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The unicorn phase isn’t over just yet: Primark has released some £8 unicorn slippers

(Picture: Primark – Getty – Metro.co.uk)

If you thought the unicorn phase was over, you were sorely mistaken – as Primark has decided to keep it strongly alive with their latest release. 

Avocado lovers need to try this guacamole cocktail

Ignoring everyone who’s had enough of the horned mythical creature, Primark has started selling pairs of unicorn slippers – and it seems their efforts haven’t been wasted, as customers are going mad for them.

Primark took to Instagram two days ago to unveil the slippers, which are white and feature a cute unicorn’s face, pink and blue fluffy hair and a golden horn.

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Pumpkin Pie Kit Kats exist and it’s proof autumn’s here early

(Picture: Getty – Instagram)

Autumn is coming, which means we’re currently preparing ourselves for pumpkin-inspired everything.

Renting rights: can you be evicted for getting pregnant?

We started things off by writing about these amazing pumpkin spice bath bombs, perfect for making you feel basic in the bath.

And now, Kit Kat is jumping on the pumpkin-themed bandwagon, with their new Pumpkin Pie chocolate bars.

Sticking with their signature style, the Kit Kats feature two wafer fingers – but to spice things up a little, the Nestle brand have added in a pumpkin pie-flavoured creme between the wafers, and topped them off with a pumpkin pie… Read the full story

Heads up pals, you can get a Feast ice cream for 5p next week

This is a brand new product which is brand new information (Picture: Walls)

We’ve all got our ice cream favourites.

Is the Ouai dry shampoo foam worth the faff?

If your childhood holidays were anything like mine, you spent your days chilling with Rory the Tiger at a Haven Holidays park, before having dinner with your family and grabbing an ice cream before you went back to lay your weary head in your chalet/static caravan/weird tent.

Every family had an iced treat of choice – for dad, it was a Cornetto. For my brother, it was a Twister. For… Read the full story

11 reasons why Kentish Town is the best place in London to raise a family

Kicking back in Kentish Town (Picture:Getty)

There is nothing quite like the summer holidays to make all city-based parents reconsider their decision to raise their family in London.

However, there is much to be said for the big smoke as a base, from the multiple green spaces to the spectrum of cultural activities at your finger tips.

MORE: 14 reasons why you should love being a single parent

But, looking for the perfect spot can be a stab in the dark and not all areas suit the needs of a growing family.

Fancy being city-based but can’t decide on an area? Here are 11 reasons why Kentish Town is the best area in London to… Read the full story

10 things only Brits have for breakfast

Pass the sausage roll please (Picture: Shutterstock)

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so of course us Brits take it very seriously.

Woman shares how she's learned to love her birthmark after bullies called her a 'monkey'

Contrary to popular stereotypes we eat much more than the typical full English breakfast.

We actually have a range of choices that we’re proud to consider for our morning food fix.

Whether it is grabbing a sausage roll from Greggs on the way into work, or rustling up a bacon butty with plenty of brown sauce, there are certain tasty gems that only Brits have for… Read the full story

Krispy Kreme has launched its own line of beauty essentials and we want it all

(Picture: Krispy Kreme)

If you thought Krispy Kreme only specialised in giving us only the most delicious of doughnuts known to mankind, you were wrong.

Get your hands on a delicious Feast ice cream for 5p next week

While yes, they do supply the above, they’re also now going into the beauty market – with a new range of Krispy Kreme-themed beauty essentials.

From lip glosses to nail varnishes, you can now become a human Krispy Kreme doughnut. Well, sort of.

There’s going to be a Krispy Kreme nail varnish set, dubbed ‘Iced with Sprinkles’, which will cost you £10

Sorry guys, it’s your modern lifestyle that’s giving you constipation

Girl, I feel your pooped up pain (Picture: Getty)

When was the last time you did a poo?

Man spends two years building an incredible mini mansion for his dogs

This morning? Yesterday? A few days ago?

If you’re in the latter category then you may well be suffering from a little thing called backed up bowels, or as the medical professionals like to call it – constipation.

A recent survey by the American Gastroenterological Association revealed that 16% of Americans (and a whopping third of those aged over 60) suffer from chronic constipation, which is classed as passing less than three bowel movements a week.

Unfortunately,… Read the full story

Woman shares how she’s learned to love her birthmark after bullies called her a ‘monkey

(Picture: HotSpot Media)

Beatriz Pugliese hasn’t always been confident in her body.

The 22-year-old was born with giant congenital melanocytic nevus, a skin condition that leaves her more than 80% of her skin covered in dark patches and spots.

Pet owners in China are giving their furry friends acupuncture

When Beatriz was born with the condition, her birthmark was so large that doctors weren’t sure how to treat her.

She was referred to the Hospital das Clinicas, where, throughout the years, she underwent more than 30 surgeries to remove some of her darker patches.

Beatriz had her first surgery at just six months old.

The patches weren’t being… Read the full story

10 dairy free and vegan cheese brands you need to try

10 dairy free and vegan cheese brands you need to try
I’ll try and not make any cheese puns. That wouldn’t be mature (Picture: Various)

When people say they miss cheese since cutting out dairy, I immediately present them with this list of amazing vegan alternatives.

It has everything from super melty rice cheese, to smooth tofu cream cheese that’s fit for baking.

Gluten-free travellers reveal their best and worst experiences with in-flight food

And there are even cheeses made with coconut oil. No nutritional yeast required.

I know it’s cheesy, but I really think these are grate (get it? It’s about cheese. Oh nevermind…)

Here are 10… Read the full story

15 things all short people can relate to

Life is just one big measuring contest for short people (Picture: Getty)

Apparently good things come in small packages, and all short people are tired of hearing this annoying cliché.

Inside the cult of the burger bro

Short people have it tough, we didn’t ask for our height. It just so happened that we stopped growing, and that was that for us.

As if being short doesn’t have its own issues like always have to taper trousers, or climbing worktops to reach the highest shelf, you also have to deal with the ignorance of others when they decide to use you as an armrest.

1. So many jokes

We get… Read the full story

Should we worried about our vaginas getting ‘depression’?


Last week various news sources told us that vagina depression was a thing. 

You might remember vaginal depression from an episode of Sex and the City where Charlotte admits that she’s never looked at her own vagina in a mirror.

Woman shares how she's learned to love her birthmark after bullies called her a 'monkey'

But far from being just a story line in a TV show, vaginal depression, or to give it a more technical (and scary) term, vaginal atrophy, is something that can actually happen.

Most women are pretty fond of their bits and the idea of them getting depression is a bit worrying. So we spoke to Nick Panay, a spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology about whether we can really suffer health complications if we don’t have enough sex.

So, what actually is vaginal depression or atrophy?

‘Vaginal atrophy is persistent vaginal dryness… Read the full story

Man creates website to find a slim, capitalism loving girlfriend who doesn’t party

(Picture: shouldyoudatenate.com)

Bored of swiping through Tinder? Fed up of men who don’t know what they want? Keen to ‘feel the exhilarating chemistry of a truly deep, enriching relationship’?

Woman shares how she's learned to love her birthmark after bullies called her a 'monkey'

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Meet Nate Rifkin. He’s a self-described ‘recovering obsessed workaholic’/marketing strategist. He loves capitalism, his nutritional supplement business, and travel. And stock photos, according to his laughter at a picture of a woman hitting a man with a rolling pin.

And he’s looking for someone to love. So he’s created a website, called shouldyoudatenate.com, to… Read the full story

What your school shoes said about you

(Picture: metro.co.uk)

It’s almost September, which we all know means school shoes. 

Nude blogger fires back at Instagram after they finally reactivate her account

Or rather, having a screaming row with your mum in your local Clarks because she doesn’t understand you, or how important this is, and she wants you to be a massive loser who has no friends because she’s jealous of you for being young.

Also these are all shoes for girls because I went to all girl school and am a girl.

Let’s all just embrace our inner snakes


My love of Taylor Swift has been well documented so I won’t waste valuable words telling you about how she’s the best thing ever to happen to humanity. 

Instead, I shall explain what we can all learn from her, or rather her masterful adoption of the snake motif.

Aloe App is a new self-care app that will totally change your life

A snake, according to the dictionary, is a reptile. But according to Urban Dictionary, a far more important source, it’s also a ‘scamming backstabber. Someone who does something just to get something out of it.’

Urban Dictionary goes on to further define the term snake thus:

We all know somebody who is a doubletalker, a gossip and a generally untrustworthy person. They are cruel to their enemies and even meaner to their friends – only with the friends the mean streak only comes out when their backs… Read the full story

You can now buy panties for your pillow so you can dream you’re snoozing on a thicc butt

(Picture: Getty/Metro.co.uk)

Forget what Cornershop said about bosoms.

What everyone really needs, is a thicc butt for a pillow.

But sadly, when we try to slumber on the closest bums we can find, the owner of said bum tends to protest.

***FEE FOR REUSE*** Metro IllustrationsDisliking another woman doesn't make you a bad feminist

‘I’m not at all comfortable,’ they say. ‘Please stop trying to use parts of my body as cushioning for your head.’

So alas, we struggle. We rest our heads on plain old pillows, dreaming of butts and their comforting embrace.

Well, no more. We may not be able to have an actual hiney… Read the full story

Study suggests that women actually have more stamina

(Picture: Getty)

Good news gals, we’ve (apparently) got more stamina than blokes. 

According to a new study recently published in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, while men are often physically stronger than women, women might well have more stamina than men. Which probably won’t come as much of a surprise to anyone who has seen a woman go through labour.

9 reasons your partner isn't initiating sex

Now, to be fair, it’s a very small study so we can’t speak in absolutes, but it’s certainly an interesting piece of research.

Researchers asked eight men and nine women of similar age and fitness levels to perform a foot-flexing… Read the full story

Can revenge ever make you happy?

(Picture: Getty/metro.co.uk)

Taylor Swift is out for revenge.

On Kanye, on Kim, on Katy.

How will she enact her revenge? Through reclaiming the snake, making subtle mentions of Kanye’s titled stage, and declaring she doesn’t like people. But also that the old Taylor is DEAD.

That’ll show ’em.

Cafe introduces 'Guy Tea' for men whose masculinity is too fragile for macarons

Perhaps her revenge will go up a few scales in the month ahead. Perhaps Taylor will sneak salt in Kanye’s coffee, or swap Katy’s shampoo with hair removal. You know, all the classic revenge stuff.

But while the revenge/clapback/reclamation tactic is likely a good… Read the full story

We have found your Notting Hill Carnival after-party and it has a tropical island and ice rink

queen's skate dine bowl carnival
Queen’s Skate Dine Bowl is throwing the carnival party we all want to go to

So, you love Carnival but don’t love losing all your friends in Ladbroke Grove and finding yourself with only a can of warm Red Stripe for company?

DrinkingHow to recognise the signs of alcoholism in young people

Or maybe you go every year but there’s that moment, you know, when it’s winding down and you’re all wondering where the hell to go next… you need an after party, my friend.

Well. We are here for you with a plan.

A plan that involves Jamaican beer and burgers,… Read the full story

When is Oktoberfest and where can you go to celebrate it?

Men in their traditional Bavarian clothing clink beer mugs after the Parade of Costumes (Picture: Alexander Hassenstein/Getty)

The 184th Oktoberfest kicks off in Munich on 16 September 2017.

The World’s largest Folk Festival, the Munich Oktoberfest, attracts around six million visitors a year.

Please enjoy this delightful dudeoir calendar

Official opening ceremonies will take place in the Schottenhamel tent on 16 September that will feature the Mayor of Munich tapping the first keg of Oktoberfest beer, and there will be colourful parades in the streets.

The festival last for two weeks and finish on 3 October.

National Dog Day: Can you guess all of these different breeds of dog?

How adorable (Picture: Getty)

Great news for dog lovers, because 26th August is all about celebrating our favourite four legged friends.

Aloe App is a new self-care app that will totally change your life

Yes it is National Dog Day, and aside from being super cute, dogs are quite possibly the best pets to own.

They protect your home, they make great companions and they also offer the best cuddles.

But just how well do you know the different breeds of dog?

Can you tell the difference between a Pug and a Dalmatian?

How about a Cocker Spaniel and a Yorkshire Terrier?

We defy you to prove your doggy knowledge with our… Read the full story

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