m always dishing out advice to friends and family about how to maintain their sanity.

I had a mental breakdown when I was 26, but I can now say that I’m well on the road to recovery and feel so thankful for all the medical attention I’ve been granted in the past.

Sometimes the NHS gets a bad name, but that doesn’t mean that the nurse and doctors who are part of the system aren’t consistently trying their best.

I know that I’ve had a string of positive experiences with GPs, community psychiatric nurses and psychiatristsRead the full story

Mum turned her placenta into smoothies for her husband and son to drink

Demitrius Woodall, then three, tries the placenta smoothie. See SWNS story SWSMOOTHIE; A mum of four turned her placenta into a smoothie and fed it to her husband and their three-year-old son for the health benefits. Jay Woodall, 33, had four children, Logan, nine, Demitrius, six, River, three and storm, seven months, with husband Jon, 34. Jay always dreamed of repurposing her placenta but missed her opportunity with the first two, but found a solution by the time she had her two most recent children. She paid ?30 for her raw placenta to be turned into smoothies, and everything leftover was dehydrated and turned into pills - costing a further ?150. Jay… <a href=Read the full story

Brits and Americans just can’t agree on what to call a duvet

Bed at the Zetter Hotel
(Picture: Getty)

What the hell do you call a duvet?

Over on Twitter, American and British people have descended into a debate about what to call, you know, the thing that you use to insulate yourself when you’re asleep.

We’re used to the whole pavement/sidewalk, rubbish/garbage, chips/crisps arguments but bed linen is the latest one, starting from one tweet which read: ‘Do you use a top sheet when you sleep?’

Naturally, people asked what on earth a topsheet is, because well not everyone knows what it is.

This dog has lived by himself in a park for 13 years

This dog has lived alone in a park for the past 15 years PERMISSION GRANTED Picture: John Hwang REF: https://www.facebook.com/john.hwang.9461/about?lst=100003242785968%3A725458085%3A1522244961
What are you waiting for, little doggo? (Picture: John Hwang)

Most stray dogs really do want a home.

But there are some who really do prefer their life on the streets. And one of these free spirits is this dog who lives in a Los Angeles park.

Nobody knows how the creature ended up there, but he’s lived in the park for the past 13 years – at least.

Charities and animal control groups have tried rescuing the dog, in a bid to have him rehomed, but he always evades capture.

A… Read the full story

The Hot Cross Buns song – who wrote it and what are the lyrics?

(Picture: Getty)

Hot cross buns, hot cross buns…

Something, something, something. La, la, la, hot cross buns. Hot cross buns.

If you’re anything like us, that’s what goes through your mind when you’re tasked with singing the Hot Cross Buns song.

Beyond the main ‘hot cross buns’ bit, few of us actually know the lyrics to the song. I keep mixing it up with Three Blind Mice and singing ‘hot cross buns, see how they run’. That is not correct.

As it’s Easter weekend, we figured it’s the perfect time to sort this out once and for all, so you can impress all bakers, grandparents, and dates with your flawless rendition of the Hot… Read the full story

What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder and how to test for it

(Picture: Liberty Sadler)

It’s World Bipolar Day, a day that takes place on 30 March each year to raise awareness of bipolar disorder and get rid of the stigma surrounding the mental health condition.

There’s a lot of misinformation and stereotypes about bipolar disorder, from thinking having bipolar means you have separate personalities to the strange belief that those with bipolar are ‘wild’ in bed.

So it’s always a good time to go through the symptoms of bipolar disorder and clarify what the condition is really like.

Here’s what you need to know.

What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a condition that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, and activity levels.… Read the full story

What I wish I’d known before being diagnosed with bipolar disorder

(Picture: Metro.co.uk/LibertyAntoniaSadler)

When I was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder, two years ago, I thought things were going to be pretty easy.

I’d struggled for a long time, but getting an official diagnosis felt like a relief. I was put on medication, I met with a psychiatrist every six weeks and I had total confidence that he was going to get me on the right track.

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder type 1 – which generally means I have more manic episodes than depressive.

This was also a relief. Mania sounded much better than depression. I’d heard people would feel totally powerful and on top of the world.

I only wish I’d known… Read the full story

6 easy Easter cocktails you can make at home


For some, Easter is a time of flagellation and reflection. For others, it is a time for feasting, food and family.

If you’re more in the latter camp, we have some fuel for your Easter fun.

Here are 6 cocktails you can make for Easter, from a chocolatey treat that would be ideal served as a pudding, a crisp citrussy gin martini served with a quail’s egg and anchovy as a delicious aperitif and a spicy marzipan Prosecco that couldn’t be easier to make and is full of the flavours of Easter.

1 The Easter Rummy

Easter Rummy, aka the rummy bunny uses Malteser bunnies as a garnish (Picture: Duppy Share)
Easter Rummy, aka the… Read the full story

Why is ostrich meat red?

A majestic Masai ostrich taking a stroll in Kenya (Picture: Getty)

Ostriches are beautiful creatures, as well as being the largest and heaviest living bird on the planet.

And for many people – more than you might expect – ostriches make agreeable meal components.

What might surprise the average amateur chef is that the meat of an ostrich does not resemble the meat of a bird.

It is red – like beef, venison, veal or horse meat. In colour it is cherry red, a little darker than uncooked beef.

We need this giant avocado pool float

Just like looking in my garden… (Picture: ASOS, Getty)

Who doesn’t love a good pool float?

Despite the majority of Brits a) living nowhere near the sea or b) not owning a pool, we still can’t get enough of novelty pool floats, because in our heads we live in California, despite residing in a country which gives us approximately nine days (give or take) of summer a year.

We’ve had pizza pie floats, mermaid tail floats, and clam shell floats.

There’s even been a rainbow cloud floating bar so you don’t have to leave your drinks on the side.

We love them all.

Millennials… Read the full story

Everything you need to know about perineal tears

SEX INJURIES FEATURES: Cervix bruising, vaginal microtears, semen allergy
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve recently been covering all the injuries that can occur during sex, because safe sex is about more than just using a condom (but please do use a condom).

We’ve gone through semen allergies, vaginal microtears, and cervical bruising.

Now it’s time to chat about perineal tears.

Perineal tears tend to be associated with giving birth, but they can occur as a result of sexual intercourse, too.

Perineal tears are when the skin separating the vagina and the anus, called the perineum, is pulled apart and lacerates. They… Read the full story

Mum-of-three dyes her dog to look like Woody from Toy Story

(Picture: Mercury Press)

A creative dog owner has gone to infinity and beyond… by turning her pup into her children’s favourite Toy Story character, Woody.

33-year-old Holly Bridden spent an entire year painstakingly growing out and grooming her dog Anna’s fur to transform her into a real cowboy.

Anna, a three-year-old poochon, would spend hours on the grooming table having her fur shaped and dyed.

Her new look comes complete with Woody’s blue jeans, yellow shirt and even his famous brown cowboy hat.

Holly, a professional dog groomer from Salford, Greater Manchester, decided to give Anna the makeover because she was desperate to enter an ‘extreme class’ in a grooming competition.

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